Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03



09/02/04 Started to ad some notes here

09/02/04 Mailed Out 100 Postcards, 1 to each member of the Senate at their DC Addresses.

09/02/04 Mailed out 30 duplicate Postcards to senate members to  their State/Regional Offices.

09/02/04 Mailed Postcard to our President George Bush, Vice President  and the 1st Lady

09/09/04 Been working the last 2 days on typing up address labels for house members. Forgot how many of them there are. Over 520 so far. Will take a while to get them mailed. If you have spare 23c stamps, they will be appreciated.

09/09/04 Reminded some of the local news again that they keep forgetting about our troops dying in Afghanistan and that they are all part of the same war. My list reached over 1000 long ago.

09/10/04 I've been taking photos of the "Healing Field" and will be posting them at my random site,  . I should have them up by Monday.

09/13/04 It took a lot of hours, but the Healing Field Photos have been posted. 116 out of 1200.

09/16/04 Well, I've typed up over 530 labels to send cards to house members and applied the labels to the cards. Now all I need is stamps... Lot's of 23c stamps. Got any???

09/18/04 After prepping another 800 postcards to mail out, I've decided to take a friend's advise and allow people to donate to help pay for stamps and cards. You can only find the white Make a Donation button above on this page.

09/27/04 Well, last night I lost it, for a short while. I had finally prepared another CD for the widow of an Oregon soldier killed and the final task was to print the shipping label and stamp. MY HP972Cse printer decided to choke on the label sheet again and this time it crammed most of the sheet behind the roller and there was no way of getting it out. I already knew I was low on color and dreaded replacing that cartridge and now this damn label sheet refuses to come out. I even removed the back cover which allows for 2 sided printing and there was no access to behind the roller, tried lifting this and that, the stickers where not coming out. I thought about removing all the screws but they required a special screwdriver which I didn't have, I thought about how much and how long a printer shop would take... let's just say, the printer is no longer repairable. I hand wrote the label, went and purchased the stamp and mailed it this morning.

10/06/04 Even though the car I'm borrowing had a temporary breakdown yesterday while climbing the hill at Willamette National Cemetery, I managed to make it to the funeral there and the memorial service at New Hope. I'm glad I am always early, gave me enough time to summon a friend to help get the car running again. I'm working on the photos now and will have a few of them posted by tonight. The services where for Sgt. David Johnson from Sandy Oregon.

10/18/04 This weekend I added over 20 names to the list. Another hard weekend for so many. I've also typed up about 400 address labels and mailed out the cards this morning. Most of the cards are addressed to family names that I could find in the hometown from our fallen soldiers. I'm saving up now to try and get another 400 done by next weekend. I hope to get the word out to more of the family members that there is a place, a tribute, to which they can ad theirs.

10/21/04 I have successfully mailed out over 900 cards this week. I still have names on the list but it will have to wait till I get enough work so I can go at it for another round or two. I'm happy to see more people sending in photos of their friends, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters etc. to be added to the tribute pages.

10/25/04 Attended Corporal Jonathan Santos memorial service in Bellingham Washington. It was a sad and very long day. I have not worked on the photos but hope to get to them after next week.

11/01/04 I mailed out another 350 postcards and have another 32 waiting for stamps. Today I added 10 names to the list from this last weekends happening.

11/08/04 Thanks to an anonymous $10, I got the 32 waiting cards mailed plus labeled and mailed another 30. Tomorrow night I'm going to The Center for Social and Environmental Justice at the Washington State University in Vancouver Washington for "Supporting Our Troops" from 7-9pm to hand out postcards. I'm not sure if this is a political motivated event or not but have permission from one of the sponsors to hand out my cards. I hope a lot of people attend.

11/14/04 It's been a hard week, so many names. Today I'll be going to Vancouver Washington to attend services for Sgt David G Ries and later this afternoon meet up with some of the local Marine moms. Someone from Connellsville mailed me 10 stamps. Thanks, and I'll get a postcard out to you real soon, hopefully I'll get more cards in the mail tomorrow.

11/21/04 I wanted to attend L/Cpl Nathan Wood's memorial service. He's from Kirkland WA and everyday since his death was reported I checked to find funeral postings/story in the local papers there. I even wrote to the authors of some of the stories that appeared in those papers but they refuse to provide the information or even reply.  I finally decided to call Nathan's dad and he told me it was at 1100, I reached him shortly after 0900 that day of the service. One way takes me at least 3 hours to get there. I have always avoided calling the parents and relatives because I'm sure they are swamped with calls as it is.  Someone told me that the papers don't want the competition. But after hearing how they gauge and disrespect the wishes of the relatives of so many fallen heroes, I've decided if I can find a number, to just call and skip the media altogether.  I was going to post this a few days ago, but then decided not to until an email I received today.

I had posted on a local Flea Market Forum that I had more IraqWarHeroes.com postcards, you can get one by emailing me your mailing address. This is the letter from the moderator:

"This is not appropriate for this board. This is not a political forum, and this is a very controversial issue.
I don't want to offend you or debate it with you. I simply want to keep the peace in this community.
Please don't post these notices here. Thank you,  DJ  moderator"

I don't consider honoring and remembering our fallen men and women a political thing.  It is so sad and pathetic that so many people think that way. The brave men and women that die volunteered to serve and protect this great nation of ours. If you want to talk politics, why don't you take it up with your political leaders and quit disgracing those that have died serving this country.  These men and women that died are of flesh and blood like most of us. 

As I'm writing this, I just received this:   "The issue that people end up arguing about (I don't want to) is whether war is just or "heroic." "  And all I can say is, I'm not defining the war but I believe that anyone that dies serving this great nation is a hero.  Most volunteers that join our great armed forces don't enlist because they are suicidal, they enlist because they believe in this country and are willing to defend this country in whatever means or role that is presented to them by the leaders of our nation 

11/26/04 1830 I just got notice of Spc Blain Ebert's memorial service which will be tomorrow in eastern Washington so I went and got a case of oil and hope to get there.. so wish me good look. I did email a couple local dealers to see if they would let me borrow a car, but they probably thought I was kidding and never even responded. I'm glad things have slowed down again and I'm not adding names so often and will be happy when it stops.

12/08/04 Yesterday I attended and photographed the funeral and memorial service for Spc Jeremy Christensen. It was a very rainy day and where I was standing for a while so slick I did a complete drop onto my butt and back. With my total backside covered with mud I managed to continue the shoot, crawl back to my car, drive home and screamed in the shower.  My ribs where hurting pretty bad. Anyhow I was just in the middle of making plans to head to Fort Lewis in the morning for Sgt Mitts service which I found out about today in the paper, only to find out that Ft Lewis requires a 48 hour advanced pass request. I called the MP's and they told me that's my only option. Since Sgt Mitts' body has not returned stateside yet (as far as I know) I hope to make it to his funeral.  It's going to be a long week, there are 2 more pending, and I'm just waiting for the dates and places. I'll be glad when this is over with though.

12/13/04 I got back last night after driving down to Tucson AZ and back all within 3 days. Almost froze my feet off, guess the heater is on strike now. Why can't old cars be more like wine and get better. Wednesday morning about 0400 I'll be heading to Spokane Washington for the memorial service of Spc Harley Miller and hope it won't be snowing out that way. Anyone know where I can get a 12V plug in heater?  I've noticed that emails are becoming less reliable; I notice I'm not getting some and people are not receiving some from me. I think spam has burden the email servers so much that it's affecting valid emails. I just spend $19.95 and opened a 2GB email account with MSN Hotmail and it will serve as a backup. If you believe I haven't received your email, then mail me again at q@ourwarheroes.net and in the BCC line include iraqwarheroes@hotmail.com and once a week I'll check there to see if I received any emails that I didn't receive at my main account.  I have also noticed that some emails I've send didn't arrive at it's destination for a couple of days.

12/18/04 Just a couple days ago on the 15th I drove east again, Spokane WA this time for Spc Harley Miller and today to McMinnville OR for Spc Edwin Roodhouse and then his interment at Willamette National Cemetery. This has been another long week. KOIN news came and interviewed me today, I hope that went ok. I'm not good at expressing some things and quite vocal about others. I should have the new pics posted by tonight. there won't be too many posted online.

12/25/04 It's a very rainy and wet day out here today, almost reflecting my mood. Yesterday I added 13 names to the list that where killed by the suicide bomber in a mess tent.

01/07/05 Just added more names, including another from the NW and a lot from Arkansas. I have halted sending out more postcards until I can afford to get more printed and the stamps. This year has already started so slow, I feel I'm stepping backwards.

01/11/05 Attended Sgt Ficek's memorial service yesterday. I have posted some of the snapshots. I've been working the last 4 days to redo the Spc Jonathan Santos set. I finally heard from his mom and got a mailing address and realized that the backup of his set was bad. I didn't want to go through all the photos again and tried repeatedly to recover the set. Well, I finally dug up the original backup photos and redid the whole set and am about to post some on the net and by tonight I should have the CD ready to mail out. I am amazed sometimes that even though I shot them and have seen them repeatedly, that so many have enough of an impact to slow me down getting them done while at the same time instant messaging with some guys in Iraq wanting to be cheered up with some stateside stuff. I think it's coffee time.

01/26/05 This mornings news about the helicopter going down and the loss of over 31 came quite hard. I'll be glad when the elections are over with in Iraq. I've been selling stuff on eBay to raise more money for postcards and that seems to be going ok. 2 out of every 20 items seem to sell and every bid winner gets a postcard with their shipments. 

02/06/05 Some snapshots from James Lee Moore have now been posted. His memorial service was in Roseburg, Oregon on Thursday the 3rd. I'm now making arrangement to attend another NW hero's memorial service in LaGrange Oregon. Hope the wheels get me there ok. I don't have a date yet. There are a lot of Oregon based soldiers due to rotate home real soon and that will be good news for a lot of families out here. I hope they all make it home soon. :)

03/16/05 Last Friday I stood in rush hour traffic heading to the Morrison bridge in Portland and held my sign up and handed out 250 cards to drivers and pedestrians.  Sunday I drove to Bothell Washington to help a Vietnam Veteran who is pretty ill. I put him on high speed internet and wireless networking so he can access the world from whatever room he is stuck in at the time. Yesterday I drove to the state capitol, Salem OR and stood on the capitol stairs holding my sign and handing out postcards. If they looked important, they refused the card, if they looked like citizens, they where more likely to accept one. Funny huh? Today I mailed off a postcard to all 60 members of the Oregon House and 30 members of the Oregon 73rd Legislative Assembly. This week I have 5 local publications coming out with small ads, 2 line ads. Friday I'll be doing rush hour again in Portland, this time on Columbia & Front to catch the south bound traffic. This all has been part of my effort to remind people of our fallen heroes and that this Saturday marks 2 years of the Iraq war. If anyone out there can help me, it sure would be welcomed.

03/28/05 I'm adding a guestbook today, based on requests I've been getting. I found one that I could afford to run on this site. I've  stayed away from most guest books because of all the advertising that comes with them  Currently is shows ads and as soon as the payment goes through, they will remove the ads. I added 7 names today. Overall been a crappy Monday.

04/15/05 Tomorrow morning I'm going to try and drive to Redding California for the memorial services for Pfc Casey LaWare and then I have two more coming this week. I just sold one of my popular domains to raise money for a laptop computer so I can do onsite scanning etc. as I meet older veterans that would like their photos and information posted on one of my war tribute sites dedicated to these heroes. I hope the gas prices don't keep climbing the way they have been, when you drive hundreds of miles, it gets costly.  I just got done redoing my www.Delta15.com  / www.VietnamWarHeroes.com  web site. On May 7th, it will reach it's 5th anniversary and through it over 240 veterans of the same battalion that served in Vietnam have been reunited.

04/25/05 Saturday was another long car day. Drove to eastern Washington. Sunday I spend the day giving this site a new face lift. I've decided to ad the faces and names of some of our Northwest Fallen Heroes to the front. Hope you'll like it. They are the names of some of the funerals I've photographed.

05/05/05 I just posted some of the snapshots for Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Aaron A Kent's memorial service which took place yesterday.  I have another one scheduled for next Tuesday in Roseburg Oregon.

06/03/05 May sure was a long and deadly month. I have at least 3 more funerals pending next week. If you run a gas station between Portland and Sacramento or Portland and Snohomish and can spare a few gallons, let me know. The gas is killing me.

I have moved this website and other War Heroes related websites to a new hosting service for more space and bandwidth and a new root domain of www.OurWarHeroes.net

06/12/05 I finally got done cropping and picking the pictures for the last two memorial services I attended and have them now posted them. Sounds like I'll be going to Seattle again soon for another one. Last week was kind of rough, Sunday in Seattle WA, Tuesday in Sacramento CA (Had to leave Monday Night) and Wednesday in Snohomish WA, 1958 long miles total and I think that has drained me. I've been tired every day even more than normal, sometimes I think it's a slight case of depression but I have to keep going.  I've been logging AP headlines for 815 days now. I got interviewed by a reporter who was going to write about my project until he found out it's just one person doing this, then he lost interest. After the Snohomish memorial service I dropped in on a Vietnam veteran that lives in the area to see how he's holding up. His cancer is much worse than mine but he is undergoing treatment which at times is leaving him feeling even sicker. I hope that the treatment works and keeps this great man around.

06/25/05 I redesigned the postcard some, on front it has the root site of OurWarHeroes.org and on the other side it lists most of the tribute sites with an .org instead of .com, but you can still reach the sites with either.  Another one from Sacramento got killed, don't know if I'll make it down that far. Someone got a reliable car I can borrow that day? Just checking.

07/21/05 I couldn't attend the last 2 funerals.  The first because I had no car money and the second because the family requested total privacy and therefore the papers in Washington didn't announce the times and dates.  I've started a new campaign to remind people of our fallen heroes by posting daily photos I shoot on walks and make them available to people for free and the link to the website is on all the pages. :) I'm also trying to raise money for 1 or more television ads. I wish I would get less negative feedback and more positive support for our fallen heroes.

07/26/05 I've managed to save up $300 (OK $50 was a donation from one of our heroes parents for this purpose) to run a TV ad on KPTV Ch12.  They quoted $300 for 30 seconds and I tried getting it in 2 15 seconds or 3 10 seconds.  Just a plain black background with the slogan and web address and no music. Something that takes less than 30 seconds to generate on a CGI machine.  I don't think they where too happy that I'm only doing a one-time thing here and not subscribing for weeks or months. I felt like they where giving me the brush and am still waiting for a call back.  I got the hint and shopped around so more, and found that for the same money I can get at least 12 ads on a radio station (Should have it worked out sometime today) and also some real cheap ads on WB32 TV with which I'll be meeting on Thursday.  I did call some of the other local TV stations and they want too much and something about ratings week etc etc... I'll let you know how it goes. I've started another form of networking to remind people of our fallen heroes, so far it's slow....   I did have some sponsorship offers that wanted to place banners on my website.. I turned them down. I'm not here to sell stuff or distract from our heroes.  I would be outraged if I walked through a cemetery and ads would pop up while I'm there paying my respects.  It's going to be a hot day today. Going to try and stay cool inside the basement. :)

07/27/05 If you're in the Portland Oregon area, tune in to the Victoria Taft Show on KPAM 860AM August 1st to August 4th (Pick a day) which airs from 6pm to 9pm and you should hear an ad I'm running.  I won't tell you what it is (It's NOT a commercial ad), but if you hear it, let me know what you think, and if you like it, send an email to KPAM and let them know.

07/28/09 Well, still haven't heard back from the advertising people at KPTV 12 and my assumption is correct, they just dropped it and probably hope I won't bother to call them again.  I've done some cable access production in the past and know I can use a CGI machine to create a simple black background with 2 lines of text in about 30 seconds. When I drove all the way out to WB32 TV, and was told that production cost for my simple text screen would run around $5,000, I just about dropped bricks.  Well, when they told me they can get me real cheap ad time during the night, I should've know there would be a catch.  The sales person I spoke to will see if he can get that reduced.  Hell, my annual income is under poverty level.. Well, I hope the radio ad will reach some people. :)

08/15/05 I just return from Lance Cpl. Nicholas Bloem's services in Washington.  While there, I attended the services for one of our WWII heroes that recently passed away. I wish more people would have been there, when I showed up, there was only 1 person there and halfway through the service, about 6 others showed up.  I did some photos and told the woman to contact me and I'll send them to her  The turnout for L/Cpl Bloem was really nice. People lined the street by the church with flags, including some that recently served in Iraq.  Small towns truly honor their heroes, in comparison to big cities such as Portland . It was a hot day. No AC in the car and my engine check light kept coming on. I did bring along 8Qts of oil, just in case. The gas station where I filled up last night had increased their price another 10cents a gallon by the time I returned today, some as high as $2.79 here. Ouch!! Anyhow, I should have the pics posted within the next day or so after my body settles down again.

08/18/05 I just finally got done with L/Cpl Nicholas Bloem's memorial pics and have them posted. My friend suggested I put a donate button on all my pages, since he realized I really struggled with the gas this week. I told him I can't do that. If someone wants to help, they'll contact me, and besides, I have that info on two pages, including this one.  Tomorrow I'll work on Sgt Thomas' pics.

09/26/05 I started my day at 0400 and departed Portland by 0500 figuring I would be there at least 2 hours early so I can get some food and then consult with a family rep of the military about me taking pics.
Everything went fine until I got onto I-405, at which time it took over 36 minutes for the first 5 miles (I'm on my last 20 mile stretch), then another 40 minutes for 5 more miles etc.
I arrived just in time to be herded with the press people into part of the church. No time to pee, no time to talk, and after about 15 minutes, everyone not with the family that had a camera had to leave.
I did manage to get a few pics, and while I was out front, a Marine came up to me and said he recognized me and asked if I wasn't the guy with that website. I said yes. He shook my hand and thanked me for being there.
After I left the premises, I drove to visit a Vietnam Veteran , friend of mine in Bothell, to see how he was doing... 
I knew I had another upcoming funeral in Yakima sometime this week, but as I was returning home, I heard on the news that we lost two guys from Pendleton Oregon. Not good. When I finally got home, I had 9 more names to ad that have been emailed to me by DoD.
This next week is going to be hard.

10/05/05 It's 0339 and I'm getting ready to drive to Pndleton for Sgt Tane Baum's memorial services.  On Sep 30th, I was in Yakima WA for SFC L Morrisons funeral.  There where some nasty protestors there from a "church". I was interviewed by KNDU TV but they edited out everything about this website, guess they where just focused on the protestors and just pretended to care about why I was there.  Well, I got six bucks in my pocket and my gas card, I better get going for another long day and I don't know when the next one is for Pendleton, if I find out it's tomorrow, I may just sleep in my car out there. We'll see.

10/18/05 I just got done posting some of the snapshots for Warrant Officer Adrian Stump's memorial services. It was another long day. The service went pretty good. The most frustrating part was this media camera guy that kept jumping in front of me, blocking my shot.  Last funeral, same thing, in matter of fact that person would look right at me and get in front of my camera. 

I hope I don't have any more to do. This has really been wearing me down. There is an array of emotions involved that pull you in different ways at the same time. Don't know how to explain something like that, but it has
been keeping me very tired.

10/26/05 I've been sicker than normal the last couple of days and hope to either get over it or make another adjustment. The media once again has annoyed me with their reporting. talking about the 2000th that has died in Iraq and once again neglecting those have have given their all in Afghanistan etc. that's at least another 200 Americans.

I've heard from more parents this week which is good, it drowns out some of the hate mail I get.  I updated the Coalition List today with 3 more names.  I wish I had a better source for that information.

11/07/05 I just posted snapshots taken at SSG Travis Nixon's memorial service which I attended yesterday in Pine City Washington.  I think this must have been the furthest east Washington destination yet. Pine City is very small, I think 3 or 4 short streets. The Grange Hall was filled from people all over the place out there.  I went to JL for an oil change and all of a sudden they had different customer information about my car and they tried to tell me that it must be previous owners information. I asked how that was possible, considering I've had that car about 15 years and the info in their database was correct according the last 12 receipts I have from them. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything, there is now a huge oil puddle under the car and I don't know if they refused to tighten things down or did damage. Despite their ads on TV, when I want to watch what they are doing, they always try and distract me and tell me they need to talk about me needing an air filter at a terminal facing away from the car.  I wish I remember what TV station ran a story a couple of years ago about the scams at some of the JL's.  Now I need to decide what to do next, can't afford to take it to a mechanic right now.

11/11/05 Thank You To All Veterans!!!  Today with the help of a friend I walked along the parade route and handed one of my cards that reads: "Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away  www.IraqWarHeroes.org" to just about every adult present while carrying a large sign with the same message.  It's now 2230 and I just returned from Beaverton High School, where I attended a presentation from one of our Marines that did several tours in Iraq. I was given a table spot at the entrance and handed out almost 300 post cards to people coming to this presentation.  Last night on a local radio station I talked about my project and aired all the names I have of the men and women from Oregon & Washington that gave their all.  It ran me into the next hour but the young people doing the next show didn't mind at all... From what I was told, they where so awwed, they didn't know how to follow what I had just done and played some Neil Diamond songs.  That was great. I wasn't at the station, I called in for my presentation. The official Veterans day has almost come to and end, and I wonder if there is something more I could have done.... In reality I realize and know that every day is Veterans day and every day we should thank at least 1 Veteran. ...---..  Ohhh... before I forget... I went back to JL, and yes, it was their fault, somehow they crushed my nut seal for the oil drain.  They replaced it with a new nut seal and filled my oil.  I felt they should have given me a refund on top of that...  Still have a puddle of oil to clean and all the aggravation. -sigh-

11/29/05 I've been getting a lot more faces added to names. Been quite tedious and I'm over half way done.  Tomorrow I have a funeral in Albany Oregon to attend, then I'm going to San Bruno in California, then Coos Bay Oregon.  tried to get a couple of people to donate some cash for gas... Ohh well. I should have enough room on the gas card.

11/30/05 I'm back from Albany. I just started working on the photos for the family of Marine Lance Corporal Tyler J Troyer who got laid to rest today. Once I'm done, I'll be posting some on my tribute site.
I don't know if I can make Friday's service yet, not having heat in the car is causing me problems with the windshield and a snow advisory has been issued for this area. If anyone out there knows how to over-ride a non working auto-heat control for a Toyota Celica GT 1986, please let me know.

12/02/05 I had problems trying to get heat to work in the car, need heat to keep windows clear and keep from freezing to death driving over the mountains. I even contacted 4 local car dealers and asked if they had a car I could borrow and what I needed it for; ..well...they will if I spend lots of money getting another car repaired. If I had that, I would have gone to a car rental place.

I spend a good part of the day working on the heat problem and had it working for a little time... friend finally crawled under my dash, disconnected the electronic controls and moved the flap to heat only.

After solving the heat issue, I left Portland OR at 6:30pm with $20 and my gas card and headed for San Bruno to attend the funeral. The drive was pretty good and I stopped at a Denny's for coffee and continued until I got to Fairfield, something blew, lots of smoke and all I could do is steer away from the fast traffic of Fairfield California.

Some friendly Latinos pulled right up asking if I needed water. I told them thanks, but that's not steam. There was still a lot of smoke coming from beneath the hood. I'm still about 45 Miles from destination.

A CHP tow truck pulled up within 2 minutes of me opening the hood. He told me that the ac motor froze up which caused the belt to do something which then split and cause smoke. The ac unit looks broken. I don't use ac and don't need it. Can't find someone to fix it.

He asked if I had a favorite shop out here, and I told him I didn't even know where I was. He towed my car off the road because I was a hazard and by request he dropped it off near a hotel, gas station and coffee shop instead of their Drop Point.

Well, here I am.. where ever that may be. My car is F^&%$d and I wasn't coming this close without trying to keep my promise to be at the service. My nerves are frazzled and my fingernails all gone now and it took so long to have some.

I looked across the street and saw 2 cop cars at a cafe/gas station. they where having coffee. I told them I was stuck here and need to find a way to San Bruno. One of the nice cops let me ride in the front seat and took me to the nearest transit center. I asked him what the place is called where I met him at and wrote it on paper so I know where my car is. The paper also has the cemetery address. I thanked him and gave him a couple postcards.

I now went into the offices of the Fairfield Transit Center, they where also real nice and helpful and plotted my way to go. One person looked for a bus for me to take from there to the BART (train) system, the other looked up the train I can take to San Bruno, and another guy took my paper with the cemetery address to plot out a walk route to the cemetery, he took my paper to the back, because he wanted to call someplace. With any luck, I should barely make it.

The next bus I have to take is a few minutes away, it's now coming and I head for the platform, the 3rd guy hadn't returned. he then came to the bus as I was about to board and handed me a map printout of the area but didn't hand me my original paper back. I'm boarding, $5 to BART, and away I went.

I then got off at BART (train) and needed a ticket, only have $13, they have no humans there, just machines. I saw the chart, $4.15 to San Bruno with one transfer I have to make in Dale City. well, the machine wouldn't give me all my change, it insisted I have to spend at least $5.05 to receive any change. WTF? I looked at someone else and they told me that's how they make their extra money. you got to pay exact or close to it or lose your money. OK, I then took BART to the transfer station, got on another BART and rode to San Bruno.

Across from me sat a man and a kid. they where obviously together on this trip. The boy wanted to write something and the man searched and found no pen. I handed them my pen and allowed them to use it for the next 20 minutes. He then returned the pen and I handed him a postcard. He looked at it and leaned closer to me and stated something like; "I don't know if you know this, but here in Fan Francisco we don't support this war and all the bull involved with it blah blah blah". I refrained from blowing my already fragile top, and told him that card is not about the war, but about the men and women that gave their lives for us so we have the freedom to "express" ourselves he did keep the card.

I left the BART station and asked for directions shortest to walking to the cemetery. You can see the Golden State Cemetery long before you get to the entrance, it seemed like forever uphill walk in shoes not meant for walking.

I made it there in plenty of time and ended up walking the length of it again, as the burial site is on the lower end.

After the funeral, I got a ride with the family to a reception and then a gathering. One of them later helped me find my car again and dropped me off. He was amazed, (and so where some others) that I made it from there to the cemetery and the figuring out where the car was.

I normally don't drive that far for a funeral, especially with my 20 year old Toyota, but after getting the invite and promising to do my best to be there, I also realized what an honor it was to pay tribute to this young man.

12/04/05 I'm home at last.;  had to borrow a few hundred bucks for hotel and also mechanic fees. The car isn't fixed per say, but made drivable again so I could get it home. This was a very very long trip for me. It's 2100, and I just got the pics for L/Cpl Tyler Troyer posted. Will work on the Sgt Idanan (California) pics now and probably won't be don till late tomorrow.

12/11/05 Yesterday I did the funeral for Pfc Blake Tufts.  Today I went to Scappoose Oregon for a memorial service. I figured they where already expecting to see me there since a relative I know was providing me with the info etc. I did get a few photos out there before I was asked to leave since only 2 medias where permitted and they are already there. The way I was approached by two different people made me feel very uncomfortable even before I was told I can't take any pics because they don't want a media frenzy etc. etc. I was approached by a few people that wanted my card before I had left. I thought about stashing all my gear and attend quietly but felt like that wasn't an option without causing some kind of stir, so I left. I do my best, that's all I can do.  I'm feeling a bit depressed about it, guess I really shouldn't though huh?

12/19/05 It's now 2106, I just got back a bit ago from the services for Cpl Joseph Bier. The memorial service was in Centralia WA at 1000 and the funeral service in Kent WA at 1530.  I was happy to see such a large turn out of Marines at this service. As I usually do when showing up, I looked for brass and asked who the spokes person is for the family so I can find up if it's ok for me to shoot.  The captain took my postcard and left to go ask the father of the fallen hero and then returned with the card still in hand and said I should go introduce myself to the father and he took me to the gathering room for the immediate family.  I greeted the father with a handshake and explained why I was there and handed him a card. He looked at me and said something to the effect of, "We didn't get a photographer today, you are a blessing from god.".  I knew it was OK for me to shoot.  I told him to contact me in a couple days with his mailing address so I can get a CD to him.  I left the church service early, like I normally do to make that trip to the cemetery in advanced so I can photograph the procession arriving. At the cemetery  I saw a group of Marines, walked up to them, and said "I'm sure some of you have seen me here before"; a few replied "Yes Sir", as I shook each one of their hands and thanked them for their service and gave them all a small version of my card and reminded them of my mission to make sure that their fallen brothers in arms are not forgotten. After the 2nd service, which was at Tahoma National cemetery in Kent, after most of the people had now left, a young lady came to ma and said, "Aren't you the guy that took pictures my brothers funeral?".  I told her, if she saw me there, then yes. She asked if her family could have copies of the pics. I said of course, that's why I take them, and also mentioned that I gave her other brother a couple cards.  She replied that he lost them. I gave her a couple more and told her to contact me with the families address so I can get them out to her, and also to supply the name of the hero.

Last couple of weeks I've been busy going over all 2300+ pages for our fallen heroes and searching for photos that are free of copyright and now have at least one photo on 86% of the pages. I've also been receiving more emails with photos lately. That's good.  I've now compiled over 1200 email addresses and am still looking for more, and on Christmas Day, I will send each one of those people an email. No not spam, because I send each one manually one by one. I've got nothing better planned for Christmas than to send out Thank You's .  :)  

I tried a few efforts to see if I can get people to donate to my gas fund, and postcard fund. It hasn't been working.  A friend of mine on the cost send me $10 which helped on my trip today. Thanks Sandy. And Thanks to Scotti, a disabled Iraq War Veteran in advance for sending me some 23c stamps. Scotti is a Marine all the way through and through, he will also attempt to attend some funerals in Texas for me.  "I still have all appendages, thank god, and am capable and willing to travel throughout most southern states surrounding Texas...happily at my own expense. It would be my way of giving back. My corpsman, and current best friend, who patched me up in Iraq, might likely go along with me, he's in a similar boat as me. My wife is very supportive and enjoys seeing the southern countryside so good to go on all sides."  Can't beat them Marines.  That's it for now. I'm cold, need to warm up. Next funeral is in eastern Oregon after Christmas.

12/25/05 Today I started my day at 0300 and started to email to all the people whose email addresses I've been collecting the last couple weeks. I emailed each one by one and it's now 1200 and I'm done. I emailed 1576 people and only 184 bounced back, which means that 1392 emails made it. (I think). I will spend a few more hours sending out messages over other forums and will de done for this day.  Just had to add 3 more to the list. My sympathy goes out for the families that have just received the news.

01/05/06 Well, I'll be glad when this year is over with, or at least October. Despite the fact that I've been getting a lot more photos being mailed in by family and friends of our fallen heroes, my own personal status started off in the hole and is continuing to get worse. people think I'm kidding when I post a "Someone Feed Me" away message on my yahoo messenger.  Almost had some work the other day, but nature put a stop to that.  I just heard on the news that 5 more Americans where killed in Iraq.  If someone out there has some work for me, let me know...

01/13/06 I have posted the photos for SSG Christopher Van Der Horn from yesterday's funeral in Bellevue & Kent WA. I also got the CD mailed off to his mom.  It normally takes me longer but I stuck with it most of the night and morning. A friend of mine gave me a few bucks for gas and I hope I can make some money this weekend to get an oil change in before I drive to Pendleton OR on Monday for Ryan's funeral service. I put www.WeFreedIraq.org online.

01/21/06 On the 16th I went to Pendleton again. Today I started at 0300 and drove to Ephrata WA for 1st Lt Jaime Campbell's services.  Two people donated some money for gas, so I managed to get today's gas covered without more debt on my Chevron card.  I also had dinner with A.C.E.S. afterwards at a buffet in Moses Lake. M & her husband covered my meal which was nice.  It was cold out there in Ephrata, I didn't toss a coat in the car.  Glad I had an extra shirt with me to put on.  It didn't rain out there and the sun came out a few times which was great. I wasn't allowed to shoot on LDS property during ceremony, so I kept it outside. Even though I shot most of the events at the cemetery, for public viewing, some of the standard photos will not be seen here. You'll be able to tell when you see this set. I met Benjamin Isenberg's parents today.  I did Benjamin's funeral in 2004. They are good people.

02/13/06 I received a postcard from Mrs Baum requesting photos. She has no email and contacted me by mail. I got her CD in the mail that same afternoon.  My head has been getting worse again, last couple weeks I wake between 0245 and 0315 with a bad headache and it just lingers in the back most of the day.  I'm having other issues that are causing my body problems but I still managed to get a couple walks in during the recent sun breaks. You can view links to some of the pics at www.myspace.com/qfocal . My hands seem to becoming less useful, there is a weird feeling in them and a pain in the left one and my gripping strength is down a lot. You know it's bad when you ask a dame half your size to open something for you.

02/27/06 Just got back from Army Sgt Matheny's funeral. It will be a while before I get the pics posted. None of the radio stations that I emailed about the pending funeral made any announcements, nor bothered to email me back.  I did get an email from Governor  Gregoire's office thanking me for the funeral invite and telling me they didn't receive the email till today and the Gov is currently in DC.  Well at least I got a response for once.   I'm yet to get a response after emailing any of my elected officials. 

A support group called A.C.E.S. in the Tri-Cities area of Washington lost their website, so i grabbed a new domain for them and started to build them a new site. www.AmericanCitizensEncouragingSupport.org . I hope to have it done in a couple days, depending on when I get today's pics done.

03/01/06 A month ago a woman contacted me, asking me if I would photograph her hero father's funeral if he died. Today I received the funeral notice of his death. It ain't easy.

03/07/06 I've started to place more cheap ads across the nation, some as little as $5.20 for 6 months. I've posted a map page at www.IraqWarHeroes.org/admap.htm  and encourage others to place ads. (Well, I've been encouraging others a long time, but ....)

03/15/06 Sold my travel laptop yesterday so I can pay for my new supply of cards on order, maybe that got me angry, morons calling me on the phone in response to the ad on craigslist wanting me to shave off another 50 or 100 bucks for a great unit I'm selling for half price. I had an odd price, it ended with 3 and some people complained about that. I told them the $3 was for the coffee I'm going to need. After sending out notices to multiple radio and TV stations and thousands of people in groups I've joined, still can't find any volunteers for Sunday to stand outside and remind people of our fallen troops.  I have 2 maybe from people I know and asked directly. If this where a demonstration against our Commander and Chief, they would be lining up to volunteer.  It's so easy for the people in Portland to be hateful but too hard to say Thanks and remind people of the sacrifices of our heroes.

03/19/06 I spend 5 hours downtown Portland with my banner reminding people of our fallen heroes while a protest against the war and Bush and everything else was happening.  I got on 2 different talk shows trying to get people to come down but in Portland, most want to be seen with the anti USA crowd, rather than support our troops. They can all F themselves.

04/16/06 Yesterday I went to lacey Washington and attended Marine SSG Twitchell's funeral.  I spend most of today getting the pics done and got the mailer ready to send the pics to family.  I also did a set of pics on the Patriot Guard Riders which you can view at www.qfocal.com/photos/041506/ . Still waiting to see when the local funeral will be for the Beaverton OR man.  I'll probably be heading to Richland again on the 26th.

04/17/06 Today I added 12 more names of fallen heroes and also had 6 photo submissions by family members of other fallen heroes.  The day is not done and I've had 1015 hits already. My daily hit count has been going up a lot lately and so has the amount of emails. I'm now at 205,448 hits since the current counter was added in may 2005.

05/03/06 A couple days ago I drove to Bothell Washington after hearing that my friend Don, a decorated Vietnam veteran is dying and being looked after by hospice. A week ago I attended the funeral of someone else I knew personally and this weekend I have 2 more funerals to attend for our fallen heroes.   My energy has been really low, I don't seem to have time grief and gather some pieces.  My web site hits have been going up and a lot more people have been sending in photos of their loved ones and friends they lost in Iraq.  I'm doing my best to stay on top of it while also helping A.C.E.S..  I need to find some part time work, I can't seem to keep up.

05/05/06 Despite trying to get the word out, Portland just doesn't give a damn. At Willamette National where only 17 cars, 1 limo, 1 hearse, and 5 motorcycles. The 5 bikes belonged to PGR's that came in from out of town. Tomorrow will be another funeral. There will be more people, mainly because the Governor should be there also but not the crowd we should have. I'm tired.

05/09/06 This morning I mailed CD's to Curtis Nettles in Pasco and hand delivered a little while ago CD's to Christina.  I have removed the link to my guestbook, my ad free subscription expired and I can't afford to renew it at this time.

05/23/06 I wrote down with bikers to Phoenix Oregon to escort the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall up to Portland. I managed to borrow ten bucks and now had twelve for the trip. One of the PGR members on vacation volunteered to drive me so I could photograph the whole event down and back which I did. Go To www.SgtMyers.org to see pics.  Sgt Donald Myers, a friend of mine died on the 21st and I dedicated my mission to him.  His funeral is still pending.  I put together cd's with over 1200 pics for the riders, whom where mostly Vietnam War Veterans.  I got rained on a lot.

05/26/06 I drove to Woodburn Oregon in the morning to hang my banner at the Golfing for the Guards Event.

I left a CD of the Wall Escort Mission for both Jeff Kropf and Lars Larsen and the headed to Portland for the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery where the wall is on display.  I was going to do a bunch of wall shots and then photograph some special events I was invited to shoot.  Well, my Nikon D70 camera stopped working. All I would get is an ERR message. I tried changing lenses, batteries, film etc. and then called the camera store which directed me to call Nikon tech support.  Nikon had me try a few things and decided I need to send them the camera and I should know in 7 days how much it will cost and how long it will take. I have another funeral pending soon and can't be without a camera.  This really suxs.  I put my camera away and decided to help shuttle veterans to the wall from the various places they would park in this huge cemetery. I was driving an open golf cart and after 6 hours of getting soaked, I gave it up and went home.  My feet where too cold and wet.  It seemed like it wanted to snow.  I handed out my IraqWarHeroes.org cards to all the people I gave a lift for and handed out a CD every time I would see one of the riders that participated in the escorting of the wall.

05/27/06 I drove back out to Lincoln memorial to shuttle more veterans and visitors.  I knew they would be short of volunteers.  People are quick to volunteer, but when it comes to performing the task... well, that's another story.  I didn't volunteer, I just went and helped.  Drove the golf cart from 0900 to 1800 and was totally soaked on my left side. I cried when I picked up one of the veterans during the last hour I was there.  I spotted him on the other side of graves I was traveling along and did a quick turn around to head that way to see if they needed a ride.  It seemed that it was his mom with him, a woman much older than this Vietnam War Veteran..  I had him sit in front next to me cause he was just f*d up.  The mom got on the back seat and kept telling me how glad she was that someone came to pick them up.  I put my arm around his shoulder and reassured him he won't fall off and to also let him know that I'm grateful for his sacrifices to our country. I could tell that he wasn't home yet. I asked her if they where heading straight to the wall and she said that's all he wants to see. I cried quietly, and couldn't keep tears from running down my face and for a brief moment I was glad for the rain I've been cursing all day.  I drove them all the way to the wall, and along the way I beckoned for one of the helpers to follow me.  I apologized to a lot of people as I slowly worked my way through the crowds over the gravel path to the edge of the walk along the wall and a helper helped get him off the cart.  I thanked him for his service and welcomed him home and hope that he will come home soon.  I shuttled a few more rounds, found some food and went home in need of a hot shower after getting out of my cold and wet clothes.  I was going to do a walk tomorrow, but there is really no use since I have no descend camera, so I'll go help shuttle more veterans. I can't think of a better way to say Thank You to all of these men and women while also providing them with a small needed service.

05/28/06 Spend another day shuttling veterans.

05/30/06 Yesterday I spend another 12 hours driving veterans. It was a very long and tedious day. There was no rain and partial sun which brought out so many more people and driving a 10 passenger van through rows of cars and walking people on the street wasn't easy but it was my honor to serve these great veterans. Today I contacted 12 camera stores for a loaner camera or a donated camera. They all laughed or totally ignored me.  I have 2 funerals pending and a broken Nikon D70.  I need to find someone that will hire someone like me so I can get more money for my project.

06/04/06 I have a temporary loaner camera from my friend in Washington, Ernie.  It's a Canon Rebel and I took it for a walk yesterday to see what adjustments I need to make in regards to how it responds.  The after sleep on time and write time is pretty slow and I'm having some focusing issues but will adapt. I'm grateful I have something to shoot.

06/10/06 0025  Another 4 hours and it will have been 24 hours since I started my day at 0430 Friday morning.
My intend was to stop at a local 24hr restaurant where a radio show was doing a live onsite and get a free breakfast and plug my website www.IraqWarHeroes.org .
Things where a bit hectic there, so I dropped off a couple CD's and headed north. Drove about 2 hours and found a place to read my paper and have breakfast. I knew I was running real early, but that's ok, if I breakdown, I have a better chance of reaching my destination on time.
I located a library just outside of Kent WA along the route I was traveling and decided to hang around there for a while. The sign said they open at 1000 and it was only 0924. I waited till 1000 and then went in and found myself a table to plug in my laptop and check email and kill time. At 1115 I headed for Tahoma National Cemetery.
I parked at a too familiar spot neat shelter one and waited for a couple of people I expected by 1200 that where a no show. A little after 1200 PGR WoodCamera showed up, he volunteered to take some pics for me. Parked his bike, and mounted a pole with flag freely waving in the wind.
At about 1253 riders and their helpers from the Patriot Guard rode up. I saw familiar faces, and I was very happy to see as many as had come to honor my friend Sgt Donald Myers . The lined both sides of the path with flags.
I want all the PGR members to know how very happy this made Peggy and that made me even happier to see you there.
This memorial service was a bit harder for me to shoot, because it affected me much more than the many others.
The PGR gave Peggy a dog tag, handed me 2 for the siblings of Donald and handed me one also. That was very thoughtful.
I'm going to be passing that dog tag on to a Vietnam buddy of Donald's who couldn't make it. These are two guys that O located and united about 5 years ago, and you have to understand about things over 30 years ago to realize the bond that was formed over the last 5 years between these two.
After the service, I headed north for a reception left the camera in the car so I could be part of it. At one point, I was showing my IraqWarHeroes.org website to a couple of people that have not seen it, one, which was a 23 year friend of Don's from Utah?, I randomly picked a name out of over 2700 names on the list, and when that page pulled up, he recognized the name. He knew who that hero is. Wow.
Anyhow, I'm pretty tired; been a long day. Just want to thank you all again for being there! I'll be posting the letter Don wrote that was read at the funeral, tomorrow or the day after.

06/11/06 As I was updating my about page, I noticed that Donald's funeral was the 69th and it was on 06/09/06. Damn.

I'm still trying to raise money to at least get my camera fixed, since I can't get it replaced at this time and am considering trying to sell some of my 35mm SLR's.  I have another funeral coming up, most likely in Sacramento and will do my best to make it there. I did not make it to Richland on the evening of the 9th to ride with some others and participate in a parade in Ephrata WA. My possible host was sick and the float driver is presumed drowned after helping others search for a couple of drowning victims.  I received a roll of stamps and some lose stamps yesterday and got another 100 cards in the mail for house members.  I think I only have about 170 to go yet.

06/16/06 I'm sweating like a dog today. Don't know why, it doesn't seem to be that warm outside. I'll try a cool shower in a bit. I bought a case of oil today, saw a coupon for 99c a quart and the way I use oil, the less I pay for it, the better. Ever needed oil along the freeway?? Highest I think I ever was gauged for was $5.20 for a quart of stuff I can get at Safeway for $1.99 . I noticed after the gas prices went up, things inside gas stations went up also. They figure if we can pay that much for gas, we can pay extra for anything else. I'm doing better at getting travel supplies like snacks in advance at dollar stores or other cheap places.
The other day my bank charged me a fee of $22 and I thought it was because a store overcharged me 7cents, well, that caused the fee but the reason I was down more than normal is because someone gave me a bad check. He donated $10 for one of my CD's, well, now I'm down $32 for that. I think I'll just send him a postcard with a frown on it.
I've got my routes printed out, washing some clothes and getting ready for my long trip southbound. I figure if I leave around 2100 tonight, I should be able to make it for SFC Issac Lawson's memorial service set for 1100 Saturday. My car drops down to about 40MPH on the mountains, so I'm gonna leave with plenty of extra time.


It is now Monday, June 19th, 2006 2344, almost midnight and I have just completed my base mission for our hero SFC Isaac S Lawson.

I started Friday the 16th at around 0500 and did all my web updates and emails that came in over night. Finalized and printed my drive route for Sacramento California. 

I departed Portland Oregon at 1800.

I napped at a rest stop around 0330-0445. 

I arrived the Saturday  morning in south Sacramento about 0820. 

First photo was shot at 0901 at the church. last Photo at the church shot at 1129.  Church was packed so I did not stay in there to shoot.  I headed for the cemetery.

First photo at cemetery was shot at 1205 and the last photo was taken at 1524.  I then started my drive back to Portland.

I napped at a rest stop around 2230-0210.

I arrived in Portland around 0530 Sunday morning, went for some breakfast, then home and crashed a few hours. 

Worked on photos from 1400-2000 and crashed hard.

Awoke this morning (Monday)  around 0530 , caught up emails and web updates and worked on photos from 1030-2344.

I selected, cropped and pushed 901 photos that will be sent to the family. Out of those I selected 59 for the general public and posted them on his tribute page.

Unfortunately, it looks like there are 2 more, possible 3 more funerals pending out here.

I'm still waiting to get my camera fixed or replaced.

06/22/06  Yesterday I received two nice emails and I also reunited a mother of a fallen hero with a sweetheart of his from school.

I've shared some of it with local media but they are non responsive.  Let's face it, what I do is not really news worthy, they want something more hateful and controversial.  I'm feeling real crappy today, don't know if it's the cancer or something else pressing on the inside. Almost like someone is squeezing my lungs like a sponge from the inside. I feel weird. Nevertheless, I'm getting my gear ready to drive to Gig Harbor Washington for another funeral and I know I have 2 more after that.  Hearing the loss of at least another 9 heroes makes it even harder, 5 in Iraq and 4 in Afghanistan.  While doing my mail run today, I asked the head of that post office if the flag shouldn't be at half mast for Sp Jones, he said I was right and he will get it fixed. I said thanks and handed him one of my IraqWarHeroes.org cards and left.  Sometimes I wonder if they hate seeing me, because I'm always there to mention when the flag isn't right on that pole.  :) Time to finish up and chill for a bit before hitting the road.

07/12/06 Well, I'm finally over a hump and have caught up on all the funerals. Today I mailed out CD's to Army Sgt Justin Norton's families.
Sgt Norton will not be forgotten here!!!
I mailed out another 100 post cards today.
I finally have my camera body back from the shop. Looks like they only shot 10 pics at quality control after the repair job that cost about $300. My pic counter only went up 10 digits. I quickly returned the loaner cannon I had from a friend in Washington, I know he was getting ancy about getting back his camera.
Had to use a tow truck again. I think the car is breaking down too often now. It has over 212,000 miles now. I'm now trying to find a way to get more reliable used car and have my eye on a 1985 car. It's a year older than mine but has a lot less mileage on it.

07/20/06 I've been busy with updates and been looking for people that can help chip in a few bucks for gas. Didn't find anyone. All talk.  I did try some of the larger organizations, and all the ones I checked have a police that says they won't help individuals, only large groups etc. And yes, I checked the gates Foundation also which send me an auto-responder telling me they won't. Sunday I'll be driving to Red Bluff CA for Sgt Turner's funeral service. I still haven't lost my Chevron card yet.  Today while I was sitting behind two card in the right lane at a red light, a bluish cross between a jeep and a HMVEE came up on my right side where the sidewalk is and some middle eastern looking person yelled at me, telling me Bush was bombing Lebanon. He yelled so more, then illegally passed all the cars on the right and proceeded across the intersection before the light changed and sped off.  He must have red the writing on my rear window "Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away www.IraqWarHeroes.org".   Did I mention, I stopped driving my 213k 1986 Celica and am now driving a 1985 Ford marquees, it has less mileage and I hope it won't break down as much.  last couple of days I've been busy trying to add people to my myspace list and make them all aware of my project. .

07/22/06 It's 1939, been trying to sleep for tonight's trip but didn't do to well, too damn hot in here.  Will hit the road early and hopefully find a cool spot to rest on the pass. A friend donated a couple bucks and I used it to change the oil in the Marquee, it's been in there over 3 years and didn't want to chance it on a long trip.  If Chevron doesn't cut me off again, I should be fine gas wise and snacks for this trip. Found out at the lube place that this car has three different manufactures, Ford, Lincoln and something else. Anyhow, I'm going to dry up again and get dressed for the road.

07/25/06 I departed Portland Oregon at 2200 on Saturday, July 22nd 2006 and arrived in Red Bluff California at 0740.
Arrived back in Portland at 2155 on Sunday, July 23rd 2006. Total Miles: 912 Total Away Time: 23Hrs 55 Minutes
First Frame Shot at 0805 Last Frame Shot at 1357 July 23, 2006. Photos selected for the families: 740
It is now 1905 July 25, 2006 and I'm uploading the pics and writing this.
This was a very hot mission with the mercury hovering at 113F there where times I thought I was going to go down, I think I was sweating faster than the water I could possibly consume.
There where about 50 Patriot Guard Riders that showed up and endured the heat while honoring our hero during the services. Some where familiar faces from Oregon that rode down. Most of them are Veterans. I once again want to thank them all for showing up to honor Sgt Turner.
You will notice that there are 3 separate sets of photos I posted for the public. 
My thank you to the Turner family for allowing me to come and honor Army Sgt Thomas Turner Jr. I will not forget him.
Army Sgt Thomas B Turner Jr
PS. Until I can manage to get more band-with, please have patience if you cant get to the page. You're always welcomed to help me out.

07/29/06 Mission for Capt. Christopher T Pate is complete.  I'm glad it was local, still haven't recovered from Sunday's trip.

First Shot Taken At: 0903  Last Shot At: 1122 07/28/06  Local Miles: 10  Photos For Family: 562  Editing Time: 7Hr 45Min.

A few weeks ago at the Port Orchards WA funeral, a deer with a many points fury horn came out to greet me and left when others came to look at it, it was weird. Now guess what?  As I was leaving Shelter D at Willamette national Cemetery and started on the first hill down heading for the exit, a young deer stepped out of the woods and looked at me. I stopped the car and looked back at it, and the deer waited. I reached for my bag, got out the camera and took a couple of pics. Another car pulled up behind me and could have gone around, but it waited to see what I was up to. When I finished with the camera, shooting through the glary windshield, it turned around and when another car approached it vanished. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A DEER OUT THERE.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm being told that I'll be led to pasture soon or maybe it's a sign of new life.  So, when you look at the memorial pics for Capt. Pate, you'll know why there is a deer at the end.  The PGR walking up the hill was going to be my final frame to post.  I hope that my cancer or whatever else is going on don't kill me till this war is over with, so I'll be optimistic about these strange occurrences which could also be coincidences or natures way to keep me from getting too depressed over the flood of memorial services lately.

08/01/06 It's 2244 and it took me 12 hours today to finally get caught up on my inbox, answering emails, posting pics.  There is another California Funeral coming up but I have no way of getting the gas for that trip. The last one I had to charge $175 to Chevron and this one will be an even longer trip. I had one small job today and that was it for the last 10 days.

08/03/06 I have 4 pending Funerals, 1 tomorrow in eastern Washington, 1 in Forks WA, 1 at WNC, and 1 other (Location not known yet).
If anyone out there can help me with gas (I can do without food) I would appreciate it, don't know how much longer Chevron will tolerate me. Thank You!!

08/08/06 Today I attended the funeral for SA Ronald Lee Howell, finished the pics and delivered them in Clackamas before his mother and brother return to their homes out of state. My blood sugar is over 310, I hope it doesn't get worse. Doing some laundry now and getting ready for tomorrows trip to Forks. I'll be staying out there overnight somehow instead of driving all the way back and out there again for the next day service. The would be a 12 hour round trip and I don't think my chevron card will go for that.  Ronald's mom gave me twenty bucks, so I know food will be covered for those two days in the field.  I'm tired, stressed, depressed and I'll be glad when this is over with before I have to stop attending funerals cause I just can't afford it.


Mission Report.  Mission# 80 (80 too many)

Total Away Time: 42 Hours  Total Miles: 737  

First Photo Shot: 08/09/06 1343  Last Image Shot: 08/10/06 1849

Total Image Processing Time at Home: 25 Hours  Total Images Posted: 70  Total Images For Families: 1272

After winding slow roads around the Peninsula in NW Washington and arriving at Forks Washington, I could tell that this was one of those towns.  You know the type, small, pretty clean, and filled with Patriotic Americans.  You won't see this in a big city unfortunately. Every pole had a yellow ribbon, most even had our flag. Many of the store front windows had something in memory of L/Cpl Jason Hanson. I almost thought it was the 4th of July after D Day.

I found a shade to park under at the High School and was going to take a nap before things got started and decided instead to walk down the main road down the length of the city.

I started down one side of the street and photographed the many things that the locals did to honor Jason, ribbons, flags, signs, news paper articles in windows etc.. I came upon a big fat tree next to a diner, and it had a big fat yellow ribbon around it and of course I photographed it.  As I continued my walk heading out of town, a woman came from the diner and called for my attention.  She asked who I was with, and I told her.  She reached out her hand and as I stretched out my hand, she grabbed it with both of her hands and introduced herself as the grandmother of Jason and that she was very happy that I came.  Wow.  I continued my walk.

At the end of the town (city edge with buildings) I crossed over to the other side of the street and started the opposite direction.  I noticed a cop car that has now passed me twice, wasn't for sure if it was the same driver.  I then encountered another pedestrian who asked me what i was taking pics of, I told him and handed him a postcard.  As I continued, the cop car came back, stopped in front of my and a young police officer came out and asked if I was broken down someplace. I told him what was up, gave him a postcard and shook his hand.

Early at the gym, there where a few Marines that recognized me and introduced me to the new faces.  One of the Marines came to me and told me there was a couple in the audience whose son's funeral I attended in 2004.  Before the service, but after many have been seated, a Hanson family member came over to me and thanked me for being there.

The town has a population under 3500 people, and over 600 showed up at the gym, with a line going around the building.  About 20 bikes of the Patriot Guard Riders made this long trek to pay honors to our fallen hero.

During the graveside service, people lined parts of downtown with flags (I couldn't see it) and also lined with flags on the street to the cemetery. I watched and captured people walking from blocks away (Farm area) to come and see Jason off. A 4th of July Float was refitted with banners that people signed the night before at the gym.

It was quite emotional.  There are more stories to tell but I have to get ready for my next trip.  I do want to mention that, ride captain with the PGR arranged with a friend of his in Port Angeles for a place for me to crash instead of sleeping in the car.  And thank to the man on the yellow trike for feeding me dinner on my way back to Portland.

