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Adam Fiock

Evansville, Indiana

October 6, 2007

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
26 Army SSG

163rd FA

Evansville, IN.


From G.I. Jeff's Blog myspace.com October 7, 2007

Rest in peace, Adam Fiock.

"Fiock shot himself."

I can't express how shocked I was when I heard that last night.. what the f###, man?  What the f###... I don't know how many times that has gone through my mind when I've thought about it.  What the f###??  Staff Sergeant Adam Fiock shot himself sometime over the past few days.  He was found yesterday.  When I find out more, I'll edit this.

Adam was a hell of a soldier.  He straightened my ass out a few times when I was close to getting myself in trouble overseas.  I looked up to him, as a friend and leader.  We talked about going to Costa Rica at some point after we got home, and he wanted to come see one of my fights.  He was landscaping for some family members a block down the road from me, and I'd always see him out there working and we'd stop and talk occasionally.  I never would've thought he would do something like this.  He seemed like he had his shit straight.  He was only 24 years old and he was a Staff Sergeant in the Army.  He was a squad leader for one of the toughest missions our company had while in Iraq.  I don't even know what to say.. I had so much planned out, and it just escapes me now.  What the f###, man?  What the f###..  24 f###in years old. 

You will be missed, my friend.

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