Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Casey Crate

Spanaway, Washington

May 30, 2005

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
26 Air Force SSG

23rd Special Tactics Squadron

Hurlburt Field, Florida

 Died in the crash of an Iraqi air force aircraft during a training mission in eastern Diyala province.

From Scott Rukke 12/25/05:

God bless every one of you. You are all American heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we may all live in freedom. May your memories live in all of our hearts forever. To Casey, my beloved nephew: You were so young but in your time you lived a hundred of my lifetimes. You paid the ultimate sacrifice even though you did not even have to work. You had the money and means and could have just sat back and enjoyed life. Instead you fought for your country, for all of us. We're so proud of you. You have changed my life for you are in my thoughts and dreams every day. No longer do I just go about my daily life and not think about the sacrifices that all of you have given. I will never forget that fateful phone call on Memorial Day 2005. The phone call that changed so many of us, especially you Linda. Linda your strength has been an inspiration and an amazing grace. Casey you were an amazing person and I thank god that I had the honor of being your uncle. The pain my sister feels we all feel but then again we talk to you every day and you comfort us with your wisdom. May the skies be blue, the grass green and the water clear forever i

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