L/Cpl Jason Hanson wanted to be a Marine since the age of 14. "He went to Iraq our hero, and has come home to be laid to rest as our hero."

I will not forget this Hero.  Rest In Peace Jason!!

08/15/06 Finished with the photos and posted some for SSG Brent Clearman's memorial service yesterday. I've been telling people I need gas money but no offers.  The funeral in Northern Cal will be low keyed.  Apparently this soldier hated the Army and was killed after he was extended. I'll be attending a local funeral tomorrow as a PGR for a Vietnam War veteran being laid to rest..  My next mission will be in the Kent area on Friday. Still no word/dates on two others.

09/01/06 I have finally got the photos done for the memorial service on the 29th in Redmond, and funeral service on the 30th in Portland for L/Cpl Randy Newman. If I find the gas dough, I'll be driving to Boise Idaho on Tuesday for a funeral on Wednesday.  I've added over 20 names over the last couple of days.  I'm still at a remote location in Washington which is about 50 miles from Portland.  I'm planning on being in the November 11th parade in Auburn with my banner. Need to find volunteers.

09/07/06 Been busy working on the photos for Sgt Jeremy King.  I drove to Boise Idaho on the 5th for his funeral on the 6th.  I was told I would get some gas money out there which of course didn't happen and I almost didn't make it back if a friend wouldn't have let me borrow their card for that trip in case of an emergency. I ended up getting half a tank of gas with it to complete my trip. Well, what should I expect; so far I've had "promises" of help from all kinds, politicians, talk show hosts, and even had a biker write me a bad check for one of my Wall CD's. I need to get the pics done. Will go shoot the Healing Field in Salem OR tomorrow morning and then make a trip to Yelm Washington.

09/09/06 I made it back from Yelm WA and no, I wasn't fed lunch or dinner. :(
Anyhow, I did have two volunteers that carried my banner in the parade and I handed out my cards to over 80% of the adults that attended the parade.
I started by handing them out to all the ones participating in the parade at the staging area and then handed them out along the route.
Some day I should write an essay on what type of people respond how when you hand them a card with a simple message such as "Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away www.IraqWarHeroes.org " coming from someone like me.
Last few hours I've been busy with Sgt King's funeral pics. It will take a while before I'm done and I have another funeral on Monday.

09/10/06 Army Sgt Jeremy E King R.I.P. Mission Report:
Departed: September 5, 2006 0900 Returned: September 6, 2006 2130 Total Away Time: 36Hours 30Minutes
Total Miles Driven: 886 Miles (52.1 Gallons of Fuel)
First frame shot: 09/05/06 1728 Last Frame Shot: 09/06/06 1430  
Photo Processing Time: 9.3 Hours Posted Pics: 56 For families: 485
Side Issues: At the cemetery some woman complained to me that she couldn't get any good pictures because where she wanted to shoot, I was already there. Then she started talking about the media (I'm still shooting away).
Then she started to complain to others and kept pointing them my directions. Meanwhile, her camera is doing nothing. 
The funeral went well, not as many people as was expected. The patriot Guard Riders where not at the church (By request I think) but where on the
outside road into the cemetery. I asked one of the head cemetery people to give me a ride in the golf cart up the hill where the main flag is, so I can shoot down. He was kind to do that, had to hurry, was expecting the funeral escort soon. I mentioned to him that the main flag was NOT at half mast and asked him to have that done. 
He told me, since this is a state run cemetery, they would need a directive from the governor. I told him at federal cemeteries for our heroes, the flag is always at half mast. He asked one of the other workers if they have received a directive yet to lower the flag. He said no. I told him
it wouldn't look right in my photos. He asked the other guy if he had the key and to lower it. Kudos!
Tomorrow (Monday) I'll be heading to Woodburn Oregon for another memorial service and then a funeral service on Thursday (or Friday).
No, it's not getting easier, matter of fact it's been getting a lot harder. Maybe that's why I'm such an unsociable person?
Army Sgt Jeremy Edward King gave his all for all of us. Many members of his family history are military. He will not be forgotten.

09/12/06 Yesterday I attended the memorial service for Sgt 1st Class Richard Henkes II in Woodburn OR. Between then and now, 3 more from the NW where reported killed. Next funeral is on Thursday.
Because of me, a CHP Officer that served in Iraq and got killed by a Hit & Run Bastard got a write up in a local Police publication called The Rap Sheet. It's on page 12 of the September Issue which you can download at www.ppavigil.org/rapsheet.htm  . I supplied them with one of my public posted photos. Memorial pics can be seen at www.IraqWarHeroes.org/clearman.htm in case you missed the posting in August.
Someone asked me why I don't sell my pics to publications. It's simple, that's not why I do this. Ever seen what some of the papers want to charge grieving families for a few copies of their pics? It's a crime, but their purpose is to exploit the fallen heroes and their families. (In my opinion). 
You be amazed how many times I've seen them print pics that the family didn't want taken in the first place. That's another reason why you don't see family members in the photos I post for all, unless I have a specific request or they are part of the service in a different way.
I photograph these events for the families, so they can pass this on to the heroes kids that may now be too young to understand. So the families can see who all was there, what all went on... Many things that you don't see when your heart is busy bleeding for a loved one, while your eyes a swollen with tears. This is something I do in addition to the website projects honoring our fallen heroes and reminding people of who they are and as long as I can find a way to get to them, I will.

09/14/06 I am so T'd off.  Camera failed 6 times at the funeral today. Shit, I can't even afford to mail it back in.  I wrote Nikon this email: Subject Line D70 Err error [Incident: 060526-000230]  After having the camera in your shop for many weeks, it failed again today at a military funeral. It locked up 6 times. Kept telling me to turn it off. On top it said OFF. So, I turn it off, wait a minute and turn it back on, then it would shoot again for a while. It has done that with 2 different lenses.
I have 3 more funerals pending www.IraqWarHeroes.org/about.htm and don't know what to do. I can't give you guys another 300 bucks and wait 5 weeks or so.
This suxs.

I'll have to see what happens.  Got some job applications for some part time jobs pumping gas, let's see if anyone will hire me. This is really annoying me, and I take good care of my shit. *sigh*.


Mission Report:

10/14/06 Depart Time: 0600  Return Time: 2000  Total Away Time: 14 Hours  Total Miles: 381

First Frame Shot: 1012  Last Frame Shot: 1617  

Photos Posted For Public on website: 88  Photos for  Family on CD: 716

Time spend working on photos and posting, preparing CD's, mailing: 9.8Hrs

I actually started my trip earlier and made a stop in Salem along the way. As I headed south on I-5, I was being passed by many cars flying green flags and weird yellow stuff hanging out windows, or clamped in door closings. 70 to 80 of them passed me and out of all of the ones that passed me, only one had a USA flag.  I was listening to a local talk show and the topic was about some of our brave that have served in Iraq and a book that was written.  I called in.  Hear my comments by clicking here or going to www.IraqWarHeroes.org/news .

As smoothly as things ran during this memorial service, it was one of the more stressful ones for me.  I don't know if you remember that I drove up north to Washington on July 1, 2006 to attend a funeral there even though everyone (OK NOT everyone else) else was heading for a well publicized funeral in southern Oregon.  The funeral I attended was for PFC Devon Gibbons, the young hero that suffered over 10 weeks with excessive burns and other wounds before dying at Brooke Army medical Center in Texas. This is also where I had a strange encounter with a deer that shouldn't have been there.,

Anyhow, as I was waiting for the Patriot Guard Riders to make their arrival, a couple came and introduced themselves to me.  They are the parents of Pfc Devon Gibbons.  They thanked me for the photos I did of their son's memorial and told me why they came down for this funeral.

PFC Dean Bright was one of 2 heroes that pulled their son out of the wreckage of the vehicle that was blown on April 11th in Taji Iraq.  And it was October 4th, in Taji Iraq when those bastards killed Dean.

They had talked and written to Dean but had not had a chance to meet him in person.  That really suxs.

Devon's father had also brought up the thing with the deer, how it showed up in an area that is very busy and I mentioned to him some of the other strange deer encounters I've had and the bit about the acorn.  You know, If I didn't shoot the pics, nobody would believe my stories.

MJ Kesterson, the mom of fallen hero CWO Erik Kesterson (Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot, killed 11/15/03) was there also. In the High School, a young lady introduced herself as the cousin of another hero, whose funeral I attended and she thanked me for being there.  I can't remember the name, my head was already in distress.

Over 135 Patriot Guard Riders came to the High School to honor our hero.  It makes me cry when I see them come in such force and everyone (most) was watching them roll in, they held their hand over their hearts and looked on with amazement, with pride.

A few of the PGR's rode with the funeral procession to the cemetery and the rest came in force separately.  According to at least 2 local cops, doing a great job helping , the procession was over 4 miles long.

One of the honor guard leaders came to me and handed me his card, stating that he has seen me at all the services they attended and asked for some pics.  I gave him a few of my cards and told him it's best for him to contact me.

At the end of the funeral service I was approached by another woman, she was the mother of another fallen hero and she made a statement about the pics I gave her. Something like: "I have received lots of photos from other people that came to my sons funeral, but yours where the only ones that showed the emotions. "  That was Nice.

When I finally left and headed home, it all started to hit me like bricks and I couldn't even talk. I was drying my eyes constantly until I got near Eugene Oregon, and got stuck in traffic, in the middle of a bunch of cars with green flags, duck stickers, yellow things coming out of their trunks and doors and I counted 2 USA flags as I cussed and cursed for an hour and then tuned to an oldies station until I got home.

I would like to thank the two of you at the funeral that gave me gas money to cover my trip and I would like to thank a myspace friend Marine Eric Y. (I'm using yours for a print cartridge for CD labels.)

It's almost midnight on the west coast. It's been raining out here. I'm getting this posted tonight.  I have another funeral to go to in a few hours.

I'm almost out of postcards and won't be mailing anymore and save the few I have for the CD mailings to families of our fallen heroes.

I asked Chevron via email if they can donate some gas or credit my Chevron card, they said the same thing all other companies have told me. We don't help individuals.  OK, in more legal terms.

"Because our guidelines restrict our contributions to nonprofit organizations, we do not provide product donations, fund individuals, travel expenses, or businesses.
We hope you will continue your efforts - another corporation or foundation may find that your objectives closely parallel theirs. Further inquiry and research may bring the support you seek.

Do you realize nobody else or organization that I know of, does what I'm doing? Well, they can all....

Please take a moment and give thanks to Pfc Dean Bright. A heroes hero. A recipient of the Bronze Star because he was there when a buddy needed him, despite the dangers and risk involved.  I will not forget him.



It's hump day again and just past 0535.  Didn't get to bed till about 4 hours ago.  I hate these nights.  Ever get other people's dreams?? They wake you up and you know that wasn't your dream.  Weird Eh?

I'm gonna try and make this a short day cause tomorrow the day in Salem will be long.  If still on schedule, the cement is going to pour for the main part of the fountain.  You know, the Afghani-Iraqi Freedom War Memorial.  Sorry, haven't posted pics lately for it but will get to it again.

On Monday Sgt Chase Haag was laid to rest.  There was a special service at his High School on the 6th and his memorial service on the 16th.

That's what I was doing last night, getting them done and posted because I have another one on Saturday.

As I was looking at the pics I captured from the slide show and the pic that is in the little pamphlet they hand you out at memorial services (You would figure, after all this time I would know what they are properly called.) shows what a man he had become in such short time.

I'm not talking age, it's much more than that.  The first set of pics re from the 6th, and the 2nd from the 16th.

I would like to say, on this hump day, take a few minutes to go hump a man or woman in our military... but I'll stick with the proven stuff... say THANK YOU!!!  Let them know you support them.  Let them know you will remember their buddies that came home early.

I don't know what your rank is, but signature indicates you're in the Army; Thank You David S for your gas donation.  I'll be using it this Saturday.

I would also like to thank www.Salem-News.com for their story about one of my projects for our military.  If you missed it, here is the complete link.

https://www.salem-news.com/articles/october162006/man_named_q_101606.php   Please leave a comment there.

You all Take Care!!


"Stay on course, and be proud of who you are, what you do, and what you believe in...I am thinking of you constantly." ~Sgt. Chase A. Haag, U.S. Army~

I'm glad my hands are too numb for me to pull out my hairs. You know it's getting bad when you can't even open a bottle of water without extra efforts.
I've spend most of the day working on emails and also adding names and every night I hope it's the last ones. We must not forget any of them.
I'll be heading to Salem again this morning, then to Vancouver WA, then home to feed my 2 evil cats and head right back out to the Airport to help escort home a fallen soldier. Then go back home, do updates, take a nap and head to Port Orchard /Belfair WA for a funeral of another...
Hey, if you're in Port Orchard / Belfair area... It's OK to feed the animal. :)
When I get back, I'll have 2 more services pending plus other related stuff. 
As you can see, no time for walks and new more pleasant photos.
Please help keep the story on top of the list, go to www.SterlingWolf.com and leave your comment. Got a new improved comment? Leave that too. :) Keep passing it on.
Take care!!! We are at war people, act that way. Support our men and women in the military!!!! Send them your love and kisses and all that mushy stuff. :) And send them some of your strength. 
OK, I need to find some coffee and get going...
Someone play me the "Green Berets". You know... the one from the movies by Sgt Barry Sadler (I think), Fighting Soldiers from the sky, Fearless men.... Great song, I love it.
I made it back last night from Belfair & Port Orchard Washington and was in Salem again this morning. I want to thank the two ladies that came to me outside the church and handed me some gas money. I think they may be on my list here. Thanks for dinner PGR Junius. Thank you to all the PGR members that came out to honor our fallen hero. Thanks for your support.
There where a lot of things that bothered me yesterday at the funeral service, things that many of the PGR members also noticed but I won't get into that now, except for one of the,.. A non invited photographer for a local rag was there and she would bend down to shoot pics and next thing you see is a huge butt crack. These are people that get paid by their medias to come and take pictures but they have absolutely NO respect for the fallen hero, the grieving families and others. A couple of months ago I mailed a photo to a TV station (Emailed) because of how their cameraman was dressed. He looked like he was going to a football party.
I don't expect them to wear suits, but I don't want them looking so obviously that they really don't give a damn. Darn, I'm getting pissed off again. And yes, I did get a pic just as she was shifting, but enough of the crack to send the pic to her paper. It also annoys me when they see my position, which didn't occur to them, then come around and either crowd me out or just block me.
I'm tired, I'm annoyed. last night my website broke an all time record for me, over 62,000 hits for this month. My highest monthly since May 2005 for this counter was 50248. Currently I have so many emails yet to work on and pics.
Tomorrow morning I'll be heading to Salem again and will be there all day till around 1700, at which time I'll head over to Salem-News.com 's headquarters to bid Tim King a good journey. He should be leaving on Tuesday to spend 2 months in Afghanistan and report from there.
[My head is hurting]
Sunday morning I'll be in Troutdale Oregone(e) and I hope by Sunday night to be caught up again ready to head out to a funeral on Monday.
After Veterans Day on November 11th, 2006 {In theory} I should have more time again since I won't be doing daily runs to Salem.
Help keep me on top of the list, read and leave a comment. www.SterlingWolf.com . OK, don't need to read it if you already read it. Pass it on.
I wish you all a great weekend!!!
Veterans Day is not far away, scrape off the faded flag and ribbon stickers and put on some fresh ones. get a flag (U.S.A. Flag) and perhaps a military flag all or one of your service branch.
Someone keeps messaging me about something big that happened on the 10th in Baghdad. I won't say what, but let me know if you heard this. may be just a rumor.
OK.. you all, have a good weekend!!! Be [##]Sane, Be Safe, have Fun!

Greeting Everyone!!
My body has been malfunctioning most of today but I've been trying to get caught up on pics anyhow without getting done.
My hands are really numb, I'm going to go horizontal in a few and hope to be more mobile by the time I get to Monday's funeral.
Hope you all have a great week.
Last night I added over 200 photos send in by families and friends of their
loved ones. I could finally see the remaining emails on one page untill I
checked for more mail. I hope that I will make it to a zero mailbox by
tonight, at least for a few minutes.
Today marks day 1322 since I've been tracking AP News Headers and decided to
bring you a few. Below are the headers for October 31, 2006, 2005, 2004
and 2003. MYSpace formatting tends to spread them apart, so
the email may be a bit over spacious.
Water testing should be happening at the memorial fountain today, hopefully
while I'm there.
I'm making more progress and have just completed posting pics for SSG Joey
Kane's memorial service from October 26 in Belfair & Port Orchard
On another twist. I was requested to shoot a recent funeral (Pics still
in the works) and at the funeral home I was taking photos of the display in the
hallway and they kicked me out, telling me no cameras are allowed. I
explained why I was there but that didn't help and I gave the guy my card and
number to give to the family once they arrive. So I went outside in the
cold to wait on the PGR to show up and they guy from the funeral home came out
and told me they want absolutely no media on the grounds, and asked me to go across
the street.
I went across the street and started to wait. Got a few pics of the PGR
rolling in. After about another 10 minutes, the guy from the funeral home
plus another gentleman approached me and apologized for the misunderstanding and
even pointed to a side room where I could get coffee to warm up first. It
was too late, I had work to do here.
I've been up since 0400, the moon was too bright and I kept waking up thinking someone is shinning a flashlight into my window. I added two more Marines to the list and called one of my favorite hangouts to see if anyone working there will buy me coffee. 
It's now 0615 and I'm sitting in Tik Tok Restaurant reading yesterday's newspaper and typing this. The only downside, I tend to smell like I've smoked all night but this time of the day, most patrons are sitting on the other side, so it's not too bad. If I look up at on of of the skylights, I can catch an occasional pigeon pooping on me, reminding me that it' just part of life. 
Yesterday I spend a lot of time doing critical backups to CD's. I tend to back up to 3 different medias; call it anal, but unless you've ever lost something you worked on or created, you may not understand that your machine could crash at anytime. It doesn't matter if it's brand new or old. At any time for almost any reason.
I was in Salem yesterday morning and helped move a mountain of dirt via shovel and wheel barrel. Of course I'm not suppose to do things like that, am in enough pai as it is, but it's hard not to help when you see that people that volunteered to help are not there. Of course you won't see any pics of me doing anything, cause I'm the one behind the camera, except the occasional hand holding something.
There is an elderly couple that comes out there to help, he (I wish I remembered his name, I don't remember names. Sometimes I remember so little that people think I'm rude.) is a farmer, 81 years old and he kicks butt. After I had shoveled and moved 10 wheel barrels of dirt, they showed up and he started to wheel the dirt. If I where in his shape, and health, damn. He helped last Saturday during the sod laying and worked all day long.
Yesterday a couple in their 5's stopped by to take a pic of of the project, I went and talked with them. They lost their son in 2003, one of the first few killed from Oregon. They told me how the local paper keeps twisting what they say and making it negative. This couple is for the memorial.
..In a couple hours I'll be heading to The Dalles Oregon for a memorial service for SSG Paul. I hope the rain holds up a little.
Having lost my muffler, I noticed that my car tends to set off car alarms when passing some cars. I hope by next week I'll have that fixed. I think the fumes are triggering my migraines to come more often.
Well, one more cup and I'll get out of here, looks like they are starting to get a crowd. Not on this side yet.
If you're in Oregon(e) , November 11th at 1400 is the public dedication of the memorial. Please come by. I don't know if I can be there yet or not, but my banner should be.
Rain, Rain, Rain, rain, rain....Ohhh and did I mention Rain?
Yesterday's memorial run went OK. The PGR headed for the wrong school but I guided them in. About 18 bikes and 5 cages made it out there despite all the rain, rain, rain and more rain.
I was there early as I usually am and looked for family contact and left my card with someone who passed it on to the police captain who told me that when the family arrives, he'll check with them. Until then I did most of my shots outside where there was rain, rain, rain and more rain.
It did stop on occasion, just long enough for me to put down my umbrella. The Portland Police Highlander Bagpipers came out also. That was nice, I thanked them all for coming out.
A few minutes before the start of the service the police captain found me and gave me an all clear. I did not shoot many pics indoors, it was too dark for my equipment. (I adhere strictly to the NO Flash Policies).
Afterwards many of the PGR's where going to meet at a pizza joint recommended by a local cop. Not all of us had directions, I followed a group of bikes until I lost sight of them and now I had a choice of a right or left turn. Made a right with another biker tailing me. It was the wrong decision.
Another cop on that stretch of road figured out the bike was lost and as she was making a turnaround in a parking lot, he offered to give her directions and decided to play lead car. Not having figured that out yet, cause I was further down the road making a turn around, as she passed I gave her the international "I don't know where the hell I'm going" sign and she pointed to follow her and then I realized the cop was playing lead. It was a couple miles down the road. So here is another Kudos for The Dalles cops.
The pizza place is called Spooky's. One of the riders offered to buy me lunch. That was great, only had 3.75 in quarters on me. We both ordered a mushroom cheeseburger, it was really good. Went down so fast that I forgot I ate.
I then headed back to Portland to look up the "mother" of a fallen hero whose funeral I attended a couple years ago. She was suppose to be working in a restaurant that day and I wanted her permission to photograph some plaques hanging at another location. (That's based on info received from another location.), As I waited, I noticed none of the workers there looked old enough to be his mother and I figured I'm probably too late for the day but I waited. A young lady asked if she could help me and I asked if Mrs. .... was still here or did she already leave for the day. She smiled at me and told me she was her. I looked at her and puzzled asked ... mom? No; she told me, I'm his wife. Ohhhh ok, nevertheless, we had a brief conversation (She was at work you know) and I gave her some of my cards and also told her of a special dedication coming up.
This morning as I headed out to Salem, it was raining again and the last time I looked out, it hadn't stopped.
Thank you Susan from TN for your letter!!
I almost got my muffler fixed today. had enough dough on me for the cheap place. They hoisted my car on a lift, and what do you know... The muffler is still there, it's everything behind the muffler that is gone. All I could say was " Shit~!!". The guy looked amazed at me and said, wow, that's still the original muffler you have there. It's not good, but still the original paper-thin muffler. Well, the new cost tripled literally, so he lowered my car, I gave him a couple cards and spend most of the money filling up my tank for the next couple Salem trips.
I noticed that My, myspace page has been down again good part of the day. Why can't those myspace people do this crap at night, like between 0300 and 0430 when I'm most likely not up.
We lost another hero from Idaho, still within a days drive for me. If I find the gas, I'll try and be out there for his family.
OK, I know this one has been long, just been looking for an excuse not to work on pics for a few minutes.
I have posted more pics I took at the memorial project. WHICH reminds me.... (RANT TIME)
The anti-American socialistic communistic state newspaper called The Oregonian (Some call it simply a fish wrapper, but I wouldn't eat my fish if they where wrapped in that trash.) previously ran an article about the memorial being build and they are gearing up for another negative story.
They keep saying that the memorial is TOO BIG and it makes all the others in the park look small and it's too early... blah blah blah.
Today I spotted one of their people out here with a tape measure, measuring all the monuments but not the whole memorials. He told us that he was told to write a story a certain way and it's not up to him to add real facts.
The memorial being build is not the largest, it's the 3rd largest there out of 5. The largest is the memorial for our Medal Of Honor recipients. It's a granite column which includes 13 huge trees, one for each name. I'm sure by now you see what I'm getting at.
Anyhow, it's a shame how much media is anti-American and anti-Troops (Military) That's just my opinion based on what I see, and read.
I've finally have a few pics posted for SSG Paulsen's memorial service. He will not be forgotten.
You will notice that instead of active duty military, the Honor Guard is provided by the American Legion Post #14 from Vancouver Washington.
I of course had to ask why. The wife and his brother-in-law made a special request for this. His brother-in-law belongs to Post #14 and I think that SSG Paulsen did also.
I hope all you Americans took the time and voted today. Me personally, I don't believe I'm being represented most of the time by the locals, but I vote to preserve my right to bitch, whine and moan. :) I'm not gonna get into a political rant.... :)
It rained again today , and it rained and rained. I photographed picnic benches in water today. The river behind the memorial site is so high that the fountain backflow valve is getting a testing.
Today we had another volunteer from the Oregon National Guard, he worked on the flag poles. Between pics I helped a little, was already soaked on my right because I helped re-erect one of those flimsy tend like thingies that's suppose to keep the rain out of the manhole while the electrician is below doing his thing.
I'll be heading out there again in the morning. Only a few more days. I managed to catch up on my emails 3 times today but am still a couple thousand frames behind catching up on photos. My hands get so numb that they don't function right and I give up after a few hours.
Thank you Karen for some gas.
There is a new website out there to provide help to returning veterans. I don't know if it will only be Oregon based or not. They have started to list some resources. www.returningveterans.com . Click on Links and Resources there. If you find it useful, tell them I send you there. If you find it suxs, let me know and I'll be sure not to pass it on to others. I don't have the time to research them.
I hope you all have a great evening!! (I know you're up waiting for results huh?)
Yesterday (Wednesday) was heck of a busy day. I spend all day in Salem. In the afternoon we covered the fountain with huge tarp to keep out the rain and dry the floor of the fountain in order to put on the blue.
Yesterday evening we also mounted the statue while it was raining like heck, wind blowing, trying to keep the tarp in place and keep dumping the water sacks that where forming and then getting a crane to pick up and bring into the "tent" the statue.
On the latest pics, you won't see the statue on it's mount. The first photos can be seen at www.salem-News.com on Saturday morning. The day of dedication to the public. Those guys are always nice, not like the print media out here, so I'm giving them some exclusive shots for a head start.
Of course, you never see me doing anything, cause I'm the only one most of the time slamming the shutter.
Early this morning, a woman that comes by the construction site towing a suitcase on her daily path to work strolled by and as she was passing she gave me a friendly greeting as she has so many days prior. I offered her my "warm tent" (There are still burners going to heat and dry the paint) and she looked the direction I was pointing and noticed something on the pedestal. I offered to hold whatever she was carrying in her arms and told her to go in and take a peek. She did. She came out in tears and commented on how great it looked. I handed back her stuff and she went on to work.
This evening I delivered 2 sets of CD's to a brother-in-law of a recent fallen soldier (One set for his sister, the wife). He doesn't have a computer, so I took out my notebook computer while we stood in his cold garage and I showed him a slideshow of the pics. He was still crying when I left. He kept apologizing to me and I reassured him each time it's OK. He invited me to come up to the Legion on veterans day for free lunch. I had to turn him down, that day will be the public dedication in Salem. (You all know, I hate to turn down a free meal).
It's been another very long day and I imagine tomorrow will be the most stressful. There will be a private dedication for Oregon Goldstar families. Most of whom have probably seen me at their services. I'll be there to photo document it. And then I'll run.
I just got news of another NW soldier killed. I now have 4 pending funerals. Sh..!
OK, time for a nap... Please help keep the article high on the commented list, read and leave a comment please at www.SterlingWolf.comn . Feel free to forward it or any of my bulletins.
Wishing you all a great Friday tomorrow/today. (It's almost midnight again)
I borrowed 200 bucks and got the muffler and pipe problem solved. I had a friend ride in the car with me and she could tell it wasn't healthy, well, after she made some comments about the garbage on my floor on the passenger side. I told her I empty that at fueling stops. The car is much quieter now also.
I finally have the pics posted for SSG Robert Paul's memorial service in The Dalles OR. The actual funeral took place in Indiana I think. Not a whole lot of pics, they lowered the lights too low inside and I don't have the equipment to handle that.
Tomorrow is a funeral in Buhl, Idaho and there are two more funerals this week. In gas talk, Buhl is $120 away and if I can't find it, I'll skip that one and will have an extra day or two to get gas together for a funeral in eastern/central Washington for which I don't have a day yet, nor for the one in Scio OR.
I'm not pulling on my hair.
Good (Damn Too Early) Morning To You!
It's a few minutes after 0100 and done sleeping. Was going to sleep till 0300 but my pounding head won't let me. I hate migraines, I've hated them every since I knew I was dumped here as a human.
Anyhow, a couple people promised to help out some with fuel on the other end, (I know....) so I will head on my long drive to Idaho this morning.
I do have a back up plan (It will cost me later) just in case.
I hope you all have a great Tuesday!! I'll be checking in when I get to the first Wi-Fi spot. (Most public Libraries have them now).

Here is a travel update. It's slick out there.
I hit a patch of something and spun around a few times and managed to get back most of the control before hitting into a guardrail that has a big black void on the other side.
I started the car up again and decided not to get out of it until I'm at a safer place to make an assessment. I luckily didn't strike my full side, had pulled away from the rail just in time before coming to a halt facing the wrong way. After I came to a stop, and looked o my left, there was nothing and would have been a long drop. My pump did pause for a second or two. My rear corner did suffer damage, mostly to the tail light assembly. I got some duct tape and will tape it to minimize further damage.
I'm now at a Flying J and paid the $4.95 for 24 Hour Wi-Fi Access since I needed to sit and chill out for a bit. 
Daylight is finally happening and the clouds look mean.
This car doesn't drive like my Celica, well, the Celica sat closer to the ground and I had studs on all 4 wheels.
I'm glad I left plenty early, cause I passed a wiped out truck and cars along the way already. Travel may be slow.
It's a few minutes after 0500 and I'm almost back home. It's been a very long 27 hour day so far. Gonna eat some grub and make the final couple of miles.
I'll be unloading images and mapping out directions for the eastern Washington funeral Thursday; then get some sleep.
Thanks to PGR members that passed the hat, Karen and Jill for donating gas money to make this trip less stressful.
Well I was about 3 hours into my nap when the phone rang and a voiced asked if I will be there for the escort mission. HUH? Marine Sgt Wold died in the hospital after having returned from Iraq. I didn't even have him on my list (I do now) because there was no DoD release which is often the case when they die at home or PTSD kills them.
BTW Sgt Wold was a Honor guard to the President for a while.
So, I'm sitting at Shiloh Inn, near the staging area and Junius (PGR Member) just walked in and we're having coffee. I'm typing while he's reading n article I brought along.
So as it stand now, Escort Mission in a couple hours, Funeral in Moses lake WA on Thursday and another funeral on Friday. On Thursday are actually 2 funerals, and on initial contact with the 2nd one, the father said they already took care of having a photographer.
And I thought I was gonna get some rest this week.
I'm always looking for more gas money or gift gas cards.
It is now Thursday 0215. My head is hurting and I'm on my way out of the door. I started this post (Not this part) yesterday. I'll be heading east on I-84, then take I-82 North, so if you have a gas station along the way, my number is listed on the bottom of my website www.IraqWarHeroes.org .
It's 1716 (Wednesday Evening when I'm starting this post), I just got off the phone a few minutes ago with the mum of another fallen hero. She asked me how I was doing, and I told her, probably a lot better than how you're doing and passed on my condolences. She then said, "The answers is yes!"; and I asked her to inform the funeral people so they know. I'll be attending her sons funeral on Friday. I was part of the escort mission earlier today and left my card with one of the SSG there.
Tomorrow morning I'll be getting up at 0300 and will be heading to Moses lake Washington to attend the Memorial service for Sgt White which will be followed by a traditional Native American service on a reservation Friday night which runs about 6 hours and is located someplace else. That would be a colorful (I'm being selfish) and very interesting event to be part off but I won't be able to make it out there for that. I don't have the resources.
I lost another umbrella; anyone got a BIG one? The winds at over 40Mph shredded my last halfway big umbrella.
Do you think I whine a lot here? I need time to go on walks and unwind probably.
Traveling the Oregon(e) corridor of I-84 really suxs when it comes to radio. I have one of them rope tuners. For everyone born after 1970, that's a radio that has a manual dial which has a string attached to it and it drags a pointer behind the frequency numbers whole tuning. If I think I have a good station, it gets flooded out by Hispanic stations on all sides (I'm assuming it's Hispanic based on 3 or 4 words I know). Those stations and overly religious stations are easy to pick up.
well, I did find a station I can tune into, AM 1060 All Classic Country Station. I think it's a great station to listen to along that stretch and you wanna guess where it's coming from?? Calgary Canada. there is something sad about the best C/W station along I-84 having to be a Canadian station.
I'm typing this while I'm dumping memory cards, making back ups of the images before clearing the cards for tomorrow. I could use a few more I guess. I'm down to 2 high speed ones. Yup, they wear out also. Even faster when you drop one on a cement floor.
I emailed 3 radio personalities (local, 3 different stations) that have promised (Yup, TALK radio, irony huh?) to help in the past. Well, not even a response as usual. I'm not asking for much, just more gas. the rumor that I'm related to anyone is just that.
OK, I've also added 6 more names and am expecting 11 more of our fallen heroes. 
I've been real busy sadly. I've covered more than 2,000 miles this week
during 4 funeral missions, and wish I could say I'm done but next week has more
for me to do. www.IraqWarHeroes.org 
Yesterday I went begging to a couple of Les Schwab Tire Stores out here to
see if any can donate me some studded tires. Well, I got the usual, We
already donate to our local community etc etc.. One of them said they
would look further.
As painful as it was, I did finally managed to find time and do a 10k walk
again. It will be a while before you see the pics, There are not many, I
was too tired and couldn't even see the fall around me. It wasn't raining
this morning.
Anyone out there have cats? My two B*tches got fed at their regular time this
morning and I decided to lay back down for another hour before going on the
walk. You think they would leave me alone? Jole' the black evil one
was bitching up a storm and then starts rattling things and doing other things
that make noise to irritate me. And just short of killing her, I decided
to get up... and you know where the damn critter went? Right to bed.
At a funeral yesterday morning for one of our heroes, I captured the photo
below. Click on it for a larger one.
I hope you all have a great weekend!
Mission Report
Depart Time: 11/14/06 0130 Return Time: 11/15/06 0600 Total
Away Time: 28.5 Hours
Total Miles: 1070
First Frame Shot: 11/14/06 1314 Last Frame Shot: 11/14/06 1809
Public Posted Pics: 64 For family Pics: 571 Working the pics and
posting: 6.2 hrs
Challenges: Hitting Ice, spinning around and busting taillights.
Challenges: Dark yellow lighting in auditorium.
Challenges: Dark outside for Military Honors.
I have finally completed the pics for our Hero, Spc James Bridges' funeral
A large portion of the town turned out to honor James. The state's governor
also attended. The religious band that performed did an excellent job.
What was unique and just beautiful where the military honors that took place
outside after the services. The flag draped coffin was carried outside
with the whole family following behind. A mule (OK I think they where
mules) drawn hearse carriage was waiting; accompanied close by with a missing
soldier horse. After the draped flag was folded and presented along with another
flag to the family; a third flag was draped over the coffin which was then
loaded onto the carriage. Led in this order, Patriot Guard Riders on
motorcycles, then the honor guard, then the carriage, the missing soldier horse,
members of the honor guard, then family followed by many that came to honor this
fine young man. They all slowly walked around the school grounds to the
middle school.
Army Spc James Lee Douglas Bridges, You will not be forgotten. At Ease
Soldier! You Done well! Thank You For Your Service!
Well, I've decided to get to the funeral in Sacramento California and will hit the road in a couple of hours. I realize it's early, but at the current rate of the weather forecast, I would rather catch a nap in my car on the other side of the mountain range.
If you have a gas station along I-5 and can donate gas, You can find my number at the bottom of my site IraqWarHeroes.org.
Couldn't get anyone to donate studs. I tried 9 tire places. It's against their policy or they already donate to the community.
Hey Sandra P, if you're on my MySpace list and see this; THANK YOU!!! I received your hand written letter today.
I will try and check in if I find free Wi-Fi spots along the way.
If everything works out fine, I should be back in time to stuff myself with some prime rib on Turkey-day. Got someone feeding me if I get there in time.
It's almost 0100 (1am for you 12 hour day people) and I got back from the funeral in Sacramento a little while ago. I did get snowed on over the pass. All that later. I'm too pooped right now.
Today is Thanksgiving. Please; if you can, set up an extra setting at your dinner table today. If you don't have room at your table, perhaps another one.
When someone ask who that setting is for, you tell them it's to remind you of our fallen heroes from past and current wars that gave their all so you can be thankful about a whole bunch of other stuff.
When I go out to eat on Thanksgiving, I order an extra plate setting. They used to look at me weird like, but most understand. (Most think I'm weird anyhow.)
I bid you and your families a good day. 
Yes, I've been busy and it isn't slowing down yet for me. This morning I'll be heading to Vancouver Washington to honor our fallen hero L/Cpl Michael Scholl.
This morning I tried repairing my tail light with one of them repair kits. Looks like crap but may work for a while. My biggest problem has been changing the front blinker light bulb. My hands are so numb I keep breaking the bulbs. OK, you can start the jokes... How many does it take to screw in my light bulb....
I'll see if I can find someone later to do it for me, or find a different method.
I hope you all have a good weekend!!


L/Cpl Timothy W Brown R.I.P.

Mission Report

Departure: 11/21/06 1630   Return: 11/22/06 2359  Total Away Time: 31Hrs 30Min

First Frame: 11/22/06 0757  Last frame: 11/22/06 1302

Time Selecting, Cropping Pics: 9Hr 20Min

Total Pics For Family:  756  Total Posted on Tribute Site for Public: 107

Complications:  Oregon part of drive down was very nasty. Dark, Windy and a lot of rain mixed with idiot drivers.  Return trip, very slow traffic due to a couple of snow flakes and then lots of rain again. I pulled over a couple times to nap.

I arrived early and recognized I've been here before.  I drove down the street close by for some coffee.  When I returned, the 1st of the PGR bikes showed up and eventually more drifted in.  The PGR showing was pretty good and their numbers increased even more when a late pack showed up.

I didn't even need to go look for anyone, one of the funeral people came to me outside and wanted to put a face with name and said I'll have access to go anywhere I need to and the media will be restrained to the back.  A while later, other of their people came to me and introduced herself.

The chapel was totally packed which was great.  There where people standing between the walls and benches and people spilling out the main door. It made it hard to move around any and I disturbed the people at the entrance only a couple of times.

Military Honors where conducted outside. Friends of Timothy each carried an item of tribute to him.  2 flags where presented, one to the mom and one to the father.www.IraqWarHeroes.org/browntw.htm 

01/18/07 Wow, I haven't entered anything here for a while. Early this morning I got the pics posted for Cpl Jeremiah Johnson's services. This was a 3 separate days mission and currently I'm working on Sgt Allen's pics. Without my laptop, things have been much slower and the camera has been acting up again.  Lately I've been selling stuff on ebay trying to keep afloat.  I hope I find more paying work soon before I lose my connectivity with the outside completely. I hope in 2 days to be caught up with emails again and I have a pending mission in the Redmond Washington area and if I have gas, I'll be making a trip to eastern Washington also next week.  Tim from Salem-News.com made it back from Afghanistan ok.

02/04/07 I spend all day today from 0700 to 2000 working on the pics for Pfc Hill's missions and I just got them posted.
Total miles was over 335. Onsite times around 16 Hours, Offsite (working on the pics) about 13 Hours.
Total pics posted: 125 . Total made for family: 868 photos.
The first of 44 pics where shot during the January 31st Portland Airport to Albany OR escort mission.
The next set was shot at the steps of the state capitol, then at the church and finally at Willamette National in Portland.

I came home to a cold house last night after returning from a funeral for Maj Johnson in Yakima WA.  If I don't get more paying gigs soon, I'll be coming home with no juice for this keyboard.  I have a older used notebook computer that I'm barrowing, so at least I can sit in some of my hangouts and keep up with some of the updates.  I haven't been posting much here lately, been just too damn busy.  last month I had over 88,400 hits and recently on Friday, I had an all-time daily high over 10,000.  Took me 9 hours to keep up with the emails that day.  I wonder if I go work to pump gas if I'll get a discount? 

They had too much food at the reception in Yakima yesterday and I left with a big plate of sliced ham and a plate of cookies and a pie. That's what I've been living on today.  I hope I find some more work soon. I'm always amazed at why people approach me with these big plans to help me and nothing happens.  Well, I'm not amazed, I seem to always know better. People that can make things happen do them, not talk about them. .-.

02/09/07 Got a shut off notice, so I'll be spending more time looking for free Wi-Fi spots to do my updates. Been looking for more work with no success.  On the bright side, Salem-News.com did a nice article on me. www.salem-news.com/articles/february082007/q_bjk020807.php . I hope it will get noticed by a few.  I've been emailing print papers with the link.  I have been tiring a lot quicker again lately (Well, I'm always tired).  I hope it's not cancer related.  I sometimes wonder about my cancer but try not to dwell on it.  I've got most of my emails caught up again for the day and been waiting for DoD to release the names of all that where shot down in a copter a few days ago.  

I've removed the statscounter from the front page so it will no longer dump unwanted cookies and will just use the server stats to track some of the hits.  It's 2120 and it looks like I'll be going to a memorial service tomorrow in Washington. Hope I got enough gas. Need to plan my route.

02/10/07: What's so offensive?
I got back a little while ago from another mission and the first thing on my list is to check my email and see if there are any new DoD releases. I don't know what's going on, but I'm missing a bunch.
Anyhow,.. wait, before I go further... think of all the bad words you use and just imagine me sitting here uttering them.
I get this email from the head of another online community I belong to telling me that they don't want me posting my link to my website www.IraqWarHeroes.org unless I change things on the front page. Seems like they are getting too many complaints saying that it's offensive.
OFFENSIVE???? &^(*&%&*((&^^$*^%(&)*&)(
I think those people are offensive. If they had it their way, they would sweep our heroes under a carpet, so they don't have to be reminded that someone died for their ^%*(&(%..
I removed my profile and membership from that website.
My head is hurting.

02/11/07: What's so offensive? Part II
1. The "missing a bunch" I referred to, are not MISSING EMAILS, but
releases that have not been sent out yet for some reason or another. I always
check their website to make sure it isn't me not having received the email.
It's a little after 0615 here on the west coast and I've been checking and
reading a lot of good responses to my bulletin/blog from last night and many had
questions, so I hope this will clarify it.
I did not mention the name of that website because it has many members that
do a lot of good to honor our heroes.
When you click on my link www.IraqWarheroes.org,
the page opens with 2 columns of photos, one on the left, one on the right and
in the middle a list of names of our U.S.A. Heroes.
I've had people complain because they need to wait so long for the list to
load and that I should break it up blah blah blah. Folks, it's very simple,
If you don't have the time for the list to load and then find what you're
looking for, you don't need to be there.
Each photograph on the right and left represent some of the
memorial/funeral services that I personally attended for our heroes.
In the right column you will see photos of flag draped coffins, and these
pics are not very big. But that's what is offensive.
The fact that someone can click on my link at their website and see coffins
is offensive and they keep getting complains.
I told this person from their Board of Directors that I will stop posting
there and that those people will never stop complaining and that they have no
I received this reply:
Please don't take that approach, thats not what I'm suggesting at all. Personally I believe you do a wonderful service to the families who wish you have photo's. I'm just trying to find a happy medium to make everyone happy. If you link on our site does not include photo's of caskets, aand another link on your site does. I then can tell those who have raised concerns that if they dig father into your site, thats their business. I really appreciate what you have done, but I'm just trying to make peace, and find that happy medium which all can live with. Please reconsider.
For me, there is no compromise by sending them someplace else first. I could
do that, but that wouldn't solve the problem and would defeat my mission to
remind people of our fallen heroes and who they are. There is no way on this
planet, that I can make everyone happy until I drop dead. So, all those offended
people can go ^ themselves and go find a political correct memorial/tribute
So, I pulled out of their completely. I have many friends there, most
that I've met in person , and they know how to contact me. (I would like to
thank one of them for paying for my gas yesterday)
I don't have the energy to deal with that crap, I get enough hate mail as it
As for my head, it's doing a bit better, I'm a chronic migraine sufferer, and
have been ever since I was found. That's why I wear darker glasses most of
the time.
Hope you all have a great upcoming week. Looks like my next 2 destinations
are Astoria WA and Richland WA this week. But for now I need to find some food.

02/12/07: Greetings Everyone!!
I spend most of Sunday on it and got it done. Memorial service pics for SSG Casey Casavant.
You could say this one was a bit different from many of the others I've done.
SSG Casavant was an Army Ranger out of Ft Lewis and served in the Gulf War and later in Afghanistan. He separated from the Army in 2004 after his stint in Afghanistan and went to work with Blackwater USA, a private security firm and ended up in Iraq. He was in the helicopter that got shot down on January 23, 2007. (Some of the above facts may not be accurate, I have not spoken to his fianc? for all the details yet.)
The event took place out in the country, at the Flying M Stables. One of those horse places. Most of the pics you'll see that I have posted for the public are of Patriot Guard Riders which where the main attraction here. OK, attraction.. is that the right word? Nevermind.
It was mostly a gathering of family and friends and from a quote I read, it said something like: Casey is a cowboy with the heart of a biker.
Casey served our country well and will not be forgotten.
Total Miles: 271, Away Time: 13.2 Hours, Total Time working up the pics and getting them posted: 10.8 Hours. 103 pics posted, 796 pics for the family.
The day went pretty smoothly. The camera only locked up a couple of times and the overall lighting was good. My gas got paid for by one of the riders which was great.
In 30 minutes it will be midnight which was my deadline to get this done, cause I have more coming up.
I bid you all a great week!! Please take a moment to remember Casey, and all the others that have served in our military!!
Go find at least 4 veterans this week and tell them, THANK YOU!!

02/13/07: Greetings Everyone!!
There is a lot I want to cover from the last couple of days but I'm too tired.
I've been in touch with the fianc? of SSG Casey Casavant which resulted in me posting another 111 photos to share with the public.
I simply titled it; Thank You Patriot Guard Riders. You'll find a photo and link on his tribute page. Link is below.
For many this is a rare view of some of the things I capture for families that don't get posted.
I have a 2 hour job in the morning and another interview for a PT job in the afternoon. I hope they hire me, I have to keep my lights on.
I wish you all a great week. 
PS. Donald Trump was within 20 feet of me last night but couldn't get closer to give him a card or ask for a job or for one of the two babes he had on each arm. A friend had an extra ticket to WWE and wanted me to drive him so he wouldn't have to go alone. Damn, last time I w4ent to see wrestling was in the early 70's when I saw Snucker? in New Mexico. I was hoarse this morning but had fun. Can you believe people actually think this is real? hahahah I guess most of it airs on USA Channel on Thursday.

02/15/07: Good Morning All!!
It's 0508 out here on the west coast. My mind was tripin' so much during the night I almost scared myself out of the house. No it's not drugs or booze etc. (For those that don't know me personally). A nice Scotch would have been nice though. I've always hated to sleep. They need to come up with something so I don't have to and yet get my rest.
I went through all the trouble of the interview yesterday to get a night part time job stocking shelves and when it was all done and over with I was told I won't get the job cause of the way I look. (They said I would have to be clean shaven. Yeah right!)
I'm heading to Scappoose Oregone this morning and tomorrow I'm gonna hitch a ride to the memorial service near the coast for Spc Browning.
I hope you all have a great day!!

02/16/07: This morning I'm heading to the Astoria area to honor one of our heroes.
Saturday I'll be heading to Boise Idaho to honor another hero.
If you're between Portland Oregon(e) and Boise Potatoes, and you run a gas station... call me. Or get one of those Pompom girls to flag me over so I know where to exit.   Last night I was on KPSU radio on the Fathers and Family Show.

02/17/07: Morning All!!
It's about half past 2 and the rooster hasn't farted in the morning out here.
Yesterday's mission to Camp Rilea (at Oregon coast, near Astoria) Warrenton OR went OK despite the wind, rain and lots of fog there was still a good bike turnout. 53 bikes showed up to honor Spc Brian Browning. 
I'm dressed, teeth brushed and getting ready to make that long drive to Boise Idaho. This will easily turn out to be a 24 hour day. I'll try to find hook ups along the way. (Internet)
You all have a good weekend! And remember to thank a veteran !!

02/19/07: Good Morning All!!

I hope you had a good weekend. I posted the pics for Sgt Clevenger's memorial services a few hours ago. This one was in Idaho. I hope to get the Astoria mission done tonight or Tuesday night. Next funeral is tomorrow.

If you emailed me here or left a comment and I haven't reciprocated, it isn't my usual rudeness, I've just been real busy. Here is my quick report.

Saturday 02/17/07 Departed: 0230 Returned 2318 Total Away Time: 21 Hours 12 Minutes

Total Miles Driven: 806

Trip Difficulties: Got pulled over at night for my busted tail light. My temporary fix had got ripped off by the wind. Nasty rain and wind on night approach to Portland.

Sunday 02/18/07 Spend 9.3 Hours getting the photos done. Total Posted for Public: 106, Total for family 736 being mailed tomorrow.
Trip down was good, I forgot about the 1 hour time zone difference and skipped having a slow breakfast after noticing the local time.
53 bikes riding with the Patriot Guard Riders showed up. A few came and donated toward my gas. I'm grateful for that. Thank you guys and gals!!
3 soldiers came and greeted me and said Thank You! They recognized me from previous time.
I always try and thank each uniform that I see, and as I reached out to thank a tall Sergeant, he reached for my hand and said he had heard about me. He smiled and said something like, "We are told to leave you alone to do what you do.". I felt honored.
A family member at the end gave me a few bucks for gas, I was a bit hesitant, but he just gave it to me.
At the end of the day. all my gas was covered plus a double cheeseburger which relieved some stress as I gear up for the next trip.
I need to find some red tape today for my tail light. Last night I received an email for a SSG that was at Camp Rilea, here are a couple lines:
"I've seen you at every army funeral honors service I've led or have been a part of. I just want to thank you for this amazing web page you've put together for all the fallen soldiers across the nation. You are a true patriot and I want you to know that your hard work and dedication hasn't gone unnoticed. What you do for these soldiers and there families is simply amazing."
You know, it was that email that helped me push through the night and get the pics done so I can get started on the other ones. I draw energy from various sources and I don't get to pick them.
Please take a moment to honor Sgt Clevenger and all our other heroes.
Take care!

02/21/07: Greetings All!!
Yeah... been busy.
I hope to be caught up again by midnight tomorrow night. Had 2 more missions yesterday. I'm glad they where local, which allowed me to get to both of them. Next one is Saturday, I've been cleared for that one. There is one on Friday which I haven't heard back from and may not do it unless I can get a rested driver for the return part because the day will be too long pushing me right into the Saturday one.
Anyhow... I bid you all a safe hump-day.

02/22/07: Good Morning Everyone!!
I've completed the pics for Sp, Browning's memorial service which took place at Camp Rilea (Near Astoria OR) on the 16th and internment at Willamette national on last Tuesday the 20th. 
You'll notice that it got to be real wet and windy and foggy at times. Camera locked up 8 times that day. I posted 110 of 746.
Today I will work on pics of another mission completed but need to go find more work. A white city truck pulled up yesterday and hung something on my door. 
I wish you all a great day!
Please take a moment to remember this hero and all the others.

02/24/07: Building 18 and some other rants.
Why is it that the phone company charges you a extra fee every month to help poor people in rural communities, but if you're not making enough money yourself, they are there in a heartbeat to cut your landline?
In Portland they charge you for the rain that hits your roof. Believe it or not. If you use $26 of water, you end up paying $140 after they add the rain fees and if you can't afford the rain... guess what?...
The other day I say reading the local propaganda paper and on the inside of the back page they had a story that I started to read but couldn't finish. It made me very angry and flabbergasted at the same time.
A story about Building 18 and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I almost cried also but my anger was above it.
Maybe I'm reacting to a story blown out of proportions, maybe not.
"Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration At Army's Top Medical Facility "
All I'm saying, our guys and gals in the military deserve much better!!
Cpl Howard Verne Ramsey has died. He was in the U.S. Army when cars where still few but he was a good driver. In France he drove officers, carried water for the troops to the front lines and also transported dead soldiers from temporary graves to cemeteries. He was proud of serving his country. He died peacefully in his sleep on February 22, 2007 at the age of 108. He was Oregon's last living WWI veteran. He enlisted in the Army in 1918. If I'm around, I intend to attend his services to bid him farewell and encourage anyone else that can to do so. THANK YOU HOWARD!!
Today I attended the memorial services for Sgt Nguyen. It was a very wet day and cold in the morning. I thought winter was coming around again. Despite the weather, at least 21 bikes and 12 cages of the Patriot Guard Riders showed up to pay honors to this fine young man. I'll be working on those pics soon after I get back from a run to Washington tomorrow, need to visit a veteran of another war.
There is a memorial service taking place on March 4th in Richland Washington and apparently those nasty people are planning to show up and test the new law that was passed in Washington, having to do with unwanted people. If you don't know about these scumbags, click here.
I pretty much allow anyone on my friend's list here. If I find out they are inappropriate, I remove them, when I have the time to find them on my list. I wish Myspace would allow you to sort your friends list alphabetically. Don't add someone to your list just because you see I'm on their list. I'm here to remind everyone of our heroes and who they are and I realize some see the world totally different than I do, and yes, even some of them have lost loved ones.
I bid you all a great weekend and week ahead!

02/26/07: Thank You FlirtingInTraffic.com
This is so cool!!
By the subject title you probably thought I got 'lucky' but it's better than that.
www.FlirtingInTraffic.com is hosting on their front page a banner of mine for a while. This website is still being run by people and one of them is a Marine!! (Thanks Mike!!!) . 
I would also like to thank my friend Sean of Fyoocher Design for putting together last night a new banner for me. https://www.myspace.com/fyoocher
You can find other banners at www.IraqWarHeroes.org/banners . Feel free to use any of them.
If you're creative and want to make me a banner, go for it, I'm looking for something that could occasionally replace my profile photo here.
I'm sitting at Tik Tok, making phone calls, getting ready for my next mission. I'm so glad I got Wi-Fi put into this place a few months ago. :) I replaced my broken notebook with an old Toshiba Tecra and got it running as a internet notebook for me.
Later I hope to be done with the pics from Saturday. Have about another 5 hours of work to do on that.
I hope you all have a great week!!
Please take a couple minutes or more to thank a veteran and to let our boys and gals serving know that we support them with more than just a faded yellow ribbon. They can't see your faded ribbons over there, so even a short email with some great words can make the day. We have many of them here on Myspace also.

