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Arthur Leroy Lilley

Smithfield, Pennsylvania

June 15, 2007

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
35 Army MSgt

Company B, 2nd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

 Killed in Shkin, Afghanistan, from wounds suffered from enemy small arms fire.

From Elizabeth 06/27/07:

My name is Elizabeth Chamberlain, and this man, was one fine man. I am proud to say that he was my Uncle.

Husband, Father, Son, all in all a terrific family man. It breaks my heart to know that hes gone.

From Zack Dawson 07/04/07:)

My name is Zack Dawson, and I am proud to say that I am the cousin of MSgt. Arthur L. Lilley. 

Today is our country's independence day, and on our nations birthday we must stop and reflect on the freedoms and liberties that we are able to enjoy each passing day for one reason; our soldiers. 

Every day these brave individuals continue to defend our friends and families from harm, demonstrating true courage and heroism. In my reflections of heroism, one great name will always come to mind: MSgt. Arthur L. Lilley. 

If you have never met Artie I can easily tell you that he was most definitely a hero. A hero is defined as displaying "hero" like qualities/characteristics in the face of danger and evil. Not only did Artie display these qualities daily but exemplified courage, bravery, honor, and self-sacrifice for our nation as he stood against evil forces wishing to destroy our freedoms. 

Artie was, and will always be, my hero in general life. Not only was he a fine soldier, but he was also a fantastic father, son, and friend. He was the type of person that would always put others first, ensuring their happiness, even to complete strangers. 

He had a certain glow that would touch everyone around him, making it seem as though you've known him your entire life. In trying to describe his personality, we will always remember his silliness, compassion, adventurous, and courageous personality that could only be described as genuine. 

My heart aches with the loss of this amazing person, but today I look at the flags hanging in the yards of friends and neighbors not seeing just stars and stripes, but rather, my cousin/my hero, MSgt. Arthur L. Lilley giving all to ensure our free tomorrow. 

I will always hold you in my heart Artie and I will never be able to thank you for what you have given, all I can hope is that I make you proud and that I will see you one day in heaven. 

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