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Marcus A Golcynski

Lewisburg, Tennessee

March 27, 2007

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
30 Marine SSgt

Marine Forces Reserve’s 3rd Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division

Nashville, Tennessee

 Killed while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province, Iraq.

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From The Daily News Journal www.dnj.com 03/31/07:

Family: Attention to son's death way to honor all fallen soldiers
— Turner Hutchens, (615) 278-5161

The family of U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Marcus A. "Marc" Golczynski, 30, who was killed this week in Iraq, said he died proud of what he was doing.

"Marc believed very strongly in the mission over there, this country, this president," Marc's father, Henry, said Friday.

Marc Golczynski was shot by enemy fire while on patrol in the Al Anbar Provence, where he was stationed on his second tour of duty in Iraq. He was assigned to Marine Forces Reserve's Third Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, Fourth Marine Division, Nashville.

Henry and Marc's step-mother, Fay, who own Franklin Printworks in Murfreesboro, received news of his death Tuesday. In addition to Henry and Fay, Marc is survived by an 8-year-old son, who lives with his mother in Maryland, and his mother, Elaine Huffines of Lewisburg.

"Marc volunteered to go back," Henry Golczynski said. "I told Marc, as a father, for selfish reasons, I wished he would not put himself back in danger, but if he made that decision he had my full support."

Marc Golczynski had been a Marine reservist for 12 years, and was proud to fight for what he thought was right, his father said. He said his son was outraged at the negative portrayal of the war in the media.

"He told me more than once, 'Dad, we're doing the right thing,'" Henry Golczynski said. "'We're making progress.'"

The family is tentatively planning to hold visitation for Marc Golczynski on Tuesday in Chapel Hill and a military funeral Wednesday in Lewisburg, where he grew up — if his body arrives home in time.

Marc had been set to return home in about a week.

"We had envisioned a very different homecoming," the father said.

His mother, Elaine Huffine, who lives near Tullahoma, found out Friday that all of the flags in her son's home county, Marshall County, had been lowered to half-staff.

"That's very good feedback to me," she said.

Huffine said she grieves also for her 8-year-old grandson, Christian, who lives with his mother in Maryland.

"Marc was a wonderful father," she said. "I'll miss watching him help his son grow up to be a good man like he was."

Fay Golczynski, the Marine's step-mother, said the loss to Christian is immeasurable.

"His dad was his hero," she said.

The family of the fallen Marine said the outpouring of support for Golczynski has been strong throughout his two tours in Iraq, not just since news of his death.

Fay Golczynski said a long list of churches and people have all offered to help however they can.

Henry Golczynski said he's glad of the attention surrounding Marc's death — not for his sake or for his family's sake, but because those who honor him are honoring all who serve in the military and all who have fallen for the country.

"Marc is just one that got a little more PR," Henry Golczynski said. "But he's just like every other Marine."

The fallen Marine's mother has a simple message for those who are helping the family grieve.

"Pray for our troops and pray for the families of those that are serving," Huffine said. "And pray for peace on earth." 

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