02/27/07: Greetings Everyone!!
It is snowing out here again, especially if you're at 500ft and above.
Last night I posted pics for Sgt Nguyen's memorial services. (Posted 85 out of 615). It was a wet mission. The first couple pics are from the escort mission which happened a couple days earlier.
Long was born in Vietnam and came to the USA at the age of 3.
He served in Operation Enduring Freedom Kosovo, Hurricane Katrina in Sept 2005, and on June 25th, 2006 he served in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan until his death February 9, 2007. The exact nature of his death has not been released but PTSD seems to play a large role in it.
He received during his time of service, 2 Army Commendation Medals, 5 Army Achievement Medals, National Defense Service Ribbon, Humanitarian Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Kosovo Campaign Ribbon, Superior Soldier Award, Emergency Service Ribbon, Army Reserve Component Achievement medal, Parachulist Badge and even was Soldier of the Year for the 141st in 2005.
The reason I listed some of his accomplishment is to show that he was a dedicated and good soldier and no matter how much you train you never know when the unexpected killer known as PTSD hits you.
I often get crap from people for including these heroes on my list and I often wonder how much the complainers have done for our country.
Sgt Nguyen served his country well and will not be forgotten here and in my eyes, he is a hero that served proudly.
Please take a moment to honor him and all the others that have served proudly!
PS. I'm looking for gas money for my eastern Washington mission this weekend. Saturday I'll be doing some volunteer work for a group that sends out care packages and Sunday another memorial service. www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help

02/28/07: Happy Hump Day Everyone!!
(Please remember to hump responsible, Wear Seat Belt, Have House Key, Have extra socks....)
It's snowing out here again and it's about 0630 right now. Last night I got caught up with all but 4 emails and added over 60 photos that came in yesterday from various family and friends to be added to my website www.IraqWarHeroes.org aka www.AfghanistanWarHeroes.org and for those that keep insisting that they are not heroes, you can go to www.IraqWarCasualties.org .
It looks like this month I'm going to beat my all time record from last month and this month is 3 days shorter. According to my stats, that will happen sometime this morning. DAAAAMN!!!
Yesterday I spend 3 hours at a restaurant installing kid games on an old laptop for the barkeep. I would get strange looks every now and then from by passers cause on the screen and coming from the tiny speaker .... Hello Katie in wonderland or some stuff like that, or Land Of The Lost Pre-School Adventure. Well, the barkeep's daughter has her own laptop with working games and educational stuff and I got free breakfast and Wi-Fi. Well, free is a relative word here.
I heard from another family yesterday and this morning I'm shipping off the CD's for the service of their son.
I hope you all have a good day!!!

03/02/07: Greetings All!!
Last night I participated in an escort mission for one of our heroes from Portland to Clatskanie OR and that went well. Upon pulling into Clatskanie in the middle of the night, there was a line of kids and adults waiting quietly with lit candles and lanterns. That was really nice.
I finally got back home around 0200 this morning. The house was really cold now so I tried sleeping on an air mattress near the fireplace and one of my cats decided to sleep on top of me to suck up my body heat and the heat from the fire. I didn't sleep good, damn mattress, I kept ending up between the air and on the floor. I got in a couple hours before I headed out for a very different funeral today. I didn't have to go, this was not a Iraq or Afghanistan war veteran....
Today I had the honors to honor the last WWI Combat Veteran who died at the age of 108. He was also the last WWI veteran from Oregon(e). There are about 36 WWI veteran remaining on this planet, and all of them never left for overseas. I will be creating a special page for him, but it will have to wait till I can afford it.
His name is Cpl Howard V Ramsey, born April 2, 1898 in Colorado and died in Portland OR February 22, 2007. THANK YOU HOWARD!!
Tomorrow morning I'll be heading to Richland Washington and then to a service on Sunday in Pasco Washington, and then another service in Oregon on Monday. can anyone spare some change for gas and travel? www.iraqwarheroes.org/help 
I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

03/05/07:  Greetings Everyone!!
No time... It's been one after another. Today I was in Clatskanie OR, yesterday in Pasco WA.... and tomorrow for the 6th in a row I'm heading to McMinnville OR, just got notice a couple hours ago. Have lots of stories, but right now I'm running so far behind...
Looks like gas went up another 20 cents again. I know, for some of you it's no big deal but for me that's 4 hamburgers or a cheap breakfast.
I'm so tired right now that I just want to get up and go lay down. I planned to do that yesterday after returning from eastern Washington, when I thought today's service was going to be in Portland.
I know.. I'm whining huh?
I wish you all a great week!!!
PSS. Don't forget The Gathering Of Eagles on March 17th. If I had the means, I'd be there. If you can make it, please do.

03/07/07: Greetings Everyone!!
Last night I posted pics from my mission for SSG Maul. Yesterday I completed 6 missions back to back for as many days. This afternoon I have to leave town again and should be back tomorrow but will have Wi-Fi access all night.
Total Miles: 322 Total Away Time: 17 Hours. Total photos for Family: 535, Photos Posted for public: 73. Photo Work Time 5.8 Hrs.
Marine SSG Eric Maul served 2 tours in Iraq and was killed along with another recruiter in New Jersey in a car accident. 3 others in that van injured.
Please remember SSG Maul and all our other service men.

03/10/07: Greetings Everyone!!
Last night I finally got done posting pics for Sgt Travis Pfister's memorial service. There was a large support of people that showed up and over 400 where on bikes from the Patriot Guard Riders and some ride clubs. The flag line even before they showed up was impressive.
Those nasty scumbags made an appearance also and because of Washington's new law about unwelcome scum, they where far enough away and surrounded that most people didn't even know they where there at that time.
I posted 2 sets of photos you will see. Please take a moment to remember him and all the others that have served our country proudly.
Departure: 03/03/07 0930 Return: 03/04/07 2039 Total Away Time: 35Hrs 9Min Total Miles: 470
First Frame: 03/04/07 0847 Last Frame: 1619 Total Shoot Time: 7 Hours
Total Posted Photos: 160 Total photos for Family: 834 Photo work time at home: 14.3 Hours

03/11/07: Hello All!!
I hope your weekend went well.
I spend most of the day working on web issues. 
Had most of my windows open for a while because it was a lot warmer outside than inside today and also stocked up wood to burn. I'm sure the temps are going to drop again.
Earlier today I received a phone call from Military Talk Radio which airs on 1230 WBZT in Palm Beach Florida and also over the internet at www.GIRadio.us or www.giradionetwork.com and they will interview me on at next Saturday around 1900EST. I did let them know I'll be out of town again, will be traveling to Coleville Washington for a memorial service.
It's a radio show for Active and Pass Military and they air Saturday's between 7:06 PM - 9:00 PM EST.
" A Call-In Talk Radio Show, Military Talks, is aired to give men and women who have served, and are currently serving in the Military, a chance to tell their stories, become informed and have a few laughs. "
I don't mind plugging folks that help me get my message out there. Now I need to figure a way of recording it to add to my clips.
A friend took me to see the movie 300. What an amazing work of animation and realism. It was about a piece of history "Battle of Thermopylae", Spartans fighting the invading Persians. If you want to see lots of blood (Even if it's animated) and bloody fighting, and piles of bodies etc... Then this might be a movie for you. I watched a few people leave the room, probably got a bit more action than they expected.
Tomorrow I'm heading to Scappoose Oregon(e) to try and earn a few more bucks before I lose another utility here.
I hope you all have a great week. Have you Thanked A Veteran lately???


As I type this, I'm in the process of uploading photographs that I shot at a memorial service one of it's kind. (Unfortunatly)

It was an honor for me to attend the service for Cpl Howard V Ramsey who passed away on February 22, 2007.

Howard passed away peacefully despite the fact that he lived through WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, and a few others which included most of the current war thus far.  No, he didn't serve in all those wars.

Howard died at the age of 108 Years and 11 Months and was the last living combat veteran of WWI.  You remember?  The great World War. He was also the last living WWI veteran of Oregon. The vehicle that is carrying the coffin is the kind he drove in France, bringing supplies to our troops and bringing back our dead.  He was the only survivor in his unit.

I didn't have a tribute site for WWI and thought I had the 8 bucks to grab that domain but was a buck short so I got charged 29 for overdraft on a debit card; damn these banks. Anyhow,  I now have www.WWIWarHeroes.org and it should be online by now for most of you to get to.

I hope your week is off to a good start!


Good Morning/Night!

It's a few minutes after 2 am when all is quiet, nothing creeping around except ME...

I'm taking off in a few minutes for the long drive to Colville Washington.

Yesterday's escort mission was a teary eyed one.  I was amazed at how many people on a 4 lane highway, opposite direction totally pulled over as we passed by.  It will be a few days, I have Coleville today, St Helens tomorrow and then 2 to 3 more places, don't have all the details yet.

You all have a good weekend, and if ya're slammin' green ale, slam one in honor of of guys and gals over in the sand boxes and every where else.

Take care!!


Good Evening Everyone!!

This weekend I've spend about 1200 miles on the road which included service in Colville WA, followed by St Helens OR and the next one is tomorrow followed by 2 others pending. I'm beat.

I would like to thank all the PGR members that helped pay for my gas on these long trips. I really appreciate the help.  I feel weird about it because I know they take the time out of their lives also to come honor our heroes but am thankful for those that can help me out on this.

I did get a few pics posted for March 6th service for Shawn Freese.  The American Legion in McMinnville OR organized this special memorial service.  Shawn's mom did not receive the flag that was draped over Shawn's coffin but received a flag that flew in a special place.

If you remember a few postings ago, Shawn's girlfriend won a court ruling to bury him in Texas.  Just let this be another reminder to you, have your wishes in writing or you'll never know what will happen should you drop dead or get killed.

On the 10th I attended the services for Walter Rowell Jr.  CD's have been hand delivered to his family.  No photos will be posted since this was a small all family and friends event.

Tomorrow night I hope to get started on the Colville WA photos and then the St Helens ones. But don't hold your breath, my days tend to rapidly change.

A bunch of morons protested yesterday in Portland. Some even held signs that said F the troops.  Another protestor defecated on our flag. Welcome to Portland Oregon(e)!  Of course the protest organizers say they can't control what people do that join the "peace" march. I'd like to see all these wannabees actually do something to support our troops, but they won't. 

In MY opinion, they want the troops home so that the bad guys win and our troops look like a bunch of wuussies. (OK, I was going to use this other word, but I have young readers) And they will feel that they have beaten our president. ISN'T THAT SAD!!

On a local talk show they asked what should happen to the person that defecated on our flag and I called in and suggested that this person is not a real American, that he or she should be locked in a cell without a toilet until they die in their own poop. I'll post the audio clip in my news section next week.

Maybe all these GD protestors can charter a plane for peace and get all the terrorists to lay down their bombs, and guns and promise never to come across our borders and harm them. Yeah right!  I saw what terrorists did in Europe in the 70's, long before these morons learned to eat their own poop cause they don't want to harm any animals, plants or terrorists...

OK...  I think my blood is a little high and am making less sense...  Sorry...

I hope you all have a great week!!! 

Shawn Freese served proudly as a soldier in the United States Army and served in Iraq.  He was killed after returning to civilian life and working as a bouncer.  He will not be forgotten!!  We as a nation need to remember all that served!!!


I have the pics posted for our hero's services for Spc Bell.  I'll be working on the St. Helens ones next. There where 3 missions involved with that one.  I hope you all have a great day!!  Q

Mission Report

Depart Time: 03/17/07 0245  Return Time: 0745 03/18/07  Total Away Time: 29 Hours  Total Miles: 843

First Frame: 0608  Last Frame: 1354  Total shoot time 8 Hours.

At Home working on photos:  12.4 Hours.  Total Posted for public: 109    Total photos for family: 715

Thank you to the Patriot Guard Riders that chipped in for gas. Thank you Jim W from A.C.E.S. for dinner and a fill-up. Thank you to Marylyn from A.C.E.S. for a place to crash a couple of hours. It beats sleeping in the car. I was just beat.  Thank you Tom for the waffles at 0330.  You all rock.

Army Spc Ryan M Bell was born in Portland OR only 21 years ago and he was killed by cowards using an IED in Samarra Iraq on March 5th, 2007.  Ryan did what he wanted to do, serve his country proudly and he did a great job.

Thank you Ryan for your service!!!   You will not be forgotten here!!!

Please take a moment to remember Ryan and all others that gave us so much so that we can remain a nation of free people!!


Tomorrow morning I'll be heading to eastern Oregon(e) to escort home one of our heroes and will probably be out of touch most of the day.

I have just posted photos from another escort mission which I participated in on March 16, 2007 for L/Cpl Nathanial Windsor. This is the 1st of 3 missions for this hero and I hope to have the next set done by Saturday night, maybe earlier if I can't sleep.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!   Remember to thank a veteran!!


I have finally completed all the photos from the 3 missions for Marine L/Cpl Windsor's services. I had a real hard time working through some of them.  I think working these photos after the event is emotionally the hardest part of what I do here.  All the grief, hurt, pain, frustrations that I witnessed get repeated at a much slower pace, frame by frame and sometimes I catch myself jumping ahead a few frames to avoid something you know is gonna hit you deep but I go back and add them, they are part of this story, they are part of this life changing event for so many.

Now I need to find some space but have no time, as I'm gearing up, corking my emotions and preparing for another long road trip in the morning.  Destination LaGrande OR and if I make it back in time, Newport OR.

MySpace has been screwy again, couldn't log in most of the day when I tried. Ohh Well.

I hope you all have a safe trip, and if you see me on the NW highways and freeways, give me a wave.

Please remember our men and women serving our military.


Mission Report

03/16/07 Start: 1030  End 1930 9Hrs 82 Miles Escort Mission

03/18/07 Start: 0930  End  1840 9Hrs 10Min 76Mi  Memorial Service

03/20/07 Start: 0730  End:  1830 11Hrs 256Mi Funeral Service

Total Away Time: 29Hrs   Total Miles: 414 Miles.

Working on photos at home: 25 Hours 15 Minutes. Total Posted for Public: 222  Total Photos selected for family: 1417

Photos are posted in 3 different sets.

Thank you for your service L/Cpl Windsor!!!!   You will not be forgotten here!!


I'm sitting at the Flying J Truck Stop along I-84 5 miles outside of La
Grande OR. Been here a while already.

It's been a rough night. Last night I broke a bog bowl over the sink, my numb
hands lost grasp of it and it broke in hundreds of pieces.  I noticed it
cut a finger of mine and so I put a band aid on it and while doing this, the
sleeve on my left arm rode up a bit and I noticed I was bleeding near my wrist,
so I put a bigger band aid on it.  I then checked the rest of myself for
more glass cuts.  I think I have some invisible splinters, I fee them but
don't feel them.

I went to bed and woke up every few minutes, too many dreams from a time long
ago and yet so vivid. Finally after something was biting one of my toes (Not my
cats), it was internally, probably another nerve going nuts, I gave up and
around 0200 I headed out for coffee and a slow drive east.

A friend who rides with the PGR from Lacey showed up early a few minutes ago,
now the wait should go a little faster.

This Flying J is my least favorite especially after what happened the other
day I was here. In the restaurant area, the stall in the restroom has no hooks,
so I decided to set the camera on that water thing in the back of the
toilet.  I didn't notice the slight tilt it had and the camera went
crashing to the ground.  Luckily it landed on my lens hood which absorbed
most of the shock before splitting apart.  One of the riders had some duct
tape handy, so that's holding the hood together on the lens till I can replace

1 more hour to go before more people will start showing at the staging site,
then I need to head out and scout out the area I'll be shooting in.

I hope you all have a great week!!  Next funeral is in Newport this
Thursday unfortunately.


Don't know if you noticed, by myspace has been crappy the last 4 days. No msg and no comments can be left on my myspace.

Please remember you can always contact me through www.IraqWarHeroes.org / www.AfghanistanWarHeroes.org .

When I think I'm totally drained mentally, I'm out there again.  Yesterday morning I drove to La Grande OR to honor a hero and drive straight back to barely make it in time to join a escort mission to bring home a hero to Newport OR.  That was yesterday, I just got home a little while ago, till trying to figure out what day it is.

My hat of to all the PGR riders that came on the escort mission on this rainy, rainy, dark, cold and rainy night.  Rain and I don't get along, it screws up my camera and causes me headaches.

I'll be hitting the road again Thursday or Friday. Most likely Friday, that's what a paper reported. Don't have a confirmed yet, so at this point, everything for those two days has been canceled.

Which ever day it is, I would like the waters along Newport to be lined with a new color... instead of grey..  Red, White and Blue!! Hey, what better reason do you need to take a day off work and head to a coastal town??

I would like all those foreign shipping ships see that Americans come out to honor their heroes!!!!

If you want to come and can't.......take an extra moment to think about our hero and send the family strength and tell others about my project to remember them all!!

I hope you all have a great day!!  Those of you in the sandboxes and on trampolines around the globe; THANK YOU!!


I just posted pics for the La Grande OR missions for SFC Stephens. I'm really bogged down as I'm also getting ready for another mission in the morning.  After I returned from la Grande OR on the 26th, I then went straight to an escort mission which lasted past midnight. It was a very long day again.

Mission Report

03/23/07 Depart: 0630  Return: 2130  Away Time: 15 Hours.  Miles: 519

03/26/07 Depart: 0300  Return: 1815  Away Time: 15 Hours 15 Min, Miles: 516

Total Away Time: 30 Hours and 15 minutes.  Total Miles Traveled: 1125

Photos posted for public in 2 sets: 156   Photos for family: 956   Total Time Working At Home on Photos: 17 Hours

Army SFC John Stephen served his country well. He will not be forgotten. Please take a moment or more to think of him and all our other heroes.


Once again I'm up before the roosters have even farted. (sigh). I'm sitting in
my favorite bar getting coffee'd up.

I don't know what made it a short night again, the dog barking, the neighbor
breathing, the spiders whispering or just that bad anxiety that keeps me from
being late to honor one of our heroes.  Did I say bad?  Well I hope
you know what I meant with that.  If not, check with me in a couple hundred

I'm trying to be there extra early to watch a flag get hoisted up by the
local FD.  Two people here already told me I should've gone to Newport
yesterday or the day before, it was nice out there.  Hey, I just hope it
doesn't rain. My camera has issues as it is.

I'm feeling so drained again this morning and hope to shake it off before I
get out there.

Hey, Memorial Day is coming up again soon, plan something now to honor our
heroes. It shouldn't be a day to just have an excuse not to work and to toss
stuff on the barbie.  Of course, I think everyday we should think a bit of
those that gave their all for our freedom.  You know, in some countries I'm
sure it's illegal to gather with friends and squirt mustard on a hotdog
bun.  I'm not being extreme, I just think too many people take our men and
women in the military for granted.  Someone waves a magic wand and all is
honky-dory........  until of course, they lose someone close to them.

It's 0336 now on my clock here, need to find the waitress and get one more
cup before I press the metal to the floor.

If you can come out to Newport today, please do, if you're too far away, you
should watch your area.....


Yesterday's trip to Newport Oregon(e) went well.  The turnout was good. I'll be working on pics today and tomorrow.

I hope I won't have to make anymore trips.  As of tomorrow, my wheels are no longer street legal.  If anyone in my area has 4 P195/75R-14 tires, I could use them.  The cheapest I found at Les Schwab are $251.40 for the set. (Product# 01403828).  I haven't checked tire factory yet.

If you want to get me a tire or more or certificate, Les Schwab 2410 SE 122nd, Portland OR 97233  503-255-0602 Salesperson Randy.  Tell him it's for Q from IraqWarHeroes.org.  (No, they won't donate any.  I tried that last year when I needed to get the studs after my first ice incident going to Idaho). [93% of my driving last year was directly related to my work for my heroes project and other veteran related.]

Which reminds me, Thanks Noah for the oil! That last 3,000 miles came on me too fast again.

The weather outside is cloudy and on and off rain stuff coming down.  I need some dry days to cut some grass and finish cutting up the trees that fell down last winter and return my neighbors chainsaw. :)  I did show it to him last night since he hadn't seen it for a while.  He chuckled and reminded me he didn't have use for it and knows where to find it. :)  I had an electric one but it couldn't handle the big trunks etc.  I think the electric ones are designed for twigs when you're too lazy to use loppers. :)

My two cats still hate me, so I know they are doing OK.  The black one is still getting pilled and she fusses less about it. She walks me around for a bit and then flops over for the abuse, swallows it, sneers at me and heads to the kitchen to be fed.

Anyhow... You all have a great weekend!!  I hope that by Tuesday night I'll be all caught up again.

Take a few moments to thank a veteran this weekend... and yes, all them gals and guys in the sandbox are veterans also.


I've been wanting to go back to bed all day, even though I know it won't help me from being tired.  I'm malfunctioning more again lately. Despite the weird dozing I do at the keyboard, I finally finished the pics for the Newport mission and have some of them posted. My quick report is below this babble.  In ten minutes I need to go feed my cats.  Jole' the black one all ready came and threatened to rip my head off a couple times. I think this double clock changing has her irritated.  

Yesterday both didn't want to touch the food I put out. (They get moist food twice a day and have dry food available all day) and I wondered if it was contaminated food or not.  When the black B doesn't eat the food, it's best to just flush it and pop another lid and they ate that just fine.... OK  just got my 5 minute warning... I'll take care of it and finish this...

Ela' my grey cat is much more tolerant but if she comes to nag, then I know I'm pretty late.  She won't eat it then, but wants it there for when she is well and ready and sometimes barely ready before the other cat has switched plates. Hahahaha

Well, time to drag in more wood before it gets dark again. I bid you all a great week and please remember to thank our veterans and send your Thanks and Well Wishes to our gals and men serving this country all over this globe they call earth.



Mission Report

March 26, 2007  Start 1830  March 27, 2007 Returned: 1400  Away Time: 21 Hours 30 Minutes, 315 Miles

March 30, 2007  Start: 0300  Returned 1718  Away Time: 14 Hours 18 Minutes, 279 Miles

Total Away Time: 35 Hours and 48 Minutes,  Total Miles: 593

Working on the photos at home: 14.2 Hours

Photos posted for public (2 sets) Total: 163    Total Photos for Family: 720

Challenges: Making the escort mission after returning from La Grande.  Moving and shooting inside a packed area in bad lighting.

Sgt Nicholas Lightner died at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, of wounds suffered when an improvised explosive device detonated near his unit while on combat patrol March 15 in Baghdad, Iraq. He will not be forgotten!!!

Please take a moment or more to remember him and all our other heroes.


I declare today to be Thank You Coalition Day!!! April 6 is Thank You Coalition Day Now!!

It's bad enough the media hardly talks all the good our men and women in the military do and they talk even less about the coalition forces that are out there helping us.

I know that there are not many of them, but I'm pretty sure that each one of them that has died has family and friends.

If you're familiar with my website and scroll past all the 3652 American Heroes, you'll find a link to a list of coalition members that have died serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.  I wish I had a better source for all their names, because there also I'm sure I'm missing a few.  www.IraqWarHeroes.org/index2.htm .  For a list of Coalition Countries on March 20, 2003 Click Here.

So mark April 6th on your calendar and also remind me if I'm still breathing next year.

So, please take a moment or more to remember some of these coalition members their gave their all.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

Please remember to eat the purple eggs before eating any yellow, red, or blue eggs, and especially before any pastel colored eggs. Real Rabbits lay bold colored chicken eggs.


I spend most of it still trying to catch up and also creating a new web page.  The new site has a low priority at this time.  It's currently for folks in the NW area that stand behind the flag.  Patriot Guard Riders and others that give up their day to come and honor our heroes by standing on the flag line.  It will also help them recognize each other better.  You can see who is who by Road name, First name, Mug shot or Bike pic/description.

Within 1 day I've already added 31 people.  I'm currently looking for a webmaster that can create an automated site for me at which point I'll open the site to accept Patriots from all over.

Let me know what you think of it.  .

Can you spare $8.20 ?  Go here .

The city of Sutherlin Oregon will be honoring PFC Dean Bright who was one of the soldiers that pulled Pfc Devon Gibbons out of the burning rig in Iraq.
Dean later got killed in the same town in Iraq. I attended both of their funerals.
The event will be on the 14th in the main park. They will engrave his name on the war memorial and also declare the 14th to be Dean Bight's Day. Please attend if you can.

I recently had a request to photograph a funeral for one of our heroes on the east coast and I had to explain, as much as I would want to, I don't have the means to travel that far.  I barely make it across my own state at times.  Maybe someone can talk Kalitta Charters or Airlines to let me fly with them?  Maybe someone has mileage that can be traded for round trip tickets?

I would try it, don't know how I can handle it emotionally and what if my shoot really suxs that day.. is the expense justified?

Anyhow...   I need to get back to emails...

I hope you all have a great week!!  Feel free to repost this bulletin.


Tomorrow I'll be heading to Sutherlin OR for a special dedication in honor of Pfc Dean Bright who was killed in Iraq last year.  It will be at 1000 in the main city park, so if you're in the area, please come join us.

Yesterday I spend most of the day cleaning my desk, sorting papers and keeping on top most of the emails.

I am angry this morning because I forget to remind myself not to trust people.  I know yesterday my checking was balanced just fine, I had around couple bucks in the black and this morning I'm in a huge negative.  Someone send me a check for gas for $10, want to guess what happened next? Well it was no good, so they took back that $10, charged a $5 bad check fee which caused a domain name payment to be not covered, bank covered it an  charged another $26 over draft fee. I don't need a lecture about not spending a check till weeks have passed.

I have enough gas for tomorrow trip, lets say I made a special commitment to be there and I will be there.

I have two other memorial services pending, one of which I don't even have a DoD release yet but watched it on the news a few minutes ago.

I think it's time to head out for coffee and catch up on the latest propaganda, then I need to replace the smoke detector in my stairwell.  I'm glad I had a spare new one. Can't remember why I had bought it a year ago.  It's been going off with my hot head passing and making weird noise.  It's old.  battery was just replaced a couple months ago.  They are not expensive, so if you got a pretty old one, go ahead and replace it if you can.  That's one annoying noise maker that can save your life or home.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Thank you everyone serving in our Armed Forces !!


Ohhh... almost forgot...  NYT talked to me for 38 minutes.  They are doing a story about tribute web sites.  I don't know if they will mention one of mine or not. (Most have issues with my name I adopted years ago. Ands you think I only get judged by my scary looks.)   Suppose to be in Monday's edition of the New York Times.  I'll have to keep my eye on a couple hotels out here that may have gratis issues.


I haven't seen the actual print paper yet but I was mentioned in an article in today's New York Times called Link by Link

Watching the War and Acknowledging the Dead




All my schedules are changing again rapidly.  This morning I'll be going to Hillsboro OR to escort home home our hero Pfc Brett Walton.  I don't have a day for his memorial service yet.

Sometime within the next few days I'll also be driving to Boise Idaho for a memorial service for Pfc John Borbonus, and I have a pending for Auburn WA and Hood River OR.

If you can help with gas, please do.  www.iraqwarheroes.org/help  .

Did you catch that article in the New York Times yesterday? "Watching the War and Acknowledging the Dead"  It only brought  987 more visitors to my web site. (Based on daily averages). That's about 20 per state where it's available.  Some of us may know why.

It is Tuesday and it's still cold, but at least not freezing or flooding out here. The flames in my fireplace look to see if I've gone to bed and then immediately blow each other out so it's damp and cold in the morning.

I bid you all a great day!!  Please support our troops no matter where they are currently stationed!!


My fire died early and it was freezing this morning.  When I stepped outside to find some coffee, there was frost on the grass, on the roof tops, on the cars....  I'm so sick and tired of this global warming.  It's suppose to start getting a little warmer isn't it??

32 people where killed in cold blood on Monday, why are people holding 33 candle vigils??  What is wrong here.  Why are people making excuses for this killer?  I'm glad he killed himself, little coward, cause these people would probably put him on a throne even though I personally would like to watch him swing in a town square and send out the message that what he did is WRONG! 

Of course they will use this as an excuse to put another noose around law abiding American citizens.  Wanna bet?

Must be the cold in the house eh?

I have 4 more missions pending.  Beaverton/Hillsboro OR, Boise ID, Hood River OR and Auburn WA.   I don't have a date yet for 2 of them.  I hope to have the Boise date by tomorrow.  I'm cleared for that mission and said I'd do my best to be there.

Thank you everyone that's serving and has served in our great Armed Forces (U.S.A. Military) for your service!!!!

My black cat (Jole') sucks up all and any heat.  When sunlight hits the floor, she is there, totally stretched out with her inseam toward the light.  Last night she was doing that in front of the fire place again and this morning she was pressed up against the glass to extract what little heat was coming from the warm ashes.  I'll try and have some pics soon.

I bid you all a great weekend!!! Help keep my travels safe, be sober when you hit the roads!!!


It's just a nightmare past midnight and I'm getting ready to head to Puyallup
Washington to honor SSgt Casey Combs. I didn't get word of this till
yesterday afternoon.  When I get back, I'll nap a little on Sunday till
midnight and make my way to Boise Idaho and as always, if you can toss me a
gallon or two or more for gas, it will be greatly appreciated. 
for those that don't know.

Wishing you all a great weekend!!


Been real busy here again unfortunately.  After returning from the funeral in Idaho, I hear of 2 more of our NW heroes that got killed.

I just completed posting a few pics for the memorial service of SSG Casey Combs.  Please help remember Casey and all our other heroes.

Mission Report:

Start 04/21/07 0300  Return: 1550  Total Away Time: 12 Hours 50 minutes,  Total Miles Traveled: 355

First Frame Shot at: 0702  Last Frame Shot at: 1137

At home photo work time: 9.4 Hours. Photos posted for public: 83  Total photos for family: 592

SSG Combs was killed in Miri Afghanistan by cowards using IEDs.

SSG Casey Dean Combs will not be forgotten here!!!!!


Yesterday was day 1500 since I've been logging AP headers.

On Friday afternoon I managed to squeeze in a 5K walk in Vancouver.  It's been since November since I've done 10K walks and decided to do a shorter one.  I was going to do the 2nd walk yesterday but ended up going to the airport to see someone off going to the sandbox and was there long enough to welcome someone home from the sandbox.

Late last night I finally got done with the photos of Pfc Borbonus's memorial service.  Today I'll start on Sgt Vaughans candlelight service that was held in Lincoln City OR.  My mailbox has 327 messages pending and I hope to get caught up on them by Tuesday, depending on if I have a escort mission tomorrow or not in southern Oregon.

Hey, on May 20, 2007 is Armed Forces Day and on May 19th in honor of Armed Forces Day, there will be Echo Taps played at national Cemeteries all over the USA and in some other countries such as Normandy France.  Here in Portland, they are expecting at least 100 buglers to line the paths through the Willamette National Cemetery and at 1100 the first bugler will start playing taps and when a certain point is reached, the next bugler starts and so on and so on.  This will be so amazing.  I encourage everyone to go.  Unfortunately I won't be able to attend, I already know I have a memorial service for one of our heroes in Hood River OR and it's too far away for me to be in two places at once.  Our heroes are a priority with me.

Mission Report:

Depart 04/22/07 2300  Back 04/23/07 2010  Total Away Time: 21 Hours and 10 minutes.  Total Miles Traveled: 847 Miles

First Frame Shot At 0756  Last Frame At 1248

Total Time At Home Working The Photos:  12.5 Hours

Total Photos For Family: 693   Total Posted For Public: 73

Our hero Pfc John Borbonus will not be forgotten.  He was killed in Baghdad Iraq on April 12th by cowards using IED's.

Please take some time to remember John and all our Heroes.


Recently I was approached by Portland Monthly magazine requesting photos of Patriot Guard Riders I have for a story they where doing on them.  I requested that they give credit to IraqWarHeroes.org .  Last night I went and purchased an issue (May 2007 Page 27&28) and the article is titled Honor Guard.  I'm happy that more attention is brought on the good work that the PGR does but I had a feeling that they wanted to promote those nasty protestors instead.

The only web site that they mention in this article is one of the links that goes to the protestors site and no mention about the www.PatriotGuard.org  website.  And of course, they didn't give credit to my site for the photo on page 28.

If they where totally sincere about shining a light on the men and women that come to honor our heroes, they should not even have mentioned those nasty people. They could have left it at 'protestors' and they definitely should not have posted a link to the uglies website.

Someone told me that it may just anger more people enough to join the flag line, but why can't people just come out an honor our heroes for the heroes, for what they stand for, for their sacrifice for all of us?  Why do people need an excuse like those protestors to take a couple hours out of their day to come and honor our men and women that die to preserve their freedoms?

OK, enough rant....

Last Thursday, the 26th I drove out to Lincoln City to see what this small town does to honor one of their heroes at a candlelight vigil.  The turnout was great.  When I first drove through the city, I noticed many marques with Michael's name on them.  I slowly drove up both sides of the main drag and photographed the ones I could spot.

I have posted a few photos. The memorial service for Sgt Michael Vaughan is scheduled to be on May 8th.  I don't have times etc. yet.  I will probably be there to escort him home as soon as I have an eta on that.

Wishing you all a great week!!


Over this last weekend I did manage to take the time to do 2 walks.  First 2 of the year, well, since last November.  Just been too busy.  On Friday I did a 5k and on Sunday I did a 10k walk.  I didn't make it to the Saturday one (3 day event in Vancouver) because I had 2 missions.

As I find time, I'll get some pics posted from the walks. Well, I've actually posted my first set which is a reminder of how cruel nature seems to be.  These pics where taken during both walks, the first few on Friday when I noticed some rabbits and the second set, when part of the 10k walk took me past the same area I noticed 3 rabbits and then a commotion... and then a crow.

A mother rabbit tries her best to distract a crow from going after one of her very young bunnies.  Too bad the mother rabbit didn't have a Glock 45.  I was too far away and had to push these photos a little, so they may seem a bit blurry.

I've spend most of the day working on my emails, only 179 to go.  At this point I have at least 4 missions pending starting as early as this Wednesday, so I may not get all caught up but fall behind again.  www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help if you can help.

I bid you all a great day!


Tomorrow I'll be traveling to McMinnville to escort one of our fallen heroes to Lincoln City.  On Saturday I'll be traveling to the Burns / Redmond area for a memorial service of another and then on Tuesday back to Lincoln City.

Yesterday morning I drove to Salem Oregon(e) and spend some time around the capitol and below is the link to some of the photos I shot.

I heard on the news today that DoD is planning to cut off blogging done by our military members in the sandbox. THAT JUST SUXS!!

THAT'S A STUPID IDEA!!!  If you got a few out there that don't know better than to share restricted subjects, deal with them. A couple article 15's should cure them, but don't cut off the rest of our troops!!!!  IF A FEW OFFICERS ARE UPSET BECAUSE AN ENLISTED WHINED ABOUT THEM, BIG F DEAL!!!   LIVE WITH IT!!!  Get off the laptop and join them on the front line!!

Thank you all for serving!!!! 

Wishing you all a great hump day!!



Good Evening Everyone!!

It's been another very very long day out here and I'm not making much progress.  I added over 120 family supplied photos to various hero pages at www.IraqWarHeroes.org and still have about 200 emails to go.  I'm going to call it a day soon so I can get a few hours of down time.

Tomorrow morning I'll be making the 6 to 7 hour drive to Burns OR to honor one of our heroes.  It's going to be a tedious drive to the middle of the state.  I don't know if I'll make it back tomorrow night, depending on how far back I get before it turns dark on me.  Small 2 lane roads with oncoming headlights scares me too much cause it blinds me.  At night I wear clear lenses which don't stop the bright headlights.  Well, As long as I can find a place to pull over and wait for the morning red, I should make it.

I did call a couple cheap hotels to see if they could donate a no-frills room, but they thought I was nuts.  One of them thought my request was so idiotic, they didn't even get the manager to return my call.  I try though.  They can't say I don't try.  :)

And you wonder why I'm always looking for help from people.  www.iraqwarheroes.org/help 

On the lighter side of things, I finally scrounged and saved enough to get my tail light fixed, so I don't have to worry about that getting me pulled over again at night.  The shop I went to found a used part in Nevada.  I had also paid for a front corner lens but they received the wrong one and should get it while I'm out of town on Monday or Tuesday.

I'm going to watch Bones in a few minutes and hopefully go to sleep.  I hate sleeping.  If I could only rest, then maybe I wouldn't see it as much of a waste of time.  OK, granted, it does reenergize my eyelid muscles what little rest I get.

Thanks To Everyone Out There Serving Our Country!!!! (USA)  I am behind you!!  I will continue my pledge to make sure your deceased brothers and sisters in arms are not forgotten!!!!

I do read all your messages received here and most of the time respond, even if it's a short response. You don't have to like me, I just want you to remember our heroes and not forget that Freedom has never Been Free!!!

I bid you all a great weekend!!


Today is Wednesday, or Thursday or something like that... nevertheless a very emotional challenged week and it ain't over with yet.  I feel so drained.  OK I'm always drained, just even more so this week and it isn't the cancer. 

There have been many killed at once from the NW again and everywhere else. I don't know how else to put that. 

Fng cowards that can't fight like men and use hidden bombs and cowardly acts to kill our men and women. These cowardly bastards even kill their own just to kill one of ours.  That alone should ring some bells. WE MUST SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!  WE MUST LET THEM KNOW THAT WE DO CARE, (Well, I know I do).

In Sherwood Oregon(e) a soldier returns from the war and the city of which he was chief of police took away his job while he was at war. They finally somewhat changed their tune, but this should never have happened. Link To Story  WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE ARE THESE BASTARDS SENDING TO OUR TROOPS????

I want to thank Noah, from The Brake Team on Beavercreek in Oregon City for for paying for my oil change today.  I knew I was due again, so much driving in short time.  Best I get out of Jiffy Lube is a puddle of oil because they over tighten my pan nut, or an offer to sell me a $1 tail light bulb for $9 that I can get for $1.25 at Auto Zone.  They can't help it, it's against company policy to help people like me.  I admit, I still use them when I'm desperate for an oil change and they have a special going and I'm too far from cheaper places.

Yesterday I received a letter (The kind in a paper envelope) from the U.S. House of Representatives with a postal cancellation from Santa Ana CA signed Loretta Sanchez, Member of Congress.  The last line "Thank you so much for all you are doing for these most precious human beings and their families.".  Wow, in over 4 years, that's the first I've heard from one of our politicians. Twice did I mail all members of the house and congress one of my postcards, reminding them not to forget our heroes (2005 & 2006) and never had any respond.  I was told that those kind of things go to the trash before the addressee even gets to see it.  I understand this is how they can keep their deniability, the "I didn't know" never got the letter from the citizen.  (Maybe I'm just in a real P mood today)

I need to get back to doing email. Haven't started on the pics yet.  That may be a while with all the upcoming missions starting tomorrow.

If you can, make time and go to a memorial service near you and pay honors to our heroes.  If you can't go, consider what you would have spend on gas and help me go.  $3.42 will buy me 17 miles out here. Wanna guess how many miles to cross the state just once? www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

Thank you Chyblee!!!

I bid you all a great rest of the week!!


Good Evening Everyone!!

I have just posted another set of pics for the Sgt Vaughan mission.  These pics are of the escort mission to Lincoln City OR and some of the people in the town that came out to welcome him home. I still have 2 other sets to work on but that may be a couple more days.

I have the feeling that the NW is being targeted.  We've lost so many at once again. My plans for Saturday have already changed several times and it hurts me to decide where I'll be going because some of them are overlapping and too far apart in distance.

Tomorrow on Saturday, I'll be going to the Freedom Bridge outside Ft Lewis and then escort home another soldier. On Sunday I'll be escorting back another soldier. On Monday, Wednesday and Saturday next week I have at least 3 confirmed mission which doesn't include the names that came in today.

So, instead of wishing me a nice weekend (I always get those), figure out a way to make it an easier weekend for me.  A nice bottle of Scotch would be nice, but I don't have have the time to enjoy it but it sounds good, but I need to drive....

I've been feeling kind of numb most of the day.  At around 1am I managed to see the bottom of the email box for a brief moment and I spend most of the day working on the pics I just posted.  I won't have a mission report till the last set is done. There where 4 different missions on as many days.

The governor of Oregon(e) t'd me off again.  He says that we are in Iraq just for the oil according to our commie paper The Oregonian. The war in Iraq was never about terrorism, Gov. Ted Kulongoski says. "From the very beginning," he says, "it was about oil." I read this in today's paper and by the time I found a link to it, they moved it to their blog section. I have a lot of text I want to type about this.... all I can say, No wonder he never responds to my emails... I'm Too American!!!

Today I met The Vest Guy and showed him my ragged photo vest.  Maybe he'll be able to make me a better one. He is in my top 16 on my profile, check him out.  He mostly makes vests for cops and safety personnel.

I still have some postcards left.  If you would like one, visit www.IraqWarHeroes.org and email me your request from there with your mailing address.  I mail them in batches of 30 when I have stamps.  

I get my cards made at Vista Print, because they are the cheapest I've found so far.  If you know someone cheaper, let me know.  Every buck I save is a hamburger or a few drops of gas.  :)

OK, I typed a lot again... cause I'm gonna be busy.. so read this over again slowly.  Feel free to repost.

Ohhhh... Before I forget...  A lot of you out there have mothers... (Some of us don't)  It's almost mothers day and I'm not trying to get you to spend money on a card... NO... I would like you to do something for a mom that has lost her hero.  Maybe just a note of Thanks.  Letting her know that her son or daughter will not be forgotten.  Thank her for raising such a fine warrior, citizen, American, Hero.  I'm sure your mum won't mind.

This mother day weekend I'll be seeing the faces of a couple of mums that have just lost their sons.  It's hard.  Very hard!!!

You all take care!!


Morning Everyone!!

I'll be leaving for Washington again in a few minutes again to escort home
another hero.  I was just there the day before yesterday and will be out
there again at least 4 more times as far as I can tell.

I was going to be in Spokane this morning but was told the family isn't
interested which took the decision off my hands of which way to go.  I hate
it when there are multiple on the same day because I do want to be there for all
of them if I can.

My body doesn't want to move yet and I'm watching the clock just skip

I bid you all a great week!!  Remember to Thank A Veteran!!  Please
Support Our (USA) Troops!!! Ohh, if you run across one of our coalition forces,
send them a Thank You for helping us.  :)


Good Evening Everyone!!

Mission in Washington yesterday went well and I'll be heading back north around 0330 in the morning again.  I finally got done with the pics from the services for L/Cpl Dale Peterson that took place in Burns OR.  Mission report posted below.  Please remember Dale and all our other heroes.

I'm pretty wore out but kept on it all day to finish it.  I hope to get the next two Lincoln City missions done within next few days.  I have at least 3 more services pending, 2 in the Tacoma area and 1 in Coe d'Alene Idaho.  For the first two I have a green light and for the Idaho, no info yet.

In a little while I'll be updating the list again, just received the names of our MIA's also.  I hope they are found, and I hope we kick down every door and spider hole till we find them.

Thank you Gary, Junius, Kim, Lynn and Chyblee for helping with gas on the last 2 runs.  Some of you know how many miles I put on in very short time.  Every buck helps me.

I hope you all have a great day, if you're in the Lakewood WA area, please come out and pay honors to Sgt Joel Lewis.  You can contact me for specifics.  It will be an early one.  My contact info (including #) is at www.IraqWarHeroes.org .


Mission Report

Start: 05/05/07 0500   Return: 05/06/07 0017   Total Away Time: 19 Hours 17 Minutes     Total Miles Traveled: 562

First Frame: 05/05/07  0539  Last Frame: 1755

At home working on photos:  13.6 Hours    Photos Posted for public: 136   Total Photos for Family: 798

L/Cpl Dale Peterson was killed while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province, Iraq. Please remember Dale!!  I will not forget!


Good Evening Everyone!!

I'm back from today's mission in Washington and have another out there on Saturday.  I don't have a date yet or more info for the Coeur d'Alene services which could happen at any time within next few days.

This morning I sat in my car trying to clean my Nikkor Lens when I realized that the seal has been allowing dust inside.  Nothing I can do about that.  Guess they don't make them like they used to.  Another piece of equipment that needs to be replaced; probably cheaper than bringing it to a shop to have completely taken apart.  I remember how much they charged me the last time I brought my camera in.

I have finally completed and am in the process of uploading right now the photos for Sgt Vaughan's Airport Mission.  I'll be working hard tomorrow to try and get the memorial/funeral pics done.  These missions you'll notice spanned over 4 different days for each part.  If you click on the photo on the blue background, that's the set just posted.

Don't forget that on Saturday May 19th, 2007 is Echo Taps at all National Cemeteries.  I encourage all to go and if you have 2 legged critters, take off the duct tape and take them along.    I'm sorry, I won't be able to make it to one, I'll be on a mission for another of our heroes.

This memorial day, no matter where you plan to be, please set and extra place setting at your table, complete setting everyone else would have, even if it's a picnic table.  Add a glass/cup holding a small USA flag and a white rose or white carnation.  Before you eat, have one person explain clearly to all present what this is for and tell them of our fallen heroes, that paid the price for our freedom, that therefore can not be present.

Memorial day should be more than shopping, hamburgers, steaks and stuff like that.  Take a few moments, to remember those that helped make it all possible.  (Please send me a photo.)

I just realized it's hump day... ohhh well......  maybe another year....

Take Care!


Greetings Everyone!!

I have finally completed the last set of photos for the Sgt Vaughan missions
and my report is below.  There is enough time left in this day for me to
scratch my head, find some food, and prepare for tomorrows trip north to
Lakewood Washington where another of our heroes will be laid to rest. 
Please come if you can.  Also, remember that there will be Echo Taps at a
national cemetery to you.  I encourage you to go.

I'm including a PayPal Link (if it shows).  You don't have to join
PayPal to make a donation.  Even if it's just a buck, it will help
some.  I have a lot of domains that need to be paid up this month. 
Been too busy. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Mission Report

Part 1 04/26/07 Lincoln City Candle Light Vigil Start: 1400 End: 
2330  Away Time: 9.5 Hrs   205 Miles

Part 2 05/03/07 McMinnville Airport Mission Start: 1030 End: 1530  Away
Time: 5 Hrs  83 Miles

Part 3 05/07/07 Escort Mission Newberg to Lincoln City OR  Start:
1000  End: 1800  Away Time: 8 Hrs  230 Miles.

Part 4 05/08/07 Memorial & Funeral Service Start: 0400  End:
1730  Away Time: 13.5 Hrs 221 Miles.

Total Away Time: 36 Hours  Total Miles: 739

Working at home on photos: 32 Hours.  Total photos for family:
1838  Total Posted For Public: 365

Sgt Michael Vaughan was killed in As Sadah,
Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their location. He died
serving our country. He will not be forgotten here and I hope you take some time
to remember him and all the others that have served and given their all to keep
this country a free nation.


I'm sitting at my favorite morning hangout reading the local papers and drinking go juice to face another long day.

Yesterday I mailed out CD's to some family members of another completed mission.  I normally mail them in a small USPS Priority Mail Box which would run $4.05 a piece.  Yesterday I found out the price went up to $4.60 which is an additional 55 cents. The part that made me angry is my new supply of boxes, they are flimsier and the glue doesn't hold the same and I have to reinforce it with tape.  Maybe I just got a bad batch huh?  I don't think so, I think they decided to reduce quality and jack up the price to get more money. 

I used to be an AT&T devoted fan many years ago until they joined the concept of other phone companies, "Let's see how hard we can screw a customer." Every program I had with AT&T that I liked they discontinued. I had a custom travel cared, even a national 700 and 500 number.  Most of you don't know about those.

The last thing I still had was cell phone service with AT&T until they sold us out and became Cingular Crap.  Cingular Crap wanted more money and made promises..  you know, the promises I always get from people.  Now it looks like all those converted are getting it again, Cingular is now the new AT&T.  F them all!!  Are consumers so stupid they don't see the scams they are doing.  They are not the only ones though.. .-.

Yesterday I had a family rep call me to come shoot a memorial service, I had to let them know I have no means to getting to Arlington VA.  Hey, if I had the means, I'd be all over the place and probably kill myself in the process.  I spend most of the day working on emails again and posted over 100 pics send in by friends, families and others to be added to tribute pages, to give our heroes a face.

As I worked my way through a batch of them, I got to one that was send on the 16th asking for an interview on KXL. I let them know I just got to it and will be available if not at a funeral.  The Coer 'dAlene one is taking place in Arlington.  I have currently one for Nevada and one for Stockton CA on my pending list.

Postcard stamps went up 2 cents.  As I was creating my shipping labels I was going to order 200 of them for $2 but the shipping fee is $1, so I'll try and get some today so I can get the next batch of cards in the mail.

If you can, you should start buying a bunch of FOREVER stamps at current rate and put them away.  The prices are going up again.  Personally, I hope I have a roll when the postal workers have forced the prices up to $1.50 or even $5 a stamp and then  use them.  Wanna bet congress would pass a law invalidating my stamps??

Well, I wanted to B about something else... forgot what it was...  which reminds me... damn global warming, I can't believe my place was in the lower 40's again and I had to scrape in more wood.

I've been threatening my black cat Jole' to trade her in for a goldfish, cause they fuss less.  She rolled her eyes at me, the way cats do.  My gray cat Ela' often gets to the food too late, so sometimes I go find her, pick her up and put her in front of the dish facing the opposite direction.  Boy, if she could talk in English. hahahahaha.

I hope you all have a great week.  It's getting close to 0730 here on the west coast.



War Heroes Project Report 05/23/07

Greetings all.  I'm about to head out for a radio interview to be broadcasted on Memorial Day Monday when everyone is out BBQ'ng of course.  I put together some current stats on my project which you can share with others.

I'm always looking for donations and appreciate every buck, food or gas card I can get my hands on. www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

I have 3 more missions pending.

War Heroes Project Report


3847 Names  (76 Oregon, 79 Washington based on DoD releases)

26,162 JPG Images, 11,365 Htm Pages

Over 150 Missions,  Over 40,440 Miles Traveled (That's over 740 Hours Just Driving) [2,380 Gallons of Fuel]

Created: 031903.com  on 03/17/03 I knew 2 days in advance when it would start and wanted to start logging events.  and IraqWarHeroes.org on 04/07/2003.

Record Visits & Hits:  April 2007  88,818 Visitors and 2,652,468 Hits  Daily Visitor Avg 2960  Hits: 88415

Current (05/22/07) 69,237 Visitors and 2,003,514 Hits.  Daily Avg.: 3010 Visitors, 87109 Hits

From June 1, 2006 to May 22, 2007:  786,873 Visitors   and  24,395,587 Hits

Daily Time Spend answering Emails and posting photos sent in by friends & family and updating sites:  8.2 Hours

Longest away mission:  3 days, San Bruno CA, car broke down 50 miles from cemetery, I got there by Tow Truck to get me off the freeway., Police to get me to a bus headquarters, Bus to get to rail system, Train to get me in the area, and walking the rest of the way and got there 30 minutes before start of service. Then it took me 2 more days to get back home.

Most photographs for a family:  1838


All War Heroes Projects since 05/10/2000:

17 Websites (73 Domains)

23,217 Pages,  34,864 Jpg Images

Over 73,400 Miles Traveled.


Good Evening Everyone!!

Today I spend from 0700 to 1500 in Salem Oregon(e) to witness and photograph the engraving of more names on the Iraqi-Afghanistan War Memorial.  I will have pics once I get done with the last two memorial services.

Memorial Day Is coming up and I encourage everyone to be an influence on another to observe this day to remember our heroes and not just a BBQ or shopping day.

Set an extra place setting to remind all and yourself that someone is missing because they gave their all.  Take the family to a local national cemetery (Or even a local town one) and identify at least 5 that have served this country.

Today's local newspaper was full of advertising, you know, Memorial Day Sale this and that.  If that has to be your thing, consider donating the 'savings' to the Wounded Warriors Project or Soldiers Angels Wounded Program, or find a local chapter that helps our war wounded or PTSD programs..  Help the wounded heal, bring them strength, bring them hope. Let them know you support them.   I DON'T WANT THEM ON MY LIST!!!

You all take care.  I'm wore out.



Good Evening Everyone.

I hope by Memorial Day I'll get caught up with funeral pics.  I have just completed the ones for Sgt Joel Lewis.  Mission report below.  I'll get them burned to CD tonight and in the mail tomorrow and will spend most of the day on the next one.

I hope you have a thoughtful Memorial Day Weekend!!  If you're in the Salem Oregon(e) area on Monday, please come to the Iraq-Afghan War Memorial at 700 Summer St NE, Salem.  The event starts at 1300 (1pm).  I'll be in the neighborhood as early as 0900.

Today I spend some time mowing grass, help relieve some anger, frustration and keep it from growing taller than me.  Well, I got a good chunk done before my system started to fail. My cats took turns sitting in the right window to laugh at me.  Dumb morons don't get it, if I drop dead, nobody might feed them.  Which reminds me, I got a new Will program and should take care of a new one this weekend. You got your wishes on paper??  Backed up your hard drive lately or your digital music collection? Remember to thank a veteran this week??

If you set a place setting for our fallen heroes, please send me a photo.  If you know of a fallen hero, please make a name sign for that seating and send me a photo and I'll post it on that hero's tribute page so others know that someone cared enough to remember them.  Please include your Family name in the email.

You all take care!!  Please help support my efforts. www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .


Mission Report

05/14/07  Escort Mission  Start Time: 0800  End Time: 1717  Total Away Time: 9 Hours 17 Minutes  303 Miles

First Frame: 1132  Last Frame: 1420

05/16/07 Memorial & Funeral  Start Time: 0400  End Time: 1630  Total Away Time: 12 Hours 30 Minutes  338

First Frame: 0709  Last Frame: 1310

At home working on photos: 11.3 Hours  Photos For Family: 611  Photos posted for public: 111

Sgt Joel Lewis was killed in Baqubah, Iraq, of wounds sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle during combat operations.

Sgt Lewis is Canadian born and fought and served in our military as an American Hero. He will not be forgotten.


Good Evening!!

I barely got it done before midnight.  I have posted some pics for the memorial service for Spc Jerome Potter.

Please remember this hero!!

I'll be in Salem tomorrow, among families that have lost a hero.  Send me strength, to be a source of strenth.

Mission Report

May 12, 2007 Escort Mission  Start: 0600  End: 1600  Away Time: 10 Hours  280 Miles

First Frame: 0802  Last Frame: 1235

May 19, 2007 Funeral Service  Start: 0400  End: 1900  Away Time: 15 Hours  280 Miles

First Frame: 0817  Last Frame: 1428

TOTAL Away Time: 25 Hours, Miles Traveled: 560 Miles

At home working photos and posting: 15.2 Hours.  Total Photos for family: 853  Total posted for public: 93

Jerome was killed in Baghdad, Iraq,  when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. He was killed by coward scum in a cowardly manner.

Spc Jerome Potter will not be forgotten here.


I bid you all a thoughtful Memorial Day!!

I will remember!!  I will not forget!!

A little while ago, KXL Radio aired a news interview. This is a MP3 File. Right click on this link and click on Save As and save the sound file before playing it.  Feel free to send the file to others.  www.iraqwarheroes.org/news/kxl052807_0620.mp3 .

I'll be heading to Salem soon.  You all take care!


Greetings Everyone!!

It's going to get pretty warm out here today. I spend most of yesterday working on emails, I have over 400 that have photo attachments. A couple of people have been helping to supply me with more photos for the pages that don't have any yet.

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, Tik Tok Restaurant in Portland had photos of me plastered all over the place and held a fundraiser for me.  Other than the kind passing of the hat a couple times by PGR members at a mission, this was the first time someone did a fund raiser for me. That was really great.  I'm now halfway to replacing my broken laptop.  Thank you Tami!!

