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Wyatt D Eisenhauer

Wyatt D Eisenhauer

Pinckneyville, Illinois

May 19, 2005

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
26 Army Pfc

Army's 2nd Battalion, 70th Armor, 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division

Fort Riley, Kansas

 Died in Mahmudiyah, Iraq, on an escort mission in a HMMWV when an improvised explosive device detonated on a bridge.

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Memory Of Wyatt Dale Eisenhauer

From Rebecca Eisenhauer-Anderson 06/27/05:

I just want everyone to know how wonderful my brother was. He was so selfless. He was an awesome brother and my best friend. Although he was younger he taught me so much about life and was always looking out for me. Wyatt, I miss you and love you! I will try to live life with the enthusiasm you did and teach your nieces and nephews to to the same. 'Till we meet again- Love your big sis.

From Rebecca 10/25/06:

Thank You Thank You Thank YOU! I can't say it enough. You are a wonderful 
man doing something so meaningful and great. I am so glad you remind people 
of the fallen and those still fighting. It is so frustrating for me to see 
everyone carry on as usual and they seem to forget about the men and women 
who are away from home in a battle zone or those who will really never come 

I'd like to share a little of my story, I'll try not to make it too 
lengthy. I grew up in the small town of Pinckneyville, Il. My family was 
never rich but we are and always have been close. I grew up with two 
sisters and my brother. I went off to college came back to Pinckneyville 
yrs later. My brother and I had always been close, but then as adults we 
became best friends and housemates. 

My brother Wyatt Dale Eisenhauer was 
the most giving person. My sister Hannah phrased it best when she said to a 
reporter, "He had a genius mind and beautiful heart." I could go on for 
hours about him, but instead I would ask that you visit his memorial website 
www.wyatt-eisenhauer.memory-of.com My father is slowly getting it going. 
As a sister of a fallen hero , who I don't think was honored appropriately, 
I commend you for all that you do. My brother's remains arrived at Lambert 
Airport in St. Louis, he was unloaded in the cargo area with the rest of the 
cargo, while workers ate their lunch and took their smoke breaks. There a 
hero was taken off the plane, in the wrong casket they called to tell my 
parents that he would be in the wrong casket when he arrived b/c they 
realized the had made a mistake but had already crated the casket so it was 
too late to fix it. There was no flag draped on his coffin but it was in a 
bag and handed to someone. This is how my brother made his final trip home. 

The small town we live in I always thought to be a great place and have 
good morals, but not once have we celebrated a soldiers homecoming as a 
community, now the whole town will gather for a celebration when the 
basketball team has a big victory, but not to welcome a soldier home. It 
wasn't any different when my brother came home. They did put the flags out 
early (he died right before Memorial Day and was buried on Memorial Day) I 
try to make to the services for other fallen heroes in the area, and the 
other small towns have down well by putting things on signs and bows tied 
all over the town. 

Each October our town has a big Marid Gras Celebration, 
that is what they call it it's for Halloween. The year, my brother was killed 
the theme was hometown heroes, they did honor a couple of world war II vets, 
which they should, but no mention was made of my brother. I don't 
understand that. It's not that my brother would have ever wanted it or 
thought he deserved it, but I feel we owe it to him and all of our men and 
women in the service. 

I try my best to remind people we are still at war. 
I have a good friend there now and two of my cousins just made it home 
safely, thank God. I guess I was just venting to someone I thought might 
understand. I want to help your cause and I know my parents will too. What 
is the best way to help?
Rebecca - Proud sister of Wyatt Dale Eisenhauer KIA 5/19/05

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