Tim King of Salem-News.com caught up with me at the Salem Iraq-Afghanistan War memorial on Memorial Day and included me in his story   Salem, Oregon Honors War Dead on Memorial Day. Tim has a MySpace account here, check out some of his other stuff.  www.myspace.com/timsalemnews and check out his stories from the front. He is still new with MySpace.

As soon as my battery is charged I'm heading out for coffee and then will spend most of the day working on the emails.

On Memorial Day my site was down for almost 2 hours but I had a record number of visitors in one day, 5949 Visitors and 2,071,041 Hits. I have already broken last months highest 88000+ visitors, Last night I was at 94,046 Visitors.  as some of you know, I'm out there constantly promoting the website and reminding people not to forget.

Well, I'm going to head outside and see how the battery is doing and head out. 

I wish you all a Happy Hump Day!!   Remember, if you're riding a bull, you only need to last 8 seconds and the women go wild!.


Well, Sunday is almost gone and I spend most of the weekend trying to catch up on personal stuff.  Most of Saturday I spend training a laptop and today mowing grass and whacking down stuff that's grown pretty tall.

Now I'm preparing myself for a short notice mission up north.  I'm too tired to get anymore emails done, I think I'll take a nap until my cats pester me to feed their lazy butts.  After all these years, you'd figure they cull pull open a lid on a can of food.  I mean, the have no problems opening the cupboard door and slamming it shut to get my attention. Ohh Well.  :)

Hey, I hope your weekend is going OK.  Unfortunately it's been another bad one in the sandbox.  So, take some time and send your support to our men and women in the military and remember those that gave their all and their families.

Last month my site www.IraqWarHeroes.org had 103,274 Visitors and 3,28,1258 Hits.  That's an all time record. Now you can see why I have been so busy.

If you have change, and it's not enough to do anything with it, just send it to me. And yes, I still pick up pennies off the street also and put them to good use.  There are different ways one can help, www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .


I've added more than 500 photos emailed and have my email box at this moment under 40 remaining.  I thought I'd never get that low.

I'll be heading to Ft Lewis on Friday to escort home one of our heroes and then I'll be in that area again on Saturday for his services.

Yesterday I did take a break from the Iraq war Project and worked on a packet that was mailed to me and started to scan in pages of news and a few photos.

Do any of you remember the downing of a helicopter during Operation Just Cause in Panama!  Some parents still don't have clear answers on what happened but at the end it was just blamed on the pilot and most of it just disappeared.

Anyhow, I would like to introduce you to WO Richard T Block who gave his all in service for our country.  I never think it's too late to recognize one of America's finest.  WO Richard T Block R.I.P.


It's 0545 and my head has been pounding since 0237.  I'll be heading out the door in a few and drive to Ft Lewis Washington  to escort home our fallen hero Pfc Hester.  His Memorial/Funeral service will be tomorrow.

I would like to Thank Marilyn & Gary E for making it easier for me to access the internet and work from remote locations.  Finding free Wi-Fi spots isn't always easy.  And Thank you to Peggy C for your gas contribution.  Many Thanks to Brad S and his helpers and Normandi for sending me all the photos that I've been posting lately.  A few hundred over the last few days.

It's 0604 now. I just changed shirts again.  They are all the same color and style pretty much but don't always feel that way.

My cats are fed and one of them is already resting from all the hard work in pestering me this morning and watching me open her can..

Well, gonna get my shoes, pop a couple more aspirin and get on the road.

Thank You Everyone Out There Serving This Great Country (U.S.A.) Of Ours!!

Remember, it's ok to repost any of my bulletins, which in most cases also repeat in my blog here.

I bid you all a great weekend!!!


I was googling around and found a news article that quoted me that I have not seen:  The North Lake Tahoe Bonanza May 27, 2007.

I've also updated my news page, added more article links and put all in chronological order, newest first. www.IraqWarheroes.org/news .

I know this story is getting old, but I would like more comments to be left at the bottom of it. I want to keep it on top of their list. Click here to read it.  The leave comment box is way at the bottom. Remember, OK to forward my postings.  :)

One of my recent posting titled D40.......D200.... people where confused.  It refers to a NIKON Digital SLR Camera Model. Sorry, I forget that some people haven't read past postings or just don't know what the heck I'm talking about.

Know any camera stores that might donate a camera? (Nikon D70, D80 or D200) I've had mine in the shop already at over $300 for the last repair. It's wear and tear. At yesterday's funeral for Army Pfc Charles Hester in Lakewood WA and at Tahoma National in Kent, it froze up 12 times and the day before at Ft Lewis 5 times.
I've tried local camera stores in Portland, but they just laugh at me.

  I've been on over 200 related missions and photographed funerals for more than 150 families in the greater NW. 

My website requires my attention at least 9 hours a day, so I have less time to earn money to replace failing equipment etc.. Last month I had over 103,000 visitors and over 32 million hits. And I don't know how many emails with photos send by family and friends for me to post on their hero's page. I know over the last 7 days it's been at least 600 photos I added by hand.

Any help or useful advise appreciated.  www.iraqwarheroes.org/help 
I will be posting this as a bulletin several times on Monday 05/11/07.

I bit you all a great week!!
Take care!!
PS.  I'm backing up photo images before clearing my camera cards.  I back to a drive and to CD's.   If you value your images, back them up twice.  :)



Yesterday I completed the CD's, labels and package for Spc Potter's mom and it will be mailed this morning.

Today I'll be working on Pfc Hester's memorial pics.

Yesterday I received another DoD release of  NW kid killed in Iraq. I just tore out my Saturday plans and will be heading to Spokane Washington on Saturday.  For me that's about a 7 hour drive each way.

That's It!!  Hope you all have a great Tuesday or at least a better one than last Tuesday. :)


Across I-5 from Ft Lewis at Exit 122 you'll cross the Freedom Bridge and find
a restaurant there called Galloping Gerties and there you will also see a new

King TV 5 from Seattle interviewed me. I just found the
video at https://www.king5.com/video/news-index.html?nvid=151132&shu=1 
. This story is also being aired on cable TV, NW Cable News channel which can be
seen in Idaho, Washington and Oregon(e).  If you know how to capture that
and send me the video, please do.

There was a lot more covered in the interview than what you see of course,
but at least my site is getting out there to remind people of our heroes.

I don't have Dish or cable currently, so I haven't seen it yet; but have had
2 phone calls, 6 emails and 12 msg from people that have seen it.

Salem-News.com will do something on it also tonight or tomorrow.  Which
reminds me, please leave a comment at the bottom of the story you'll find at
this link:  www.salem-news.com/articles/february082007/q_bjk020807.php 
. About 56 comments this week would be nice.  It's easy, FREE and
Painless.  :)


Good Morning Everyone!!

It's 0423 out here. Last week some Sirius radio program said they wanted to chat with me today at 0440 (0740ET).

Yesterday was quite the busy day.  I knew the story on KING TV Seattle was also airing on the Northwest Cable News Channel but what I didn't know, until I read enough emails, it was being seen on the east coast also.  Apparently some program on CNN was running it.

Of course my tired mind was trying to figure out why it managed to run on CNN and not FOX News? I really don't care though as long as the word is getting out that we must remember our heroes and support our troops. It was great that my website got some national mentioning.  

It's now 0453 and I'm done with the on Satellite interview.  You know, to some questions, there are no simple answers. I do know however, that the egg came before the chicken.  You see, the answer is simple, another animal laid a bad egg.

Trying to decide if I should go back to bed or not, was up till 0120.

I hope you all have a great day!!  By now I know I have another friend over there in the sandbox, he was shipped out recently.  So, Randy, if you can see enough through the sand in the air, I bid you and all others there with you a successful mission and safe return.

06/14/07 /2 

Please Remember Today Is Flag Day

That would be the RED, WHITE AND BLUE flag of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

In case you live in a neighborhood where it's no longer politically correct to wave the Stars & Stripes, please click on the link below to be reminded what a beautiful, great flag we have. > Stars & Stripes <


Today is Friday here on the west coast and I finally got done with the photos from my last mission honoring Pfc Hester. 

People keep asking me how I do it.  I don't have an answer for that because I ask myself that question and I know I get overwhelmed trying to get it done.  I need to recharge but haven't figured out how to accomplish that without creating more work for myself.

Today I'm going to start knocking off some emails, I think I'm back logged over 500 now. Will do what I can and then rest because Saturday is coming real early and I'll be driving to Spokane Washington.

On Wednesday the 13th I came upon a car wreck and rollover in the middle of SE Powell & SE 82nd in Portland.  One vehicle on it's side and one vehicle on the back of a flatbed tow truck.  I pulled over and decided to take a few pics and noticed a larger type pick up in the 7-11 parking lot on the corner, and it became evident that the driver of that vehicle was getting a citation.  Looks like the guy that ran the light and set the events in motion didn't get his vehicle damaged but the other two severely damaged.

I continued to shot a few pics and the driver from the rolled over vehicle caught up with me and asked if he could get a few.  I handed him one of my IraqWarHeroes.org cards and told him the website has my contact info.  Anyhow, last night he emailed me, turns out he's a vet that served in the Gulf War. I emailed him 72 pics.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!  Below is my mission report.



Mission Report:

06/08/07 Start 0700  Return 1900  Total Away Time: 12 Hrs.   289 Miles Traveled.  Ft. Lewis Escort Mission.

First Frame: 1234  Last Frame: 1511

06/09/07 Start 0400  Return 1920   Total Away Time 15.3 Hrs  343Miles Traveled   Lakewood & Kent for services.

First Frame: 0712  Last frame:  1410


 At home photo work time: 16.5 Hrs  Photos for Family: 970   Posted for public: 114


Pfc Charles Hester was killed in Baghdad, Iraq, when the vehicle he was in struck an improvised explosive device which was planted by a coward piece of scum.

Charles was 23 when he got killed and leaves behind a wife and a young daughter and many other family members and friends who all should not be left alone to remember him.  We must all not forget this hero!!  Please remember him and the many others that gave their all. PFC Charles B Hester R.I.P. 


Hi All!!

It's 0341 and the rooster has no heartbeat yet, and the bars have stopped serving a staggering following....   yeah early in the morning!

I'm having coffee at my favorite 24 hour watering hole Tik Tok and in a bit I'll be making that long drive to Spokane Washington.

Which reminds me, I still have an old checkbook from Fairchild Credit Union. That reminds me of some interesting day's overseas. :)

If I didn't have pics, people would never believe some of my stories.  :)

Anyhow, I hope you all have a great weekend!!  If you're in the Spokane WA area or closer enough that you're willing, please come out and help honor Sgt Derek E Dehn who gave his life for all of us. Funerals sux, they are depressing, you don't need to go inside if you don't want to but you can come stand in the flag line with or without a flag.  You can even join the Patriot Guard Riders out there. You don't need to look mean and all leathered up or even ride a pig or full size hog. Come as you are, walk, ride, drive, boat, fly and bring a flag (USA Flag, RED WHITE & BLUE) small or large.  :)

I'm a slow typer, I use mainly the bird fingers, hmmm is that why they call it keyboard pecking?  Time has passed, need to get a moving.

You all take care!!! For those in our armed forces, THANK YOU FOR SERVING!!



Good Evening!!

It's Sunday, 1638 out here and I got back a little bit ago. It was one of those mixed trips where briefly I thought I should have just stayed put.

Mission Report:

Start 06/16/07 0400   Stop: 06/17/07 1500  Total Away Time: 35 Hours  Total Miles: 755

First Frame: 1203  Last Frame: 1316  Total Posted:  16 Photos

Army Sgt Datiek E Dehn was killed in Sharkat, Iraq, by an improvised explosive device.

Sgt Dehn will not be forgotten here!!! Please help remember Dariek and all the others that gave all!!! Sgt Dariek Dehn R.I.P.


Good Morning

It's about 0330 now and I'm not sure why I'm up.  My head has been killing me the last few days, and I hope I'll be more funtional today.

Tomorrow morning I'll be driving to Aberdeen WA to honor another of of heroes.  I thinks it's near the coast.  If you're out in that area, please come to pay honors to Pfc Casey Carriker who gave all.  Please remember all that gave all!!!

I've been busy adding pics to the tribute pages and at this point, over 90% have at least one image. I still have a few hundred emails waiting with attachments.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Greetings All!!

It's 0535 and I'll be heading north in a few minutes... well, actually south first far enough to suck down some muddy water before I spin on a dime; destination Aberdeen Washington to honor Pfc. Casey S. Carriker, 20, of Hoquiam WA.

I now have less than 500 emails remaining and maybe by Wednesday I'll be caught up again... then maybe not cause I have another mission pending.

Have you backed up your important stuff on your computer lately? Updated pics on your loved ones? Checked your smoke detector? And most of all.... Thanked a man or woman in our military lately? If you haven't, what's your exuse?

You all take care!!


Yesterday I went to Aberdeen Washington.  I don't think I've been there before and probably won't go back unless it's for another service for one of our heroes.

I thought Aberdeen would be a small caring coastal town but I was wrong.  This town suxs.  The participation of this town to pay any honors, recognition, respect for our fallen hero was 0.  Now, keep in mind that this is from what I saw, and felt.  

I didn't see any fire trucks, cop cars (Other than the 2 or 3 assigned), no signs, marquees, flags etc. etc.

If it weren't for the around 25 strangers coming from out of town as a collective called the Patriot Guard Riders, there wouldn't have been any flags.  (OK, there where 2 or 3 in the flag line that may have come locally. I didn't recognize their faces.).

You know, maybe nobody in that town knew about this hero.  Maybe the way he died wasn't spectacular enough for the people of Aberdeen.  Maybe they forgot that war can suck the life out of you in different ways..  Maybe I'm just tripping.....  Anyhow, I don't know when I'll have pics posted, still need to make another dent into the emails.

I still haven't told you about my Spokane trip.

Well, my plans are changing again.  Another of our heroes is coming home on Monday, so I'll be heading to Ft Lewis WA again and on Saturday is a service in Gig Harbor WA and I have a 3rd mission with no date pending in CA. 

I need more work too, need to keep the lights on. Which reminds me of another annoying thing, why I am being charged a tax on my utilities to help poor people and the second I'm late with paying, those bastards are there to cut me off?  How much poorer do I need to be to qualify for a refund on that tax?

You all have a good weekend!! 


Greetings All!!

I hope your day is off to a good start for a good finish!

I'm ready for a nap.  Tried to rest all night and it wore me out again.

As soon as I'm done with my breakfast and mail run, I'll be spending most of the day working on emails. Less than 500 to go.

After a mission on June 23rd I decided to take a quick detour via Exit 77 off I-5 in Washington.  In case you haven't taken that exit before, there is a museum there and on this day, there was something else.  I shot a few frames along the way.

Yesterday I replaced my headlights, one of them went dead and they all have moisture in them so I replaced all 4 with new ones.  First I went to the AutoZone on 122nd & Glisan in Portland and they had 3 out of 4 and the guy 'helping' me didn't want to help put them in.  Instead of just being straight forward, he made all kinds of faces and excuses.  He did look up to see who would have the 4th and thought that they would probably not be as busy as he was. (I couldn't see what he was talking about). 

So, I drove to the one near Gresham on 163rd & Division. They looked just as busy (NOT) as the last place and I asked the guy if he could help me put them in.  He didn't answer and eventually said something like, "I wonder why they didn't put in any, they are not as busy as we are.".  

On these old cars it is pretty easy if you have both types of screwdrivers required.  One is a Philips and one is a star shaped for the Bessel. I had no trouble helping remove the outside stuff, it's those tight area ones I have problems with because often I have no feelings.  I thanked the guy a few times and when he left, handed him a couple of cards.

You know, people should not advertise that they will help you with simple things if they don't really mean it.  I realize that it's more fun to stock the shelves and be busy that way than helping some guy.  The only thing that was time consuming was all those screws, don't they have those electric thingies that makes that part fast?  Hey, I did spend 90 bucks for headlights you know. (I got the bright ones, I like to be seen at day and see at night).

Thank you everyone out there serving this great country of ours!!!

I would like to see only 1 new law passed...  Every time an elected politician lies or is caught having lied to get elected, he's out within an hour without any severance pay or tax payer paid perks.  I don't care on what side of the political isle you're on, they all have a bunch of lying bastards that don't care about us or our military.  They act nice before election times because there are many voting morons out there that forget all the lies if the latest lie is to do something for them.  (Did that make sense to you?  I hope so)

You all take care out there.  If things work out, in 20 days I should be able to replace my camera and one of the lenses.  If you're looking for ways to help  www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .  It's OK to post a link to my site wherever you want. It's my mission to remind people of our heroes and who they are and any help is appreciated.  Over 95% of the names now have at least 1 photo/face to go with them.  I'm striving for 100%.


I haven't started on my Independence Day message yet.  I have a funeral tomorrow to attend for another of our heroes that helped keep this an Independent Free Nation.
It's easy to dust off the flag in the attic and put it out on the 4th and then focus on the BBQ.  For most Americans, (my opinion) it's not easy to take the time and really think what this day is all about.  We lost a lot of red to achieve this goal and will feel a lot of blue for those continuing to keep it and see a lot of white in the .lily's that cry for our loss.
So, hold your head up proudly, pronounce to the world that you are an American! Look upon the Red, White and Blue with pride and compassion.  Judge a man not by another's words but by your own encounter and interaction and studies!  Yield some of your pride to allow others to think and express freely as you have been.  Remember all of those that have laid down their lives to create this free path of choice. 


Top of the Day to Everyone!

It's almost 0400 and I wonder what I'm doing here.  I should be on a beach somewhere surrounded by beautiful women for the tired  eyes while relaxing to the crashing of the un-rythmatic waves......  DREAM ON!!! (I wonder if that would help my headache.. going on 3 days, I hope it's not one of those long ones.)

I didn't get much accomplished yesterday.  Often when I move the head, it's like the brain slamming against my thick skull and I hear these crackling noises.  I think it may be due to sensitivity, that I can hear all the movements from my neck up.  Dpn't worry, I'm also in the process of adjusting my mood as I type this.

I'll be heading out in a bit to start today's mission to honor SFC Henderson who will be laid to rest in Gig Harbor Washington today.

Monday I'll be heading south.

Yesterday I broke last months record of visitors to www.IraqWarHeroes.org with over 109,000 Visitors and over 3 million hits.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Here is the story by Margie Boule' of the Oregonian.  There are a couple errors in it but it's OK.  VietnamWarHeroes.org is a tribute to Delta 1/5 and others  both living and deceased.

I hope you all have a great Sunday.  I think I'm almost done with my headache (The current one).  Tomorrow I'll be on the road again.  have to get more emails caught up today.  Yesterday my site had an unusual high for a Saturday and I figured out why.  My friends at www.Salem-News.com had over 45,000 visitors and one of my banners is on their front page.  :)

Take care!  America's Q Branch...


Good Morning All!!

It's hot out here.  I hope you all had a good and safe Independence Day yesterday.  I spend most of it, around 14 hours working on emails and finally got to the bottom again with 3 remaining that require a different kind of attention.  I'm still 3 funerals behind in getting those photos done and that will have to wait.

This morning I'll be heading to St. Helens OR for the memorial services of Maj Gregory Young and then I have another pending.

The article in The Oregonian from last Sunday so far yielded 14 emails and 4 phone calls and 5 entries into my Vietnam website guestbook.

It all just reinforces my opinion.

I need to get ready to head out.  I hope you all have a great Thursday!!!


Good Evening/Morning

It's been a very long time since I've had a vacation and a long time, at least 5 years since I've even left the country and as many of you know I relay don't have the time or resources for either. BUT, I had decided to do both on the 7th and the only possible way to accomplish this was to go north across the Canadian border.  

It sounded simple enough... a quick day trip, do a walk, rest over night and head back.

I couldn't save the money needed for the hotel room I had reserved and on the 6th was going to cancel it and noticed that a 48 hour cancellation time was required.  So, on the 6th I posted 3 items on Craig's list at such a low price that I was positive I would sell them that day.  Which I did.  (One of my inside brain segments is still calling me an idiot).

When I returned after selling the 3rd item, and dumping the money into an ATM machine to make sure the hotel is covered, I noticed that the last three on my odometer turned to 777 as I backed into the drive way.  I took this as a positive sign.

Yesterday morning, the 7th, after checking my oil, I headed north.  I had my cheap GPS thingy out because it warns me when I'm driving too fast.   Sometimes you just can't leave town fast enough and you have to be a certain distance before it dawns on you that you are gone and going.

I stopped at a rest stop and was approached by a familiar face and then another, bagpipers from Portland heading north. They wanted to know if I was on my way to another funeral.  Chatted a few minutes and headed on.

About 50 miles from the boarder I decided to fill the gas tank, wasn't sure If I would find a Texaco/Chevron on the way within Canada.  Instead of giving me at least 12 gallons, it stopped at about 5 gallons and acted like my tank was full and wouldn't take more and the needle even jumped to Full.  This was weird. Anyhow I got back on the road and the needle immediately dropped over 1/4 of a tank. I still had plenty to get to destination and back to USA before needing gas again.

As I got closer to the boarder, I noticed on my MIO GPS that the world was coming to an end and I was about to plunge into a sea of blue nothingness.  I was now facing a long line of cars and I waited, waited, creped, waited, waited........

Finally at the boarder I handed the guard my passport and he came back asking why I was going to Canada, if I've ever been there before etc etc., what do I do for a living, noted my PGR sticker and wanted to know who the patriot Guard Riders where etc etc, He then handed me a slip of paper and directed me to the Immigrations Office.

I parked, locked my vehicle and walked into immigrations and got in line.  The woman there wanted to know why I was there, where I was going, where I will be staying, what I am I planning to photograph etc etc.... Do you mind if we do a background check?  I said, "Sure go ahead!".  It will only take a few minutes she said.  I have to admit, it didn't take too long and she then asked if I was bringing any guns into the country.  I told her I left secured in the states. She said, OK, you are cleared to go.  I asked if this was a random thing or if there was a reason.   She said it was kinda random but also because I have a CHL.  (They probably didn't like my garb either).

I finished crossing into Cana-ada (7 letters, see) and tried to find a radio station to listen to as I watched myself drive off land into this blue field on my GPS.  I tuned into a Canadian news station and they where talking about hundreds of container truckers holding some sort of strike and slowing down traffic as they inch their way into downtown Vancouver.  Guess what,  they where using the next 3 roads I needed.  And yes, there where many, many, many trucks.  This part of Canada must have a huge Indian population, cause I saw lots of them, driving trucks.

Most of the day was now shot, I checked into the hotel, grabbed the camera and went for a walk despite already feeling worn out.  I walked a couple hours under the hot sun, shot a few pics and  grabbed some cheap groceries and headed back to the hotel Ate, turned on the news, showered, watched the news and found out a group of Canadian soldiers stationed in Afghanistan got killed.

I woke up several times at night, I could hear people outside 6 floors down, heard people shuffling about in the halls, had to p a couple times from all that water I drank after getting to my room, and there was now light breaking the dim orange sky of this city.

I listened to the radio, they said the south boarder wait time was already at 20 minutes, I wanted to spend the 5 dollar Canadian bill and hit a drive through and grab some breakfast.  That went well, except, there was no onramp for south, so I headed north again until I could find and off ramp with an overpass allowing for south. The radio now said wait time is 40 minutes.

I turned on my GPS and told it to take me home, as the little arrow showed up on a empty blue field, it told me that there are no streets where I currently am.  As I got closer to the boarder, I could see land approaching on the screen.

The wait was 43 minutes. 8 questions, a smile and back across the boarder I was. The rest of the trip was un-eventful until I got home.  Some cardboard I was using to block a window from allowing direct hot sunlight on my refrigerator had dropped off and the fridge was dead and everything inside was melted or warm.  This happened a few hot days ago when I came back from a funeral near Eugene. I think I need to replace my refrigerator. It is running again now.

I then got around to checking my mail and messages to learn that we've lost more from the NW and I have at least 4 missions pending.  I think I'll wait a few more years before attempting another vacation.

I posted a few pics, here is the 1st of 2 sets.

I hope you all have a great week!


Good Morning!!

It's already hot out here and expected to be over 100. I completed last night working the pics of one of 3 funerals I'm behind on.  I have t least 5 services pending over the weekend and don't even have the DoD releases on 2 of them yet.  I'll do the best I can.  I know 2 may be on the same day but too many miles apart.

I'm going to head out for some grub, then buy a bag of ice, shed some attire and hope to get another set of pics done today.

I hope you all stay cool and I wish you a great week!!  Thank you to everyone serving our nations out there!!!


Mission Report:

06/23/07  Start: 0600  Return: 1910  Total Away Time: 13Hrs10Min  Total Miles Traveled: 352

First Frame: 1001  Last Frame: 1502 

Photo Work Time at Home: 7.8 Hours.  Photos posted for Public: 54   Photos for Family: 576

Pfc Carriker died in Kirkuk, Iraq.  He will not be forgotten!! Pfc Casey S Carriker R.I.P.


Canadian 7's Part II & Good News - Photos by Q Madp

Last night Gary and Marilyn gave me a ride to The Dalles OR and within 1 hour was the first time I've left a car dealership feeling like I got a real good deal on a used car.  I upgraded from a 1985 Marquees to a 2002 Buick Century.

A couple of Sunday's ago Margie Boule' did a write up on me.  I did whine because I didn't get a lot of feedback.  I got about 15 emails and 4 phone calls.  One was from a man wanting to know how tall I was because he wants to donate a car so I get better gas mileage and have a newer and more reliable vehicle.

David Griffith who doesn't always read the paper, did read it this time.  He's the owner of Griffith Auto in The Dalles.  When I showed up and my ride hadn't even parked yet, I spotted my car among a bunch of others.  It didn't have my name on it, but it sure called me, and yes, from phone conversations I had some idea of what it would be... but not this.

I expected to just get a used car... yeah but this one was all shiny, cleaned inside and out, detailed, even inside the door hinges it was clean.  Four brand new tires, a fresh oil change and to top it off, they did all the motor vehicle department paperwork.

This is awesome!!!  Better gas mileage and less worries about breaking down and working A.C. .

When I did a quick test drive out there, I took Gary and Marilyn along.  She sat in the back and I looked at her and told her she should feel real special, because she's probably the only one that ever gets to ride in the back seat.  You'll understand if you ever have seen the back seat of my car.  I already have 1/2 of it blocked with stuff.

I feel like my Thank Yous to David is not sufficient, so I'm thinking, I'll send him a written one also.  Any of you that still know how to use a pen and paper and would like to mail him a Thank You note, please msg me for his address.  It isn't just me he helped, he helped my project and that's what it's all about.  Remembering and Honoring our Heroes!!

The content of my Mercury Marquees trunk did fit into the new trunk after I removed 2 extra spare tires (old ones).

I'm going to take some time today and acquaint myself with the car which may see it's first mission as early as today as I await for all the dates and times and locations of at least 4 Oregon Heroes and possibly one in California. 

So, I'm going to gloat for a little while and figure out where I can get the electronic key copied.  Only got one, and when under a certain stress, tend to lock myself out of the car, so I need to have spares.  You would have laughed (If you have a newer car), I couldn't get back into the car cause the key I have won't work, it's for the ignition only, had to use that battery operated thingie.

Anyhow..  I must get going... I hope you all have a great Hump Day!!  Hump Safely!!  Always make sure the undercarriage of your car can clear 15Mph Speed Bumps when doing 17Mph. >Canadian 7's Part II<


Good Morning Everyone!!

Right after I posted my bulletin yesterday, on how I was going to get acquainted with my newer wheels, I was contacted and told a Marine was coming in to Coos bay OR and I had to hit the road which was around 0700 and returned last night around 2200.  Along the way I picked up a PGR Capt that wanted to go and had no way of getting there.  About 30 of them showed up to welcome home and escort from the airport L/Cpl Stacy.

The car did pretty good, except I can't tell how much gas is in the tank.  After the first 247 miles it was still showing a full tank and I doubt that I can do 1000 miles on a tank.  So, that freaks me out a little.  Going to find out how big the tank is, do a Mpg average and see how much I should be able to get per tank mileage average.  I thought it may be an air bubble or something, but even opened the gas cap and pressed down on that metal thing over the whole.  Didn't make a difference.

I have a service call pending this morning which I hope will keep me in food for Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's mission and then there will be another, which I hope they wait a few days.

Feel free to help me www.iraqwarheroes.org/help if you can.

I think it will be a while before I get the other past due sets posted.  I'll try and get one done tonight.  Last night I was just too pooped and stayed up long enough to add more heroes to the list, check some msg and emails.  And it's been warm out.  I need a haircut.

Thanks to everyone that has been mailing in some dough in response to the send me a buck campaign being done by two friends on my myspace list.  So far I'm up to 46 bucks.  $27 already went to replace  a special lens filter.

I hope you all have a great Thursday!!!

Did you thank a Veteran recently??  Go do it....  it's pretty easy...

Don't forget to back up from your computer, notebook, handheld anything you consider is important to you.  You could crash at any time for no apparent reason.  Remember, a hard drive with a 5 year warranty and break down in 6 months and the warranty is good for replacing the physical drive only with a new or refurbished unit and all your photos of Ma & Pa Kettle will be LOST!


Greetings Everyone!!

I've just completed posting a few pics from June 25, 2007 when we welcomed home our hero SFC Chris Henderson.  I don't know when I'll get the memorial pics done but will try to spend a good part of today on it. 

Tomorrow I'll be welcoming home another hero and will travel to Aurora OR and the will go to the memorial service in the afternoon.  This will be for our hero Cpl Michelle Ring.

On Sunday I will be traveling to southern Oregon, Klamath Falls for our hero L/Cpl Juan Schill.

Then, I'm awaiting for flight information for 2 more heroes, so, I'm sure next week will be busy also. I'm still a couple behind.  After I get done with the SFC Henderson pics, I'll try and catch up on emails again.

I got my hair cut last night, wanted to grow it as long as my beard, but can never seem to deal with longer hair.... it gets in my way and collects that much more water when I'm sweating my....

I hope you all have a great weekend!!  Stay Safe!!  Thank A Veteran!!  Update your will!!  Flip a bird at your cat.  (My cats always look at me stupid like when I flip them off. )

Thank you, to those of you that have and are helping me out.  Any help I get goes toward my projects for our heroes.

I'm now 5 hours behind for my coffee run and will go now. I wanted to get these pics done and posted.

Take Care!! >Welcoming Home SFC Chris Henderson


I completed 2 missions today, Honoring our hero Cpl Michelle Ring.  It
went well.  The flag line was great.  I think I'll have some great
shots for her kids to see this day once they grow older to understand what a
great mom they have.

Tomorrow morning at 0300 (Just a few hours from now) I'll be heading to southern Oregon(e) for Spc Schill, then (Just found out a couple hours ago) I'll be doing an escort mission on Monday and another service on Wednesday.

By the time next week is over I'll probably have logged 2,000 miles on my
newer car but it still uses gas, oil, windshield wipers and fluid etc.

If you have emailed me recently, please be patient.  I only got a few
done tonight.  Too damn hot, sweaty and tired.


Ps.  You don't need to ask to post a link to www.IraqWarHeroes.org
on your web sites. Just do it.  Make your own banner if you want or use one
of mine like the one below.  We must remember, and we must remind.


Good Morning Everyone!!

I'm feeling weak and my head hurts.

Yesterday was another very long day.  I spend at least 13 hours driving to and back from Klamath Falls.  Ended up at the wrong cemetery but still made it before the service started.  I'm now gearing up to head out for another mission.

There where 2 news photographers at the funeral for L/Cpl Schill yesterday and they where the perfect examples of why families don't want media. They where total disrespectful A..Holes!!!  Nobody coming to grieve at the open casket was left in peace. They both hovered right in their faces.  One of them chewing gum like a pig.  They didn't heed to the funeral director and it got so bad that the grieving father had to get into their faces and told them to stop.  They both looked at each other like the father had no say. Like "Who is he to tell us..."  you know what I mean.

I stayed way back during this time, didn't want to be accidentally associated with them by others getting pissed off now.  I get mistaken as media enough as it is, just cause my camera doesn't fit into a pocket.  I know that I irritate people at times, especially in a very crowded place because I have to move around but that's different.  Heck, I know just my presence anywhere irritates people.  Should've seen how long it took to get a glass of ice tea on Saturday after a mission and I met up with some riders.

Anyhow, I need to go get some coffee and head south to Corvallis OR for an escort mission welcoming home 2 heroes.

I hope you all have a great day!!  Back up your stuff on your computer.  Change the water in the water bowl more frequently when it's hot out.  I  often drop some ice cubes into the cat's water dish.  Still hoping to see the day when a cube gets stuck to one of their tongues.

Find a military man or women here on myspace and send them a message of why you're grateful that they are serving.

You all take Care!


Good Morning!!

It's just after midnight here on the west coast.  I'll be heading to bed soon for my nap and back 0500 to get ready to head out again.

After completing 4 missions back to back and having a break yesterday, I escaped Portland with a couple of friends and did some shooting at Seaside Oregon(e) which is not far from me.  Here is a set of pics I simply titles A Mother & Daughter.

I hope you all have a great day and please send the rain to Idaho or someplace else that has wild fires burning.  Tomorrows destination is Dallas OR for our hero Cpl Kory Wiens and his 4 legged partner.

You all Take Care!!


Greetings All!!

At yesterday's service for Cpl Wiens and his four legged partner Cooper, 34 Police Dogs (K9'rs), 5 Search & Rescue Dogs and 4 Military Dogs attended.  It rained on and off.  On my way home I heard on the news that we lost another from Washington.

I'm feeling a bit sore today, stepped over something in the parking lot out there while shooting and the foot carrying the weight stepped on a grease spot.  Can't tell wet from slippery I guess.  I went to bed early, my body didn't want to anymore.

Today I'll make another attempt on getting the pics done for Chris Henderson from last month.  Like I said, I'm way behind.  Unless the next funeral comes up really fast, I'm going to take my notebook and hide out in the woods and work on photos there.  I know a good spot where my cell phone doesn't work.

So far I'm up to 86 bucks for the send me a buck campaign. (Someone send me 2 Jackson's for the quick jump).  Out of that I spend around 22 on food on the road the last 4 missions.  www.IraqWarHeroes.org .

I received a long email from that EBayer, just glanced over it, he's blaming his father now (I think). I'll get that posted later and you all can give me your feedback on that.  For me it's very simple, refund ALL the money plus money to ship the garbage back.

Below is part 6 of the Iris Walk in 06.

I hope you all have a great day!!

Thanks to everyone that are behind our troops and showing your support!

I wore out another car flag (Window Mount) .  I can't believe that I can't find an American Made USA Flag for my car that won't wear out after just a couple hundred miles.  The last one was around 15 bucks and it started by tearing off the pole instead of the end edge of the flag.


Greetings Everyone!

I have completed posting 85 of 764 photos for the services of SFC Chris Henderson who got killed by cowards in Afghanistan using IED's.

I'm not doing a mission report. Going to try and get more done.  Miles driven where over 600.

Please take a moment to remember Chris and never forget him and all our other heroes.

Click on the photo in the green area for this set.


PS.  Margie Boule' did a follow up story, I'll have that posted in my NEWS section within the next hour at www.IraqWarHeroes.org .

SFC Chris Henderson R.I.P.


Greetings Everyone!!

I spend most of Friday, Saturday and today trying to catch up on pics and will do multiple postings today.

Please remember all that that served this country of ours!!!

Spc Joseph P Kenny R.I.P.


Welcoming Home & Escorting Home Our Hero Marine L/Cpl Steven Stacy.

Unfortunately I did not make it to his funeral because I was already committed to 2 other missions that same day.  I was honored to be there to bring him home.  He will not be forgotten.   L/Cpl Steven Stacy R.I.P.

PS.  The web site is really busy, so if you can't get to it. Try again later.

Oregon's first military women to be killed in Iraq.  A young mother of 2.  She also will not be forgotten here.

Cpl Michelle R Ring R.I.P.

Another fine outstanding young Marine that gave his all.  Please remember him also. L/Cpl Juan M Garcia-Schill R.I.P.

Good Evening All!!

I just got done posting the pics for the memorial service of Cpl Kory Wiens and his canine partner Sgt Cooper. They got killed together serving this country in Iraq.

This is a first (as far as I know) where a handler and his canine are memorialized and buried together and from what I can tell, neither of the two would have wanted it any other way.

For those of you that don't know this, the dog will always out rank his handler. That's to make sure the human is respectful toward the dog and any mistreatment of the dog can lead to a court martial under USMJ.  I think that's a great idea and assures us all that they are treated properly and with respect especially with the difficult and dangerous tasks at hand for them.

You will notice that there was a large attendance of dogs at this memorial service.

May they both rest in peace and be remembered for the heroes they are!!  

Cpl Kory Wiens and Sgt Cooper R.I.P.


Good Morning!!

If you noticed my bulletins on Sunday, I had posted photos for several missions.  If you didn't notice, most of the bulletins are repeated in my blog here.  You can even subscribe to it and know when something new has been posted.

Yesterday I spend most of the day working on emails.  Last night I noticed a bunch of emails bouncing back from Comcast, Verizon and AOL.  Someone else out there using the same email service provider is spamming and so these three decided to block out everyone using that service.  This always makes me mad, because unless I take the time to look at all bounced mail messages and spam, I never know someone got my email or not.  Using a receipt request means nothing other.

This morning I'm going to label, stamp and mail out a batch of 30 postcards.  Did you get one from me yet?  I always do them in batches of 30 so I don't waste labels and have stamps by the time I fill a sheet again.

Later today I'm going to work on more emails and if caught up, find more stuff to sell and clear out.

I would like to thank everyone currently serving in our armed forces and everyone that has proudly served.  THANK YOU!!

I bid you all a great Tuesday!


Greeting Everyone and Happy Hump Day!

I'll be humping across bumps and potholes on my way to Oak Harbor WA.  I expect to be doing at least 11 hours of driving tomorrow.  It will be a long day.

Didn't get much done today as far as emails.  Met someone I haven't seen since 1999 for coffee in Milwaukie OR and then drove to Troutdale OR for a 2 hour job.

It's after 2200 already, I hope my bedroom has cooled down (Windows open) some so I can get some nightmare time in before the 0500 reality check chime.

I posted 5 new photos on my profile photo album here. This is what I look liked on Friday after hours and hours and hours of working on photos.

Talking photos, I just posted a new set consisting of over 130 images.  The ideal way to look at these images is with an egg timer or backward cooking timer.  Start at 1002 and look at a new image every 5 minutes.  It will take you 11.5 hours.  They may all look the same but they are all different.  If you save them all to your hard drive and flip through them real fast.. you'll see it.

This set is great for all you city or desert folks that don't see trees looking out their windows.

You all take care!!  

11.5 Hours


Greetings Everyone!!

Seems like every time I tried accessing myspace mail or other stuff the last couple days I would get an error message saying it will be down and back up SHORTLY.   I wonder how many minutes there are in a second in Tom's town; cause I'd check back every couple hours and hours, and hours and get the same message, the only thing that would change is the date.  Can't they do this when I'm napping??

On Wednesday I'll be in Twin Falls Idaho for one of our heroes, pending some final information.  I may have to leave Tuesday night.  It's about a 9 hour trip one way for me.  If you're along that route (mostly I-84), toss me a hamburger or two along and some coffee.  

I have someone that will feed my cats.  Some days when I'm gone too long, they get bitchy about the box not being scooped, so Jole' (the black one) has gotten into a new habit of pestering me every time she craps or whizzes into the box wanting it taken care of now.  I should've gotten goldfish.    Some days all these cats want to do is eat, poop, pester me, nap, eat, poop, pester me, nap....... hahahahahaha.  If I think about it, that's really all I want to do some days.

Many emails are still bouncing back, so I've been using a gmail account to reply to emails coming from Comcast, AOL and Verizon.  My email service provider IP is still on the spam list and it's real annoying.

Changes have been made to my hosting service and I lost 3 days of count and 5 days of updates where disappearing into a dark hole, cause they wouldn't show up on the site.  I hope to have all that resolved soon.

It looks like my camera body issues are going to be resolved.  Could still use some special lenses.  I'll have most of my equipment problems taken care of.  I just hope I don't break down any further.  I'm defective enough.

Day before yesterday I spend $160 getting car keys made. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT SH**!! Few  years ago I could get a couple dozen car keys for under $10.  Well, at least now I can stop worrying about locking myself out of my new car. I always carry two sets, cause when a certain stress goes up, I lock my car keys in the car.  Happened last year at a funeral also in Vancouver also. Only had one set on me.  Luckily someone had a wire and someone one else knew how to use it.

Well, that's it for now.  I'm going to drive to Corvallis Oregon(e) in an hour or so and hand deliver a package with CD's. and also get a free lunch.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!  Feel free to use the pics.  If you like what I'm doing put me on your top 8 or add a link to my site www.IraqWarHeroes.org or www.AfghanistanWarHeroes.org or both.

If you're reading this in a bulletin, remember it's OK to forward and it repeats in my blog here.



PS. Please thank at least 1 Soldier, Airman, Marine, Navy, Coast Guard, etc. this weekend for helping to keep our country free!


Greetings Everyone!!

It looks like temporarily I can add friends again and hopefully they will be done soon.  It wasn't just me having the problem but a group of people.  Read note below that I could read on my page but you may not have seen it on yours:

Latest Update:
Jul 30, 10:37 am PDT

hey folks! unfortunately over the last week you've undoubtedly noticed the trouble with the mail on this account. this has only affected users in the 16 million profile range, and that's where your account lies, which is why you're seeing this announcement now. mail will be back on today, for the rest of the day. but tonight at midnight (PST), we'll be running some maintenance on the databases one last time. it should last 8 hours till 8am, Tuesday morning (again PST). after that, the mail problems should be fixed once and for all! so sorry for this inconvenience. I know a lot of you rely on myspace like email!

Weird thing is, I could still receive emails on myspace, just couldn't add friends.

I spend most of today getting more stuff ready in my car for the long trip to Twin Falls Idaho and when I return, I'll have 2 more pending.

%&^*^&^%$$@ !!!!

I'm on CB Channel 17 if you happen to pass me with your rubber ducky.

I will leave early tomorrow and make a detour to Richland Washington where someone has promised me an oil change, which I already need. I will then rest a few hours (part of night) and then Wednesday morning finish the trip to Twin Falls.  If things go early and well, I'll try and head back home the same day.  If not, I'll lay low in Idaho or someplace along the route.

I would like to thank A.B.A.T.E. of Oregon(e) for inviting me to their party and doing a fundraiser for me.  I used that for a car radio, and a couple extreme 2GB memory cards to replace 2 old ones for the camera, cell phone bill and some camera accessories.

Thanks to everyone that has been helping out. If you send me an envelope with a return address, you'll eventually get a postcard from me.  If you don't , let me know.

Today I received a magazine in the mail. (No, not that kind, have you seen the prices of those lately?). It's called GX The Guard Experience and the July 2007 cover has a GI shadowed sitting on a tank with ole' glory on the background.  The main line on the cover is "Why We Are Patriots".   

On the magazine was a stckm note "Sending this magazine to you at the request of Kathleen ....." and as I looked closer, there was a page marker sticky sticking out of the magazine marking page 42. And the first letter there, in the upper left hand corner was submitted by Sgt Moore.  THANK YOU SGT MOORE!!  Thank you for serving!!   Thank you Kathleen for spotting this and having this send to me.

You want to know what it read??  www.gxonline.com .

I'm falling more and more behind on emails again.  Sometimes I just have to try and get other things done also.  I was amazed to even stay awake today.  I've spend too much time fussing with not having access to my site, therefore also not getting all the emails and not being able to ftp in.  I've already uploaded everything to another hosting account as a possible backup but it lacks a lot of tools and option I like.

All those suckers that purchased the Iphone at 500 to 600 bucks.  A lot have been coming back because AT&T is really screwing them.  Wake up people, there was a reason that AT&T switched to Cingular and then back to AT&T.  People are already getting refurbished ones  because certain parts break off quickly.

I read this today: "iPhone Death Watch! Because we care, we have figured out the exact moment your cherished toy's battery will kick the bucket."  (Why didn't you buy a cheap laptop!!)

I'm amazed at what all those damn phones can do, but when, when will they have cell phone that make good communication tools? Clear audible sounds, no scratches and dropped calls and a ring instead of some awful brand theme or other garbage.

I'm sitting here watching Hell's Kitchen (Wish they wouldn't bleep it) and saw an AT&T lie, which set me off a little.  It doesn't pay to be loyal anymore to most companies because they will screw you at every possible opportunity.  It may not be so in your world and I am generalizing.  I could do a whole long blog on that subject.

About 10 years ago I wrote to Satellite TV companies and told them how to counter to damn cable TV ads, claiming how the weather affects your dish viewing and how crappy the pic will be.  I told them to show the public all those satellites that cable companies use to receive their TV before retransmitting it over their cable.  Just recently, I started to see Direct TV ads where they show cable company with all those satellite dishes.  I wonder if I still have those certified mail receipts or if it's past credit time.

OK, enough writing and venting here...

I hope you all have a good week and please remember to let our troops know that you support them!!


Morning All!!!

I'm sitting in Richland WA right now (0739) and will start my last 8 hours to Twin Falls Idaho after some coffee.  I received word that the service has been moved to Thursday the 2nd but I'm too far out to drive all the way back and then out again.  I'll have to kill some time in Twin Falls and after the services tomorrow dead head back because I have another on Saturday morning in Medford Oregon(e). (Sigh).

I did get my oil changed yesterday out here and am going to add some anti-freeze in a bit, doesn't look very full and it's gong to be a warm day.

If you know of a real cheap place to crash in TF, please let me know.  My first destination is near the KMart on Addison Avenue East.  I will be checking msg here again along the way.  And if you're familiar with my site www.IraqWarHeroes.org , there is a Tel on the main page.

I hope you all have a great day!!  Did you check your oil, water, tire pressure and brake fluids lately? Backed up what is important on your computer?



Good Evening!

I'm now in Twin Falls Idaho.  About the same time I got here, there was a massive bridge collapse in Minneapolis that crosses the Mississippi.  It's a mess.

Already they are saying it was not an act of terrorism and yet in the same breath they tell you that they don't know what happened.  What's the deal with that.  The was the fast response in New York recently also if you happen to pay attention.  They may well be right, and I'm just confused which worries me about their fast responses that much more.

Unfortunately at least 1 confirmed death.  I hope there are no more. 

I hope I can get some rest tonight, tomorrow is going to be a very long day.

You all take care!!


Good Morning!!

It's now 0543 my time but here it's 0643. I need to watch that.

The night passed fast with only 5 interruptions and I'm dressed and ready to face the day.

Never use Motel 6 soap for your hair.  It's worse than bad sleep hair in the morning.  :)

I'm drawn to the TV screen.  I've always thought flying is safer than driving over a bridge.  When you fly, chances are pilots don't want to die and do what they can to make sure their plane is safe.  When you cross a bridge, there are too many that don't care anymore.

OK...  I need to get out of here..  find some coffee someplace.

You all take care.  I'll probably be driving straight through after today's mission so I can get ready to head south early Saturday.

Thanks for your help Peggy C.


Top of the day to you all!!

It's 0136 and the drunks haven't even been cut off yet for the night.  Couldn't sleep anymore.  I got back the other night a little after 2200 from my almost 1300 mile round trip to Twin Falls Idaho.  Spend yesterday doing film backups and was hoping to sleep till 0300.

I'll be heading south today to Glendale Oregon(e) to honor Army Spc Daniel Leckel at the Glendale H.S. . At this point I will not be photographing the services.

If you're down in them parts, please come out today; the service starts at 1000.

I'm going to leave in a few minutes and go to my favorite 24 Hour watering hole an suck down my coffee and wonder what the hell I'm doing up so early again.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!  Have you backed up your stuff lately?

Try and do something nice for at least one man or woman serving our fine military today!


Good Morning Everyone!!

I returned Saturday evening from my southern Oregon mission.  Yesterday I spend most of the day watching episodes of Night Stalker with Darren McGavin.  A TV series that ran from 1974-1975.  The other thing I did is trying to capture hummingbirds at a feeder.

I can't tell if it's the same damn bird that kept coming back or if there are different ones.  Those birds can be hard to shoot, they sense any kind of motion and they are gone.  These photos are a bit grainy and probably larger than the birds.

I hope you all have a great week!!

I've just finished posting photo for another mission.  I'm currently 2 or 3 behind and about 600 emails behind with at least 2 more missions pending.  Any support is appreciated even if all you do is spread the word.  www.IraqWarHeroes.org.

Mission Report:

Wednesday 07/25/07 Start: 0500  Stop: 2317  Total Away Time: 18 Hours 17 Minutes.  Miles Traveled: 577

First Frame: 1301  Last Frame: 1728    

At home photo work time: 11.5 Hours.   Posted for public: 100   Total for Family: 717

CPO Wade was killed by enemy action while conducting combat operations in Salah Ad Din Province, Iraq.

Please take some time to help remember Patrick who gave his all serving this country and for each of us.  He will not be forgotten here!!!

Forward this to others, so they may know of this hero, husband, father, son and brother.  CPO Patrick L Wade R.I.P. 


PGR Honor Spc Daniel Leckel

Greetings All!!

I've just posted pics for my mission in Glendale Oregon(e).  It was the most recent and out of order because this was going to be a fast one.

The family had requested no media and I was told via the CAO that they want no photos of the services.  I respect the wishes of the family and went down to Glendale to honor this hero.  I was equipped in case they changed their minds.  I wore my leather vest and had a pocket camera to catch some pics of the PGR honoring our hero.

It was also a frustrating m mission for me, seems like I was the only one willing to honor the families wishes.  I counted art least 4 TV cameras and 5 still cameras.  Even though they where told to stay out, they worked their way into the High School and some even shot through the bushes at the cemetery.

It's those assholes that make it hard for me to let these families know, it's for them what I do.

I just got word that my next mission is in northern Washington on Thursday and 2 others pending.

So, if you're along I-5 and want to feed me....  let me know.

I hope you all have a great day.


Mission Report

August 4, 2007  Start Time: 0200  Stop Time: 1917  Total Away Time: 15 Hours 17 Minutes.  Miles Traveled: 507

First Frame: 0540  Last Frame: 1207   Posted: 61 For All

Spc Daniel A Leckel was killed in Baghdad, Iraq, by enemy small arms fire.  He was 19 years old.

Please remember Daniel and all our other heroes.  Daniel will not be forgotten here!! PGR Honor Spc Daniel Leckel


Greetings Everyone!!

I hope that by tonight I'll be done with the photos from the Twin Falls mission and then get started on my huge backlog of emails.

Last night I went to do a shoot for free food and took along one of my myspace friends.  She had a blast.  I need to get more paying gigs though.  

I think too many things around me have been neglected too long.  I'll start by working on getting a small cube refrigerator so I can save on cat food.  My big fridge doesn't work anymore, hell it's less than 10 years old.  So I can't keep the open food in there and plop it all down on their plates, cause the leftover will go bad either way.

I got distracted, actually started this about 2 hours ago.  I was overheating.

Hey, I hope you all have a great weekend!!   While I was in the Tri-Cities area, I took a few quick snapshots of something I just titled Calories.  Just a few pics.  :)

Take care!!  Please support our troops and remember to be there when they come home, and be there to honor those that have given their all.  Every time a hero is laid to rest, at least 75% of the local town should be there to say thanks and pay honors.  For every one that makes an excuse and can't take an extended lunch break or something, someone else pics up on that and has an excuse also.

Your couple of hours can mean a lot to the family and isn't a mili second of time compared to the time this hero no longer has.

Q   Calories


Good Morning!!!

First I would like to thank Peggy, Beverly and Eric for helping me solve some problems yesterday. Hey Bev, I ended up with 4 of those coffee's yesterday.

It's a little after 0630.  I didn't get up at 0459, so at 0501 Ela' (The grey one) decided to walk on my chest and put her face in mine, making sure I noticed that she was starving to death and about to drop dead..  It's normally Jole' (The evil black one) that I want to kill.   Damn B!!

My refrigerator problem is taken care off. WooHoo!!

PayPal refunded me the initial money from that EBay rip off.  I'm still trying to get the postage refunded. Looks like that isn't going to happen because the father of the seller (who I found out does EBay also) is the one that put him up to it.  I think to screw me, without using his own account.  In his MyProfile, he acts like I was addressing him, not his son:  

"look what some queer republican crossdeer is saying about me now get it here first babys first e-bay newbie shit Another EBay Rip Off July 9, 2007 I bid on a NEW ASRock Motherboard EBay Auction 280129569017"

Click on the text to see the whole About Page of his.  I know what a queer and a republican is,  What the hell is a crossdeer?

I asked the seller if he's going to refund my $8.95 for shipping and his response: "ask my dad ebay user id: pootywango
its his board i dont care if he says yes then yes ill send the money to you

I'll try and update that rip-off page soon I hope. 

A new week is about to start for many of you but for many of our gals and guys, it's just another day in a hot hell called Iraq, Afghanistan and a few other places.  So, please start this week by sending at least a few of them some good wishes, thoughts, and Thank You's.

If you have a kid, spouse, parent serving in the hot zone, or recently returned, PLEASE take the time to familiarize yourself with PTSD.  Consider seriously the changes.  And you know, those serving and returning, consider what the family may have been through without your presence.  IT WILL NEVER, EVER BE THE SAME!! But it can be better.

Every day I hope not to add anyone to my tribute site!  Please make sure that your family, friends or whoever has it in writing what your wishes are in case you die.   That applies to everyone!  Out here in Portland Oregone(e) we just had a car driver shot by road rage, I bet he didn't think he was gonna die that day.

 Not trying to be mr gloom here,  but I see too many families fighting and our hero's not getting their proper respects.

Get some current pics of your loved ones!!!

OK, almost done here,  Check your smoke detector batteries.  Back up what you would cry over if your computer crashed now.

Get a USA (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) car flag (Red, White & Blue) or bicycle flag and remind others, you're an American and proud of it!!  If you can have a football/baseball team flag on your car, you can have a USA flag on your car.  Right???

This ain't a perfect place, but it's my place and it's better than most places.  :)

Wishing you all a great week!!

Here is one mother's reminder.....

PS. For all my new friends here, most of my bulletins repeat in my blog here in case you missed it.  It's OK to use any of my pics I post for the public here (Except the funeral ones, ask specifically please) for personal or business use, but if any generate you some bucks, remember to donate some my way.  It's OK to repost my bulletins to others, like your friends. And it's always OK to ad the link www.IraqWarHeroes.org to any of your pages/sites.  You may even grab my banner.  The more it gets posted, the more people will be reminded not to forget our heroes.  :)  A Mother's Tribute


08/13/07 Update, I?m in Sutherlin Oregon(e)

Last night I made an emergency run to Lincoln City to help out a biker I know with a dead battery.  Got back around 0230 this morning so, now on my way to Talent/Medford OR, I have to take extra breaks.
When I get back tonight, I'll be gearing up to head to northern Washington (Everett) for a service.

Hope your week is off to a good start.


Good (Too early to be morning),

It's 0316, got back late last night from sout6hern Oregon(e) and am now heading to northern Washington to honor Pvt Michael Baloga in Everett Washington.  Hey, if you can, please come out and honor this warrior, hero, son, brother, friend.  Service starts at 1000 at Solie Funeral Home Chapel followed later at Tahoma National in Kent Washington.  Tell your boss you all be closing shop a couple hours and you all go.  Bring flags too if you have any. (USA Flags, RED, WHITE & BLUE).

Damn, 5 minutes already passed,  my head already feeling weird.  I need to go push the petal to the metal and let the white lines guide me out of here.  Don't know when I'll be back, but I'll probably be parked in the shade at a rest stop; napping after the services

You all take care! Q  Vancouver PW Walk Part I


Greetings Everyone!!

I only made it through part of the day yesterday before I malfunctioned and had to lay down a few hours.  If I could only rest in that time also.

It seemed to have taken me forever, but I have finally posted the pics for the Twin Falls mission.  It seemed like only yesterday that I upgraded my wheels to something newer and have already logged 6614 miles for our heroes.

Before I start on the next photos, I'm going to spend a few days working on the emails.  I think, let me look....  864 emails behind right now.  Then I need to work on some postcard requests.

Did you know that if you put me in your top 8, more people will find their way to my website?  Another creative way to help remind people.

I hope you all have a great day!!  Please remember to thank a veteran!!  Support our troops ALL THE WAY.  I'm tired of all these side conditions and fraighty cat answers.  YOU SHOULD SUPPORT ALL OUR TROOPS SERVING OUR COUNTRY (U.S.A., with the Red, White & Blue Flag) HONORABLY IN WHATEVER CAPACITY THEY ARE ASKED TO SERVE IN.

Take care...  gonna munch on some left over pizza and start on emails.  Which reminds me, My favorite pizza joint in Aloha Oregon(e) is shutting down.  Got the news yesterday while I was out in that area getting an oil change. (Thanks Eric).  I'll be there on the last day unless I'm out of town again.



Mission Report

Start: 07/31/07 1100  End: 08/02/07 2200  Total Away Time: 35 Hours  Total Miles Traveled: 1279

First Frame: 0832  Last Frame: 1353   Problems: Wildfire smoke eventually caused a lot of yellow brown haze visible in photos.

At home working on pics: 15.8 Hours.  Posted for Public: 108 pics.  Total pics for family: 906


Pfc Adam Davis was killed in Sarobi District, Afghanistan, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle.  Another of our brave young soldiers killed by the means of cowards using IED's.

At the age of 19, Adam accomplished a lot and gave the most precious gift you can to your country and it's citizens.

Adam will not be forgotten here.  Please remember PFC Davis and all the other heroes.  We must not forget!!  Feel free like all other of my postings to forward this or repost in your blog/bulletin.  To support my missions; visit www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

Pfc Adam J Davis R.I.P.


IraqWarHeroes.org Project Update


Greetings Everyone!!

This weekend I spend most of the time working on my computer. Main drive too full. That's taken care of.  Was up till 0230 working on that and good part of today.  Did you remember to back up stuff you want to keep??

A lot of you know about my tribute site, www.IraqWarHeroes.org aka www.AfghanistanWarHeroes.org  along with several other tribute sites dedicated to 4 other wars.

Many of you don't know that I travel the greater NW and attend the memorial services for our heroes and photograph them for free for the families.  I'm just an amateur photographer using whatever I have available at the time. It's something many don't think about doing but allows the family to look back later to see the many things they missed during their time of grief.  It allows children of heroes, too young to understand now, to see it with open eyes later.

Every time I add a name to the list, I create a page for that hero.  This is not automated. I also hope it's the last one.

I've put together some stats on my IraqWarHeroes.org project.  These don't include the travel and time for the others.

Some Current Stats:

 4152      USA Military Names currently listed.  We must not forget any of them.

  316        Coalition Names.  I don't have good sources for them all.

13070       Htm pages with this website.

31054       JPG Images posted on this website.

  3210       Daily Average of Different Visitors

         9.7   Daily Average Hours working on this project.

46533        Logged miles driven. (Actually around 51,000 Miles)

     846       Logged hours spent driving based at 55Mph.  (Actually around 1030+)

61200        Photos shot and selected for families.

  1400        Hours working on shot photos at home.

  1614         Days of logging AP headers.

   5600        Postcards mailed out.

That's just some of the obvious stuff and it's been over 1615 days now, that's 4.4 years or about 54 months and every where I go, I remind someone to remember.

My website remains non political and non commercial.  If you get bored and like to read a lot: www.IraqWarHeroes.org/about.htm and then www.IraqWarHeroes.org/news/  .

On Monday, if I'm not so damn tired, I'll try and get more emails done.  Only 422 remaining before I'm caught up again.

As with all my bulletins, feel free to share them with others.



Hello All!

Hope your Monday went well.  I spend some time cleaning one of the carpets. Managed to cut a copper tube, fit it with a watchamakalit and a nut and hooked it up to the replacement refrigerator.  It's not leaking... so I think I did it right.  I also replaces that wire screen thing in my kitchen faucet so it doesn't spray me anymore.  It was full of rust.

It rained again today.  That means that the grass that has been nicely turning brown and dying is going to grow again. DAMN!

Ever watch a cat that insists on going into a room you're telling her not to and then halfway across the wet carpet she gives you a dirty look. Stupid B.

I didn't know that the windows in your fireplace doors will blow out after they get old.  Was burning some wood and one of the windows shattered.  I'm glad I was around.  Checked into it and was told when they get old they start breaking.

What is it with all the celebrities getting cheap plea deals.  That bastard with the dogs needs to go away a long time.  Better yet, should be tossed into a den of dogs that people like him have been starving to make mad.  It's sad that there are so many fanatics over these athletes that they are willing to close their eyes and keep their mouth shut as long as they perform for them.  People are always making excuses for these thugs.

Want to bet that referee in the basketball thing is going to be suppressed from revealing the names of all the others that have been pulling the same stunt?

I remember when they prosecuted the last madam, they kept her "list" from being exposed.  The same people that where hanging her where probably on that list also. Too many famous people on the list... that couldn't possibly be doing something bad....  or would wall street have come to a halt??  hahahaha.

I'm watching a rerun of  Malcolm in the Middle.  It cracks me up.  Not as good as married with Children though.  :) (Before Peggy got pregers,)

You all take care.  there are a few sets of the building of the Afghani-Iraqi Freedom Memorial you haven't seen. Today is from Day 51, just a few pics.  I drove down to Salem everyday, except when heading to a funeral to help with this project.  If your city/state has a memorial for Iraq/Afghanistan or operation Iraqi Freedom / Operation Enduring Freedom, please tell me about it and send me a link if there is one.

Take care!!  Ask your friends to get on my list.  My goal is 100,000 by December.

If you're in the NW and need pics, I need to make some dough.  www.letMeShootYou.com .  Winter is coming soon.

Afghan-Iraqi Freedom Memorial Day 51


Good Evening!

It's almost midnight here on the west coast... hell at this rate, it may be by the time I post this.

I've been working on more emails, just not at the rate I'd like to get them done. 

Tried to pick up a waitress, figured after seeing my face a couple years now she wouldn't be scared anymore.. well, I tried.

Got the news that we lost 5 soldiers out of Ft Lewis Washington, 4 where on the helicopter. Don't have names for them yet.

This afternoon I was contacted by someone that served in Iraq with with someone that got killed there in 2006 but wasn't on my list.

I just spent the last hour doing some research and adding this hero.  His name is Sergeant First Class Gregory J Bailey. He served honorably in Iraq and returned to his home in California and resumed his job as a CHP (California Highway Patrol) Officer.


He wasn't on my list because I didn't know about it.  Once you're back home, there are no DoD releases to tell me.  So, I would like to remind all (1st time for some of you) that if you hear (know) of, locally of someone that served in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom, that dies, gets killed etc. after returning home, please let me know.

I know it's over 1.5 years ago that this happened, but please take a moment to remember this hero along with all the others.

We must not forget.  Take care!  Q   SFC Gregory J Bailey R.I.P.


Hi Y'all!!

I'm slowly making progress, less than 350 emails to go (You have to account that each day there are new ones that come in).

I think my web hosting service has been chocking a lot the last few days because the daily average has dropped over 1000 visitors a day.  Guess I need to find a bester hosting company.  One that also doesn't have problems with a bunch of spammers using their service.

A friend pointed me to a site called siteuptime.com and I'll use their free service for a while to monitor the up time of my site.  It does not require me to add code to my site.

I hope you all have a great day!!  Q    Peony Walks in Brooks OR Part II


Greetings Everyone!

It's Friday for many of you, and based on my computer generated clock, it's Friday here also. Now what?

Last night I went out and took the risk of going to downtown Portland to the Ash Street saloon and watch Ruby Red perform.  I was luck to find a parking spot only 2 blocks away and close enough to a main street that it didn't get vandalized.

I took along a friend, and as he was getting out, there was already a smelly drunken bum hanging over the door wanting a quarter.  Perhaps to pay the parking meter huh?

Most of downtown no longer has parking meters, you now have to walk a block and find a working machine that will issue you a slip to tape inside your window.  It's real convenient during the rain seasons here, you get washed up between that thing and your car.

I did take a few snapshots and posted them of the group.  I only used a pop-up flash.  Left cards on all the tables and Ruby, in the middle of her performance, encourage people to take one and check out the site etc.

After I got done downtown, I received a call to do a drive. I'm going to do some night time on call driving for a while to try ands make some money.  I'm used to burning the candle on both ends.

I hope tonight though to get enough rest to travel to Rainier Washington in the morning.  There is a dedication and a parade for one of our fallen heroes happening there.  I'll try and snap a few pics and also hand out my cards along the parade group.

If you're going out there, and want to hand out cards for me, please let me know or see me when I get there.  I'm easy to spot,  I always look out of place hahahaha.

I've started the tedious task of moving my website IraqWarheroes.org to another hosting company. I will try them.  They have a 30 day money back guarantee.  Of course we all know, things don't go wrong till day 31. :)  I am keeping the other service as a backup right now and it's also hosting dozens of other websites and tribute sites of mine.

I did get a few more emails done today; still 381 to go.  New ones arrive every day.  I'm trying to focus on the ones from July.  I can't believe how much work this gets to be.  Sometimes all I can do is look at it and say WT*.  I need energy but am too tired for it.

I've added almost 20 names this morning which included those from the helicopter crash.  Maybe that's what's sucking out my energy. Well, some of it I guess.  

Each name gets typed by me at least 3 times before it's posted online.  It's not the typing, but the first time it's just a persons name, the second time it's the name of a hero that gave their all for us, and by the third time, it's now a son, friend, father, daughter, sister...etc. . Someone of value to many but unfortunately to too few.  Guess that gives me energy to keep it going,  To try and get more people to notice this hero and value him or her.

This weekend I would like everyone to find a military woman or man, and tell them THANK YOU!!  They are all over the place, including myspace.  And if you have a kid, spouse, parent or friend currently serving, wherever, let them know you care.  Hell everyone should do that.  You never know when you or one of them kicks da bucket. 

On the bright side, they found that bastard that killed the little girl guilty and sentenced him to death.  I hope they waste no time doing it. Matter of fact, instead of a tree in Times Square, I'd like to see him light up the city for a brief second or two. Fry you bastard!!!

Hey, I hope you all have a great weekend!!!  Q   Ruby Red


Good Morning!!

It's a little after the rooster hasn't even been born yet 0300.  That was a quick night.

Remind me to yell at a friend later this morning for accidentally calling me right after dozing off after 2 other calls in the night.

My next memorial service mission will be in California, in the area of South bay, Santa Clara and Los Altos (Shouldn't that be Lost Altoids?) as soon as next Friday.  Don't have more details yet.  If you're in that area and know a real cheap place to crash, let me know.

I still need total confirmation, since that is a very long trip. 

Hey, when I talk about all those emails, It's NOT the messages I get here on MySpace. .  I noticed people get that confused.

The emails I'm referring to come to me from family and friends of fallen heroes sending me photographs, links, stories etc. that I manually ad to that hero's tribute page at IraqWarHeroes.org and other tribute sites I have.  Sometimes 1 email contains 1 photo, that email takes 5 to 10 minutes.  Sometimes they contain 20 photos, or multiple.  Sometimes they come in on a CD containing as many as 534 (I think that's the most for 1 at one time) photos.

I can't avoid having to look at the photos and make it even more personal and I have to stop and read the notes that I'm transferring...and... and...  you should get the picture.... It ain't easy!

OK... I need to head out and suck down some java and will be heading to Hawks Prairie off exit 111 in Washington near Olympia for more coffee before heading to rainier.

I reply to 99.8% of the messages received here.  This place is a distraction for me for smiles etc. Take care!  Q


Mission Update - Los Altos California

My next mission will be August 31st 2007 in Los Altos California for one of our fallen heroes.
I expect my drive time to be between 12 and 14 hours each way.
If anyone know of any cheap places to rest in that area, please let me know.
I also have a mission pending for Washington, but no dates yet.
Take Care!!
Ohhhh...  I was at a Jiffy Lube recently for an oil change and one of the filters they pulled out is called a cabin filter and yes it looked a little brown.  I asked how much and was told $49.99.  I think they wanted $29.99 for the engine air filter and didn't ask about the PVC thing.  No thanks!!  Preparing for this long trip I stopped at AutoZone out here and purchased all 3 items they suggested I should replace for a total of $26.37.  The cabin filter was $11.99 made by Bosch and I know that's a good brand.  So, how do they justify the other $38 for the cabin filter?  labor?  they Already removed my filter and will have to stick it back in.
Just a consummer tip.  :)    Now as soon as the car cools, I'll figure out how to put that stuff in.


Salem Walk Part I Photos by Q Madp


Good Morning!!

They have arrested one of the arsonists that set fire in Greece.  It is depressing to see all that damage caused by these terrorists.  Yes, to me they are terrorists.  I was stationed in Greece for a while.  I still have hundreds of strips of negatives shot there that I haven't had the time to scan in not the proper equipment.  I remember photographing those all red flag demonstrations during the visit of my Defense Minister Casper Weinberger.  It was a peaceful crowd though, around 19,000.  Anyhow, those are all old stories. Well, that incident was around the mid 80's.  The ones during late 70's are much better but often much more grusome.

On Saturday morning I headed to Rainier Washington for the Veterans Memorial Park Dedication in honor of our hero Sgt Justin Norton who gave his all in Baghdad Iraq on June 24, 2006.  www.IraqWarHeroes.org/nortonj.htm .

After downing some coffee and water at Tik Tok, I got on I-5 in the mid of dark and near mile marker 10 I was quickly approaching a big black wall and realized it was a truck hauling a container trailer with no lights in the rear. Just a couple of real small reflectors, which appear further away than what they are.  I tried to get the drivers attention by flashing at him, getting in front of him and signaling him. He did have headlights.  At about mile marker 13 I called 911 to report a dangerous vehicle, and while on the phone, I spotted the weight station sign and I told the person on the phone about it and she called ahead to the weight station and I stayed on the line while making sure he took that exit.  Which he did.  And I followed and let the driver know.  As I was leaving, a cop there went to the rear holding a flashlight... the blinkers worked... but no tail lights.   I think especially trucks like that, there should be a lot more reflective stuff in case of electrical failures.  Perhaps even on those containers they haul.

The rest of the ride to exit 111 went pretty smoothly.  I met up with a friend (he was late) at Hawks Prairie who showed up with his new girlfriend.  He looked like he was sniffing fresh grass in spring time.  He purchased some of my post cards, which was nice..

I then headed to Rainier.  Ate a couple of pancakes at the High School, they where having a football fund raiser. 

The parade route was a short but crowd packed couple of blocks and the dedication ceremony went well.  Now, if they could teach the Navy to raise the Navy flag smoothly....  Each military unit flag was raised by someone from that military branch and another person.  I think they gave credit to the Marine for fastest but I actually know that the 2 members of the patriot Guard Riders, raising the POW/MIA flag where the fastest.  I haven't looked at the digital time stamps yet from the photos.  It will be a while before I get to them.

Family of Sgt Norton where there and handed me an envelope which also included a patch with Justiin on it.  I need to find someone that can sow patches onto leather.  There was also a Thank You card, and one of the lines read; "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  The photos you took at our son's funeral are priceless and very much treasured.  We appreciate all that you did and continue to do."

I wasn't around anyone when I got to opening the envelope, which was probably a good thing.  It also included a donation to help me on my project.  Totally unexpected but very appreciated.

I took a different route back so I can make a stop at Galloping Gerties Restaurant at Exit 122, the one with the Billboard.  While there I called a myspace friend and she came by for for a little while before I got on the freeway and headed south.  I gave her a hug and told her to take care of herself.  (I KNOW YOU'RE NOT).  Please!

I got more emails done yesterday and moving my IraqWarHeroes.org website to the new hosting company went fairly smoothly.  I received a couple emails from people who couldn't reach me via the site.  I always appreciate when people let me know that a page is down, or other things that are wrong or missing.

Well, this thing is getting long, and it's time to grab my notebook computer and go have coffee.  I did manage to make it to 9,000 friends and have the screen shot.  Tom's people have been busy cleaning out closed profiles and of course, every now and then my blog will have an opinion of mine where some say, "OMG, how can I quickly delete this guy..."  hahaha..  or something like that.  I'm not a politician, I have more than 3 subjects running through my mind at all times.  I admit, sometimes a one-track mind... depending how cute she is.

I hope you all have a great week!!  Please remember our heroes and send a thank you to our troops.

My days have been getting shorter lately but will try to get as much done as possible.  Am I in your top 8?  Thank You For Helping To Spread The Word!  Got my banner on your page?  An Extra Thank You For reminding People Not To Forget Our Heroes!!

Be Good To Yourself!!  Tease your pets (or kids)  and eat that ice cream cone all by yourself!! Q  Salem Walk Part I


Good Morning!!

I now have just under 200 emails left to get done.  Will try to accomplish that today.

Tomorrow morning I'll be heading south to Alameda California (12 to 13 hour drive), where I found a real cheap place to stay over night.  Then in the morning head the rest of the way to Los Altos California (1 to 2 hour drive) for the funeral of Sgt Tallman after which I'll head north again and towards Coos bay Oregon(e) where I hope to find a cheap place to stay or sleep in my car again and will be attending the memorial services for SFC Alizalde.

It'll be easier to just stay put rather than spend another 8 hours on the road.  So, I'll be on the road for at least 3 days, depending how well I can push myself.

I'm also trying to get ready for winter.  I scraped some real loose paint of some part in front of the house and on one side where the wood is pretty rotten now and put some fresh paint across it.  I hope that will help for a while.  At least it looks better for now at eye level. :)

Another 30 minutes and I'll head out for coffee where I can watch the latest national news.  I pick up Ch12 locally over the air but the only 10% that is news, is repeated constantly.

It's Wednesday!!  happy Hump Day to some of you.  Think about me while I'm humping potholes.

Hey, did you noticed how many people dropped off my friends list here after my little bulletin.  Either they are all Vick fans, and don't care that he abuses animals cause it's a cultural thing, or my tone of disgust with people that abuse animals or Tom was doing more cleaning, removing dead accounts.  :)

No, I didn't get pics of the lunar eclipse.  Couldn't find anyone to go with me. I was too tired to drive far enough to get away from the city lights for some good shots.  Next one is in February I believe.

It's suppose to get around 92F today.  Why can't it just stay between 73-76 and sunny with a few marshmallows in the sky and only rain between 0330 and 0436 ? 

I hope you all have a good one!!  Back up your stuff!!!  I'm contemplating on trying a company that does online backing up, called carbonite.com.  I'll try it when I can afford the $50 yearly price.  I would use them to back up stuff that needs to be backed up, but not stuff that contains personal critical information.  Even though they encrypt everything , someone always has the key other than yourself. But for my web project may be good idea..

Anyhow....  Please remember our heroes!  Support Our Troops!!!!  Q  Salem Walk Part III


I'll be pushing the metal in a few.
I'll be stopping off in Salem, just of Market St exit (Home something) for coffee.
Eugene for junk food.
Ashland for coffee.
Alameda CA to rest.
Friday August 31st, 2007
Los Altos California, Funeral
Coos Bay Oregon (Find a safe rest area)
Saturday September 1, 2007
North Bend, OR,  Funeral
Gresham OR
I did get down to about 30 emails last night.  Shipped off CD's of photos to parents of one of our fallen heroes.
Hope you all have a good weekend!!  Q  www.IraqWarHeroes.org


Update 08/31/07 1536 California Time


I'm sitting at the Flying J in Lodi CA just south of Sacramento being pestered by %^%$^& flies.  It took me over 2 hours to do about 25 Miles.  They have CNN cranked up here and what I'm seeing is T'ng me off.   %% Flies!

The funeral went ok. Only 3 PGR members made it.  Nevertheless, I was happy to see the flags waving in this heat.

Some woman from the media made people mad.  One of the friends of the family aproached me to tell that woman to get a real camera so she doesn't interupt everything.  I told here I didn't know here and she's not with me. She said, "I know she's with the press."

Last night in Alameda was long and hot... not the kind of hot I always hope for, my own sweat kept waking me.  My host told me that I had picked their hotest day of the year to be there.  I was out of there by 0515 hoping to beat the traffic.  Bay bridge had to be avoided also, it was closed.

After I got to Los Altos near the cemetery, couldn't find a plac to plug in and chill.

I'm watching this big clock on the wall here, it didn't move for a long time and all of a sudden it did...  must get on the road again.  Want to get out of this area before it gets dark.

Going to scan some messages here and get going...

Next destination North Bend OR and earlier I got news that another NW hero got killed.  $$%

I hope you all have a good weekend!!  Q


Good Morning!!

At almost midnight, I made it home last night after completing 1683 Miles driving.  Took over 2 hours to drive 25 miles around Sacramento.  Accident after accident. AND IT WAS HOT!! (Thanks for gas Peggy, I know a lot got wasted in that stretch of road.) I'm glad the A/C works in the car.  I feel pooped.  Have no time though, will try and relax a little today while backing my film and charging my batteries.

Tomorrow I have an escort mission for one of our heroes and a memorial service on Wednesday.  This one was literally close to home.  It's not too far away in Washington and this hero's parents probably know me. (I have probably met them before).  They are both riders with the Patriot Guard Riders.  I got all of this while on the road.

A couple of hours into my trip heading south on Thursday, I started to receive phone calls telling me that my sites have been hacked by some extremist Islam group.  I am not kidding, a total of 19 of my sites, when you went to them would pop up with a weird page and address.  I have not seen this and hope someone saved me a copy of the page.  I'm glad that I had already moved IraqWarHeroes.org to a new web hosting company.  Apparently the hackers attacked the servers port 80 and 88(?) causing all page requests to be rerouted to a web site with the word Islam in the address.

That specific problem has been solved, but this morning I noticed that all those sites are down.  I know they where down yesterday again because people call me and tell me.  Other people using that hosting company where also affected.

So, I need to get all my other sites moved.  This is all a real pain in the ***.   I also have a few clients that are unhappy.  Need to move them someplace new.  I had a few attacks last year, but they only crippled me for a few hours.  Life goes on.

Maybe it's just a coincidence they keep attacking whatever company I pay to host my sites.

OK... there is some GOOD news.... I received some camera gear I wanted. I will get more into that later.  Still need a fast lens or two.

I just got a call, need to wrap this up and run.  Hope your new weeks starts of well.  Mine is... well, gone already..

Japanese Garden Stroll Part II


Good Morning!!

As most of you celebrate Labor Day, I'll be heading out to escort another of our KIA's home today.  Services will be on Wednesday in the Vancouver & Portland area.  If you can, please attend.

I'm always looking for help to keep this project going.  www.iraqwarheroes.org/help . (I've updated that page)

It dawned on me yesterday in a parking lot that it's a shame on how easily I can find my car.  I first thought it was cool, I just look for a car with a USA flag sticking up high but as I looked over a lot with many many many cars, I realized what a shame it was that mine was the only one with a USA Flag. (You know, the Stars & Stripes, The Red, White & Blue one).  I saw many other flags.  I don't know what country has a beaver or a duck on their flags.  It's also a shame that I have not found a single company in this country that makes car flags that will last me more than a couple of trips.  I can't drive parade speed all over the place. Geez!!! 

Instead of relaxing yesterday after the long trip conclusion, I worked to get photos done from another mission and I'm uploading them now as I write this.

Pvt Michael Baloga was killed in Muqdadiyah, Iraq, by an improvised explosive device set by cowards.

The 1st Calv did a nice little write-up which you will see on his page.

Pass this around and help others remember Michael.  We must remember all our Heroes!!!

Mission Report:

09/14/07  Start Time: 0300  End Time: 1900  Total Away Time: 16 Hours   Total Miles Traveled: 446

First Frame Shot at: 0634  Last Frame Shot at: 1543

At home photo work time: 8.9 Hrs.  Total pics for family: 485   Total posted for public: 77 Pvt Michael A Baloga R.I.P.


Greetings All!

Yesterday's escort mission went pretty well. 92 Civilian Bikes, 8 Leo Bikes and 7 cages.

All went well except the folks blocking traffic at the airport forgot about the cages.  So, no long escort shots from me. I was way behind and you have to understand the mentality of people going and coming from the airport... how dare they drop a car behind to let someone in.

I am so tired today and my head has been killing me again.  I did managed to mail of 3 sets of CD's for past missions and just finished another set.  Tomorrow I have another mission.

I just posted some photos I shot at the Maj Young's mission on July 5th, 2007.  This set has an American (USA) theme.

For all of you surrounded by other flags... this set will remind you what the greatest flag looks like.

I hope you all have a good week!!

Big Flag in Saint Helens


Hello Every One!!

Yes, a second posting today.  I just got done posting photos for an escort mission from April 2007. I realized I had done the pics and not done the postings of the ones I took.

It was one nasty grey and wet day, but the turnout was good.

I'm still having lots of hosting issues and am slowly trying to migrate sites to a different service.  I know a lot of mail is bouncing back so I'm using a gmail address on my IraqWarHeroes.org site.

My head has settled down again but the temp is too high.  I'm glad I don't have to go too far tomorrow.


I did not put together a mission report.

Pfc Brett Walton was killed in Baghdad, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle.

Brett will not be forgotten here!!!  I covered his escort but unfortunately was already committed to another funeral for another hero when the date for his came up.  I do the best I can.

Please remember him and all others that have served our country proudly. Pfc Brett A Walton RIP


Hi All!!

It's Thursday out here on the west coast. I just completed posting photos from the Aug 31 Los Altos CA mission.  I was told I picked the hottest day of the year to be down there.  well what can I say.  I'll be working on the North bend OR from Sept 1 next.  Then the Vancouver mission from Sept 3rd and then the mission from the 5th.

Yesterday's mission went pretty good. Had 60+ bikes and several cages show up to pay honors.  My next mission will be on the coast again this Saturday in Lincoln City.

Big thanks to Peggy and Hugh in helping me get better camera gear.  I even bought a book to help me learn how to take better pics.  I'm not a pro you know.  My next goal is some faster lenses for indoor shooting. Thanks also to the couple of people that made a coffee and PayPal drop. It made that long trip a little easier.

Los Altos was a long long trip.  Every time I stepped out of the car, I thought I was in some giants oven, and perhaps I was being baked.

I'm glad that I listed to my gut and made that trip.  Not many people attended.  Only 3 PGR members. (I did find out there was a second funeral in the bay area at same time.). No dignitaries from the state of California.  Mostly just family and some friends.

I personally feel that at least a good portion of the local community should show up.  Using the excuse that they don't know the person that gave his all for their freedom just doesn't do it for me.  Maybe I'm too hard huh? Maybe I expect too much from busy Americans that would rather stand in line at a coffee shop.

It's always easy to assume that "Someone will be there" or "Someone else will help", "I'm sure he has lots of friends that will attend." !!

SIGH  maybe I'm just a bit more depressed today. 5 missions back to back hasn't left much time to release.  I'll get over it, cause I need to.

I'm still having site issues and don't know what to do about at the moment.

Sgt Matthew Tallman was 1 of 14 heroes killed in Multaka, Iraq, when their helicopter crashed.  Only 30 years old.  Please help remember him and all the other heroes.

Mission Report

Start: 08/30/07 0500  Stop: 09/01/07 0500  Total Away Time: 48 Hours  Total Miles Traveled: 1413

08/31/07 First Frame:  0904  Last Frame: 1217

Total at home pic work time: 6.2 Hours.  Total pics for Family: 377.  Total posted for public: 102 Sgt Matthew Tallman R.I.P.


Top of the mornin' to u all!

It's Friday out here on the west coast.  I'm going to meet another myfriend person for the first time for coffee.

I'm keeping this bulletin/blog a little light today, perhaps make you chuckle a bit.

I haven't talked about my pussies in a long while and have posted some new pics.

My black one (Jole') likes to get high!!  I'm not talking about climbing on the tallest things in the house (The gray one does that), no, she likes to sniff and I'm glad I keep spray cans out of her reach.

She likes to sniff and lick plastic, glue, like when I got some of those sticky stings to keep the cats from scratching up something, she puts her nose on it, sniffs, pulls her nose of the sticky and makes a weird sneezing sound.

.I'm thinking her mom was probably a crack addict or something. HAHAHA!

Anyhow, her favorite time is laundry time. But not any laundry time, only every few weeks when I do a bleach load.  I would catch her on top of the washer going nuts and I'm not even using a lot of bleach.  Cut way back from the first time I saw this.

The other day I tried to catch some of this but my camera was a distraction.  She's also attracted to pointed lights. Next time I'll try using a remote trigger and tripod to see if I can catch more of it.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!  Remember, if you missed my bulletin, it's probably repeated in my blog here.

Thank you to all the women and men serving in our military proudly!!  Keep up the great job!! Q Laundry High 


Good Morning!!

I'll be heading out in a few for a mission in Tillamook and Lincoln City Oregon.

I have finished the photos for September 1st mission in North Bend & Coos Bay Oregon for Sgt 1st Class Elizalde.

It took till about 0200 to move IraqWarHeroes.org files yet again.  The new service I tried suxs and I hope they give me a refund. I hope to get all the others fixed sometimes this weekend. So, I still have a lot of mail heading to some black hole out there.

I have a lot of domain renewals coming up this month.

I hope to get the photos for Sgt Howard's mission done by Monday night.  We'll see how long today will take.

I hope you all have a good weekend!!


SFC Adriona M Elizalde was killed in Baghdad, Iraq, by an improvised explosive device.  IED's, the preferred weapon of indiscriminate killings by cowards.

Please help remember Adrian and all our other heroes!!!

Mission Report

09/01/07 Start Time: 0500  End Time: 2130  Total away time: 16.5 Hours.  Total miles traveled: 276

First Frame: 1147  Last Frame: 1900

At home working pics time: 11.2 hours.  Total pics for family: 629  Total posted for public: 115 SFC Adrian M Elizalde R.I.P.


Greetings Everyone!!

I made it home late last night from yesterday's mission that took me to Tillamook OR, then Lincoln City, then north on 101.

At a Star Bucks stop along the way, I met another member from my friend's list here.  Well, lets say she met me.  She recognized me.

After she approached me and asked if I was Q, my brain did this British Face ID recognition and placement thing and it kept coming up blank.

I just looked at the comment she left, it was in Warrenton. (I didn't really know where I was at that time.)  It was nice meeting you Susan!!

Today I'm working on pics for last Monday's mission.  I'm hoping to get them done by midnight.  I'm still have some server issues.

In today's fish wrapper, the Oregonian, Margie Boule' did a nice write up about the Patriot Guard Riders.  Go read it.  If you've never been to the Oregon's website, it may ask for zip code and birth year.  I always enter 1904 for the year.  If you like the article, send her an email and tell her so. Her email address is at the bottom of the article, which online is 3 pages.  And if you tell her I send you there, that's OK too.

Anyone in the media that does something positive for our troops and those that support our troops should be praised.  There are so few of them. (In my opinion).

Hope you all have a great week!!  Q

Article Title: LIFE  by Margie Boule'



Good Morning!

It's Monday, September 10, 2007 out here on the west coast of the United States of America!  I like to remind some of you once in a while where we are, cause I know some of you walk out of your homes and don't know where you are anymore.

Do you remember where you where on September 11, 2001 ?  That anniversary is coming up tomorrow.  More from me tomorrow on that.

It's going to get hot out here today, 94F+.  Only 12 more hours before it's evening again.  (sigh)


Last night I posted 2 sets of photos.  Well let's put it this way, The death of Sgt Bryce Howard hit very close to home.  No, I did not know Bryce (I don't think so) but I do know his dad Dean, who I have met many times as he rides with the Patriot Guard Riders.  I only know him to be a nice guy and a veteran..

I followed the usual protocol, I had called the CAO (Casualty Assistant Officer) who didn't know me and relayed to me that he will pass the message along but doesn't think they would be wanting any photos at all.  You see, I didn't recognize Dean's name, I know a lot of faces, but names... Anyhow, I told the CAO that since they are members of the PGR, they probably know who I am.  He called back a few minutes later and told me I had an all clear and then he said, "Thank you for what you do Sir."  That was nice, I think they told him who I am.

I'm starting to ramble....  Anyhow, since the father is with the PGR and attended as both father and PGR, I had him in a lot of the staging pics etc.  So I called him to see how he feels about me including him in the public pics.  He told me that I could use any pics.  I don't intend to use just any, I'm still keeping most of the family pics private for them, but you will see pics of the father, veteran and PGR member.

I posted 2 sets of pics so far, (From Sept 3) the first set is titles, Some of the Face That Care and the other Patriot Guard Riders Welcome Home Sgt Howard.  

I will be posting a mission report when I'm done with the memorial service from Sept 5.

I didn't get to capture all the individual faces that came out to welcome home Sgt Howard and escort him, so it's titled Some of the Faces That Care!

Sorry, didn't get pics of the escort on the road.  Due to a screw up, all the vehicles behind the bikes where not let out by the people blocking the airport traffic.  As you'll see in one of the shots, nothing but other cars blocking me on the freeway.   I was really T'd off.  But I can only do what I can. Some of the Faces That Care


Good Evening Everyone!!

September 11, 2001 is a strong reminder that there are many evil people that hate us.  We must not forget that!!!

There are some new pics of me in my profile album here.  I'll be adding some other pics soon again.

It was another warm day, something I didn't need since I'm already malfunctioning again but I stuck with it and got the last of the Sgt Howard mission pics done.  My deadline was midnight last night, but I had to spend some time on the freeway. I posted 2 more sets of pics.

I have another mission pending again in the NW (Probably the 20th).  I started to plan a Texas mission until I realized it was on the far side.  Maybe someone working for an airline can get me some tickets eh?  That will be the day. I will try and get the latest mission (Tillamook/Lincoln City) photos done next.  I'm still having web issues.  I need some paying gigs, anyone out there???

Hope you all have a good evening!  Please support our troops!!!


Mission Report

09/03/07 Start: 0930  Stop: 1530  Away Time: 6 Hours   Miles Traveled: 23

First Frame: 1004  Last Frame: 1514

09/05/07  Start: 0830  Stop: 1630  Away Time: 8 Hours   Miles Traveled: 41

First Frame:  1043  Last Frame: 1618

Total Away Time: 14 Hours ,  Total Miles Traveled: 64

At home working on photos: 26.5 Hours  Total photos for family: 1597  Total posted for public: 424

Sgt Bryce D Howard was Killed in Jaji, Afghanistan, by an improvised explosive device. Please remember him and all our other heroes.

At ease Sgt Howard!!!  You have served your country honorably!!  I thank you and I will not forget you and the sacrifice you have made for your country.  Thank you Bryce!!  Sgt Bryce D Howard R.I.P.


Good Afternoon/Evening!!

I haven't posted recently.  Been busy trying to get pics done.  This week I've mailed off 6 packages.  The 6th was today for a funeral I shot last January.  They send me a card thanking me for the pics online etc and I think they forgot that I have a bunch of pics for them and got those in the mail, since I now had a mailing address.

I'm currently working on pics for a funeral in Coos Bay recently.  I hope to have them done by midnight Oregon(e) time.  But you never know.  I still have a bunch of postcards I still haven't mailed out yet. (Sigh).  I got another of the emails working and that dumped over 300 emails into my box.

This Saturday I'll be going to Gladstone OR for a POW/MIA ceremony and dedication and then to Vancouver WA for a similar ceremony. I've been given permission at the Gladstone ceremony to hang my banner.  Many people forget that we have in Iraq at least one POW/MIA.  SSgt Keith Maupin who has been a prisoner since 04/09/04 is one of them.  We still have many MIA's and POW's from past wars.

On Monday (17th) I hope to be in Redding California for a funeral then turn around and another funeral in the Damascus OR area on Tuesday (20th).

Anyhow, I have so much to get done that I can't get done but will keep trying.

I hope you all have a good weekend, and take a look around, there may be a POW/MIA ceremony in your area this Saturday.  Please participate if you can.  Hey, I said please....

Take care!



Good Morning!!

For many of you it's Friday and another weekend is approaching quickly.

Gen Hilby served in the Navy. Gene is a Vietnam War Veteran. Gene rode with the Patriot Guard Riders and stood tall for our heroes.

On Saturday, September 8, 2007, many of us stood tall for him.

Gene died of a heart attack while driving a dump truck.  Gene was 60 years old and will be missed by many.Navy, PGR, Steve Hilby R.I.P.


Good Morning!!

School has started in many areas of this country again which means big yellow sardine cans all over the place spilling their goods.  So, watch your driving! 

It's also a good time to get a current snapshot of your critter.  1. Their looks change rapidly. 2. So you can remember when they where cute. 3. In case they get lost.

While you're at it, check your flashlight batteries, smoke detectors and back up your hard drive.  Check your 3 fire extinguisher also that you should have.  (Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom...  OOOOps... I meant Garage)

You see the ads on television... DOES YOUR FAMILY HAVE A PLAN? Well, do you?  If you're scratching your head, you need to get with it.

Please remember Pvt Byron Fouty from Michigan, Spc Alex Jimenez from Massachusetts, and SSgt Keith Maupin of Ohio.

I hope you all have a good weekend!!!  Please thank a veteran!!!


Greetings All!!

Every now and then I'll get a message here from someone deleting me from their list because my postings are too depressing and they don't want to be reminded.

Hell, I can't deny that.  I think what I do is depressing 98% of the time but I also believe that it helps a lot of people and I also strongly believe that we can't forget our heroes.

Just don't read all of my bulletins.

We should always remember our POW's (Prisoners of War) and our MIA's (Missing in Action) and today was a special day to remind us.

I met a few today that where prisoners many many years ago from WWII.  There are many still unaccounted for and every once in a while, in the back pages of the newspaper you may see a report that another has been found and returned home.  It should be front page news, but you know how those USA hating papers are.

Anyhow, at Latus Motors Harley Davidson in Gladstone OR along I-205 they raised the largest known POW/MIA flag today.

It's a 50 footer and several veterans  in a line carried it to the flag pole on their shoulders assisted by 3 POW's from WWII.

I have posted a few pics of the flag raising and also added a few shots from the POW/MIA ceremony in Vancouver WA.  Yes, I attended both.  barely made it to the Vancouver one but got there just before it started.

This is a beautiful, strong, powerful and very emotional flag and I hope someday, every flag pole will fly a POW/MIA flag along with the USA (Stars & Stripes, Red, White and Blue) Flag.

Sorry, I like to remind people of which is our flag. Too many times I go to some places and I see mostly other flags.  that's another rant though.

The photos posted are 640x480.  If there is a pic or two that you would like a larger copy of, send me an email and request it.  Don't know when I'll get to it (573 emails behind currently) but it will happen.  My email address can be found at www.IraqWarHeroes.org .

Sunday night I'll be driving south to California again for a Monday morning memorial service.  If you're along  that stretch and want to feed me......

You all take care, I hope you can see in these photos somewhat of what I felt today.  Q POW/MIA - Not Forgotten!! 


Good Morning!!

It's just a few minutes after midnight, not a mouse is stirring... just the cops and robbers, the night workers, boozers and of course, me.

I'll be heading south in about an hour and may even have a passenger that wants to come along and stand in the flag line down there in Redding California.  I hope it doesn't rain.  It rained here yesterday.

I hope you all have a great new week!!!  Please keep in mind our women and men in the battle zones and all other hot spots.


Good Morning Everyone!!

No, things are not slower here, just been busy preparing for winter.  Monday I had a mission in Redding California and today I have one in Damascus Oregon(e).

Yesterday I spent time working on my fireplace.  I removed the frame thing with the glass that blew out and took it out and found a cheap screen to stand in front of the opening.

Last night the temps already dropped into the low 40's and right now it's 48.  I think that's why my black cat has been so cuddly.  Damn B trying to use me as a heat source.

I'm now in the process of clearing the gas furnace area more so I can see if I can take it apart.  It's over 30 years old and I think the blower unit is retired.  Last time I fired it up, it got real hot and the fan didn't kick on.  I mean, it got real hot.  There should be a safety thing to turn off the flames if the blower don't come on.

It's almost 0630, I need to get ready and get out of here.  Thank you everyone serving this country of ours!!!

I bid you all a great day and weekend ahead.


I'll be around Eugene Oregon(e) today at a river cleanup. I need a change of scenery.
I have 2 more missions pending this coming week. I should have pics for the Redding CA mission posted by midnight tonight.
Wishing You A Great Weekend


Good Afternoon!!

Yesterday I spend some time with a group of people doing some river bank cleanup.  It rained a little on my way to Eugene but then cleared up to be a comfortable day.

Today I spend some time at the Armory and while there I received a phone call from someone wondering why I was not in Prosser Washington. I then spend most of the day finishing up the pics for the Mt. Shasta mission for Cpl Woods.

Tuesday morning I'll be heading to the Yakima area photographing the flag line and probably joining it to pay honors to another of our heroes.

I hope your weekend went well.


Cpl Travis M Woods was killed while conducting combat operations in Northern Helmand province, Afghanistan.  He was a young man of 21 with 3rd Battalion, 1stMarine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force Camp Pendleton, California.

Travis will not be forgotten here!!!!

Mission Report:

Start: 09/17/07 0100  End: 09/17/07: 2030  Total Away Time: 19Hrs 20Min.  Total miles traveled: 781

First frame: 0902  Last frame: 1258

At home working on pics:  8.9 Hours.  Total pics for family: 526   Total posted for public: 89  Cpl Travis M Woods R.I.P.


Good Morning!!

All are sleeping except maybe the early risers on the east coast.

This morning I'll be driving to Grandview Washington to honor one of our heroes.  I received an official request yesterday by the family to do what I do.  

I often get messages asking if I'll be going to Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina etc..  I have no means of getting out there.  I barely make it to the ones I get to.  Now, if someone out there has some serious connections with airlines leaving PDX.... hey, if you can get me there and back, I'd be honored to honor our hero in person.

A friend of mines mom's breast cancer came back after 3 years.  That's bad.  I don't know how my cancer is doing, Don't know if that ads to my feebleness, I've not seen a doctor for over 3 or 4 years now.  They don't treat you for free you know.  They make you fill out hardship papers etc etc and then look at you and tell you you don't qualify.  Well, I shouldn't get started on that.   I'm just a Cipher you know.  A tired ole cipher.

Anyhow, I'm going to go find me some coffee at my favorite 24 hour watering hole.  Gather my courage and hit the road wishing it was the last one but knowing that there is another waiting.

You all take care...

Remember to Thank a Veteran... and please support our women and men serving honorably in our military no-matter where they are deployed.


Good Evening Everyone!!

I spend most of last night and today getting the pics done for Capt Jensen's services and just uploaded them.  I've also already mailed CD's to his wife and also to his parents.

On May 7, 2007, Drew was shot in the neck by a sniper in Iraq and on September 7th, 2007 he died in a hospital in Seattle WA.

Capt Drew Jensen will not be forgotten here and I ask that you remember him and all our other heroes.

Mission Report

Start: 09/20/07 0800  Stop: 1700  Total Away Time: 9 Hours,  Total Miles Traveled: 41 Miles.

First Frame: 0830  Last frame: 1614

At home working on pics: 14.5 Hours  Total For Family: 885 Photos.  Total posted for public: 130 Capt Drew N Jensen R.I.P.


Good Evening Everyone!!

It's hump day and the best I did was drive over 3 speed bumps.  I've been working most of the day to complete photos for Spc Emerson's services in eastern Washington and have just uploaded them.  I was going to mail out the CD's until I realized my latest hosting charges put my checking into the red.  I'll try something else and get them out tomorrow.

There is a commercial playing on TV right now by OldNavy, it's a sweater commercial.  Does anybody know who is singing the song and what the name of it is?  .... Here take my sweater....   Female voice.

Now back to Kitchen Nightmares.  I wish they wouldn't bleep this show.

I'm trying to get caught up with as many pics as possible.  last night I participated in a late escort of a Navy LT from PDX (Portland) to Aloha OR.  Got back around 2230 (1030pm). Was a wet and nasty night.  But mission accomplished.

There are 3 services on Friday but I can only make it to two of them and will be pushing it. There are at least 2 more pending after Friday.

I did not get too many nominations, cause those people in Washington never even bothered to contact me. Well, to be honest, I didn't expect much of it.   Only 6 people told me they submitted a form.

The local news is on now, there is lots of snow coming down already in the mountains.  I know it's been cool outside. Had more hail.  I'm still not ready for winter. Still need to get a new furnace blower for the house and studs for the car.  The studs from the old car won't fit.  I'll try and sell them.

I'm tired.


Spc Emerson died in Ninewah Province, Iraq, of injuries suffered from a non-combat related incident.  This soldier was only 19 years old.  I don't know what the cause of death was.

At ease Spc Emerson!!!   Matthew, you will not be forgotten here!!!

Mission Report

Start: 09/25/07 0330  Back: 09/26/07 0930  Total Away Time: 30 Hours   Total Miles Traveled: 541 Miles

First Frame: 09/25/07 0737  Last Frame: 1715

Time at home working on the pics: 14.6 Hours.  Photos for family: 875   Photos posted for public: 145 Spc Matthew J Emerson R.I.P.


Good Afternoon Everyone!!

On September 30th I went with the Patriot Guard Riders and other Patriots to welcome home our hero Cpl Graham McMahon.

It was one of those nasty rainy and somewhat windy days and yet these men and women rode their bikes, drove their cages to bring him home.

I have just posted some photos of this mission.  His funeral will be tomorrow in Corvallis, OR.  If you can, please come and help honor him and show his family that we do care and we will not forget.

As it looks right now, I have missions on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and 2 pending.

Hey Karen, THANK YOU!!   Without your help today, I would not have gotten the CD's mailed till who knows when.

Hey Falcon!!   Thank you for flying our hero out here!!!

I hope you all have a good weekend!!  If you can read this, go thank a veteran that fights for your right to read whatever you want, even my stuff.  I'm always looking for help.  www.iraqwarheroes.org/help  .

Take care!! Q   Welcoming Home Our Hero Cpl. McMahon 


Good Afternoon!!

Right now I should be in eastern Washington shooting nature and last night I was going to be someplace else also but as things go, everything changes constantly.

I received a very short notice about a soldier coming in to Portland Airport and that he will be escorted to Raymond WA which is about a 2.5 to 3.5 hour drive.  I wanted to go but I really didn't want to and knowing that it was suppose to rain like hell didn't encourage me either.

I knew nothing of this soldier except his rank and name and of course that he was proudly serving our country. (USA).  Those that know me, knew I'd be going.  Got my stuff together and headed for the staging area and drove through a BK drive through for a couple of plain burgers that I could choke down without worrying that their ketchup and stuff ends up on me.

The turnout of Patriot Guard Riders coming to form a flag line was better than expected.  Most of them die-hards that love our troops and do what they can to show their support and honor our fallen.

Only the father seems to be there (as far as family members) and he didn't expect none of this and he was vary happy to see us. (OK, happy doesn't seem like the right word, maybe grateful?)  He was sorry that the mother was not there to see all of this, she would be already in Raymond.  I told him I'd do my best to capture it for her to see later.

At that moment, I knew I was suppose to be here and all my grumbling went away.  It was one of those deep reminders of why I started to do this in the first place 5 years ago.

After the airport, I headed in advance to beat them to Raymond WA, 77 miles on the freeway and 60+ miles on variable speed and sometimes very winding slow roads.  It didn't start to rain till about 28 miles from destination.

After the arrival of the procession, (I think 6 PGR bikes and 4 PGR cars made the whole trip.) and shooting the on goings, I then got to meet the mom.   She was overwhelmed. A few American Patriots made a big difference in this families life on this sad day. And watching each of these Patriots, as the mom hugged them, I knew that they knew, they where suppose to be there.  What can I say, except, I knew I was suppose to be there.

I posted 2 photos in my photo album here under Honoring Our Fallen Heroes which I shot last night and which was a first for me at PDX.  I had to push the photos quite a bit because it was dark.  I hope you like them.   It will be a while before I actually get to the photos, I just looked for these two to share with this posting.

Friday morning I'll be on my way to Nevada and will not make this hero's memorial service because I already have another mission I committed to.

I got home this morning at about 0400 (4am for sleepers). Napped a few hours until my black cat decided I've used her bed long enough.  Damn B!

To see the 2 pics, www.myspace.com/qfocal .  Click on my B/W photo of me, then click on the Honoring Our Fallen Heroes album, then go to the last page.

Take care!!!  we must not forget those that gave their all for our freedom!!!  Please support all of our troops that are serving this nation honorably and proudly!! 


Good Morning All!

It's Thursday here on the west coast of the United States of America.  

Did you hear on the news today what the New York empire state building will start doing??  Maybe it's all just a coincidence.  

I remember when for over 3 years every day you would hear a certain name on the news, then they took away one letter and out of the blue we hear a new name every day for the last year like it's the name of a hero coming to save us.

Maybe I'm just paranoid, linking stuff together that probably have no meaning caused by the lack of sleep and too much wandering of the mind.  It used to be easier when it was just dames on my mind.

If you don't know what I'm babbling about... just don't worry but do remember, "those that give up a piece of their freedom for protection will have neither".  I think I can credit a honorable Marine for that line but don't know who coined it.

Tomorrow morning I'll be heading to Nevada. Reno area and will probably make a slight detour to visit one of my myspace friends that has been a great supporter of my project.

The other day I handed one of my cards to an EMT.  For those that don't know about my little business cards, they only have 2 lines on them: Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away  and  www.iraqWarHeroes.org  .  He looked at the card and said something like; "I think I've been to this site before, do you know who does it?"; I responded that I'm the one.  He looked at me and then quickly said; "It must have been another site I saw".  You know, I wanted to punch him because it reminded me of the day a year ago when I gave the Washington's governors husband (He goes to many of the funerals, she doesn't unless she can gain from it), he looked at the card all excited and asked how many people are involved in this and I said, It's just me.  He said; "Oh", and turned away to move on.  I thought to myself; "FYT".  Not gonna spell it out.

I just uploaded another news clip to YouTube.  This is from December 18, 2004 when I had completed the 29th service for one of our heroes.  KOIN TV Ch6 in Portland did it after having received my cards a few times during previous missions.  The site looks different now, and has many many more names but my dedication is the same if not stronger. https://youtube.com/watch?v=XTS1pHUnHtw  . If you like this video, pass it on.  You can even add it to your page.  If the link doesn't work, search at youtube.com for Iraq War Heroes in the News KOIN TV.

I hope you all have a great upcoming weekend!!  I'll be spending a lot of it on the highways and byways.  I hope to have a new sticker on my car today.  It should be nice if the sign shop does it right and hopefully gets it done.

Take care!!  Shout Out To All The Gals and Guys in the sandbox!!! 


Good Morning Everyone!!

It's Sunday morning in Reno, Nevada.  I'm at the Hotel and will be heading west again in another 8 hours or so.  How man 1c machines can you play for a buck??  Quite a few hahahaha.

My souvenirs will be 4 1c vouchers.

I took a small detour yesterday and met my myspace friend Peggy.  I'm hopping to meet one more before I head out.  I had msgd the wrong phone number.  My spell checker doesn't correct numbers.

I'm watching Fox News and they had a doctor on that was talking about males losing their language and forgeting words etc etc., I still think that is migraine caused.  It would really stink that responsible men that don't produce unwanted children will get punished later in life.

This is my theory though...  if certain migraines pinch off a blood vessel for a certain time, the oxygen being cried is not getting to the destination and deprived cells die.

OK, enough medical stuff.  Thank goodness for spell checkers.

Learn To Burn are some pics I shot in 2005.  Read the words at top of the page to explain what's burning and why.

I hope you all have a great day!!!


Greetings All!!

I returned this morning at 4 from my mission in Nevada.  It was a long, long drive.

On Thursday I received in the mail a matching set of car flags, one POW/MIA and one USA Flag.  I was happy to have both on the car. I paid about $26.65 which included shipping. Normally I buy the USA flag locally for $8 and was hoping this set from flagoncars.com would be a better product.

By the time I reached Reno, the POW/MIA flag was gone. Just an empty white pole and the USA flag already ripping apart at the seam.

I have a few flags from other places also that are worn out, shredded, busted at the seams etc.

Why is there no American company that will make a car flag that will last more than a few days, or in some cases even 1 day?

Is this symbol of America not deserving of better quality or is it just a symbol of selfish profits for the companies making them?  Are these flags even made by Americans in this country?

It crossed my mind that maybe I have to look overseas for a USA flag for my car that is made to last but something is wrong with that picture also.

I complained to the company from where I last purchased flags and here is a response I received a little while ago:

"Thank you for your e-mail. I am sorry to hear about your disappointment in our products. When and if you do find a company that sells better car flags then us. Kindly let me know, so I can buy from them. Once again thank you for your email. 
Kind regards,

He doesn't sound very hopeful that there is such a company.  That's very sad.  Hey, any of those flags will probably survive 20 minutes to 3 hours at 1Mph in a parade route, but not on the road.

I like displaying the USA flag on my car but I can't afford 8 bucks every couple of days or even once a week in case I only do slow local driving.

So, if you know of a company in this country, that has pride and makes good USA flags for cars; please send them this posting or tell me who they are.

On the brighter side today.  Courtesy of G&M, i know have a big reflective sticker on my bumper today.  Red reflective letters with a white reflective boarder.  To see what it looks like, you'll find a pic of it in my profile photos. Honoring our Military related album.

Getting just white letters on your rear window Line 1: "Don't let the Memory Of Them Drift Away" and Line 2 "www.IraqWarHeroes.org" is not very expensive.  Send me a photo if you do it.  :)


Good Morning!!

It's half past 6 and I don't see the sun yet.  Well, considering where I am, I may not see it all day. 

Looks like I'll be in Auburn, and Kent and perhaps even/or Puyallup Washington on Saturday.  I've been cleared for Puyallup for some time but still need to make some calls for Auburn which is a KIA and has priority.

It's cold out here.  Still haven't got my furnace fixed yet but I'm saving electricity by burning my mail instead of shredding it.  :)

I shot a few pics on my Nevada drive and have posted them last night.  It's fall.

Hey, it's a good time to do some back-ups of stuff you like on your computer!!! And if you can, get yourself a huge tarp or two and rope and a few rolls of duct tape (These are not to stick your kids to the wall. Those should be separate rolls.) and flashlight and put someplace accessible in case of a bad storm or rain and your roof or something ends up with a leak.

Later this month is Halloween, then Thanksgiving....  The time of year that's hardest on many families that have someone deployed someplace far far away.  It's also hard on many of those deployed far far away. SO, make it a point to help send out care packages or send stuff to send or donations to groups that do that.  A good source to check out www.americasupportsyou.mil  .  Don't assume that all organizations listed are up and up.  Donate to places that have low overhead expenses.

Of course; if you have change left over,  there is always my project. 100% of anything donated goes to support the project.  I'm always in the red, doing more than I can afford. www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

I just realized it's Hump Day!!  Have Fun!!  Be safe!!  Friday is near!

Take care!!  It's now after 7.  Time to go remote for a while.

Thank you everyone out there serving!!!


Greetings Everyone!!

Today's front page of The Oregonian newspaper in my area has me angry and sad. "VANDALS BURNED HIS FLAG" followed by a photo of L/Cpl Dale Peterson, whose funeral I attended on May 5th, 2007.  The next line reads; "A mindless act destroys a father's honored symbol of the son he lost in Iraq"

You can read the story here: www.oregonlive.com/news/oregonian/index.ssf?/base/news/119267792596220.xml&coll=7  . (Myspace tends to mess up long web addressees so you may need to copy it into your browser's address line) 

You'll probably get a green screen asking for zip code and birth year.  Just use 97286 for zip and 1904 for year.  Even though Gordon Smith (Politician) says he'll replace the flag, I plan to get together with a few PGR  friends and others and present one also and remind the father, that there are those of us that still care. Don't know when this will happen yet, I made the suggestion this morning.

It's a little after 0830 and I've been sitting at a favorite hangout for coffee and a big screen in front of me tuned to a news channel so I can catch up on some stuff the local over the air stations don't show.  It's been raining most of the night.

This year I did make a quick appearance at the G.E.A.R.S. show and have posted a few photos.

This morning I'll be spending about 3 hours on backups, then most of the day on posting photos being mailed in. Still over 450 emails to go with attachments.

I hope you all have a great day!!


Mornin' Ya' All!

It's not even 0400 yet but I'm dressed, yawning and ready to go.  I'll be heading north this morning to honor Sgt Joseph B Milledge, 23, who was killed in Baghdad by an IED.

If you can make it out to Auburn or Kent WA, please do.  Looks like a wet day ahead.  If you can't make it, please keep him in mind today and bid all those going a safe journey.

I hope you all have a great day!


PS. here is another reminder of what our flag looks like.  I shot these a year ago. And yes you may use any of these pics for personal use.  If they bring you dough, send me a cut.  :)  Most of my Bulletins repeat in my blog here.

Looks like next Friday I'll be heading to Chandler Arizona area. I'll be driving.


Greeting Everyone!!

Today is a good day.

The President of the United States of America, George bush presented the Medal of Honor to the parents of Lt Michael Murphy posthumously today.  Lt. Murphy will not be forgotten!!!  www.iraqwarheroes.org/murphym.htm  .  If you find a story about him in your local online newspaper, please send me a link to it.

I made my mail run and headed to a bar for some coffee and watch news.  (They normally switch the channel for me.) I got to watch the presentation on Fox News and stood up during the presenting and also applauded.  Got a few weird looks... but if they don't understand, they can....

Anyhow, in my mail run I received a large vanilla type envelope which included 2 sheets of paper.  I had received a pat on my back from the Washington Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee and department of Veterans Affairs.

Having received it on the same day and almost the same time Lt. Murphy received his MOH, made me feel real good.  The letter is dated October 11, 2007, the certificate is dated November 10th, 2007 and the postal cancellation is dated October 18, 2007, with all those different dates, I managed to receive it Today!!  If Lt Murphy has something to do with that, THANK YOU!!!!

I want to thank everyone that took the time to submit me to the VA Volunteers thing. Click on the link below to read it.

OK, 1 more thing.  A friend of mine, Noah who owns a big pick-up truck, and who I have approached to drive me someplace I knew I could get some free wood, wrote a letter to the Victoria Taft Show about my furnace problem.  One of the shows sponsors is AAA Heating and they will be making a free service call today to see what's wrong with my 30 year old furnace. That's Cool!!  Every time I save money for a service call, or other needed stuff, I'm on the road again or something else be happening.  I better clear the furnace room area.

So, all of you out there, that are helping me someway or another to do what I do for our heroes, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Wishing you all a great day!!! Q  Certificate of Honorable Mention


Good evening All!!

I've been working on photos most of the day and did step out into the sunshine for some coffee.  it's getting close to midnight, I'm trying to get one more set of funeral pics done tonight.

I wanted to share with you an email I just received.  It's one of the reasons I do what I do for the families and gives me the energy to keep at it, no matter how hard it's been getting.

Friday I'll be traveling south on I-5, Then onto _210 etc. with my destination being the Chandler area of Arizona.

I'm still so far behind and hope to get some pics of services posted soon and work on more pics mailed in by family and friends of our heroes...  I think I have around 500 again....

Here is the email.  The donation was a bonus, I'll be able to crash at a couple motels during my trip this weekend instead of the rest stops when needed.


Dear Q,

I want to thank you so much for attending the funeral service for our son, Matthew J Emerson in Grandview, WA on 9/25/07. We have received the disc with all the photos and cannot say enough to thank you for all that you did in preserving the memory of our son. Your dedication to your work in support of our fallen soldiers is to be highly commended. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. That day was very tough for us and there were many things we did not see ? some because we didn't look and some because we couldn't see. You captured so many aspects of that day that are now on record for us to review and remember. God bless you for your work. We have used PayPal and submitted a donation for you in hopes you can continue your work for others.

Saying thanks hardly seems to express our gratitude for providing us with to be cherished forever.

L. J and Ginger Emerson


Hello All!!

It's a little after 0100 (1am) on this Thursday morning in the Pacific Northwest and many of you are probably sleeping.

I had to stay up and get at least 2 sets of mission pics done which have now been posted.

On October 2nd, 2007 I participated in welcoming home our hero Navy Lt Hescock.  it was a wet night at the airport.  On October 7th I attended both memorial service and funeral service.

Out of 873 photos for the family, I've selected and posted 152 for the public.  I'm not writing up a long mission report for this one.

Total miles driven about 60 Miles.  Total Away Time: 13 Hours.  Total Time working on pics: 15.3 Hours.

Lt Hescock died in a helicopter crash, the rest of the people onboard survived because of his action.

Please help remember Lt Hescock along with all our other service members that have given their all for us all.

Posted you'll find 2 sets. The 1st is of the escort mission on the 2nd and the 2nd set of the memorial and funeral service.


Sometime late tonight or early Friday I will start making my long trip south toward Nevada..

I bid you all a better day.  Q   Navy Lt Christian Hescock R.I.P.  


Greeting All!!

I'm sitting at the Flying J on Zachary Ave in Bakersfield CA.  Another 10 hours of driving to go.  

I posted an add on Craiglist before taking off from Gresham and ended up picking up a kid in SW Portland that needs to get to his fiends funeral in Fresno.  Didn't know that was going to add  hours or more to the trip.  Oh well.  I'm spending his 20 bucks now on lunch.  Well, not all of it yet.

Been on the road since around 7pm last night and will take some time out in a bit before finishing the stretch.

I'll be in Chandler Arizona late tonight.

Those that wanted to contact me while I'm out there, remember to call me.  (Number is on my site) Cause I forget.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!  Remember to thank your troops and to support them.

Anyone know how close I'll be to Camp Pendlton before turning east ner LA?

Take care


Greetings All!!

I'm still in Arizona but will start heading north later today.  Going to try the Las Vegas route.  Maybe I'll ge back a little quicker and not spend so much time idling in traffic.

Since I've been on the road, we lost two more from Oregon(e).  One from eastern side of the state.  Looks like another long drive ahead.

I'm visiting some good friends.  They have 5 critters, one of them still crawls, screams and poops. I don't know why women don't wait till the kids are at least 5 years old and programmed before they birth them.

Before I forget, Daylight Savings time is NOT TODDY anymore.  Remember, they screwed with it, it's another 6 weeks away so they can collect more revenue. (You have to burn more lights etc.)

I hope your weekend is been well and bid you a great week ahead!!

Travel Update, Wickenburg AZ 10/28/07 1602

I'm now in Wickenburg Arizona heading N on Hwy 60, destination is Las Vegas Nevada and from there I'll work my way up to Oregone(e). 
I'll be looking for a place to crash in Las Vegas or beyond there. Not gonna do the whole drive in one piece.

Hope you all have a great day!!


Travel Update 10/29/07 Mesquite Nevada

Good Morning All!!!

It's just past midnight and I'm in a city called Mesquite in Nevada.  Since my plans for Las Vegas fell through, I decided to push on and made it this far.  Saw signs for cheap motel, of course that is before taxes and special fees. (Bastards) and NO news channel on the TV.

I left Chandler with more sad news.  Life suxs and I continue on.

On my way, and this way was suppose to be the fast way, I got stuck in the dessert with about 10 miles of cars.  A fast speeding idiot passed a few cars to many.  2 life flight helicopters and 3 ambulances transported people out of that mess.  I wasn't within walking distance but will have some other pics.

Talking other pics, I saw a coyote in the dark and got close with 10 feet and got some pics of it. It didn't seem to mind.

Driving through Las Vegas was a rush.  Too bad I didn't have someone with me.

Well, I need to check mail and go take a nap.

Hope your week goes well.

Travel Update 10/29/07 1501 ?- Utah

Hi All!!

It's warm and smoky or something.  I'm at a Flying J in Utah.  Not quite sure where though.  Still heading north.

If the latest KIA comes in tomorrow, I'll be staying on the east side, if not, I'll be eventually back home.

Don't worry, someone is watching my cats.  They'll be pissed when I get back.  Hmmmmm sometimes I am glad they don't speak English.

Hope you all have a great day!!


Good Evening Everyone!!

I made it back home this morning.  I laid over in Kennewick WA late last night.  Only had 3 more hours of driving to do but I was already pushing it.   Why don't hotels give you a discount if half the night they allow you to stay is already gone?  I did have an interesting encounter.

Friday I'll be near the Idaho boarder in a town called Ontario to escort home one of our heroes and find a place to crash to attend his memorial service on Saturday.

Some of you emailed me to take lots of pics on my trip to and from Arizona.  Hey, that's easier said than done at 80MpH with most of our roads designed so you just can't pull over.  But, I do have pics.  I'll have a series called Over The Dashboard.   I have more mission photos to get to.  If I wasn't so tired all the time, I'd probably get more done.

Talking about tired... please keep my friend Peggy in mind. She been doing real crappy lately.  her MS has been taking on some of the better of her. (Did that make sense?)

Guess what I got in the mail??  Some people call it stinky.  I got 3 blocks of Limburger Cheese. Each block is 2 times the size I get in stores.  Some of you may remember that repeatedly I would buy the cheese and find it to be bad. This time after sending pics etc to the cheese company also, after a couple months they send me some product and apologized.  Fred Meyer never did anything except refunding the money and snarling my way.  Wanna smell my breath? I'm craving some other weird stuff too...  Ever tried bloodwurst or headcheese?  Safeway used to carry that too.  Long time ago.  Sometimes I think they go out of their way to remove all the weird stuff I like.

As soon as my dryer is done, I'm heading out for air.  I hope your day went well!!

Thank you everyone serving out there!!!  You're on my mind, ....especially the cute Air Force gals.  :)

Take Care!!


I hope these bastards have to pay all. Lose all  their land, homes, cars, computers... everything and then get booted out of this country!!!

I've run into this hate group a few times.  Here is one of the times: www.letmeshootyou.org/093005p/ 
Kansas church liable in Marine funeral protest
Wed Oct 31, 2007 7:24pm EDT

By Jon Hurdle

BALTIMORE (Reuters) - A jury on Wednesday ordered an anti-gay Kansas church to pay $10.9 million in damages to relatives of a U.S. Marine who died in Iraq after church members cheered his death at his funeral.

Church members said Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder's death was God's punishment of America for tolerating homosexuality, and they attended his 2006 funeral in Maryland with signs saying "You're going to hell" and "God hates you."

Click here for complete story: www.reuters.com/article/domesticNews/idUSN3134225120071031


Greetings Everyone!!

I think the last few days have been a bit hard on my body.  I feel like weird crap today.  I think having been worrying about some friends hasn't helped.  They are an older couple and I haven't been able to contact them for a few days now.  I normally know if they are out of town.  I got hold of someone else out there to do some checking for me. They had taken off for the coast.

I've been invited to attend the Veterans Ball Friday, November 16 to receive an award. "You have just been selected by our board to receive our new OWVA Citizenship Award, along with Congresswoman Hooley, and four other Oregon lawmakers."   I don't know how to handle that yet.  It will draw (I hope) more attention to our heroes that gave their all.

I'm not a people person and am not a good person to represent myself.  I also realize that more people need to see my mug if that will help find more help.

I wrote a letter to Men's Warehouse to see if they will let me borrow an all black suit. They want people to be in semi/formal.

I've got a motel room booked and will be heading east again in the morning.  Hell, I haven't planned it out yet to see how early I need to leave.  Like I said, I'm feeling weirdly crappy today, so much is in slow motion.  Maybe I'll get a haircut.

I've posted a couple more snapshots of Fall.  Haven't even started on the more recent stuff.  I'm still so far behind.

I hope you all have a great day!!

Travel Update 11/01/07 1524

Hi All!!

I spoke to the mother of our hero a little while ago and have an all clear.

She's pretty upset. Well of course she is.  Whenever I talk to parents, the kid becomes more personal.  It is all personal for me, but a sheet of paper, even rice paper in between.... never mind...   some of you may know what I'm getting at.

I need to break out of it and get my stuff together.  I already forgot how far Boise is and I just went through there a couple days ago.

Gotta finish a load of laundry, take a shower and start the drive.  Ohh yeah, I'll get dressed first.

If you're in the area of Fruitland Idaho on Saturday, PLEASE come and honor our hero Sgt Joshua Brennan. Service is at 1100.  If you want to join the flag line, be there by 1020 at the Corpus Christi Church. Bring a USA flag (Red, White, Blue) if you have one.

Take Care

Travel Update 11/01/07 2142 La Grande, OR

I'm in La Grande OR now having some coffee.  Looks like I don't need to drive all the way. I'll be driving my car to a residence just inside Idaho and will ride with someone so I can get better photos of the escort mission.  Will also save me some gas and driving fatique.
I'll be spending Friday night in Ontario OR.  I'll be updating you again.  Drive has been smooth sofar.  Lots of chatty truckers out tonight.

Take Care


Travel Update 11/02/07 0510 Fruitland Idaho

Well, I napped about 2 hours.  Just updated the site with 5 more names.  I'll be glad when that stops.
I'll be on the road again in just a few minutes.
Hope you all have a great weekend!


Good Morning!!

It's after 5am my time and just got done doing some updates.  I think I got up around 4.

Yesterday's mission went well. There where familiar faces on the Air Base in Boise Idaho which made it quickly easy for me.  :). Nobody shot me while I was running around on the tarmac. 

Our hero received a nice welcome and was then escorted to the funeral home in  and a couple hours later escorted to the church and 3 hours later there was a viewing/vigil.  This morning will be the service at 1100 and after it's done, I'll start heading west again.

I'm not sure if I'm in Idaho or Oregon right now, I crossed the boarder 10 or 12 times yesterday between Ontario OR and Fruitland ID.  The phone book says Ontario/Payette servomg Southwest Idaho & Eastern Oregon. (A lot of help that was huh?)  Think the hotel is in Oregone(e).

Hope you all have a great weekend!!   Please remember to thank a veteran!!

Travel Update 11/03/07 1506 Baker City OR


It's 1441, almost 3pm and I'm on the road again sitting at a McDonald in Baker City Oregon(e) watching some kids that should be in school. There's a blond haired kid, blue sweat hood top and black cap that I can see getting into lots of trouble before turning into total scum to society. I just see it in his eyes and the fact he has o turn his head way too often for a kid his age.  Just an observation.


 It's this weekend (Sunday) that we change time again.

Today's service in Fruitland Idaho for Sgt Brennan went well. I did pretty good until I met the mom at the end.

I'm trying to settle a bit before I get on the road again in a few minutes, don't know where my next stop will be. If you got a suggestion, just call me.  Don't ask for me, just talk or I'll think you're a solicitor or something and hang up.  My number is posted on my website.

I was about to close this  and remembered something I wanted to share...

I spoke to a retired cop..  He told me about his grandfather that served in WWII and is still fighting in the war.  He told me how he never understood why his grandfather would sit in front of the TV and not move for a long time... he didn't understand.... Until he realized what war has done to him...   He thanked me for what I was doing to remind people, to inform people.

There was another man that approached me and asked for my card, he looked at it and looked at me and said, "It's too bad that most people won't understand this".  I told him I'm trying trying to remind people and bring it out there.

And I do try..


Good Evening Everyone!!

I was going to stay home and just chill today, but while out having coffee earlier today, someone asked if I was going to Washington to participate in the Veterans Memorial Highway Drive.  I said no 3 times and then went. There was a huge turn out of bikes and cars.  They started at the beginning of the Freeway, I-205 and headed to the end of it and then over to the Korean War Memorial.

I have to admit I wasn't with all of it; got detoured to another matter.

Later I went to Troutdale OR Flying J to meet up with someone passing through and had lunch with them. Friends from A.C.E.S. .

I'm surrounded by piles of work, related to my IraqWarHeroes.org project.  So, I'm trying to get that organized while also trying to get pics done for some of the recent services.  I'm about 800 emails in the rear now. (792 to be precise). I hope I attended the last funerals.  I always hope that.

Well, I worked on it and have the pics posted for Cpl Diaz memorial service.  I did not attend the funeral that followed, because I was already committed to services for another hero a couple hours south but wanted to at least get the memorial service.

Cpl Diaz sister handed out purple wrist bands with the words "Wild & Free" to everyone attending.  Purple is the favorite color of Cpl Diaz and Wild & Free was her motto.  the sister also got to ride with cabbie, one of the PGR bikers that attended.  At some points, I had a hard time telling who was more affected, the big bad biker or the very strong young lady. (Well, he does look like a gentle bear).

I hope your new week goes well.  Please take a moment to remember Cpl Julia Diaz.  A young lady that joined to serve this country and to protect the freedoms of its citizens!! Q PS.  Thank you Rick E for the quick spreadsheet. Army Strong should be Army Fast!! Cpl Julia A Diaz R.I.P.


Good Morning Everyone!!

It's Monday on the west coast of the United States of America.  It's cool and foggy out and almost 0600.  I've completed another set of pics.

Hey, Charley Pride is going to be in Lincoln City on the 9th and 10th at the Chinook Winds Casino.  I think I know most of his songs by heart.  The first time I heard him it was on 8-Track tape.  All of you under 100, may not know what that was.  I think I need a new 8-track player, mine is getting weird.  It's sitting right under my reel-to-reel player and my record player.  :)  Stacking 45's and watching them drop to a song is nice.

I'm going to spend most of today trying to get more pics done; after my java hour of course.  I hope to have some work tomorrow morning. Replacing a motherboard in a system.

Thank you to all you veterans that are and have served and thanks to all of you supporting them and standing behind our troops serving theis nation honorably!!

Please tell all your friends about www.IraqWarHeroes.org and help remind them of our heroes.



Cpl Graham McMahon from Corvallis Oregon died in Balad, Iraq.  I don't know the cause.  He was with the 9th Infantry Regiment out of Ft. Lewis WA.  He will not be forgotten!!   Thank you for your service Graham!!   At ease Cpl McMahon!

Mission Report

09/30/07 Escort Mission  Start: 0700  End: 1700  Away Time: 10 Hours.  Miles Traveled: 207

First Frame Shot: 1006  Last Frame Shot: 1357

10/05/07 Memorial Mission  Start: 1300 End: 2230  Away Time: 9 Hours 30 Minutes.  Miles Traveled: 287

First Frame Shot: 1620   Last frame Shot: 1848

Total Away Time: 19.5Hrs.  Total Miles: 494

Photo work time at home:  12Hrs  Total pics for family: 614  Total posted for public: 174  Cpl Graham M McMahon R.I.P. 

Greetings All!!

I've just finished another set. Not too many pics in this set.  It was
mostly dark out during this welcome home and escort mission.

Sgt Tidwell served 2 tours in Iraq and was killed in a motorcycle accident
stateside. Please remember this hero for serving our country.

I just got news that we have another KIA from Washington State.

Be sure to read my blog here if you're not getting all my bulletins.

Have you ever seen the business cards that I hand out? Below is a pic. That's
all it says on the card.  I tell people if they want contact info, they
should visit my website.  save this photo and if you like use it as your
default pic on November 11th.  Also, if you would like to purchase these
cards and hand them out in your area, let me know.  I leave these cards
everywhere I go. (Photo is larger than the business size card it is.)

Mission Report

Escort from Portland National Airport in Oregon to Raymond Washington.

Start: 10/09/07 1600  Stop: 10/10/07 0400  Total away Time: 12
Hours. Total Miles Traveled: 302

At home working on photos: 3 Hours.  Total for family 161 pics. 
Posted for public: 78 Sgt Jonathan M Tidwell R.I.P. 


Hi All!!!

It's Hump Day!!   Happy Humping!!  Please do it safely and use your parking brakes.

Yesterday's escort mission of  Marine PFC Shane Ellis from Portland OR to Kaizer (Salem) OR went pretty smoothly. Considering the very short notice which came out the night before, there where at least 20 bikes that showed up.

I was suppose to be someplace else and t'd off some people, but hey, what are they gonna do?  Put me out of my misery?  I warn everyone that there are priorities.

Today I'm going to be working on pics again.  I now have 3 more missions pending.  

To all Veterans out there, THANK YOU!!

Hey, did you back up your important stuff on your hard drive lately?  Checked your smoke detector batteries? Your fire extinguisher? Pleanty of duct tape and tarp?  Food that last a long time that you don't like (so you don't eat it up every time you don't feel like shopping) , as emergency food?  And do the people that you care for know in writing your wishes in case you drop dead after reading this?  Instead of a big box of chocolates, buy yourself a cheap will kit software.  :)  And you should have current pics, in case you get lost in the post office.

I have a new photo album here.  If you put my 2 lines on your rig/car/baby stroller/blackhawk...  Send me a pic of it.

You all be good!!!  Freedom is never free, someone out there is always paying the price.


Top Of the Mornin' To You All!!

It's fogy out here and haven't heard or spotted any ghost ships.  Locals out here probably keep them scared away with all their politicking.

I've been too sweet a guy last few months and finally have some drugs that I hope will put a stop to it. With the suggestions of some friends here, and persistent nagging of another, I have a 1 year prescription and can fill it at WalMart for only 4 bucks.  Now all I need is radiation for 4 bucks a pop and I'd be set for a spell.

maybe that will help cure some of that extra tiredness I've been having.  bad enough being tired, but being tired on top of that makes it for very long days trying to accomplish stuff.

November 11 is the 315th day of the year unless there are frogs involved.  Rethondes, France, November 11, 1918 a cease fire agreement was signed to end WWI which was later known as Armistice Day in the USA and Britain.  After bloody WWII the day was recognized as a holiday, a tribute day to veterans of both wars.  Later in 1954, the USA designated November 11 as Veterans Day to honor veterans of all U.S. wars.

I don't know where or what I'll be doing on veterans day, but you can be sure it will be something to honor our Veterans. 

I stayed up long enough to complete another set of pics and also hope to get them mailed off today.

He is Army Sgt Joseph Milledge Jr and he was killed in Baghdad when an improvised explosive device detonated near their unit during combat operations.  Another fine young man killed by cowards

Please take some time to remember him and all the others that gave their all for this great country of ours!! Joseph, you will not be forgotten here!!

If you miss my bulletin, check my blog here.

I wish you all a good day.  Please also remember all of our veterans that never made it home!!!

Mission Report

10/20/07  Start Time: 0430  Stop Time: 1900  Total Away Time: 15.5 Hours.  Total Miles Traveled: 372 Miles

First Frame Shot: 0535  Last frame Shot: 1351

Time working on pics at home: 11.9 Hours.  Total pics for family: 711   Total posted for public: 110 Sgt Joseph Milledge Sr R.I.P. 


Good Morning!!!

Well, I have 4 new sets of pics online.  These where shot during my Arizona trip.  the first set is not too exiting for some but others may like them.

Today is the memorial service for Spc Shane Ellis and it will take place in Keizer OR at the Keizer Funeral Chapel at 1400.  If you can, please come out and pay honors maybe even join the flag line.  It means a lot to parents to see that there are some of us that care.

If you live out there or work out there, take a long lunch break.

On Saturday I'll go to Albany OR and participate in the Veterans parade.  if you want to help me pass out cards, please show up.  I'm easy to find.  I look different from everyone else.

After the parade I may going to a gold star mothers/fathers thing.  Not sure yet.  Sunday, I'll try and be in Salem as they engrave more names onto the Afghani/Iraq War Memorial.   Monday I hope to have some work which I blew off the other day to bring home a soldier.

I have 2 other services pending.

To all you Veterans out there:  THANK YOU!!

I wish you all a great weekend!! Q >Sparks<


Morning Everyone!!

It's Saturday morning just after 5 in the Pacific Northwest and I haven't stuck my head out the door yet.

On my last bulletin, I posted a few minutes ago, I was venting more about spammers that spam through myspace layouts.  Some of you don't even realize that the layout company you're using may be spamming everyone on your list and may even be in control of your account.  Watch the code you ad to your myspace, and if they want user id and password for the layout to work or for mass mailing your friends, you say NO.  Unless that's what you rally want.

As long as there are plenty of suckers out there, they are going to keep it up, just like those people with lots of money to share from Nigeria.

Also, if you get a letter from PayPal, and it's not addressed to your name and says something like Dear PayPal Customer, IT'S A SCAM!!! And your bank will not call you while you're having fun (< I censored myself) to verify your social security number.

OK...  I need to slow down....  I'm about to head to Albany's Veteran's Parade and then Salem for a Gold Star Mothers thing and then back.

Tomorrow they will be adding names to the Afghani-Iraq War memorial in Salem.

Here are a couple snapshots I took while in Chandler AZ a couple weekends ago.

Thank you to all Veterans out there!!! Q  > Chandler <



Well for me it's almost 0400, that's 4aqm for those that have not stood guard all night long at a base during downpour or laid watch in a foxhole all night long.

This morning I'm heading to the airport to see off some troops heading to the front. Troops that are about to become veterans of war.  It makes for a short night for me but a very very long day for them.

I better hurry, it's already 0344.  Later I'll be in Salem again as they add names to the memorial.  I was in Salem yesterday and had a chance for free dinner and bolted instead.  Too many people, too many emotions.

To all of you Veterans out there THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY !!!!   

Q >A Salute To Our Troops <


Good Morning Everyone!

Yesterday was a draining day.  I saw off some soldiers heading to Iraq early in the morning just after 0400 (4am for you 8 hour people) and then I went home and worked up photos I shot yesterday in Salem where there was a small event for Gold star parents and also Blue Star Parents. I burned 32 CD's, printed labels for them, put together a packet and handed those out today at the Iraq-Afghani War Memorial.  That made them happy, cause they could take them with them now.

I met a couple people from my friends list here at MySpace also.  One is the grandmother of a hero whose funeral I photographed a couple years ago.    The day went well, but I'm glad it's over.

What the hell do you say to someone that has lost their kid or spouse, or brother, or sister.....  ??  My usual lines seem so insignificant and rehearsed.  How do you tell them you share some of the pain and yet try best to avoid them?  I wait till I safely make it home and start pounding on the keyboard, that I often can't even see to make sure my 3 typing fingers are hitting the right keys, as I can't avoid this stuff coming from my eyes.

Veterans Day should be celebrated, or at least recognized every day that we wake up breathing freely, because someone out there is paying the ultimate price for you to do so.

The local state paper called The Oregonian only had 14 placed ads honing specific heroes.  ONLY 14!!!!  Only 14 people wanted a hero to be recognized in a special section of the paper.  I don't care much for the paper but  read it.  THE WHOLE STATE OF OREGON(e) AND ONLY 14 PEOPLE WANTED THEIR VETERAN, THEIR HERO, TO BE HONORED!!! (Censoring myself heavily).

I know that the paper wanted $100 per person to be recognized with their name and photo, that's a lot for some,  but I... Never mind....


Thank you to all Veterans and thank you to all serving now and stepping forward to serve!!!

Those of you that have been reading my stuff for a while know that I love to shoot nature etc. and share them.  I've been so busy, I haven't been getting out much to do just that.  I need to get on walks again.

Sometimes though, something bad happening can make you stop and look around you.  When I did the Chandler trip, it took my 25 hours to get there.  people told me to take I-15 back and that it would be quicker. NOT.  In the middle of nowhere, all traffic come to a stop.

Some idiot that had passed many of us slammed into some cars about a mile ahead.  2 life flight helicopters and 3 Ambulances and the life scissor truck responded. (Can't remember the name, special hydraulic cutters the fire rescuers use to cut open a car like a can.).

Here is part 1 of 2 called Stuck on I-15 and some of the pics I shot near where I was stuck in traffic.

You all have a good week!!  Take a few minutes to write to one of our gals or guys serving in the military!!!


PS.  Are you ready for winter?  Emergency stuff in case you get snowed in? In case your car gets stuck?  If you know anyone at Les Schwab, Firestone etc., I need studs. (Not guys, but tires with the little things sticking out for traction on ice and snow.)>Stuck on I-15 Part I<


Good Evening All!!

I hope you had a good day today.  It was sunny out here today but I spend most of the day working on pics. I just got done posting photos of the escort mission from Boise ID to Ontario OR bringing home our Hero Sgt Joshua Brennan.

I'm not doing a mission report until the other parts are done also, including his memorial service.  I hope to be done with the rest in a day or two or....

I wanted to  kill one of my cats this morning....  I finally managed for a brief moment to get into that deeper comfy sleep phase and the B starts knocking things down to make noise because that coincided with her breakfast time. arghhh

I'm yawning as I write this.  Dozed off a few times at the keyboard today.  Been trying to avoid the phone, cause I only have a few minutes left and everyone has has important to call about.

I went to the Mens Warehouse to see if they have a suit under 100 bucks. No. OK, I need a new dress black shirt.  Found one. Gonna get it. Checked to see if they have any cheap suit like jackets (I got this formal/semi formal thing to attend).  They already know I'm trying to keep it under 100, and he brings a jacket for $125 and then also tries to sell me a suede type coat that's water resistant for just an extra 89 bucks.  I only left with a shirt.  Will try Goodwill type place tomorrow.

I better get some shoe polish also.  last time I used that stuff was when I polished my dress boots many years ago. But cheaper than buying new shoes.

I don't really want to go, but my face has to be there to make sure they all know about IraqWarHeroes.org.

Anyone wanna guess how many emails I have in my email box? -sigh-

I'm not talking about my MySpace.

I hope you all have a great week!!! >Welcoming Home Our Hero Sgt Joshua Brennan<


Good Morning Everyone!!

It's almost Thursday which means it's almost Friday....Until then, have a Happy Hump Day!!

There are a lot of power outages close out here, I'm glad I have a UPS (Like a back up battery) hooked up to this machine.  Keeps it from crashing between flickers and allows for a proper shut down.  I'm watching on the news semi live, cars just blowing through darkened intersections without treating it like a 4-way stop.  Probably the same morons that blow red lights.

I would like to say thank you to BR of Portland.  You know who you are!

I'm tempted to go to bed and give it another shot.  I'm already yawning.  Sleep shouldn't be so much work.

I'll be working on pics most of the day.  I hope you all have a great day!!

Freedom is Not Free!!  Sound familiar??  Go thank one of the people  that is paying your tab.   :)


This is Part II of Stuck on I-15.  It's mostly sky.  If you're new on my list, it's OK to use any of my nature/urban pics for personal use.  If you use it for other, and make money, remember to send me a cut. >Stuck on I-15 Part II<


Good Morning Everyone!!

It's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday.

I have a suit now, all black of course, shoes, tie, shirt....  and all that is missing is me.  There could be as many as 800 people there.  I'm not a people person.  I googled the event and found another link: oregonwarvets.typepad.com/owva_blog/2007/11/mayoral-veteran.html

I'll be in the company of a nice biker chic, she'll protect me....  ooops... forgot, she won't be wearing her chaps and leathers and be as vulnerable as me.  I'm not saying who she is until this thing tomorrow night is over with.

Last night I completed another set of pics.  I didn't know I was going to have 3 different sets for this 3 day mission but decided since I have a bunch of pics from the Vigil eve, I'd post a few of them also.  

I had already been up way too many hours and was totally pooped and after we escorted Sgt Brennan to Ontario OR  from Boise ID, and then he was escorted from there to the church in Fruitland Idaho, I was asked if I was returning for the vigil happening at 1900.  Hey, I was fondling my hotel key, I wanted to go crash.  Then someone said they would have food there also... I still kinda said no... I programmed my GPS for the hotel and as I passed the guys (PGR and FVW), I rolled down the window and said... well, free food sounds good.  One of the PGR guys was staying in the room next door, 

I asked him to let me know when they are leaving for the vigil but before he came to my door, I was already long sitting in the car waiting to roll.  You know I had to go... this was another part that needs to be captured.  I didn't eat there, most of it was cop food, donuts and stuff, plus I had received a phone call from a friend inviting me to dinner when they roll into town. 

I just remembered, I think I did have a maple bar, water and some weird coffee.

When I finally got back to the hotel, I took a very very long shower... updated my IraqWarHeroes.org site and crashed.  I often sleep better in hotels, probably because by the time I check in, I'm ready to check out.

OK... I'll stop now.

Turkey Day is next week. I keep thinking it's the end of the month.  I'm suppose to go to Eugene and carve a Turkey. Never done that before, can you believe that, at my age?   Turkey taste like fowl.  Hmmmm, maybe the person that invited me will forget and kill the bird herself.   Blackened Trout sounds much better or maybe Steak Tartar or Hungarian Goulash or an original Greek Gyros with lamb, not that fake stuff you get in some restaurants.  I'm starting to salivate...  Think I'll have a bowl of ceral.

I bid you all a great Thursday!!  Don't eat any Spaghetti today.  Meatballs are permitted.  Did you back up your important stuff on your hard drive that could crash any time now? Q >Vigil Eve For Our Hero Sgt Joshua Brennan<


Hi All!!

It's Friday morning and I'm not ready.  I did get completed with one of the mission pics.  See mission report below.

I'm not able to access any of my sites at this time, so you may have problems also.  I submitted a trouble ticket.

I wish you all a good weekend!!!



Army Sgt Joshua C Brennan died of wounds sustained when they came in contact with enemy forces using RPG, machine gun and small arms fire during combat operations on Oct 25, in Korengal Valley, Afghanistan.

Please remember Sgt Brennan and all our other Heroes that served our country honorably and paid the ultimate price to help keep our nation free.

You will not be forgotten here Joshua!!!

Mission Report

Start 11/01/07 1700  End: 11/03/07 2000  Total away Time: 51 Hours  Total Miles Traveled: 936

First frame shot: 11/02/07 0630  Last frame Shot: 11/03/07 1411

At home working on photos: 26 Hours.  Photos for family: 1563    Photos posted for public: 292 in 3 sets. >Army Sgt Joshua Brennan R.I.P.<


Greetings All!!

If you go to my photos here and click on the album Pics of Me, you'll find a couple of snapshots from last night.

Less than 1/3 of the expected people showed up, they must have known I was coming.  A whole unit of soldiers didn't make it because of a communications error, some VIP's where out of country and some others stuck in traffic.

I received the OWVA Citizens Award for my work for the families of our heroes.  I did get up and speak a few minutes to let people know what it is I'm doing other than 'just' running a website.  Nobody threw anything at me, so that was a good sign.

Tim King of Salem-News.com came and did a video interview, I'll let you know when I see it posted.

A Lt Col approached me, telling me that he assign's CAO's and he will make sure that in his area the CAO will inform the family about me.  that's good.  It's hard for one person to do what big groups of people do.  Any help is appreciated.

I'll be heading to Vancouver WA in a bit to a Meet & Greet for Patriot Guard Riders and grab some free food there.  later it's back to working on pics.

Thanks to all serving out there!! I bid you all a good weekend!!!


Greetings Everyone!!

It's Monday and it's been snowing not too far away.  I'm still not ready for winter driving.  The studs from the old car won't fit on this vehicle.

I've added a few more pics to my photo albums here and last night I completed pics for another recent mission.  Next I'm gonna try and knock off some emails that have photo attachments for the website.  There are so many of them. -sigh-

On Saturday I went to an American Legions Post in Vancouver Washington for a Patriot Guard Riders Meet & Greet or Greet and Meet. They also help a raffle there.  

When I arrived, a bunch of people had already seen the printed photo 8x10 of Lady G and I from the previous night.  there was a lot of ribbing about that. hahahaha.  Anyhow, I had two printed and gave her one copy.  She had to leave early due to weather.

A friend of mine had me come up to the podium cause he wanted to brag about the award I received the night before.  (Still haven't posted pics of the plaque yet).  When he got done talking about it, I started to head back to my seat and he told me to wait.

He then blabbed about nobody knowing my birthday and that by going to my myspace he figured out that I was a Sagittarius and 99 years old. So he figured I'd have a birthday coming up soon.  (I don't do birthdays)  Across the room they unveiled a big cake with candles spelling 100 on it.  And they sang happy bd.  There was no writing on the cake cause they didn't know if I'd be there or out on a mission.  I got stuck with most of the cake and donated it to a restaurant and told them to give everyone free cake.  Trying to remember if I've had a bd cake before.  I avoid all that stuff.  :)    Thanks G&M for the cake and card!!

Later that day they held an auction for a Harley Davidson Lighter or something to raise money for Sherry, who is part of Soldier's Angels.

The bid only made it up to 100 bucks and didn't seem to go further, so I went up front and said that if anyone bids 200 bucks or higher to help Soldier's Angels, that I would give them the photo autographed by me. (Could be worth some bucks when I drop dead)

The bid immediately went to 200 and I gave the pic to the couple that bid.  They intend to frame it and set it on Sherri's desk where she works.  that's cool!  Soldier's Angels is another great program supporting our troops. Sherri had some pics forwarded to me of some of the soldier's benefiting from her help. www.soldiersangels.org .  I'm glad I could help.  :)

I did not see any print news stories about the first  OWVA Mayoral Veterans Ball anywhere.

I hope you all have a great week!!  While you're ripping apart the turkey please remember to give Thanks to all our women and men serving in our military honorably both past and present.  I don't know yet where I'll be that day.

You all take care!!!


PTSD has claimed another of our heroes that served in Iraq.  I don't have all the details but at some point I probably will.

I know that Shane had a lot of hard obstacles to overcome to become a Marine. He was the man that was going to break a tradition, that many are not proud of.  Like I said, I don't know much and can only interpret what I heard at his memorial service.  His mom sure had her hands full and for much of the time, she was the only one raising him.

I wish someone could have been there to help Shane after he returned.  Like I said, I don't have the facts, but I do know that everyone that has a family member or friend on a war front should be familiar with PTSD, the other killer of many fine servicemen.

Please remember Pfc Shane E Ellis and all others killed by PTSD.

Mission Report

Escort  Mission 11/06/07  Start: 1330  Stop: 1930  Away Time: 6 Hours   Miles traveled: 112

Funeral Mission: 11/09/07 Start: 0900  Stop:  1700  Away Time: 8 Hours   Miles traveled: 119

Total Away time: 14 Hours   Total miles Traveled: 231

Hours at home working on photos: 12.4 Hours.  Total pics for family: 746  Total posted for public: 118> Marine Pfc Shane E Ellis R.I.P. <


Hi Y'all !

I hope this Tuesday is treating you fine.  I've been mostly busy posting pics to the tribute site, only a few hundred emails to go.  We have another KIA from Washington, so I may be on the road again soon for that.  Still have one pending in Cal.

It's almost Thanksgiving.  I think I've found a place to pop into for a free lunch. :)  I have an offer in Idaho, but if there where a cute... never mind.

I'll be glad when this and next month is over with. I'm ready for 2009.  Yeah, you read that right. 2009. I want to totally skip next year.  My freezer isn't big enough for me...

Listening to the news lately about Thanksgiving just makes me want to puke. Get Over With It People!!  Can't you SOB's find something to be thankful for??  Better yet, get the hell out of this country and practice your free hate speech someplace else...

Damn... Just heard of a copter down near Baghdad. *sigh*


I'm Thankful for all our service women and men serving this country honorably!!!

I'm thankful I can get up in the morning to moan and groan and whine and gripe.... but breathing!

I'm thankful that at least 1 woman out of every 7,767,945 finds me cute.

I'm thankful I don't have to pay for AM radio or over the air television.

I'm thankful that my cats haven't killed me yet.

I'm thankful for people like Cerri, Peggy, Marilyn, Karen, Katrina, Noah, Sean, Victoria, Donna, Beverly, Tim..........

I'm thankful my computer hasn't crashed lately.

I'm thankful for the energy I muster up to keep doing what I'm doing.



For those of you not traveling through the woods to grandma's house for turkey day and miss those long boring drives, you may enjoy the next 4 sets of pics titled Over The Dashboard.

You all be good!!! Q >Over The Dashboard Part I of  IV <


Happy Hump Day!!!

I still don't know where I'll end up tomorrow.  Was going to go to Eugene but the crowd there seems to be growing too much for me, which means more driving than time chatting with the cook.  So I did the math, fuel cost vs. food cost.  

Sitting in front of the tele watching a bunch of guys in tights playing with each other on a lawn never was my thing either.

Of course, my no-plans could all change at the last minute...  I don't particularly like this part of the year, I may tell you later.

We lost 3 more kids in Iraq based out of Ft Lewis, that's like 6 or 7 within a few days.  That's really tough for families this time of year.  Not that it isn't already.....  My sincere condolences to all the families and friends that are now without their heroes.

Hey, I've got a few women and men on my friends list here currently deployed overseas, send them a Thank You.  Also visit www.americasupportsyou.mil for links to other organizations supporting our troops.  If you think what I do is valuable then also visit www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

Ask all your friends to check out my site and add me to their list.  Add my 2 lines to your email signature.

"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away   www.IraqWarHeroes.org" .  It's easy.

You all take care!!  Don't overeat and drive and please don't drink booze and drive!!  make an effort this time of year to use your turn signal.  (In most cars, push up to signal a right turn, pull down to signal a left turn) and please come to a STOP at red lights and stop signs before crossing the white line or into the pedestrian walkway.  Is where you're going so much more important than someone else's life?  I know, I know, it will never be your own kid or family that gets killed.... I know.... BULL.

Be good!!!  If you have family, hug the least liked person and wish them a good day!


Q PS. You can refresh some of your blood by donating some blood after Thanksgiving!!!>Over the Dashboard Part II of IV<


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Be thankful for some of the little things that tick us off because they help keep us in check!!!

I'll be hanging out here most of the day, well, still haven't done my coffee run yet and hope the few open places I like aren't stuffed full. I did pick a place where I'll be munching at later today.  Haven't been there before.

I'm also a Johnny Cash fan and for the last 4 weeks been sitting on a DVD a friend loaned me to watch called "Walk the Line" and around 0100  I watched the movie.

www.theblackfriday.com  is one of the better Black Friday sites.  There are a few scam ones out there. Staples has some WD 400GB SATA hardrives for $60.  www.theblackfriday.com/staples_blackfriday.shtml .  If I could, I'd grab some. Some place has laptops for under $300.  So, if you're not familiar with this site, check it out.  You might want to skip standing in line for socks and get some needed hardware instead.

Someone is no longer stuffing their face on Thanksgiving so you can still stuff yours... keep our heroes in mind!!!

Take care! Q >Over The Dashboard Part III of IV<


Good Morning Everyone!!

Yesterday I spend time adding more people to my myspace here.  Hoping more will help get the word out about www.IraqWarHeroes.org .

I started the day with a bowl of cereal and the went for some coffee.  barkeep was whining cause the business was real slow. I was sitting at the other side and told the waitress I'm only pretending to read the paper and came to watch her.  She gave me her typical rolling of the eyes.

At home I put together a flyer with my pic and large words Please Feed The Animal and later headed to a house in SW belonging to the parents of one of my myspace friends.  I was already told I could go there if I wanted to.  They did not expect me to actually show up.  :) Never met any of them before.  Had some ham, stuffing, potatoes, rolls, beans, ham, lots of deviled eggs, cookies, coffee, socialized a little and headed out.

I went home and fed the critters and then headed for NE Gresham to visit another myspace friend, who has met me before and had some sweet potato pie and coffee and also did a radio interview live which lasted over 40 minutes on KPSU to talk about us being thankful to our military and also talked a little about the PGR etc.  I should have a copy posted in me news section www.IraqWarHeroes.org/news in a couple days.  It's a small university station but I know at least 5 people heard it.  :) 

I was just at the KPSU.org website and see the audio file is already there.  https://archive.kpsu.org/audio/download/9170/Fathers%2C_Mothers_%2526_Families_%286pm_on_Nov_22nd%2C_2007%29.mp3

If that link doesn't work (Myspace doesn't like some long links and may send you to back to myspace.), go to https://archive.kpsu.org and look for Fathers, Mothers & family Show for Thursday 11/22/07 7:03pm and click on download audio file.  Let me know what you think of it.

I bid you all a great weekend and hope turkey day went well!! Q>Over The Dashboard Part IV of IV<


Good Morning All!

I'll be heading to Ft Lewis Washington this morning to welcome home and escort one of our heroes KIA in Iraq.

I've been having computer issues, one of my backup drives went blank. I think my equipment is getting too old for my demands. :)

Another reason you should always backup stuff to CD.  Redundancy is good.  A pain in the ...  but good.

I'm ready for this year and next year to be done with.

I have posted the interview with the Fathers and families show from Thursday under my news section. It's only a 9Mb file versus the 56MB file downloadable at KPSU's website.  I cut out the stuff before and after and used a different bit rate. It's just talk, so it shouldn't make much of a difference.

Have you thanked a veteran lately?? Hugged your critters? Made out a will? Checked your smoke detectors?  Fuel more often and keep your tank full in case you get stuck out in the cold.

Take care All!! Q >Along I-84<


Greetings Everyone!!  (Skip to the bottom if you're just here for the pics)

Yesterday's escort mission went OK.  The weather didn't turn nasty till later.  I took a detour and visited another myspace friend on my way back.

Had a big cup of coffee, latte something... was pretty good.

I need some studs (R205/R70R15) and some puter parts.  So, if I'm on your Christmas, Hanukah, Holiday or whatever gift list... please mail early. :)

I had it first just as list and realized I may be on some other lists too. 

Hey, this is the time of year to get really screwed!!!  Especially older people.  If you win a prize and they want you to pay shipping or handling, NO. Tell them to go someplace.

If you are selling something, and someone sends you extra money to pay a shipper, say NO, or you gonna get screwed.

Nobody legitimate will call you on the phone to verify stuff about you.  That's just someone out there about to screw you.

Your thingie is not gonna grow another 4 feet no matter how many emails you get.  You'll just get screwed!!

If they are knocking on your door and want money now for this special deal, newspapers, magazines or whatever, if you say yes, you will get screwed.

A $20 special under the coat light bulb will probably last just as long as the one on the store shelf for $3.

Television signals will change soon, the government will offer vouchers for a converter box, in case you have the old non HD stuff like me.  The closer we get to this switch (Remember going from color to B/W TV?), the more people will come out of the woodwork knocking on your granny's door with the perfect solution.

Name brand does not mean better.

Extended warranties in many cases just extends the time you're being screwed.  Some businesses make most of their yearly profits based on selling those warranties. If you get one, do read the fine print, cause throwing the item at me is not covered under the warranty.

Many big chain stores (Especially those selling electronics) will have the manufacturer place a different model number or product code on the shipment for their stores. Which means, you find the exact same product (Except for the model number/code) in two places and they won't price match because it's not the same model.

Some stores will put a computer screen on the shelf, model AZB556 (Just making up a sample here), on the back will be AZB556s but on the box it says AZB556 and the small number AZB556a which is not the same quality as the one on display.  Make sure those things are identical or you will get screwed!!

Before you buy that nice printer for $60, check to see what the ink will cost you.  calculate your page costs across various printers or you will get screwed!

Watch your credit or debit card!!!  Don't let it out of your eyes, or you may get screwed!!! Carry the least amount of cards, checks, id's possible. The fewer items you lose, the better.

No parking lot or street is safe, there is always someone waiting to screw you!!!  I'm real tired of the idiots leaving purses in plain sight in their cars. Gone for a minute or not, it takes less than a few seconds for it to be gone and you have a broken window.

When buying gifts this year, try and buy something the recipient may actually need.  New red pumps (Shoes) for a granny eating cat food ain't cool.

Keep an eye on your neighbors, not the big brother kind, check to see if they are OK.  If it's cold out and you have older people on your block, do a check.  many of them are too proud to ask for help. They are not from the give me generation like so many are today.

I check on my neighbor often, his wife is really frail.  If I hear him yelling on the phone, I know he's ok.

It's almost 0930, and haven't had coffee yet.  Just ate a roll from someone's turkey day.  I know there are many other ways people will try to scrwe you this season, but have no time.  Be aware.

Hey, keep some of those snack bars, granola bars etc in your car or one in your coat pocket.  When you get approached for money, cause they are starving, give them food instead.  Don't support boozers and druggies!!  Be aware of people using their children as bait to your wallet.  bad enough your local government does that to you.

You all be good!!  Check my blog here for missed bulletins.  Please remember all our women and men serving!!  Support them and let them know you do! Q >VV Dahlia Walk Part V<


It's almost 0300, 3am and I found a song that's been with me many years, like since 1969 when it hit the radio.. There are a few songs that describe a part of me... this is one of them. I can't sleep tonight, so i'm working on some problems. I hope you all have a great day!

From the movie "Paint Your Wagon,"


Greetings Everyone!!

It's Friday morning and I'm ready to head out of the door.  I'll be driving north to Port Orchard Washington today for the memorial serve of SFC Johnny C Walls.  He was killed earlier this month in Afghanistan.

Looks like I have 3 more missions pending after this. -sigh-

I hope it doesn't freeze or snow. Don't have studs yet.  I did receive an anonymous greeting card in the mail with a few bucks from Seattle and a  check from Lake Oswego (THANK YOU!!).  Was going to save that for the studs but when I came home I had one of those red door knob hanging papers on my door.  Water company got tired of waiting.  They make me mad, you use $26 of water and the bill is $149 cause they also charge you for the rain that runs off etc.  If I could stop the %$% rain, I would!!  I'm glad that the owner of this place is very tolerate and supportive or I'd be spending even more time in my car.  I need more paying gigs and time.

One of my local supporters called a tire shop, and they laughed at her.  It's sad, but I thought it was funny cause businesses laugh at me all the time when I ask for help.

I've worked most of the day doing recovery etc. so I can get my system back to near where it was before that big drive took a tumble.  Yes, I have backups, lots of CD's.  But it's a pain. Bright side, I'm better off than all of you that keep forgetting to back up what you think is important.

Hey, some Seattle mayor told kids that global warming is gonna kill Santa Clause. That idiot doesn't know that it's Frosty the snowman that would melt, not Santa. Geez.  Morons!!!

I know I'm forgetting something... I seem to do that more often... Ohhh well...

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Thank you everyone that has my banner for www.IraqWarHeroes.org or the link on their page and Thanks to you that have me in their you list. The more people that click, the more people will be reminded of our heroes and who they are. And if you don't know what it's about, click on the NEWS link and also the ABOUT link.  If you think it's all a waste of time, let me know that also and why.Q>Something I Ate Part I<

Greetings All!!

I'm not sure where I am but somewhere in the woods near Port Orchards Washington.  No cell signals out here. Tapped into someone's DSL Wireless.  There are two memorial services on Saturday, one in my neighborhood of Portland for a Veteran and one in Paulsbo Washington for an active duty guy killed in a motorcycle accident.  Of course when I found out about this today and that he also served in the war I moved him to the top of my list.

Tried to get some donations for a cheap hotel so I wouldn't have to drive all the way back and 5 hours later drive north again.  One of the PGR guys offered me his couch so I followed him home.  He drives as a support vehicle for the PGR and supplies them with water, I always teas him about not having scotch there for me. Guess what; Got a full (not so full anymore) bottle of Chivas Regal set in front of me.   That should make the couch less painful.  :)  Beats sleeping in the car.

There is suppose to be snow and high winds tomorrow, I just hope I get outta the woods before that happens. :) I have at least 2 more missions after tomorrow, another up north also.

Anyhow, today we had a pretty good turnout. Members of the sicko family where out there also but out of view of the church. Thanks to Washington's 500 foot rule.

You all have a good night. I don't know if I'll be doing a morning posting.

Take care!!!  Stock up on some canned goods in case you get snowed or weathered in. When summer comes, you can donate the food to a food bank.  Keeps it from getting old.  :) Q

Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away

www.IraqWarHeroes.org   or  www.AfghanistanWarHeroes.org or www.rememberingourfallenheroes.org 




Just a couple of my projects honoring our veterans....


Good Evening Everyone!!

I've made it back from the last 2 services and have the next one in Rochester Washington tomorrow and then another on Monday.  I think that's 5 missions back to back. -SIGH-

I had a few shots of Scotch last night while reading mail, but it didn't help me sleep any better, or knock me out... I was up by 0500 this morning ready to go.

When we walked out of the house in the woods this morning, there was signs of snow on our cars and the roads but it wasn't snowing.  He fed me breakfast at a casino.  He left earlier than I did, I wasn't done eating up the buffet line yet. After I got done, I decided to gamble the only 2 bucks I had saved for coffee (which I just had with breakfast).  I tried several machines and they wouldn't take my money.

At the desk, they told me most machines will only use cards you have to purchase in advance but there are a few cash machines on the other side.  As I approached the first one, I was told not to play it cause they are emptying out that row so I went to the opposite side of that row. Put the 1st buck in the first machine and ended up with $1.48 and I printed the receipt. Went to the next machine and put the other buck in and lost most and then hit something and got to $1.60, I printed the slip and went to collect.

At the cashier I handed her my 2 slips totaling $3.08 and she gave me a weird look.  I told her I'm leaving with more than I came in with.

I've driven to Port Orchard area quite a few times now this year and never had to pay a toll coming back.  I had no idea how much that was going to cost.  as I got closer, it said $3.  My 2 bucks wouldn't have done it.  I asked the guy what happens if you don't have the money, he said use credit card... of course that would have cost me $3 plus $29 penalty the bastard banks charge you even if you're over 1 penny.  Been there, Done that enough.

After I got home, I remembered a gentleman that was in the flag line sticking his hand in my pocket (He asked for permission) and there was a twenty dollar bill.  :) So, I have 20 for the road tomorrow.  :)

Thank you Karen and Donna, I see you made a drop in my PayPal account. That will come in handy on Monday.

I know I'm forgetting stuff, but I'm brain-dead in some respect. 

8 PGR members braved the elements today for our hero, one couple even on a bike.  It was a cold and wet and snowy and cold day.

Most left before I had left and when I got on Highway 3, it really started to snow and blow.  I was tuned to a news channel and called a couple people to let them know where I am just in case.  I could feel a couple of light slips on slush but made it ok. Heard on the news how that road was shut down by accidents after I had already passed through there.  The snow followed me all the way to I-5's exit 122 where the billboard is and I captured one of the devoted people on the Freedom Bridge.  My friend Junius met me there and fed me as he rushed off to work.

Of course I raised my camera a few times along the way...  below are the pics.

I need to recharge batteries and clear my digital film for tomorrow. More storms in the forecast.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!  Remember to Thank our Veterans and support our great women and men in the military serving this country honorably!!! Q >First Snow 2007<


Greetings All!! Lots of Rants. Scroll to bottom if you're just here for the pics.

Today I attended 2 memorial services locally completing a stretch of 5 back to back.  I hope that's it.  It was a wet and somewhat windy day on the hill at Willamette National but not as windy and wet as yesterday in Rochester WA or as snowy and windy as the day before near Port Orchard WA or....

I have my wet socks off, I can deal with it now.  On my way to the funeral today I received a phone call and after the services I went to a tire place and had my car outfitted with studs.  Many thanks to the young lady that got those for me.  I may not be a stud, but by golly, I'll be making sturdily sounds on the pavement. :)

When I came home, wanting to take a hot shower to warm up, I found another red thing on the door.  Those bastards shut my water off despite agreeing to more time and having received the payment.  "Oh, we are sorry... we'll make sure it gets turned back on today..."

Here is a piece of advise to all of you, especially when dealing with monopolies like water and electricity... RECORD all phone conversations, cause many of them don't log the conversations etc. and then it's you that gets screwed, because they are always right, and they control a necessity of your life especial if in the city where you can go to jail for having your own well on your own property.  Only illegals and foreign property owners have property rights.  You think I'm exaggerating don't you??  Bet you've never had your property stolen and given to someone else huh?  Did you know that scumbags, trespassing on property have won the property in suits against the owner because he was defending his property?

Here is another piece of free advise.  If someone breaks into your home, shoot the bastard, shoot him/her dead!!!  If they survive, you will lose.

At the memorial service yesterday I was told the family wanted no photos by anyone.  So I stayed outside in the wind and rain with the PGR and others that came out to stand on the flag line for our hero.  It did P me off that none of the media cameras where kept out.  Well, they don't ask... so it's OK?  I just looked at the Olympian's website (Newspaper) and see pics shot of the parents at that memorial service and a bunch of other photos.

I shouldn't really care huh?  cause it does save me some time in my life... but I feel bad about it.

I'm happy I have studded wheels and can do my east and south corridors with more ease of mind.

After fussing with the water people, I went to check my myspace messages and got annoyed again.  I often wonder what makes people be so...

From Cindy Dec 3, 2007 11:04 AM  timing is everything

since I've added you as a friend, someone has been attempting to get my password and think they may have got it.

so am sorry but I will be deleting you do to the fact the link you sent me keeps going to a mirror myspace image.

it's possible you have been hacked, or you have the knowledge to hack.

it's people like that who take the fun out of things.
I don't know if you are a true troop supporter or not, but I'm not letting this "misuse" deter my feelings for the USA and for the freedom of speech.

The tools we have available today can be used for good or evil and you are "odd man out"

good bye.

My First Response:


I have not been hacked, I don't hack!!

If you feel you've been hacked, it's probably the outside template provider you're using. That's why I don't use them and have often advised in my bulletins that people don't use them.

The reason the newspaper link flips back to myspace, it's because myspace changes the urls and that link is too long.

It's obviously easier for you to accuse people of doing something to you than doing some basic research.

I realize I'm probably wasting my time responding, I just want an electronic record. :)

Take care!


Take a internet class

My Second Response:

"I don't know if you are a true troop supporter or not"..

It's quite obvious that you have no idea what you're talking about... I just got done with 5 days on the road, 5 services for our fallen heroes back to back and I get crap like this in my mail.


I do have to admit, I don't have any yellow magnets on my car... so perhaps I'm not a TRUE troop supporter.  Must be that time of month for me... I'm just too harsh and politically uncorrect.  I prefer to fly a flag.. the Red, White & Blue (Red&White Stripes, White Stars on a blue field) on my car  because the magnets fade too quick or disappear. I'm proud to be an American!!  Every cause out there has a magnetic ribbon, and until your nose is on it, you're not sure what it is for.  Now the flag, the flag of the United States of America, gets peoples attention.  It annoys a lot of people, cause they so busy hating this country.  It annoys people that don't like our military..  hell, I watched a news clip of a politician removing his flag pin because people thought he may be American, he may care for this country or support our troops.  Well, they can all (use your own words here) themselves!!!

Prayer ain't gonna help you if that's all you do... cause that is all just talk also...

Hey... you all be good...  I need to see if my water is on...  I need to shower away my tears, my frustration, my fears....

Q >Christmas on 76th Part I<


Good Afternoon All!!

Recently I was contacted by a family member of a hero whose memorial service I attended 3 years ago December 7, 2004.

I had back then only posted 12 photos (I was still working on a format).  She requested photos and I couldn't find the set I had worked up.  So, I dug up the originals and redid it all.

As I go through the photos, I remember the day well.  Another nasty and wet day.  Toward the end of it I remember slipping on that weird fern grass on the hill and slipped on my back while holding an umbrella in one hand and keeping my camera from hitting the ground with the other.

I got up and continued shooting and made sure I was facing the crowd below.  I was totally soaked and muddy on my whole backside.  After the crowd had left, I went up the hill to my car, got out the big plastic bag I kept in the trunk, put that over the seat and drove home and couldn't get into the shower fast enough.  That was a miserable day.

I'm about to prepare the CD for delivery and I redid the page with the pics online, instead of 12, there are now 47 posted. 

Jeremy was killed in Ad Duilayah, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his patrol vehicle on November 27, 2004.

Jeremy will not be forgotten here!!!

Please help remember Spc Christensen and all our other heroes!! >Spc Jeremy Christensen R.I.P.<


Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

So, if you're traveling over a 25Mph speed hump at 98Mph and younr car flips and you die...  does anyone know what your wishes are?

It's Wednesday, you shouldn't be thinking too much about this weekend... So think seriously about a WILL.  Just start something on paper. Maybe you really want to be buried face down to let the world know to...  you know.

I hate it when families that already hate each other fight over someone's remains and that person does not get their proper due no matter what kind of person he/she was.

I'm simple, stick me in the oven till I'm ash and dump me in American Lake near Tacoma.  :)

Who should get your hot wheels??  maybe not a family member but that hot chick down the block?

So, on this hump day, I want you to get over the hump of getting a will done.  Damn, I should update mine...

While you're at it... get an updated mug shot of yourself in case you get lost in the woods looking for the hump day monster.  :)

You all take care!!!   Thank you everyone serving so I can practice my bad (free speech) writing.  :)Q >Windy Stars & Stripes Part II<


Good Morning!!

It's a little after 0300 and I finally freed myself from someone else's
dream.   Ever get those?  You know it's not you in the dream nor
the subject matter but you're dreaming it, like maybe from the neighbor next
door or someone down the street, city.  When I was young I often thought I
had so many  migraines because my head was too receptive.  
Another reason why I hate to sleep.  If i isn't my own nightmares, it's
someone else's.

It's 0315 now.

A friend of mine locally send me an email last night about an encounter he
had and it's a reminder who we as a nation are neglecting our war heroes from
the past.   Below that is another song I like from the same musical
followed by the lyrics I found online.

I bid you all a great day!!!  See a vet, Thank a vet!!!!!

From Noah  Dec 5, 2007  9:51 PM

I just checked your message tonight. I need to take
my phone in to sprint and get a new antenna, cause I miss calls, that don't even
ring. Anyhow. I can ask my old tech Dave about doing your brakes. If nothing
else, I'm sure that he will do the labor for free, and we can get you a good set
of pads with a discount for probably like $20. I'll call him.

So here is a little story for ya.

Tonight I was doing some shopping for my dad at WinCo, and I saw this old timer
in a WW2 veteran jacket. This old boy was easily pushing 90yrs old. He was
limping his way through the store, people being rude and cutting him off, and
blocking his way. So I walk up to the old timer, put my hand on his shoulder,
and said "Sir, I see that you are a WW2 Vet, and I just want to thank you
for your service to our country." He looked at me and put out his hand to
shake mine and said, "Not many people appreciate me anymore." I told him
that I sure did. He proceeded to tell me about how he did 26 months on the front
lines in Europe. How he was wounded 3 times in combat, and how he was never even
paid by the government for his service. "Over 60 years, and I'm still
waiting for my paycheck. But its not about the money? I knew why I was
there." We then proceeded to the checkout line, where we continued to chat a
little. He told me about how he got some sort of poison in his foot as a result
from the war, and how he just got out of the VA hospital due to complications.
He said, "I'm not even supposed to be out on it, but I don't have anybody
to help me." Then he sees the Mexican guy with all of his kids paying with
food stamps, and tells me how "The government gives me $1100 a month to live
on, and they wont even give me food stamps. But they will for this guy that
probably shouldn't even be here." After that the checker rang up his box of
cereal and newspaper, he gave me a salute as best he could. I tried to pay for
my stuff so I could talk to him, or maybe catch him in the door or parking lot
to get some info from him, but he slipped away. I wish I could have gotten some
info from him, cause I would have tried to help him out. But I think that I at
least made his night. You could tell that he just wanted somebody to talk to


Greetings Everyone!!

I shouldn't have gone to bed early!!

The web hosting company I use has had a lot more down time lately and it seems to be getting worse.  My daily average dropped from 3300 to below 1700 visitors because of so much down time.  The average should be going up.  So I tried something new and went to bed early, just to find out all hell broke lose.  Now only part of the site is up.  If you go to www.oraqWarHeroes.org it looks fine until you click on a name.  If you go to IraqWarHeroes.com, it's all down.  That part is my fault, tried to work around one problem and it created another.  as soon as I can find a better hosting company, I'll let you know the name of this one.  I need to find another reseller type account hosting, cause I have so many different websites.

On the brighter side...

I did my mail run and received a brown envelope with a blue Luftpost sticker on it.  It contained a CD mailed to me from Susanne, another myspace friend.  The CD is titled Vicky Leandros - Sommernacht am Meer.   It has songs on it that I've never heard before from her.  Most must be from more recent years, I could tell by her voice she is getting older like me I guess.  :)

So I took a detour so I could listen  to it on my way home.  The CD has a couple of Greek songs and the rest are German.  I think the song I like the most on this set is "Fremde Zaertlichkeit".  I think the title translates to "Stranger Intimacy" .  I'm still working on it.  For those of you that don't know this singer, she sings fluently in many languages.  She was born in Greece.  My favorite song in Greek of hers is "Mono Ezee" (Well something like that.)  My Greek language skills hit bottom along with some others long time ago.  :) Para kalo!!

Tomorrow I'll be going to Vancouver WA to honor one of our Army Veterans. Steve passed away from injuries that he received when he was shot during a robbery at his place of employment this summer.  I don't know if I'll be shooting any pics or just stand in the flag line to honor him.

Life is piling up all around me....  I need a ladder....

I bid you all a great weekend!!   If you're in the Vancouver area tomorrow, come by and help honor another of our heroes.

Here is my new slogan:  "See A Vet, Thank A Vet" !!   I don't think anyone has used that before.  So, go make those bumper stickers and be sure to put in the small print credits to www.IraqWarHeroes.org .  Another bumper sticker idea of mine, in patriotic background colors and the text: "It's OK To Be An American" .  That may sound weird, but I'm amazed at how many places it seems that it's not OK.  It's sad.

You all be good!!


PS.  If you like what I'm doing, consider putting me in your top 8, 16, or whatever so others will find my site.  :) >VV Dahlia Walk Part III<


Greetings All!!!

Today's service for Army Veteran Steven R Inman went well.  It was nice and sunny in Vancouver.

Steven served in the Vietnam War and a couple times he was the last man standing.  He's been shot by AK47's, even been stabbed by one of those bamboo things.  The word is slipping me right now.  He did a lot for this country.  and eventually died as a result of a armed robbery where a scumbag shot him where he was working.

"Police have made an arrest in a crime that outraged the community. A convenience store clerk was shot in the face, even after he'd cooperated with the robbers and given them all the money in the register."

This is not how a hero should go... he should have died of natural causes consisting of old age...

So take a moment and send some strength to his family...

I bid you all a good weekend!!  I'll be at Round Table Pizza tonight as of 1900 on SE Foster & 62nd/Holgate having me some pizza.

Q >VV Dahlia Walk Part IV<


Good Morning Everyone!!

Next Saturday, December 15th, 2007 will be Wreaths Across America.  I encourage you to participate if possible.

"The Wreaths Across America story began over 15 years ago when Worcester Wreath Company (a for-profit commercial business from Harrington, Maine) began a tradition of placing wreaths on the headstones of our Nation's fallen heroes at Arlington National Cemetery."

Here is a website for more information:  www.wreaths-across-america.org 

I'm still looking for a better, reliable, inexpensive  hosting company.  I'm having so much down time, it's pathetic.  According to my hosting company, they have users that are bringing down the servers etc. etc. 

It's wet outside, got close to freezing and then warmed up enough for more rain.  There where some snow flakes yesterday morning.

Today I'm going on a medical mission.  Gonna pick up a WWII navy Veteran and take him to some hospital and later pick him up again and return him home.  His wife is currently using a walker and can't drive him. It's a cancer related surgery.  It's about an hour each way from their place to the hospital.  That will be my good deed of the month.

I hope you all have a great week.  Do you have some emergency stuff stashed away in a water tight container(s) ?  It might also be a good idea to have a bunch of those big plastic bins and tarp in case the weather causes damage to your residence.  Just cause you're on a hill, doesn't mean you can't get flooded either.  You could be bouncing on your trampoline in the basement, hit a pipe with your head and break the pipe and water all over the place...  Got a working Flashlight?

Take care!!  Here are some spring pics. Q  >A Ducky Spring Part VI<


Greetings All!!

I'll be heading to Eugene Oregon(e) today. I wish you all a great day!! Q >Peony Walk, Brook OR Part III<


Greetings Everyone!!

I hope this day finds you all better than yesterday!

I have found another web hosting company and have started the painful slow process of uploading files for IraqWarHeroes.org .  The whole transition may take as long as over the coming weekend.  I will then start moving my other tribute sites for WWI, WWII, Korean war, Vietnam War, Operation Just Cause (Panama) plus many others.  Eventually I'll be creating over 75 accounts and re-directing more than 120 domains.

I hope, by the start of the New Year 2009 (I so want to skip next year) I'll have it all up and running. Well, that's the plan anyhow.

Don't forget this Saturday is Wreaths Across America!!

For those of you new here, please check out www.IraqWarHeroes.org / www.AfghanistanWarheroes.org which is a tribute site to our women and men that served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan and are deceased.  I also attend as many funerals as possible for our heroes and photograph them for free for the families.  Since this war started, I've been on over 200 missions.  I'm also constantly updating the site and adding photos or stories mailed in by family, relatives and friends of our heroes.  It is my mission to remind people of our heroes and who they are and I spend at least 9 hours a day working on that.

Go check it out, and if you like what I'm doing, please help me. www.iraqwarheroes.org/help  .

Hey, do you ride a motorcycle or trike or something else with less than 4 wheels? Please stay visible!!!!

Hey, do you drive a car or truck???  Assume that there is always a motorcycle out there. Please keep your eyes open and your distance!!

I hope you all have a great Thursday!!!

I know I'm forgetting something...  but I always do....  I did wash my car yesterday so my big bumper sticker is more visible. 

Q >Healing Field Salem 2006 Part I<


Hi All!!

It's Friday for many of you today and another day of slamming keys for me.  I'm now trying to get some IP (Internet Protocol) numbers issues resolved.  I'm playing in a new area and need to try and figure out what I'm doing as fast as possible.  I just look smart.  

OK some say I'm smart, but they usually ad one more 3 letter word to that. :)

Hey, I now have over 10,000 people on my friend's list.  So, I figure at least 14,000 have seen my banner and had a brief reminder not to forget our heroes.  So, if you all put my mug, banner or link on your page, we may remind another 33,678 more people.

Don't ask how I got that number, it was something random that just popped into my head.

If 1/3 send me a buck, my gasoline deficit would go from red to black with change for a few big macs.

Christmas is just a few days away for many of you and I know that a lot of service women and men stationed all over this planet called earth (I'm not allowed to talk about the troops stationed in outer space) are longing to be home this time of year and it doesn't matter if they even celebrate Christmas or not...  It's just that time of year....

I know you're all busy BUT, save a few minutes, instead of a 20 minute shower,. take a 5 minute shower, just rinse your arm pits or something, instead of a 10 minute smoke break , maybe just a 5 minute one,  you get my drift....  I would like you to spend 77 minutes between now and Christmas looking for people on MySpace that are in the military (Often you can tell by their green or urban camies) and tell them THANK YOU!!! Wish them a successful mission and safe return home from where ever they may be.

It's easy and before you know it, you'll have located and thanked at least 87 of them and if you're a functioning family of 4 on myspace, you could be thanking over 377 women and men serving this country to keep your (Same word as above missing) free!!

I want to thank everyone that is supporting our troops in one way or another!!!

Special thanks today to all the Marines of Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines!!!!

Wishing you all a great weekend!!! 

Getting someone a gift is not worth getting into an accident!!  Slow down!!  Be aware!! Q >Lacamas Shores Walk Part IV<


Good Morning Everyone!!

On Friday i managed to update and add photos to 210 profiles at www.IraqWarHewroes.org .  I still have a few hundred pending in my email box.  I will do my best to be caught up by year's end.

My sites haven't moved yet.  having some DNS problems that have not been resolved yet.

On Saturday I went to Willamette National Cemetery for the Wreaths Across America event.  I appreciated everyone that made it out there, especially members of the Patriot Guard Riders that held a flag line and assisted at the cemetery.

The overall turnout was PATHETIC!!!  Not counting the PGR, there where maybe 30 people.  The event was also suppose to be held at 12noon Eastern Time and Portland for some reason chose to do it at 1pm Pacific Time.  The newspaper had the correct time at 9am Pacific Time and I guess they didn't know that it was being held at 1pm local time.  California, from what I heard so far had the correct time at 9am which is 12 EST.   Hope I didn't confuse you.

Either way, it was a PATHETIC turnout.  I can't believe that only a couple handful of people know or care about the thousands of American service women and men buried here.

Young men and women of the Civilian Air Patrol aided in this event and they all did a great job.

There was no media present and I emailed 2 of them asking if they want pics. KOIN TV 6 called me and said they want some, I send them a few but never received a response.  Had someone tape their news show but pics or the event where ever brought up.  Ch 12 they won't post any of my pics because I always request credits to be given to IraqWarHeroes.org.  I have to remind myself where I am.

Yesterday I went to PDX (Portland Airport) to welcome home a soldier.  There where about 15 of us with flags and open arms.  And we where there early... so guess what....  Every time we saw a service member, we swarmed him or her and Thanked them and welcomed them home or bid them a safe trip.  I think we ran into 9 of them before we welcomed home the one we where waiting for. THAT WAS FUN!!  I like doing that when I can.   I drove to a meeting spot and rode with someone else into the airport so I wouldn't have to find money for parking. That worked out well.  I knew the Navy was good for something.  :) (Thanks Terri)

In a few hours I'll be welcoming home another hero, but, this is the kind I don't like but do.  I along with others will be escorting another fallen hero. -Sigh-

Hey, it's the last stretch of the year..... Good time to back up your crap on your hard drive that you don't want to lose. Also a good time to replace batteries in your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, pot detectors, garage door remote control, TV remote controls and check your fire extinguishers, have large tarp and rope, stored water and cat food.  And duct tape...

I hope you all have a good week!!!   SEE A VET... THANK A VET!!!!  One of my new slogans. Well, I mean it too!!!

Q Wreaths Across America at WNC <


Good Morning Everyone!!

My friends at www.Salem-News.com did a write-up, link is below.  I haven't added it to my News Link yet at www.iraqWarHeroes.org .

I have another mission coming up on the 20th.  It's a Welcome Home mission.  If that's all I had to do, that would be cool.  
Welcoming home our troops is something else I encourage any of you to do if you can.  May it be one or many.

Many of our guys that came back from Vietnam remember how they where treated and not welcomed home over 30 years ago.

Imagine 30 years from now, our troops deployed in the war zone today,  remembering coming home to open arms, smiles and hugs... :)

It's not that hard and once you've done it once, twice, 3 times...

You all take care.....


PS. If this link takes you back to MySpace, it's because the link is too long and myspace is miscoding it again. Then just copy the link and past it into your address bar.

Wreaths Across America Honors Oregon Veterans

by Tim Kin  Salem-News.com >https://salem-news.com/articles/december162007/q_will_nat_121607.php<


Seasons Greetings You All!!

So, who of my regular readers out there been busy thanking troops that are here on myspace??  I hope it's more than just 4 of you.

Yesterday I updated another 100 or so profiles, I now have less than 900 emails to go and will knock off as many as possible today after I've had some coffee and annoyed a waitress or two.

Late last night I backed up over 4GB worth of web sites.  I'm STILL waiting to resolve nameserver IP issues so I can start moving things properly.  I'm tired of so much down time.  Hell, I went down in the middle of uploading a bunch of changes yesterday.

On the good side, I have 2 home coming pending that I will attend.  One close to midnight on the 21st on one during the day on the 22nd.  We are discussing having some of us out there at all times over the holidays to welcome home troops coming in for the holidays or whatever.

I still have a few hours I'm wasting on restless sleep anyhow.  :)

Hey, want to help with my domain renewals? Below are some of the critical ones, pick one or more and renew them for me

Go to www.namesecure.com/pages/domain-renewal.jhtml  Pick one of the domains below, enter it in the 1st box and the code it gives in the second box and just follow instructions.  It will run you about $9.15 per domain, per year.

IraqWarHeros.org (That's the misspelled version which takes you to the correct one. You'd be amazed at how many misspell heroes)  

IraqWarHeroes.org, IraqWarHeroes.com, IraqWarHeroes.biz, IraqWarHeroes.net, IraqWarHeroes.info,

AfganistanWarHeroes.org, AfghanistanWarHeroes.com, 031903.com, 031903.org .  I'm not going list here over 80 domains related to my tribute sites.

I think when I have time (a different kind of time) I'll create a special page listing most of them in order of need.

Someone out there was going to do some labels for me, or just the document but don't know what happened.  If you have Microsoft Word 2000, or 2003 and know how to create labels and have label Avery 5160 as an option and a couple hours... Let me know.  It's a simple task, just time consuming.

See, there are lots of ways people can help me.  I have lots of projects.  And dough always helps make those 5 day, 3 day notices go away.

Anyhow, I need to go find food.  Here are some pics I took on a walk a couple years ago.  man, I need to find time and no rain days and go back on walks.  Who limited the day to 24 hours anyhow?

You all be good.  Q >Christmas Boat Walk 2005<


I just received short notice of two funerals tomorrow at Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent WA.  One will be for PV1 Joshua Reitan 21. I'm in the process of making contact and don't have all the details yet, but looks like I'll be gone all day.  The 2nd will be for a veteran, don't have the details yet but it will be out at Tahoma also.

I was hoping to not to have any this week, well, I did have an escort mission the other day, and was planning on just home comings.  Now you know why I don't make any plans.  :)

I will try to make it back in time for another homecoming at the airport in Portland OR.

If any of you can make it, please do.

It would be great, if every civilian on my list here, would attend at least one service next year for one of our heroes in your area.  Yes it's depressing, it's sad, and you may not know them personally.... BUT what is your freedom worth, that others are willing to die for?

Yes it's the holiday's, and we all just want cheerful thoughts etc. etc., I understand...  but I also know that there are a bunch of people out there that are missing someone...  someone that ain't coming back.  Someone that helped assure that you can practice whatever religion and holidays that you want...

If you ever seriously want to go but can't, consider sending me the gas you saved to help keep me going.

You all take care!!! Q


Hi All!

It's almost 0530 on in the state between Washington and California!

I'm getting ready to head north to Tahoma National.

I bid you all a great Friday and a nice weekend!! Q >Forest Grove Walk Part I<


Good Night!!

It's almost 0100, that's 1 AM for you only awake 12 hour people. I just got back.

Both memorial services in Kent Washington went well.  I couldn't believe that Iraq War Heroes made it onto one of those pamphlet / program things.

Driving back in this holiday weekend rush hour was LOTS of fun.

That got even worse when I headed to the Airport.  I think there where about 20 of us there and I can't tell how many came in that we welcomed home.

Onlookers started to gather around and at one point I think we had about 80 people there. Different parents would approach us letting us know their son or daughter was also coming home...  it was a blast.

One of the last ones to come in was in BDU's and when I saw him grab his waiting girlfriend's hands, I rushed and swung around and git the time life magazine shot of his dropping to his knees, whipping out a open case with a ring and proposing to her.  His mom has my card, I'm sure that when the dust settles, they'll want those pics.

Me personally, I don't think you should get married or pop a kid until both have traveled together and visited at least 4 foreign countries.  Canada and Mexico DON'T count.  I'm not talking day trips either.  :)

Well, I need to settle down, crawl into bed a couple hours, 0500 is coming soon.

You all have a good weekend or at least try,.  See A Vet   Thank A Vet!!! Q


Hi All!

It's Sunday morning, wishing I was young.....

Last night I went out to the airport again.  I got a ride from a friend so I wouldn't have to find parking dough.  3 hours there and it's 9 bucks, that's like 3 happy meals.

There where only 5 of us but the crowd of curious onlookers sure grew bigger and bigger.  Some kept a distance behind barricades... cause you know... they didn't want to look like they are part of it...  You never know what USA flag toting people are up to.

I've been wanting to send you a link to a video someone emailed me.  But I couldn't remember who emailed it and the title...  so I spend about 30 minutes looking back into my big pile of emails and found it.  I think you should all watch it and just pass this post along.

www.gratitudecampaign.org/fullmovie.php   Turn on your speakers also and hearing aids.

My friend and I where early, cause last night it was a madhouse on the road to the airport, so we decided to go to a Starbucks,  I told her I would buy cause she's driving and paying for parking and I knew someone dumped me 20 bucks on my starbucks card (6042 4202 2135 7271).  The first 2 where closed so we drove to the Airport and they where in the process of closing and we still got coffee.

We then sat in the main lobby facing in and every time we spotted one of them military types, we would rush them as though the TSA was coming to get them... and Thank Them...wished them a safe journey or welcomed them home.  Later we stood at the wrong gate and welcomed home a few and then to the right gate and welcomed home a few more.

I don't know if anyone is going tonight.  But I do have a small job in an hour and will have parking dough and maybe just go by myself, which is 1 more than none.  :)  INSERT: I know I'm going now and found someone else that will.

For all you new ones on myfriend's list here, it's OK to repost my postings. Most bulletins repeat in my blog here in case you missed it.  It's OK to use my pics I post links to here for personal use.  If you use for other and it makes you a profit, be sure to share.

I bid you all a great weekend!! 

Thank you to everyone serving this country! Q >Fountains, Bubblers Walk part III<


Good Morning All!!

Well, I went to the airport again last night and took along three generations of a family, so there where six of us.  It was a first time for them and and two of them are a couple, age 87 and 89.  An old war hero welcoming home our young men and women.

I may head out there again tonight, depending on when I get back into town tonight.

 You all have a great day!!! Q >Rose Garden Stroll Part II<


Good Afternoon Everyone!

I'm sitting here eating some rustic bread and cheese... simple things that keep me content and on with life.

In a couple hours I'm heading for Portland State University's Radio Station KPSU to talk about my project.  Normally I only call in, but this time they will also be shooting some video footage for their cable access show.

A couple weeks ago when I got the studded tires put on, one of the mechanics told me that my front brakes where under 10% and on Christmas Eve, during the day, the red light came on and I tried to find a place to fit me with some new pads.  I had already been looking and saving but the red light seem to make it even more urgent.  Most places where closed and I went to Les Schwab tires.  Of course they told me it could cost 300 bucks but won't necessarily be that high which told me it would be higher.  After my wait, they told me that it would be 325 and I asked if they couldn't just give me new pads.  He said they can't do that, I have to get the whole package.  I had them put my wheels back on, told them I can't afford that (That's more than I made last 2 weeks) and left.  The mechanic shook my hand and said bye.

A friend currently in southern California, soaking up the heat and hot women called to check up on me and I told him about my latest woes... 30 minutes later a mechanic from Vancouver WA called me.  I'll be seeing him tomorrow to get my brakes done.

I have a pending mission in southern Oregon on the 29th.  better braking in this crap weather will help.

Christmas Eve evening I drove to the boonies and had dinner with some long time friends.  Spotted several deer along the way.

For Christmas Day I had several dinner offers but no breakfast offers so I hung out at one of my favorite bars. Christmas Day dinner was at J&K's in Washington.  First time I've been there.  I took a couple of snapshots of stuff hanging from their tree. The food was good and I stuffed myself.  Lots of ham.  I managed to avoid turkey on another holiday. hehehehe  I did let them know I prefer Venison on Christmas Day.  Just in case a kid ever asked what I ate for Christmas.  4 more months till Hasenpfeffer huh?

I also noticed how slow their computer was running and that I couldn't get to some of my pages... so I went back the next day (yesterday) and fixed it for them.

So, now it's a little after 1400 (2pm) and it's taken me over 30 minutes to write this cause I've been busy munching on my bread and cheese. No, it's not Limburger but similar in texture.  :)

My IP problem is still not resolved, so I can't move the sites yet.

It's been a few years now, but I may have some medical coverage again starting in March.  I am curious to see how my cancer is and check after a few other problems.  After that's done, unless I'm making money, I'll cancel it.  You seen the price of medical coverage?  I thought rape was illegal but that's what they seem to do.  I often wonder if that's why there is so much alcohol abuse, cause it numbs you.  I've thought about it... can't afford the scotch I like hahahaha.

Anyhow...  just a few more days and we'll be closing another year, learning to write another date 2008.  I'm not looking forward to all the political ads and am not looking forward to how bad we as a nation are gonna get screwed after the elections.

I know, I'm not sounding real optimistic....  I just have this real longing for a real American to run for office... but .....

You all take care!!!

I need to renew domains, purchase more cards and a bunch of other things... so if you can spare a buck, you can even Paypal it to  

I wish you all a better New Year!!! Q >J & K's Tree<


Good morning All!!

I'm heading out in a few to get my coffee infusion and then to Vancouver to get the front brakes done.

Looks like tomorrow morning I'll be heading to southern Oregon(e) to a place called Roseburg.

Last night I made another appearance on the Fathers & Families Show and this time instead of calling in, I was at the KPSU studio.  They also had a video camera there to play it on their cable access show.  I've helped this show for many many many years and no, I have no kids nor ever had any.

I have not created the condensed file version of the program yet, but if you have high-speed internet, you can download the 56MB file at

https://archive.kpsu.org/node/9985 .  Just click on the red Download Audio File link. I hope I didn't sound too bad.  Not a good speaker here.  If you listen to it, give me your feedback.  Feel free to share with others if you like it. :)

As I'm typing this I noticed this car commercial where people destroy their cars to have an excuse for a new one...  OK either they are ripping off the insurance customer causing me to pay more, or they are too stupid to know that there is trade in value or some poor person could use a car.  I know, they try to be funny... like those people standing around saying DUH!

I wish you all a great weekend and a better New Year!!! Q  https://archive.kpsu.org/node/9985


Good morning!!

It's half past 0500 and I'm about to jump out into the cold and wet morning to head to Roseburg OR to honor Army Spc Sean Tacy.

If you're in that area, I encourage you to come.

I can tell my main sites are down again.  I want to scream and throw something.....

I'm still hoping the F IP issue will get taken care of.  Don't know how many more service requests I have to submit.

Anyhow...  I bid you all a great weekend!! Q >Challenge Walk Part II<


It's a New Year Ahead

Greetings Everyone!!!

It's now 2008 and now for the next 12 months we have to adapt to using 7
instead of 8. (7 of 8 just popped into my head)

Every new year I hope that it will be a better one than the last one, 
and much has to do with how we focus looking back.  Do we remember 3 days
of flood or that brief helpful smile from a stranger?  Do we remember the
piles of stuff we didn't get done for ourselves or the handfuls we did get done
for someone else.

In 3 months it will be 5 years into the current conflict in Iraq &
Afghanistan and a little longer into the war on terrorism.  I will have
spent more than 10% of my life on my war heroes projects and over 70,000 miles
driving on the roads and I wonder why I'm tired.

People often ask if I'm not getting burnt out, and I told them I was a long
time ago and just haven't found the time to quit.  If every (real) American
would spend at least 3 days worth of time this new year doing something to
support our troops, our veterans. our heroes.... even if all you do is find them
and thank them .... imagine what that would do. Just 72 hours out of 8736
hours.  An hour here or there, 10 minutes here or there... or all at
once... perhaps at a center helping veterans... or a place packing stuff for our
troops... showing up at homecomings, standing tall at funerals....  
Just 3 days.....  

Let's face it.... I believe that most don't even realize that we are at war,
or just don't care because it hasn't inconvenienced them...  I think all of
them need to spend some time with a WWII War Veteran and between the fish
stories... hear and listen too all that this country did to stand behind it's
troops and support them.

My memory is not good...  but I remember all the groups in my area that
formed to support our troops, groups that would show up at memorial
services....  and I watched them mostly all vanish...  They got tired
I guess, not enough popularity, not enough press... who knows but by the end of
the 2nd year... most where gone.  Yes, some new ones came... but most are

Today I ran into a military mom who was very involved while her son was in
Iraq a couple years ago, who always asked me about what's happening... who
participated in a support group....  who then could care less after her son
returned.  In my eyes that suxs too and I lost any respect I had for
her.  Maybe I'm wrong.... (Well, at least she not as bad as the one that's
constantly disrespecting her dead hero son.)

Just 3 days or more....

Of course I know that there are many reading this that already do a lot for
our troops and veterans.  THANK YOU!!!

About me going to Iraq.....

I really, really, really want to go!  It's been many years since I've
shot a camera on hostile foreign grounds.  I remember the Khomeni Pro/Anti
demonstrations in Paris.  I remember the anti US demonstrations and riots
in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Bitburg and a few dozen other places. I remember the
thousands of red flags marching and protestors burning some of our leaders in
effigy  in Athens.  I remember lots of hate expressed toward our
nation in forms of demonstrations, riots, nightclub bombings, suicide bombers,
shootings and on and on...  I remember things that wake me up at
night...  I remember too many things I've seen through my lenses...

I also remember events where I was not there... but glued to the TV all day
long... like September 11, 2001.  I watched that day on 4 channels and I wondered
why it took so long, because the bastards that hate us have been hitting us
overseas for years.

It's not easy to pass up another opportunity to go to Iraq or Afghanistan.
Over the last 6 months I've had 1 offer for Afghanistan with a news reporter and
3 offers with music artists.

I look around me sitting here at the keyboard and I have piles of unfinished
business, I have thousands of photos I need to work on.  I have a project
that already consumes most of the time in my days.

Sand is bad for my camera... think about what it took to replace my last bad
camera.  Being in a war zone, I will probably be restricted on what I can
shoot or see.  I wouldn't want to be a burden on our military to protect
another guy with a camera looking like media...

There are many other things I've considered and I've looked at all the
responses to my postings....  So, for now I'll stay here.  I'll try
and not feel guilty cause what I'm doing here is unique and painful
enough.  I would also create  much more workload...  I couldn't
go there and shoot less than a few thousand shots per day... :)

For all of you that said you'd support my trip, hey, feel free to support my
current trips to honor our heroes and remember, if I have the means, I'll travel
anywhere in the USA for our heroes.

My black cat Jole' just came to whine at me... she thinks I should feed her
now... so I'll forget at 1700 that I've already fed her and she whines again at
feeding time.  I just told her to go $%^.  I'm sure the grey one Ela'
will be here at any time to set me straight. B!

Yes, I started to type this a while ago....

For 2008 I would like less to no more troops coming home in coffins. 
Get some better optics for my camera to serve the families of our fallen
better.  Get some new glasses so I see less scratches and get caught up
again.  Attend many more homecomings.

For 2008 I hope that each of you will have a better year, better health,
better shoes, and better recognition of our troops suffering PTSD.

For 2008 I hope that more Americans will step forward.  I hope that more
Americans will speak up.

For 2008 I would like to see more American Flags (Red, white and blue) than
pro sports flags.

For 2008 I'd like to see more Americans not afraid to approach a service
woman or man and tell them Thank You and mean it.

I could wish for world peace and all that political correct crap but I know

Don't wait till you've given up all your rights for false hope of security...
cause when they come to collect your guns and teach you a new language... it's
all too late.



PS. It's a good time to update your will, back up your important stuff on
your computer, keep an offsite copy of important stuff, check your smoke
detectors, replace batteries, check fire extinguishers, check your 3 week food
supply, water supply... don't forget your critters. Check on your older
neighbors.  Sand and flares in your car/truck?  Escape route?




Mornin' All!!

It's half past midnight on the west coast in the state of Oregon(e) and I'll be he4ading out and driving to Boise Idaho along the cold and windy Columbia River Gorge  along I-84.

If you have one of my banners on your page and it's broken, that's because there are a bunch of nameservers down and the registrar hasn't fixed it yet.  You can fix the broken image by replacing https://www.letmeshootyou.org/ with  in the code.

Anyhow, it's a mess cause I can't access 5 of my email accounts now.  Was on the phone long distance with some moron that kept spewing all kinds of crap but couldn't tell me if his company was having nameserver issues.  A lot of places refuse to let you know they are f'ing up cause it's much better that make you think it's on your end.

-sigh-   gotta go....

You all be good!!!   See a Vet, thank a Vet!! Q >Lacamas Shores Walk Part II<


Micah Shaw was a Navy medic for 5 years.  He then went to Iraq as a contractor for the U.S. Army and was killed there.

On December 17th we escorted him home. >Escorting Home Our Hero Micah Shaw<


Greetings All!!

I've been very angry lately caused mostly by frustrations and dealing with idiots and people that could care less....

Over 23 days ago I made a simple request to my registrar NameSecure to change 1 (one) of my domains (web names) to be a registered name server which I need for the new hosting account.  On the 20th I received an email stating it was done. well it wasn't and I email, and I email... cause they won't let you call them... with one exception.... Pretty soon I notice I can't access any of my emails or any of my sites, they all started to drop off.  If you have paid web hosting packages with them, there is a long distance number you can call for 24/7 tech support.  I'm paying for 3 packages there along with my outside hosting ones.  

I called them about one of them that I can't access and the idiot kept telling me I have to email cause it's not their fault but the fault of the registrar part of their company.  33 minutes later I hung up on the aH.  More emailing... No results.  Couple days ago I called again, about another hosting account not working and was told the domain wasn't even registered with NameSecure and that's the problem.  I told him I've had them all through NameSecure for many years and can prove...  he says I should email them.

On my 22 hour day trip to Boise Idaho memorial service I was getting calls of people ending up at weird places going to some of my sites..  I'm in the car fighting off heavy winds and blowing white stuff.

After returning from Boise, I start checking things... still emailing the morons and sending them screen shots cause I ain't making up this s***.  I figured out that someone there did something to separate the names from the IP's on all of my domain names  So, one by one I had to unassociated them and re-associate them and they started to work again.

The next day which was the 3rd I headed to Lafayette OR to visit another myspace friend (She was buying) and went to a restaurant called the American Cafe on W 3rd St. (The food was good, for real) and I was then gonna head to visit someone else in that area but got a phone call about a troop deployment ceremony and headed for Salem OR.

After returning from Salem, I went back to working on my problems and have half of the main sites back up.  that's why you can see the banner again in case you have one on your page.  I also had to get the photos done for the escort mission because I was going to be meeting the widow and bringing her a CD while a couple members of the PGR where delivering a plaque.

I drove to the initial meeting place and got there early and got me some java at the Starbucks there and sat outside in the wind.  I watched people walking by as if the world was freezing over sitting in my light clothing.  As the wind started to blow over some of the chairs and other things, I looked up and watched the rapid movements of the clouds and took out my pocket camera and shot a few pics.  Sometimes passersby would stop, look up and try to figure out what I was shooting.

Sometimes you just have to stop and look and see how quickly the skies can change and even storms can pass and I hope my anger passes soon... I spend a lot of time last week contacting people about my project and am sure iit had a great impression not getting there and even worse, getting to the wrong place and not having any control over that.

As we met with the widow, she had told us how her husband had send her an updated will a couple months prior and how that saved her a lot of trouble knowing what all his wishes are.  She also received a phone call from one of his buddies overseas while we where there......

After the visit I spend more time working on the domain problems...  Still have a bunch to go through and correct... and the initial problem still has not been fixed by the registrar.  I gotta keep my cool...

Now it's Saturday, just after 1400 here on the stormy west coast in Oregone(e), that's that place between California and Washington.

I added 8 more names this morning.  A couple of our guys where killed by an Iraqi military member who has ties with the bad guys.  (Just fill this spot with a bunch of 4, 6, 8 etc words.)

I need to go buy some toilet paper....  I hope you all have a great weekend!!! Q >Passing Clouds<


Greetings Everyone!!

I spend 6 hours yesterday watching more old 1953 'Badge 417' which was later changed to 'Dragnet' with jack Webb who also produced it. A few months ago I picked up a DVD set with over 170 old detective shows.  After all this time, I've finally completed double DVD 5 of 12.

When the 2 good channels I watch over the air go to nothing but sports and other crap like that I switch to DVD's or something else.

With all the sports channels out there, why they have to interrupt fun programming like the Simpsons on TV or good talk shows on talk radio I'll never understand.  I guess that's how they boast high viewership and listeners by forcing that stuff on everyone else.  just remember, tune to something else or turn it off.

I'm also tired of seeing the imported local basketball team on the front page day after day after day while they take a good deed of a hero and stick that in the back someplace.  Look, the only reason they are allowed to win is because the local arena is going to sell out their fans again... this time by selling the arena name to the highest bidder and if the team looks good.. the bid goes up.

I don't know about other gas stations, but I found out that some Shell stations in the Portland Oregon(e) area will rip you off up to an additional 7 cents per gallon if you use your CASH gift card at the pump.  If you have a gift card, take it inside and insist on the cash price.  After I realized them doing that, it dawned on me how their cash back scheme must be working.  you know, get a nickel back on every gallon you charge to the Shell credit card and they already charging you extra 7 cents at the pump and don't forget the interests fees later if you don't pay off monthly.    Just a reminder, it isn't free, you just don't realize where they are sticking it to you.

Hey, did you thank at least 1 veteran this weekend???

When you pay with your credit or debit card anyplace, do you watch your card??   You should you know.  Even fancy restaurants have those that will use a portable reader to steal your card info.  If you can't watch your card, use cash. Heck, leave your card at home in a safe place and just pay with cash... it will help you control your spending better, cause you actually see the money go..

Today is the first Monday of the year but at least it's starting on a good number , 7.

I bid you all a great week!!! Q >VV Dahlia Walk Part VI<


Hello All!!

Today is Day 1755 since I've been logging AP headers to show what they have
been reporting.  You won't see an 2003 in this set because it started march
19, 2003 which is coming up soon again.

I was useless most of yesterday and didn't get much done and will try again

If you don't see the complete post in the bulletin, look at my BlogToday.  You all take care!!!


Good Afternoon!!

I am making some progress today in knocking out emails and posting photos mailed in by family, friends and others for our heroes.

Unless you've taken a close look, you may not have noticed the link at the bottom at www.IraqWarHeroes.org which will take you to a list of Coalition Names.  It's much harder to keep up on this list because of the sources I have available.

Today I would just like to remind everyone that even though we are the majority force (and the best) out there, there are others fighting the fight with us.  Many members of the coalition forces did not have the option to volunteer as many of our heroes, but they have mandatory enlistment in the military as soon as age 18.  I don't know if some still put them in as early as 16.

I often feel sorry for them because you don't hear much about them on our news and media.   I also remember many years ago visiting some of their bases and finding that the clothes they wore where hand-downs from the previous one that did his stint.  I say his, cause back then they only drafted for mandatory duty males.

Anyhow, I received an email 2 months ago (Shows you how far behind I am) from Hungary and just added some photos to the profile of a Hungarian soldier that got blown up by one of those IED's planted by cowards.

So, today I would like to remind all of you, that many of our allies have lost great men and women in this war and also in wars of the past, fighting side by side with our men and women.

You all take care!!! Q  >Cpl Richard Nagy R.I.P.<


Sgt Steven M Packer was killed in Rushdi Mullah, Iraq, May 17, 2007 when his dismounted patrol encountered an improvised explosive device. He was out looking for 3 kidnapped soldiers.

I just (OK, I just got to the email and updated the page) received links to 2 videos put together to honor and remember Steven.  Please remember him and all our other heroes!!! >Sgt Steven M Packer R.I.P.<

Top of the mornin' All!

It's Thursday out here on the west coast in Oregon(e) and it's still raining and raining.  I started to fall asleep about an hour ago before getting up. That always gets me.  It's like rehearsing for 7 hours and when it starts to happen, it's too late.

Need to scrape some change and get some drugs I ran out of and was just looking at the container and it says I should consult my Doctor before breastfeeding.  It's an added sticker, makes me wonder if they even know that their patient is a male.  I know, I know...

Yesterday I spend at least 14 hours working on emails and their attachments.  I think I added like 300 photos to the site.  As of right now, before hitting send & receive, I only have 561 left to go. maybe, just maybe by the end of this month, I'll be done with the emails from 2007.

You may think it shouldn't take that long, but I have another memorial service tomorrow and another pending.  Each email can contain anywhere from 1 photo to a dozen or more.  Some emails contain stories.  Some contain attachments I have to figure out how to convert and make useable to post.  The biggest email yesterday had around 30 pics.

Yesterday we had 9 more killed.  6 in a booby trapped house where at least 4 more where injured. 3 killed in a separate incident.  I did hear we bombed another terrorist camp.

Hey, if anybody out there wants an email project, you know something that's easy to do but boring and requires persistency... let me know.

Hey, Talk Fest is coming to Portland Oregon(e) on February 15, 2008.  I'll be getting tickets for that and will attend. national talk show whatchamakallit Bill O'Reilly is suppose to be there.  If you have his email address, send him a letter asking him to talk to me about IraqWarheroes.org. 

I hope you all have a great day!!!  Have you thanked a veteran lately?  Remember, Freedom is NOT Free, so please support all of our troops that are honorably serving this country (USA) of ours!!!!  Put a real flag on your car.   IT'S OK TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!! Q >Forest Grove Walk Part III<


Hi All!!!

I spend most of yesterday again updating pages with photos from emails. 
I now have less than 400 emails to go.

Today I'm taking a break from that and am working on photos from 2 funerals I
shot.  I'm a few funerals behind.

Yesterday I attended a special memorial service for Capt Drew Jensen at
Barlow High School in Gresham. TheOutLookOnline.com
has a story posted.  If that link doesn't work, copy it into your
browser.  The url is pointed at the actual story.

I have another funeral pending for Bend Oregon for one of our KIA's.  No
date yet.  Also looks like another service on Monday for a veteran and
another service for someone that got killed stateside after returning from Iraq.

The photo below is from one of the veteran funerals I attended recently and
as you can see, the rifle squad consist of retired older military members. 
Men that take time, of what little time they themselves may have left, to come
out and volunteer to honor a veteran.

A lot of these guys are part of a generation of heroes that's dropping dead
at a rapid pace.  I hear them talking about so-and-so not making it out
today, or so-n-so that passed last month....

If you're former military or current military, you should consider
volunteering to render military honors for our passing veterans.  Some of
you think some of these are all geezer clubs, but these geezers answered the
call when they where young.

So, take a hard look at this photo and tell me whose gonna be there for these

Listening to a song right now by Don Gibson "Lonesome number One".

My head is killing me again today but I gotta keep going while I can....

I have too much to whine about right now but no time...

I bid you all a great weekend!!  Spend just a few minutes... even 1,
which is only 60 seconds recognizing some of our women and men in the armed
forces serving our country (USA) proudly.


Good Morning Everyone!!

Yesterday I wanted to get the pics done for one of the missions in December.  So I went to the pics with that date and started working them and I noticed that they are not the correct ones and then remembered I did 2 funerals that day.  I worked my way through the first batch and then when I thought I was completed with the 2nd set, the ones I wanted to get done, I saw that I had more for that day and realized I did a homecoming mission late that night also.  That was a long December 21, 2007.

Anyhow, all my plans (that's why I don't have a personal life) have changed again.  Today I'll head to the battleground area to get some holes drilled into a few poles I have.  I carry a spare flags now for any citizen that shows up for the flagline and has none to use.

Tomorrow I'll be going to Salem for a funeral service of a WWII veteran. Then I still have 2 more pending.  One in bend OR.  DoD finally came out so I'm starting my inquiries tomorrow.

Hope your weekend is going well.  Still got a few bucks on my starbucks card, gonna have some coffee and a roll there for breakfast.  can't afford McDonald's this morning.


Take care!!



Mission Report

12/21/07 Start Time: 0600  Return Time: 1931  Total Away time: 13.5 Hours

First frame Shot (Camera Time): 1022  last frame Shot: 1303

At home working on pics:  7.3 Hours.  Total for Family: 384   Total Posted for Public: 73

Pvt Joshua Reiten is another that was killed by PTSD. He was discharged on Oct 19th 2007. He did 1 tour in Afghanistan and 2 security details in Iraq. He was suffering from PTSD and was having issues trying to pick up were he left off before he left. He died from an accidental overdose. Final autopsy not available at this time of posting.

PTSD has killed many, even some of the toughest and best out there.  If you have a family member, relative, friend in the service, especially in a hostile environment, please study up on PTSD.  I have a PTSD link on my website at www.IraqWarHeroes.org to help get you started.  PTSD doesn't happen to everyone, but how we on the home front react, treat, know, can make a big difference.

Please remember Joshua and all others that have been killed by combat related PTSD. >Pvt Joshua Reiten R.I.P.<


Greetings All!

Well, the IP issue has been solved 1/4 of the way. THOSE MORONS!! Out of 2 IP addresses, I can see one now, but that one isn't working yet, hence the 1/4.  At this rate, in 3 more months I should be able to do something I should have been able to do in less than 24 hours.

I see more companies using this technique, t5hey remove all options of contacting them except email which takes them 24 to 92 hours to reply to or they didn't get it from their own web forms.

Yesterday's memorial service in Salem went OK. Carl Towne Jr served this country in WWII and he died at 87. Not counting the 3 military personnel, and the 12 patriot Guard Riders and the funeral people, ONLY 19 people showed up to his funeral.

I have to admit that's more than to the service I went to for a WWII vet that spend most of his life serving his country and only 3 people showed up.

Now, either all the younger generations that knew him have already died or people just don't care.  I think it's the latter.

I'm in one of those annoyed moods again.  I'll be glad when this year is over with.  Maybe everyone too busy to know that a friend or relative has died.

If you're a new reader here,  yup, I whine a b a lot here BUT I do spend more time DOING than whining.  :)

Looks like tomorrow I'll have a mission at Willamette National in Portland.  Not far to drive and I have pending missions in Bend OR for one of our KIA's.  There are also 2 Reno Nevada missions pending but at this time I have no way of making those.

On the bright side, I did earn my first $20 of the year, working today.

You all be good....  Tomorrow is hump day, which means this week is almost done and a week closer to the end of the year.

Have you hugged a cute soldier lately?  If not, grab an ugly one!!  We need to be grateful to all that serve our country honorably!!!

Q >Forest Grove Walk Part II<


Good Evening Everyone!!!

Well, my IP problem is 3/4 done now.  I can see but can't use.

This morning I was at Willamette National Cemetery to pay honors to one of our heroes being laid to rest.  It was a foggy and frosty morning and have posted a few new pics for you all.

Thanks to whoever put a few bucks on my Starbucks card!! :)  www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

At this point, I'll be driving down to Bend OR early Friday for part 1, stay overnight somewhere I hope, and do part 2 on Saturday, drive back north and do part 3 on Sunday.  So, my week is gone.  I have 2 KIA funerals pending on the same day on and am gonna opt for the closest one because I'm just too broke.

I'm also testing a new email address and account q@privacyharbor.com . I've rerouted some of my email addresses to go there and so far it's handling the spam ok.

Anyone notice a new pic I added to the Pics Of Me album here?  I'm in front of the bunk beds, not in my bunk bed.  That was shot a few years ago while I was in boot camp.  That was pretty much the last time I was shaved.  I was still geek cute then. 

I just heated myself a can of DM stew. That stuff has a long shelf life and comes in great for emergency food.  You got some emergency food in case the weather turns bad and you get stuck at home or something else comes up?  Think about how slow a lot of public utilities are in your area and have food and drink for at least that period of time plus a couple of days.  :)

I'm waiting for my stew to cool down now.  Feels like it's freezing out again.  Need to finish a project tonight.

You all be good!!!   thank you all that are serving our country (USA) honorably!!!  :) Q >Frosty WNC<


Travel Update 01/18/08 1144 Bend OR

I've made it to Bend ok.  After crossing the mountain pass I drove into clear sky.   It's blue and sunny out for the most part.  I had just made it within minutes to catch the honor guard waiting for the hearse escort.

I'm sitting at a Starbucks in Bend.  Finally some coffee and their last bagel.

Stopped at one of those self car washes to get the dirt off my bumper and windshield.  I want people to be able to read my bumper while I'm out here.

Ohhhh... when crossing a mountain pass or driving anyplac when it's cold, remember not to use your windshield fluid sprayer when brushing off crud left by a passing truck.  Seems like the stuff turns to ice and you have t pull over and clear it all.   I should check and see if there is wiper fluid out there that will not freeze on your windshield.

I don' know where I'll be staying, may be driving back tonight  and then returning in the morning.

You all take care!


PS. I got notification a little while ago that we lost another from Oregon. -sigh-

PSS. Just got a phone call, I think I'll have a bed to crash on.


Good Evening Everyone!!

I made it back from my 2 day, 2 missions in Bend OR.  Going there was much easier than coming back.  It was snowing on the pass and it only takes one or two idiots with bald tires to tack on and extra couple of hours to your trip.

Even though, mileage wise, I should have been able to do the trip there and back on a tank, I knew to fill up before crossing the pass, cause you never know if you get stuck and need your car to keep you warm, or the traffic moves at 2 miles and hour and you burn a lot of gas going nowhere.   You should always have a full tank in the winter time anyhow.  You never know.

The missions went well, and I posted some pics I shot long the way.  the memorial; and funeral pics will be a while yet.  i have a funeral tomorrow to attend and a new one pending.

Thanks to everyone that helped make this trip easier for me.

Yesterday I was outside on my feet most of the day till a little after 8pm when the vigil concluded.  I didn't put on a coat until about 6pm.  It was my feet that kept getting cold on the frozen ground.  Otherwise I'm pretty insensitive unless it rains.

The father of L/Cpl Randy Newman recognized me, called out to me, I turned around, he shook my hand and told me he was ? Newman and I think all I said was Hi.  I hope he didn't think I was rude.  I had a brain failure.  I was at his sons funeral in 2006.

I also met L/Cpl Dale Peterson's wife there.  He was killed last April in Iraq.

What can I say, It's very emotional for me but I have to keep it tucked away till later.

3 fine young men from the same area. 

Well, it's almost 2200.  I need close this.  You all have a great night!! >To Bend & Back Part I<


Good Evening All!!

Had some work today so been gone.  Got another funeral tomorrow.

Right now I'm working on transferring sites.  I finally have the IP problem resolved and could now have intermittent sites downtime between 24 and 92 hours.  Problem with the new hosting company, I can't see all of my files, only the first 200 in my ftp program and that I have thousands of files.

My black cat is bitching at me because I refuse to op0en any windows.  I should toss her butt outside and see how fast she'll grow icicles. I'll never hear the end of it from my grey cat, so I'll pass on that.  I still think they are planning my demise.

If you go to www.IraqWarHeroes.org  and see this message: This site is on a new server now. 01/21/08  Let me know if that happens between today and Wednesday.

OK, that's it for now, gotta get back to it.  You all take care!!!  here is part 2 which shows some of the return drive.

Q >To Bend & Back Part II of II<


Greetings Everyone!!

Yes I'm still alive.  Don't know why, but I am.  I'm having new pains lately and don't know what to blame them on yet.

On Tuesday I went to Woodburn OR to honor one of our WWII veterans and just uploaded a self shot of myself, currently as a default pic.  I thought it looked pretty cool.

On Sunday I'll be going to Eugene OR for another service.  then unfortunately I have 2 more pending.  I'm behind in getting pics done.

Did have some work also which has kept me busy. Gotta have food for the 2 cats.  4 short jobs back to back.  Well short is a relative term, one took 7 hours which paid 4 hours.

Hey, someone suggested that I add a donate button to my page here.  Let me know if it works.

I have finally got the more of the main sites moved to the new hosting and cleared off the old.  Still have a few kinks here and there. I think I'm getting all my emails again including thousands of spam messages.

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to redo my laptop and roll some newspapers.

What's with the people that send you a message, that are not on your friends list that have their security setting so you can't reply unless you're on their list and you can't add them because you don't have the required information. ??  then they get upset cause you don't respond.

Also, I think that if someone does a friend request, you should be able to view their private profile before approving it.  I know I have a few real morons on my list.  Just keep in mind, just cause they on my list, doesn't mean I endorse their activities.  I'm here to spread the word about our heroes.

Well that's it for now... gonna watch the Simpsons and try to warm up with some laughter.

Thank you to all of you serving our country (USA) honorably!!!!  thanks to all that have served honorably!!

Backed up your drive lately?  Got batteries for your flashlight?? 

No matter what crap Duracell tries to sell you, their batteries do leak if left in devices unused.  I had to toss out a couple more flashlights.  And you can't mail the stuff to them because it's in violation of postal regs.  Screwing the consumers to keep the investors happy should be the open printed motto of so many businesses.

I'm not a pro, just someone trying to remind you that Freedom is not Free and there are those that paid the ultimate price for your freedom..

Q  >VV Dahlia Walk Part II<


Mornin' All!!

I hope your weekend is going well.

I'll be driving to Eugene OR this morning to honor one of our soldiers. I'll be mostly in the flag line and not be taking photos of the actual services.

The weather is nasty outside.  Suppose to snow also. So, I'll be leaving early and have my coffee on the other end.

There is a new profile on my top 12 list.

Last night I got my laptop redone. By looking up individual chips and going direct to the manufacturer, I managed to get all the drivers so I could make XP work on this made for Vista only machine.  In 3 months you won't be able to buy XP anymore.

Ever noticed how much more invasive a lot of software is?  How do you justify a 300mb install for a 5.3mb executable, the part that actually does the work you want done?  I always kill my ASPI users that windows sets up accounts for so the software maker can better assist me by just going in and tweaking their crap.

I still have a windows 98 machine that works pretty good.

Well, it's 0633 out here on the west coast between Washington and California.  I need to motivate myself out of the door.  Have some coffee and be glad that there are still those women and men out there willing to give their all for us, our country. (USA)

Ohhhh On Friday night, anyone else catch the report about the body found in the Chicago river and it looks a lot like that cops 3rd or 4th wife and all of a sudden they pulled the report.  Weird huh??  And I guess this bastard was already on a dating show and got upset cause someone asked about where his latest wife is.

You all take care!!!   Please support our troops!  Please help keep our country, cause I see a lot of it fading away...

Q >Thursday March 9, 2006<


Hi All!!

I hope your weekend went well.  We have idiots wiping out on the roads again this morning.  You see, we have many stupid drivers out there that believe you have to meet or exceed the posted speed limit no matter what the road conditions.  Yesterday had a cop killed on side of road and this morning a marked cop car hit on side of the road.

Yesterday I drove to Eugene OR to honor SSG Rynearson, 23 years old.  About the time I got to mile post 245, it started to snow and near mile marker 235 it really started to get interesting.  I left plenty early though to make sure I get there on time.

There where 12 that came out to stand the flag line.  Thanks to them all!  I stood the flag line yesterday with a POW/MIA flag.  You can see a self pic on my top 12 friends list here.

I have another funeral I'm attending today and unfortunate, on my way home a friend called telling me he has to take an emergency flight to southern California, which is not good.

Well, I need to go shower then back up yesterday's pics and get ready to head out.  Looking out my window, don't know why everyone is freaking, hardly enough snow to write your name in it.

You all be good and please remember all our heroes that gave their all!! Q >Snow in Eugene Oregon<


Greetings Everyone!!

It's raining, raining, raining and did I mention it's wet out here....

Yesterday I went to Willamette National Cemetery to honor a reverently deceased veteran.  I was meeting Patriot Guard Riders and others that came out to stand the flag line, I think the final count of them was 13.  We where plenty early hanging out in a parking lot when a woman walked by and asked if we where there for her father.   No, we where not, but that didn't stop us from heading out there to form a flag line for her father and I photographed the service for her.

The time was juuuuust right... cause as soon as we where done there, we knew the procession was forming for the other service on the other side of the cemetery.  As the second service completed it started to hail like crazy.  I think it was hail, well, white rain and yet not snow and much harder.

Someone send me a roll of stamps, so today I labeled, stamped, signed and mailed off 30 more postcards. (Thanks Patricia). Also thanks to Jaymie, I got your letter and there is a postcard heading your way.

I get all my cards and postcards from Vistaprint because they for me are pretty cheap. What I can't do, is forward a design to someone else that has a VistaPrint account.  So, if you ever want to purchase my custom cards to hand out in your area, there are a couple other options.  My business cards have a rippled sand background and just 2 lines on them, Don't Let The Memory Of them Drift Away www.IraqWarHeroes.org .

Eventually I want to design one for OurWarHeroes.net .  I'm redoing that site.  It's a link page to the various heroes projects of mine and will have links to other people's sites in honor of our veterans, military etc.

Have you noticed that I have a second myspace here?  It's in my top list.  It's still in the works, but you have to request to be added and  support what I do, support our troops, support our veterans and our fallen heroes.

Hey, tomorrow could be your last day.... so be sure to put in writing your wishes or things will go from bad to worst.  Make sure your benefactors are up to date with your insurance companies.  (Be sure to include me for $9.60) . Keep copies of important papers in a different location, not in the same trailer court though.  I never see just one trailer get blown away by the winds.

Yesterday I saw a bunch of canned stuff on sale really cheap, and got me about 20 cans to replenish some of my emergency food I've been eating up all winter.  Try and get stuff you'll eat but not necessarily want or crave. (So you don't eat it all up after a bad date). Check the date and get something good at least 2 years from today.  Most will last longer than that date.  Keep in a safe cooler place.  If you plan to burry it, put it in waterproof bags or containers.  get a couple cans of sterno, in case you like to eat the stuff warm and don't forget the matches.

Ok, I'm forgetting something again...  but that's how it is ... at least I'm still remembering..... forgot what I was gonna finish that with...

You all be good out there!!!   See A Vet, Thank A Vet!!!   Someone make that a bumper sticker yet? Q >Daffodil Farm Walk Part I<


Greetings Everyone!!

I'm still babysitting a friends dog a couple hours a day at his house while he's in southern California on emergency. His dad is real sick.

I'm glad I have cats that want to kill me, cause having a dog that needs attention every minute would drive me totally nuts.  Guess that's why they say, dogs are like kids.

In a couple hours I'm heading to the airport for the arrival of one of our heroes. Sgt Miller was badly wounded last July and died last Sunday in the hospital.   His funeral will be this Saturday the 2nd.  I have all green lights to do my thing.

Another KIA listed being from southern California will probably be buried in Spokane Washington, so I have a pending mission there.  Right now I couldn't get there, I-84 is shut down due to blizzard conditions down there.

I'm tired. Moving around lately has been more painful.  My daily productivity is way down.  I just stare at the mountain and just see myself holding a teaspoon to move it.  I'm ready for some dry days and sun.  maybe I'm a plant.

I know what I'm doing on this Sunday (Unless plans change again), I'm going to watch Monty Python's Flying Circus all day long.  Starting with episode 1 from1969.  Many don't understand this type of English humor...  it's too blatant for some others.  Hey J, where's that bottle of Scotch you promised... I could use ....

Last night I watched 5 episodes of Lockup, which is in B/W and aired 40+ years ago.  It's so great they are bringing back on DVD a lot of real old series.  I have a 150 Detective Series set and it was under 40 bucks.  Some of today's garbage will cost you at least 20 just for 1.

I finally moved the pics and fixed the link to the 2004 Healing Field.  Can't remember if I posted a link to it within last 12 months, it wasn't on my spreadsheet.  This was the first Healing Field I helped with.

I'm still working on this: www.myspace.com/ourwarheroes  .  If you can't figure out what to use as a last name, just look at the title of this bulletin/blog.

Thank you to all you stationed abroad!!!  Thanks for your service!!! Q >The Healing Field Gresham 2004<


Good Morning Everyone!

I posted in my albums a pic I shot on the tarmac yesterday.  I don't
know why the trucks where so far apart and didn't cross over the plane with
their sprays.

Unfortunately I have another funeral today, tomorrow and then 2 more pending,
one in SW Oregon and one in NE Washington.  Just found out the NE WA will
be in Spokane on the 9th.  It is possible that both of them will fall on
the same day.  I hate that.

As you may or may not see, many back to back again and lots of time on the
road.  If 43 of you send me 1 buck, that's 1 tank of gas.  Can't tell
you how many miles because of the bad weather you sit in many areas idling or
crawling along. www.iraqwarheroes.org/help

Hey, if you have problems getting to the site, let me know.  It is at a
new hosting company.  I still have lots to move and do yet.

Well, time is passing fast and I need to get going.  Yesterday's escort
mission went well and I hope I have some decent shots.

A quick consumer warning:  If you get a postcard, promising 2
complimentary airline tickets to any city, IT'S A SCAM!!!  Never call an
800 number from your cell or home phone unless you know who you are
calling.  Even if you have a "blocked" number, they will know
what it is, because they get charged by the numbers and durations of the
call.   Now that number could end up all over the place.  So, if
you're really curious, use a pay phone.

Ohhhh here is another one... anyone can send you a bill for an amount and
state that if you don't deny owing it within 30 days, you're liable for it. They
also tend to have easy 800 numbers to call and discuss it.  :)

Microsoft has made an offer to buy Yahoo search engine.  Yahoo is in
trouble and has started to cut jobs.  I can tell you where Yahoo screwed
up.  I will not pay for any of their products because of how they treat
people using their free products.

Gotta go now....


Good Evening!!

My friend whose dog I've been checking up on called me this morning, his dad died last night at about 2000.  He is out of pain now. After my friend hung up, I remembered something odd and called him back and asked if it wasn't his birthday today, it is. I was right. Life suxs worse some days than others..

It was a cold and wet day today and I hadn't recovered from yesterday yet. My head has been hurting bad and my black cat Jole' decided I shouldn't be sleeping either.  I wanted to do the Homer to Bart thing.

My feet got soaked much faster today than yesterday, must have been all that slush I was walking in. Things also started a couple hours later than scheduled.  The turn out was good though.  I even shook hands with a 3 Star and gave him one of my cards also. Hope he checks out my site.  He seemed like a real person. Too many generals seem like politicians anymore.  Well, the ones I run into.

At this point, next trip will be Roseburg OR on Thursday and then Spokane WA on Saturday and as you may know by now, anything in between can come up.

Tomorrow I'm still planning on vegetating watching a Monty Python Marathon, but looks like I'll be picking up my friend from the airport and taking him home via a bar.  Then he'll be heading back in a week for the funeral.  I have no way of getting there so I'll stay put.

I'm still behind on pics.  yesterday I burned 43 CD's backing up recently shot pics.  Yesterday's was a more public mission, for a 17 year veteran Portland cop that got killed by a truck while he was on side of the highway and I've posted the 1st set of pics.

Please remember all our heroes and support our troops!!

I hope your weekend is going well.  I'm tired. Q >Honoring Z Man Part I<


Greetings All!!

I'm in the middle of a Monty Python marathon, staring DVD 4 in a few.

I've posted the 2nd set of pics.

Also, Salem-News.com did a write up,  https://salem-news.com/articles/february022008/zman_rests_2208.php  .

Q >Honoring Z Man Part 2<


Greetings Everyone!!

My plans are in process of changing again... what's new huh?

I may be heading to Roseburg OR tomorrow to welcome home another hero killed in Iraq and then head back on Thursday for his memorial services.  Still waiting for green lights to do my thing.  

At this point, I'm also still prepping for the drive to Spokane WA.  Lot's pf cold and snow out there.

Hey, do you like the photo used in this write up?  https://blog.oregonlive.com/oregonatwar/2008/02/bagpipes_in_the_snow_saying_go.html .

Click on photo for a larger view.

I have posted Part III of Honoring Z Man.  I'm working through those on the side as I do everything else.  I don't know if you can tell, but it was a very wet day.  Don't know how many times I had to wipe down the lens.  Camera was showing some early signs the D70's did before they started to crash.  I hope it's just the weather.  I got a camera bag type thing off eBay, but it's worthless to use.  It's good if you don't have to move the lens any and the body is mounted.

I bid you all a great week!!!  Have you Thanked a service member lately?  I know some of you haven't, so, go give it a try.

Q >Honoring Z Man  Part III<

Travel Update 02/04/08 1146PST

I just got an all clear/green for Roseburg missions and will go there tomorrow and Thursday.  If you're along the route, feel free to feed the animal or my mule.

Travel Update 02/04/08 1903 Arghhhhhh

My plans have changed again.  the Roseburg Airport is 400 feet or yards too short and the flight is going to North Bend Airport near Coos Bay which is over 1.5 hours further away from Roseburg.   Looks like I have to get up even earlier.  At this short of notice, it will be hard to get a good flag line out there, hence another reason I need to go.  Did that make any sense?  Going to work on my times and travel route now


Good Morning Everyone!

It's just a few minutes after 0300.  Couldn't sleep anymore. Head is hurting.

I'll be  on my way to North Bend / Coos Bay OR where the flight will come in.  I'll then participate in the escort of our hero to Roseburg OR and then work my way back north home.  I'll be pushing metal most of the day.

I've posted the 4th set and still have a couple sets to go yet and will get to them when i get back, depending on how pooped I am.

Wednesday I'll be heading to Salem for a special memorial service for all our service members in the past that didn't get one.  Looks like I'll have someone I can hitch a ride with for this one.

Thursday I'll be heading down again to Roseburg. If you can be there, come to Douglas County Fairgrounds by 1230.

Saturday I'll be going to Spokane WA.

No matter where you are, if one of our heroes is being celebrated for his/her  life, for his/her sacrifice to our nation, you should take the time to attend.  At least, that's my opinion.  Imagine it being your kid and nobody cared enough to come.  Freedom is not free, someone, somewhere is always paying the price.

You all be good!!  Q >Honoring Z Man Part IV<


Morning All!

Despite the short notice, many locals, cops, fire department and others came
out to either set up a flag line or provide escort or both.  I logged 549
miles yesterday.  

Long day.  Don't know who screwed up paperwork, but they should have
flown him into Eugene OR or even Albany instead of making the parents travel
such a long way.  There are people that think Oregon(e) has only one or two

There where at least 12 civilian bikes in the pack and ant least 2 LEO's in
front and rear all the way.  It was also raining in briefly in one area
there was snow type stuff mixed in.  I hope to have a few good pics,
driving in rain and shooting at the same time not easy, cause the windshield
constantly has crap on it.  Which reminds me, I need new wipers.  I
looked for a quick pic to share while I'm transferring files.

It's almost 0730 now, about time to catch up on coffee, do a mail run and get
ready to head to Salem.

Hey, I hope you're not tired of the Honoring Z Man sets. Got 2 more to go.

I bid you all a great day!!!  If you have a faded or crappy looking
yellow ribbon on your rig, isn't it time to replace it?  Don't wait for
flag day, fly our colors and remind others that it's OK to be a Proud
American!!!  Q  >Honoring Z Man  Part V<


Greetings All!

35 Oregon Men & Women from past wars where honored today in Salem, the Capital of Oregon.  I was there and took a few snapshots. I've included a list of their names.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading south to Roseburg. If you can, please come to Douglas County Fairgrounds by 1230 to honor our hero Pvt Joshua Young who was killed in Mosul Iraq.

You all take care!!! Q >Honoring Those Who Served<


Greetings All (More gripes, if you're here for just the pics, scroll to the bottom.)

Denny's Restaurants has a new ad going, something about a real breakfast blah blah blah.  Ever seen their bacon? I think they make 1 pig last all week long with as thin as that so called bacon is.  I think I'm better off stealing bacos from fido.

Anyhow, I was in a Denny's in Portland a few days ago, their menu says eggs any way you want them.  I like eggs in a hundred different ways and that morning I was in the mood for 3 minute soft boiled eggs.  I forgot my egg cups though.  Well, the waitress makes a big fuss on how that will take much longer.  Well, I told her, I would expect it to take 3 minutes longer which is OK.  Well, about 10 minutes later I got my HARD boiled eggs.  Cause when I decapitated the first egg, there was no soft liquid inside. Hell, they where ready to be tossed at children on that rabbit holiday.  This isn't the first time this has happened at a restaurant that cooks eggs your way as long as it's their way.

While I was in Salem, day before yesterday, a young lady gave me a $15 Denny's gift card for a meal during yesterday's trip. So, my plan was to drive straight to Roseburg, plenty early, have coffee, breakfast and do online updates. 

Need to remember that I don't fit any pre-classified group, If I where to put on leathers, then I'd fall into the bikers group, if I put on a suit and ...  and of course I don't look like a local...

I walked into the place and already spotted the table I wanted to be seated at.  At some Denny's, there is an outlet within reach of that table, plus it's out of the way in a corner.

Well this person took on an attitude the second I asked if I could be seated over there. (Pointing at the available clean table).

I noticed that there was no outlet and asked if the table on opposite side of the place had one.  "We have no place to plug in anywhere."

[In their ads, they want you to relax and enjoy your breakfast.]

She asked almost immediately if I was ready to order, I hadn't even put my hands on the menu yet.  I asked for coffee and told her I hadn't decided yet. She dropped some coffee on the table and left.  the table in front of me has two people sitting there.  I decided what I wanted and put down the menu to opposite side of table, so you can tell I was done with it. And waited. Finished my coffee and waited.

She then returns and takes my order, something simple from the menu.  I wait. She caters to the table in front of me. I wait. Someone else brings me my food. I'm eating it (Food is not hot anywhere), coffee empty, she's asking table in front of me if they want a refill.  One of them is drinking hot chocolate. My cup at edge of table, still empty, I wait.  She returns to other table to see if they need anything else again.  I think she was there at least 4 times since I finished my cup.

Some man not wearing a Denny's uniform comes to me with coffee and asked if I wanted some. He refills my cup I thank him. I finished my plate and wanted to eat the toast but see no preserves or jam on the table.  I finally walked to the counter and asked for some.  After I was done eating, the waitress approaches and asked if the food is OK and walked off, cause she didn't really want to know.

When I approached the counter to pay my bill, she was there in a hurry. Didn't look happy about me handing her a gift card.  She did something and said something like "Oh, that didn't work right".  Then tried again and handed me the card and receipt.  Asked if everything was OK. I grumbled and left.  I knew it wouldn't have made a difference.  I have other things on my mind.

My bill was $9.64 there, and at one of my regular places, I pay $3.95 to $4.95 and get more food, hot food and much better service. And they don't advertise to care either.  They just do it.

I shook it all off as soon as I left the parking lot cause I have a mission at hand, that's why I'm whining about it now.

The turnout for the flag line to honor our hero was pretty good except, not enough flags. All six of my seven flags got used.  I'm missing the 7th from another mission.  So, I'm glad I carry extra flags and after the cemetery portion, when I got done, all the 6 flags where leaning against my car waiting for me.

There where a couple of very rude media photographers there.  the rudest of the the bunch jumped in front of my shot a couple times. At one point he stood next to me at the graveside and he sounded like a machine gun, people looked up, to see where the noise was coming from, my camera was at that point in resting low in my hands and it was obvious who the distraction was.

Some woman with a TV camera, I could read it on her face, wondering why I was where I was... and a light came on and she grabs her gear and all of a sudden is standing near me.  I could look at that two ways.... normally it just annoys me... they destroy my shot that way, they distract my subject, they change what should be... make sense to you?

It was a long day and most of the rain held back during the services which was good.

Day before yesterday I was in Salem. Here is a write up with some pics. Be sure to leave a comment there.


Anyhow, I need to get ready for tomorrow's long trip to Spokane WA.   I'll probably be leaving between 3 and 4 while most of you are sleeping and probably resting, whatever that is.  I hope you all have a great weekend!!  If you're in the Spokane area, please come attend the services on Saturday.

If you don't want people screwing with you when you're dead, you should have written instructions letting others know what your wishes are. Like me, if you find my carcass, cremate me and dump my ashes into American Lake which is in the  I-5, Ft Lewis, Steilacom area.

The Washington A.B.A.T.E. monthly publication placed my 2 lines on one of their pages quite visibly. I want to thank you for doing that. I still need to get me a couple copies.  Imagine if all the A.B.A.T.E's across the country did that.

I have posted the last set for Honoring Z man, I know there is enough to have broken it into 2 sets.  Now you will have seen it from the raising of the big flag to the lowering of the big flag.  I sent links to over a dozen police depts and a few fire depts that where involved. No responses.

Be Good to yourself, cause nobody else might. Q >Honoring Z Man  Part VI of VI<


Morning All!!

It's almost 0245,  bed time for most but I'll be heading out to drive to eastern Washington soon.  I hope I-84 isn't closed down again due to snow stuff. At this time, things look OK.

I just added 5 more names, created 5 more pages.  I'll be glad when I can stop doing that.

In  my hopes to find a tall very wealthy dark haired beauty that also finds me doable, I do run into other gems on my travels.

A couple of days ago while Lynn and I where at a rest-stop along I-5, we met a woman that makes quilts and has people sign them with messages of support for our troops.  She showed us a couple of them she had with her.  She has made quite a few of them. A truck driver signed one of them and drew a truck on it.  Another was signed by a WWII diver. They called them Bubble heads back then.   There was a nice article written and I only have a photo copy of page 1.  As soon (If) I hear back from the author and get permission, I'll add it to the photo page.

Further comments of mine are on the photo page link below.

There are many ways to show support and support our troops.   Just a magnet only supports the company making them most of the time.

Thanks also to Peggy, Megan, Community Connections, Brenda, Kathryn, Lucille (Loose Wheels), Lynn, Rebecca, Barbara, Susan, and Carol.

My sincere condolences to my friend Sean and his family.  His father is being buried tomorrow.  I'm sorry I can't be there.

I already wore out the two flags you send me Brenda.  I'm still looking for an American company that makes good durable car flags.

Yesterday I got me another flag for the car, I'm hoping it will at least last to Spokane and back.

Next Friday I'll be going to Talk Fest 2008. Picked up my tickets today.  Thank you Rebecca for your tickets.!!!

I bid you all a good weekend!!! Q >Rita Swagerty's Quilts<

Travel Update 02/09/08 1012 Spokane, WA

I've made it to Spokane and sitting in a BK about a mile from destination which I already scouted out. Lots of sideroads hav snow and ice. On the news here I heard that state of emergency has been declared and many roads someplace closed.
On my way up here I heard a song I haven't heard before or didn't recall.
It made me cry. You shoulod listen to it vry carefully. I found it on youtube. Let it play once, so it's buffered and then play it again.
George Jones' Wild Irish Rose

Travel Update 02/09/08 2129 Washington

The cemetery portion ran late and it was dark before military honors where rendered.  I'm too tired to drive back all the way and will be staying in eastern Washington overnight and head back tomorrow.  I'm off the road now for the night.
You all take care!!  Thanks for your support!


Greetings Everyone!!

794 Miles later and I'm back in my perimeter.   With all these latest missions back to back, I'm so far behind again.... Currently I have 21,803 photos I've not dealt with yet. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  I hope I can stay put a few days and get working on some of the past due missions.

Thanks to everyone that helps me and helps get the site out there to remind others not to forget our heroes.  

My feet are starting to look and feel normal again. I spend most of the day in snow, slush and water and soaked grass and at the early start of day discovered that I had a hole in my right shoe.  Between the church and cemetery time, I managed to get them somewhat dry until I stepped out of the car again.  I don't think electric socks would have helped. Think I'll go to Kmart tomorrow.

I need to clear my desktop again, when piles of papers start falling down the hill and the stacks won't stay put anymore... Maybe I need a bigger table top...  Don't ask....

Most of you know that computers have changed rapidly in recent years.  I think we are now up to Quad processors running faster than 4Ghz.  I've been into computers a long time and even have some old ones. In front of me right now I have an unopened, still shrink wrapped Pentium 200MHz Processor with MMX Technology.  It includes a Heat Sink. Date: 04/18/97 Intel Product Code UBOXBP80503200SL26Q.  I posted a photo in my photos album here.  If you want this classic, make an offer.

Are there any good auction sites out there cheaper than EBay for sellers? 

Yes, it's OK to share my bulletins and blogs with others.

I hope you all have a great week ahead!! Thank you veterans!!

5 more days till Friday!!! Q >A Ducky Spring Part V<


Howdy Y'all !

Right now I'm focusing on getting pics caught up again.  I started with August 25, 2007.  See I'm a few months behind, even if I've posted some more recent stuff recently.

On August 25, 2007, the town of Rainier Washington had a parade and dedicated a new park to our veterans of all armed services and all periods that are from Rainier Washington.

Out of 1048 photos  I have posted 10 sets online consisting of about 60 each.  If you would like the DVD with all pics, and not reduced to 640x I post online...  let me know.  For $20 I'll send you one. $4.60 of that goes for shipping Priority Mail. The rest toward my hosting funds.

I hope you all have a great day!!! Q >Rainier Washington August 25, 2007 Part 1 of 10<


Patriot Guard Riders Welcoming Home Our Hero Cpl. Christopher J Nelson

As  complete sets such as these, I'll get them posted here.<Patriot Guard Riders Welcoming Home Our Hero Cpl. Christopher J Nelson>

Good Evening All!

I've just completed another set and uploaded it.   My internet is a bit slow right now.  Called poor man's speed.

This set is from my mission in Port Orchard Washington on November 30, 2007. Next I'm gonna work on December.

If you miss my bulletins, most of them repeat in my blog here.  So check my page often or just subscribe to my blog.

Be good!!  See a Vet, thank a Vet!!!

Ohhhhh... before I forget... my link has finally been added to www.LarsLarson.com website under links.  Lars is a local conservative talk show host that also has a evening national show.  If you feel like it, send him an email thanking him for posting a link to my website.

OK... It's Valentine Day...   you all go have fun....  don't eat too much chocolate....Q >Honoring our Hero SFC Johnny Walls<


Greetings Everyone!!! (This is long, go to the bottom if you're just here for the pics)

Let's start with yesterday afternoon...evening....

I had gotten 2 tickets from KXL (Thanks Rebecca) to attend the KXL Talk Fest 2008.  I invited a friend that is a big fan of Lars Larson and Bill O'Reilly to come along as long as he picks me up and takes me down there.  I hate driving in downtown Portland.  

I brought along 3 copies of stories about my project and a box of my cards.  I wanted each of the 3 talkers to have a copy and see what I'm up to, since apparently none get the emails.  I also had my small camera in my pocket.

My friend Noah, couldn't get off work in time to come fetch me and take me down there and offered to pay my cab fare.  well, that wasn't going to work for me, I don't carry that kind of cash.  OK... it's not that much for many of you perhaps.  I told him I'll ride the rail and he could save the cab dough for food later.

I contacted another friend and bribed him with some coffee to take me to the light rail system.  He spaced the time, I got worried and started to walk.  He eventually caught up with me and the train came about 2 minutes after he dropped me off.  I could have taken the next one but I plan things knowing only to rely on myself.  The public transit system here, especially the MAX rails I consider unreliable and unsafe, unhealthy.  Maybe I'm paranoid...  maybe just self preservation thing.

Hey, I've never had a flu, wanna guess why?  never had a flu shot.  Weird huh?

Once I got off the rail, I walked the rest of the way, just a few blocks and planted myself at the nearest Starbucks.  For most of the time, I was the only one sitting at one of the outdoor sidewalk tables.  Most thought it was too cold out.  there I was sitting without a jacket thinking how nice it was out.  I now waited to hear from my friend, I have the ticket he needs.  About 6 after 5, he called, said he just got off work and I gave him my location which was only about a block from where we need to be.  he was just on the other side of downtown, in the NW area.

Time went by, I watched lots of foot traffic.  Ever just listen to the strides, then look at the stride and then ID them?  Pretty interesting what you pick up.  Sometimes I'm reminded of old cartoons and then realize some people really do walk like that.  I get that often when I photograph nature and I think back on a painting I may have seen and wondered why they made it look the way it does and realize because it actually is that way.  About 45 minutes later he caught up with me and we walked to the auditorium.

While waiting outside, I started to hand out some of my cards.

Once inside, Noah bought us both a drink and gave me 20 toward my project, since I didn't need it for the cab. After I finished mine, started to hand out cards. 

I spotted one of the guys from KXL, well, he recognized me first.  I handed him the envelope containing the three copies and some cards and asked if he could get them to the speakers.  he said he would try and get an OK to do that. I don't know if that happened or not. I try.

 I start handing out cards in the lobby area.  I'm wearing a no sleeve light vest with my two lines, somewhat wash faded on the back, "Don't let The memory Of them Drift Away, www.IraqWarHeroes.org" .

I was standing close now to where the coat check was, and I knew, as soon as I spotted that woman's face, behind the counter that she didn't like that and would call security.  Yup, and one rushed over to me, to inform me I can't do that.  Only outside unless I had permission.

I walked up to one of the tables that is selling books and asked if I could place some of my cards on their table, they said yes, the table on the right, that is not being used by anything else.

The show started about 7 with Jim Bohannon, then Lars Larson (His parents where so poor, they just recycled the first name, according to Jim) and then Roger Hedgecock.   I'll have to tune in to his show and listen more.

It was now break time, I went outside and started to hand out cards again.  I think only one person refused to take one.  I just handed 3 people cards and walked toward another group when a woman's voice asked if I was Q.  I turned around and said yes, she extended her hand out and thanked me for what I do.  It didn't dawn on me yet that she was also sitting in the seat in front of me.  I was in P7.

My friend Noah, approached me and asked for one of my cards, he said that he will go to the table where Roger Hedgcock is selling and autographing books and tell him that he will buy one if he goes and visits my website.  Noah came back with 2 books, one autographed for me.

Back in the auditorium, waiting for Bill O'Reilly to start his set, the woman in front of me turned around, handed me 40 bucks and said something like, "For all you do...". That was nice. I thanked her.

While Bill O'Reilly was talking, a couple people stood up and called him the devil, which caused a few more people to stand up and which caused a couple of the bodyguards mixed in the audience to intervene.  No fight.

After the event, I asked the woman in front of me if she would like more cards and she said yes and I gave her a small stack.

On my way to the auditorium exit toward the lobby, I saw Lars' wife and gave her a few cards and as I walked into the lobby, Lars was surrounded by fans, I caught his eye and waved at him, he then loudly said something like "That's Q, the man that attends all the military funerals for our fallen heroes..."  Someone reached out their hand and shook mine as I was heading for the exit.  Too many people in a small area.

Once we got out of downtown, Noah and I stopped at Tik Tok for some chow before heading back. So, overall, it wasn't a bad night.

OK... now to the news clip I alerted you all about the other day.  Seems what they reporting isn't quite what it is.  I was told that some of the veterans where abandoned by their families... personally, I think the state should have buried them properly anyhow.  Below are a couple of recent responses I received.

"This is a very strange story, Q. We at The O. have given extensive coverage to the situation at the Oregon State Hospital, where so many cremains have been left on a shelf and neglected for years. But my understanding is that they are various patients from the mental hospital through the years whose family never claimed them. I never heard anything about them being veterans, as this St. Louis TV story implies. It's possible that a few of them were. I've asked our primary reporters on this story if they know of any connection between veterans and these cremains."


This is something that was and is being addressed and this report is VERY misleading... also MIAP is no longer a sanctioned activity of PGR, but they have a good cause! I hope that you do not rely on this information to validate the claims that so many veterans are "warehoused" in the state hospital, as that is not true! True there are a number of them there, but the vast majority of the cremains at Salem are not veterans, but they are patients that have been abandoned by their families, and the hospital is bound by specific laws that will not allow them to release the remains for interment for some time. There is legislative action pending on this and the decision was made that the hospital will have a Memorial site dedicated to all who remain there, and that will be sometime they hope in the next year. This information came directly to me from conversations I had as the state captain last spring with the director of the hospital, and the director of veterans affairs for the state of oregon....
MIAP has a tnedency to go after the "hiding them in shame" ideas rather than the families who abandoned them or the veterans who made no provision for their remains....etc... it is a tragedy none the less...and I do agree that it is time for it to end!
See ya out there!


"Hi Q,

I have gone to MIAP and asked to place my name on their list of chaplains for Oregon. I am going to the Director of Oregon Department of Veteran Affairs to see what we can do to start the process of getting these 3500 veterans cremains proper interment. They deserve it. I couldn't believe my eyes and my ears when I watched that newscast. I received that newscast from another friend of mine.

Do you want to be involved in this Q? If so, let me know. I am already stretched thin as it is, but these veterans deserve something better than sitting on a basement shelf somewhere.

Have a great day and THANK YOU for caring.


No matter how I look at it.... all of our veterans that served our country honorably deserve a proper respectful memorial service.  I also know the media tends to over-blow some things or under-report other things, depending on what they intend to gain out of it.

Sometimes I receive requests to join a blog group here or similar things. I turn them down , not because of the subject, but because I have no time to read them.  I don't even read bulletins from other people here unless they paste them in a message to me.

I'm currently working on photos from 12/01/07 and hope to finish those today. Depending on my head.  It hurts and it feels like my brain is hitting my skull again.

Hey, if you have kids, be nice to them, even if you hate the little bastards. The damage you do to them while they are small will come back to harm them later. (I hope that made sense to you.)

You all be good... I'm sure there was other stuff I was going to cover....  Hey, everyone send an email to The Oregonian and dare them to put my 2 lines on top of their front page... where they normally have some kind of story promo... Hell, send it to your paper also....

It is my mission to remind people of our heroes and who they are and any help in accomplishing this is appreciated!!

Thank you to all our veterans out there and those serving!!!


PS. If you have connections, I need a radiator and a transmission flush. >Rainier WA August 25, 2007 Part 5 of 10<

Good Afternoon!!

I've just completed another set. After this posting I'm gonna go vertical or is that horizontal... anyhow, my system is failing me.


Petty Officer 2nd Class Ricky Stevens was home after being stationed in the Persian Gulf when he died in a motorcycle accident in Seattle Washington.

Please remember Ricky and all the others that have served our country honorably.

Mission Report:

December 1, 2007

Start Time: 0400  End Time: 1720  Total Away Time: 13 Hours, 20 minutes.   Total Miles Traveled: 252 Miles.

First Frame Shot at 0845  Last Frame Shot at 1507

Time at home working on photos: 6.3 Hours.  Total photos for family: 377  Total posted for public: 57

General turnout was very small due to weather conditions. During most of the time it was OK and after the service started to snow.

>PO2 Ricky F Stevens Jr.  R.I.P.<

Good Evening!!!

Yes, I'm back at it, had to get another set done.  It was an easy one.  Part 2 of the missions for Cpl Nelson.

Some of you are messaging me telling me you get a window from myspace with a phishing warning.  You will get those on any link that causes you to travel outside of myspace.  It's just a precaution for you.  And it's annoying also.  Myspace will also change the URL in some cases if you haven't noticed.

I'm always looking for help.  www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .  :)


Army Cpl Christopher J Nelson, another of our fine young soldiers killed by an IED in Iraq on November 18, 2007.

Christopher will not be forgotten here!!  Please help remember him and all our other Heroes.


Mission Report

November 26, 2007  Start Time: 0730  Return Time: 1930 Away Time: 12 Hours   313 Miles Traveled

December   2, 2007   Start Time: 1000  Return Time: 1750 Away Time:  7 Hours, 50 Minutes   215 Miles Traveled.

Total Away Time: 19 Hours and 50 Minutes.  Total Miles Traveled: 528 Miles.

At home working on photos: 3.1 Hours.  Total Photos for Family: 182  Total posted for public: 175 photos.

Per the casualty assistance officer, I did not photograph the actual services. The family wanted no photos. We did notice some media sneak into the place and not get booted out.

That day at the High School must have been one of the windiest days yet.  It was a challenge to hold an umbrella in one hand and the camera in the other.  Sure screws up a lot of shots. >Cpl Christopher J Nelson R.I.P.<


Mornin' All !

I'm still at it.  Now working on December 8, 2007 and hope to have it done today.

Hey, have you backed up your stuff on your computer that you think you don't want to lose?  Pop in that blank CD and majke a quick backup before you read on....

You didn't do it... Did you?  No matter how new your computer of hard drive.... it could crash now.  Doing a complete defrag once a month helps your hard drive not work so much looking for all the pieces.  Most outside 3rd party programs I've seen to accomplish this just hog your memory.  Right click on your hard drive C:, click on properties, click on Tools, Click on Defrag Now.....

I've been up since about 0500 and haven't had coffee yet...  wish some places didn't open so late on Sunday's.  I got beans in the freezer, but that's for coffee after I've had my coffee.  Mostly Decaf.

Hey, go hug (carefully, or hand shake) a military person and say Thank You! Q >Rainier WA August 25, 2007 Part 6 of 10<

Good Evening!!

US Army Veteran Steve Inman was shot during a robbery at his place of employment in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 20th, 2007. He was working an extra job at night to raise money for his wife's cancer treatment.

Steve managed to survive and hang on to his life for about 4 months, long enough to watch his own wife die of cancer.  Steve was an honorable veteran.  Only 60 years old.  I hope the scumbag that did this fries.

Thank you Steve for your service to our country and also for standing tall for those that gave their all.

I attended his memorial service on December 8, 2007 and have now posted photos.


Mission Report

12/08/07  Start Time: 0930  Return Time:  1430  Total Away Time: 5 Hours   Total Miles Traveled: 24

First Frame Shot: 1001  Last frame Shot: 1351

At Home photo work time: 8.7 Hours.  Total photos for family: 522   Total posted for public: 119 <Steven Ray Inman R.I.P.<


Greetings All!!! (Ranting. Scroll to bottom for pics)

Today is President's Day and am I jumping up and down??  Maybe in anger. This is a holiday that annoys the hell out of me.

Do you know why??  Wanna guess?  They took away Washington's Birthday, they took away Abe's day and replaced them both with a generic name that even pays honors to some people I don't like.

But you know, there is much more to this.  Can you name all the people for which we have a holiday?  Over here in Oregon, Portland to be more precise, they tried to rename a street.  They've already renamed a few of them.  Many for people that probably couldn't find Oregon(e) on a map and they wiped out the names that helped build the area.

It's modern day book burning you know.  If you erase them, they where never there, and anything held against them never happened.

We don't have a street called Abraham Lincoln.  Ohhh I'm sure there is a Lincoln street, but that can apply to anything.  But we will have a long street name after someone that encourages criminals to steal from us, because they only want to better their lives.

I want to say so much more but I also know that many people refuse to look at it. It's much better to sit at home, on your butt and watch whatever happens to our country happen.

You know what else is sad this day, I know the next president is going to be bad news and we are gonna get screwed.  It's now just a matter of who and how bad.  Not a single person running is willing to truly protect this country.  Where is Mr Smith ?  Where is an American with integrity, pride, honor and someone that loves this country and isn't here to sell us out?

Where is someone that will assure the protection of the families of our service members while they are deployed overseas?  Where is someone that will say you will come to this country properly instead of allowing cells, rapists, killers and all kinds of scum to just walk in at their will and kill us as a nation, kill our economy, rape our children, murder .......

Don't let me get started in this rant....   I want to see 1 real American step forward and say NO MORE!!!   WE MUST LOOK AFTER OUR COUNTRY BECAUSE BIT BY BIT IT'S GOING AWAY TO OTHERS.

Just watch....  many of you will roll over and play along.... cause it's for the children, or it's for this and that.....

Ever wonder why after years of paying gas tax to keep your roads up, your car is going to hell due to all the potholes?? MAYBE YOU SHOULD!!

They get away with it because people just don't care.

I vote and therefore I preserve my right to whine and complain. well, until they disband the 1st amendment...  You know, some of it is already gone... and some of the 2nd is gone also...  pretty soon there will be no Americans... cause you can only be one if our constitution is in tact and upheld.

This is Verse 8 from "America The Beautiful", which most of you probably didn't even know existed:

O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
Till nobler men keep once again
Thy whiter jubilee!


PS.  I've added lots of new pics to my myspace photo albums, especially the Honoring our Heroes album.

>Rainier WA August 25, 2007  Part 7 of 10<


Good Night/Mornin' All!

It's after 0100 out here in Oregon(e), that socialist country wannabe located between Washington and California on the west coast.

I was hoping to have this set done by midnight but I had to go take a break and went to a friends house to watch the tele.

Army Spc Sean W Tacy died in Georgia and I don't have all the details... well, I have very few to none.

He died last December 4th and on the 29th there was a memorial service held in Roseburg.

Please help remember this young lad along with all the others.  We must not forget.

Mission Report

12/29/07 Start Time: 0530  Return Time: 1942  Total Away Time: 14 Hours and 12 Minutes.  Total Miles Traveled: 405 Miles

First Frame Shot: 1027  Last frame Shot: 1440

At home working on the pics time: 6.8 Hours,  Total pics for family: 409  Total posted for public: 75 >Spc Sean W Tacy R.I.P.<


A/2c Roland N Standefer R.I.P.


Good Morning Everyone!!

At this point it doesn't look like I'll be heading south to Cali.  I don't go on real long drives like that without first having green lights on the other end.  I know there are 2 confirmed services happening this Saturday.  When white pages don't provide me with contact info then I try to find the CAO info, and also try the funeral homes.

I called one of them yesterday.  The person that answered the phone said she would tell the funeral director and he will decide if they will pass on my information to the family.  They didn't even bother to check me out, because just a couple minutes later he calls me and says no.  they have already arranged for a photographer and they will not pass my info to the family.  he wouldn't let me get a word in and terminated the conversation.

On the 2nd one happening, I have had no responses yet.  On the 3rd one, which is for the Air Force one, I have no details at all yet.  People have been sending me links to a brief story which I was familiar with but no new info.


Yesterday my bank screwed me out of $26 bucks cause my account went $2.99 overdraft because a electronic deposit of $47.77 was delayed a few hours.  Most banks will screw you one way or another.... That's a credit union... Citibank once charged me $29, cause I had 20 bucks, took it out via an ATM, but the ATM owner charged a $1.50 fee, which overdrew me $1.50 & 29 fee.

I'm glad that some of them are being exposed...  Wachovia Bank for example has robbed over 1/2 million of it's customers and they are not the only banks that allow thieves to steal money from peoples accounts. Read this latest article:


"However, Wachovia continued processing fraudulent transactions for that account and others, partly because the bank charged fraud artists a large fee every time a victim spotted a bogus transaction and demanded their money back. One company alone paid Wachovia about $1.5 million over 11 months, according to investigators."

Hey, I would close my account with them.  It wasn't just 1 branch of theirs, it was at least 9... at least...  I feel sorry for the millions of old people getting screwed by banks every day...  if not directly, by others, stealing from them.  


I always try and remind you to back up your hard drive.  You know something else you should back up or at least copy info from?  Your cell phone.  how many names and numbers you got in there and not someplace else??


The first funeral I attended this year was by special request for a Korean War Veteran.  I have just finished posting them.  If you can't get to them, it's because I moved KoreanWarHeroes.org to the new hosting this morning and sometimes it takes up to 92 hours for things to propagate through the net.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Airman 2nd Class Roland Standefer served in the Korean War when his country called him to step forward. We must not forget about those that served in this not too often mentioned War. You hear a lot about WWII, then Vietnam, but not so much about the Korean War. I know there are others also.

Thanks for your service to our country Roland!!  From what I heard about you, you would have been a great friend.

Mission Report

01/02/08 Start Time: 0030  Return Time: 2222  Total Away Time: 22 Hours and 8 minutes.  Total Miles Traveled: 892 Miles

First Frame Shot: 0654  Last frame Shot: 1447

At home working on the photos: 9.2 Hours.  Total pics for family: 550  Total posted for public: 73 <A/2c Roland N Standefer R.I.P.<


Greetings everyone!!

I hope your weekend is going well!

Yesterday I was in the People's Republic of Eugene Oregon(e) and this morning I'll be making a trip into Washington.

I've had my current PayPal account for over 7 years and they finally gave me a debit card so I don't have to wait 3 to 5 days to first transfer into my checking account. That's good.

You all take care!!!  Please remember to thank a veteran and support all our troops honorably serving this country (USA) of ours.  :)

Q >Rainer WA August 25, 2007 Part 9 of 10<


Greetings Everybody! (Lot's of gripes, Scroll to bottom for just the pics)

A Consumer Alert (This is MY opinion, and yes, everyone has one):


Like many other companies, that gobble up other companies and still operate them under their own names, gives the customer the false sense like there is a local choice and the way they treat customers go to hell.

If you purchase a gift certificate at Ritzcamera.com, you can NOT use them at any of their camera stores like Wolf, Kits, Camerfa World etc.. You can't use any discount coupons or any of their discount checkouts.  You have to pay top dollar for any purchase.

"Gift Certificates may be purchased using Google Checkout or PayPal but cannot be redeemed in conjunction with a Google Checkout or PayPal transaction. Gift Certificates do not qualify for Google Checkout or PayPal promotional offers."

"RitzCamera.com Online Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed at any store, retail location, Ritz Camera Center, Boaters World store, etc."

But to make you feel better, because you are a stupid consumers.....

"This Gift Certificate is also redeemable at the following Ritz Interactive Sites: WolfCamera.com, CameraWorld.com" ,,,,  etc.  If you go there, you'll see it's the same site with just slight changes.

They only email the gift certificates to the recipient.

"Great Gift Idea! Online Gift Certificates make the perfect present for when you need a gift right now."

OK, what does Right Now mean?  the amount of time it takes to send an email? No, whenever they feel like it.

For example, you purchase early at 1000 and they send a order confirmation.  A couple hours later you receive an email telling you it's been shipped.  You then find out the recipient hasn't received it and maybe it was treated as junk mail.  So you call them.  The first person that answers the phone decides that's too much and just hangs up.  The second person on LiveChat after over 30 minutes of no more phone answers to their Call Anytime Line then promises to have it out in 2 hours.

Next morning comes and another phone call.  No results.  I then call also, "The certificate is in process of being made".. or something like that.  More calls.  It's now the 25th, almost 1000.

They do offer free shipping on most photo items. BUT, you can take a average consumer camera lens in it's box and stick it into a USPS flat rate box for $8.95.  If you look at how much the average overcharge is on the lenses they sell, I'd rather pay that shipping fee and 60 bucks less for a lens someplace else.

OK... enough on those people....  All I can say... Look and shop around around...  Most companies make promises they won't keep because too many people just won't speak up... another reason we are losing this country.  And if someone speaks up, it was just a fluke.... Yeah Right!!


Yesterday I was gone most of the day.  I do check my messages here and often don't respond till I get home, depending on what I'm doing waya..  Anyhow, I received a message here from someone on my list asking if I could do some pics.  I looked at her profile which states she is in Texas. 

" Feb 23, 2008 6:37 AM
Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ? ]

Subject:  Can you shoot me?

Can you do some studio type shots of me, some outdoor ones too? I just need to get some nice pictures of myself, including a professional looking headshot.
I don't have much money, so I hope you don't charge much. Maybe we could do a trade or something.
I also know somebody who wants to get into modeling and needs some headshots. She is absolutely gorgeous!

 So I was gonna do some checking to see if there has been a previous conversation with her and left it till I got home and started answering messages.  So I get this message new from her:

Feb 24, 2008 7:56 PM
Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ? ]

Subject: Forget it then.....

I figured since you and I both live in Gresham, I would ask you first. I can find a photographer anywhere, guys like you are a dime a dozen. I was just trying to be cordial, since you are on my friends list.
Obviously you are too busy with your anti war stuff, and too inconsiderate to even respond to my email.
I will be removing you from my friends list now.


After I read that, I checked to see if she had deleted me yet. She Had not, So I deleted her.  My Anti-War stuff????  Inconsiderate??

Under her About Me:

"I have a tremendously positive attitude about life, a great sense of humor and am very inquisitive. I am very giving emotionally and physically and seek the same in a friend or partner."

Here are my two responses:

Feb 24, 2008 8:26 PM
Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ? ]

Subject: RE: Forget it then.....
I'm still working on my messages.
I'm not doing anti-war stuff.
3. I was looking for some previous messages, cause your profile says Texas. I was looking to see if I missed something.
Hope you have a good night

==== She has not read that one above according to myspace.====== She did read my 2nd message below:

Feb 24, 2008 8:32 PM
Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ? ]

Subject: RE: Can you shoot me?

I read your message this morning while away. I wait till I get back home on my main machine to answer messages.
Guess that wasn't quick enough .
I'm sure people like me are not even worth a dime a dozen... probably only a drakma.
Take Care!

================ Did I spell drakma right? Most common spelling is Drachma. Maybe that's why she didn't resp..


I've goy the last set up from the Rainier set..  Still working on others.  I'm malfunctioning, so I'll probably be away for a bit.

Make it a goal to personally thank at least 8 Veterans you've never met and please send lots of Thanks to our women and men overseas.  There are thousands of them on myspace alone.. Send them a message of thanks and support.

Of course, if you're one of those other people that's busy hating our military, hating our flag, hating our constitution...  GO AWAY GTFOOH!!

Take care!  Q  >Rainier WA August 25, 2007 Part 10 of 10<


Good Morning!!

I'll be 10-7 for a while.

I found a couple more Vicky videos on YouTube. Both are the same song, the first one in B/W was during a song competition where this Greek born singer was asked to represent Luxembourg. She tool 4th place and sang it in French. The second video is a few years later.

Go to www.VickyLeandrosFan.com to view some of her album covers.

You all be good. I'll log back in, in a few days. Those that pay attention know where to go to find my email address. I'll be checking emails.

I'm very tired and malfunctioning. Q


Good Evening Everyone!!

Sorry I've been absent here some.  I'm now 10-8.

Earlier I completed another mission and 490 miles on the road.  It went well and the flag line turnout was much better than I expected on a Friday.  I drove backdoor safety for 5 bikes that came out of the Portland/Vancouver area that made the trip to eastern Oregon.  They made it back before the rain started in the Portland/Vancouver area.

I took a small detour to visit a friend that promised to feed me if I stop by.  had two huge bowls of white beans with some kind of meat in it.  Wasn't bacon.  I'm still making music.

I'm having trouble getting beyond being tired and sore and decided to head to the woods a couple days to chill a little and wander around and photograph nature.  Well, because of my state of being, I forgot all of my camera batteries.  Don't grab my regular jacket or the extra charger. Those are not good signs.  I did manage to shoot a few frames though.

Well, I'm going to try and spend a day at the coast next week if it isn't raining.  Walk the beach and shoot some birds and stuff.  I need to get back on walks.  The other day I almost couldn't get back up from a kneeling position. That bothers me.

Yesterday morning I sold one of my computers to take care of a couple things.  One was to change my studded tires back to regular tires.  There went fifty.  Then I took the other hundred and went to see an eye doctor.  Haven't done that over 3 years and things have been too blurry lately, wanted to make sure it wasn't the eyes causing it.  My left defective eye dropped down a tad but overall no changes and the eyes are healthy.  Didn't feel like that when I left though.   She put this bright light right into my eyes to look at the back of them.  My head was hurting bad when I left and got a bit dizzy.  Well, light does that, especially pointed light.  I also beat their puff machine several times. So much for automation.  the technician was getting frustrated.   I don't like anything in my eyes, and my eyes shut before the air reaches them from that machine. hahaha.  Eventually it got done.  So, I'm still blind but still have excellent peripheral vision.  :)  

I'm not getting the replacement glasses I need...  that 2 pair for $69.99 is for normal people.  Lowest I could get was for $138.99.  that will do, cause I need a new non scratched clear pair for nighttime.

Did you know that if you have diabetics, you should have your eyes checked once a year?

I watched a movie called The Brave One (Only a buck at McD) it was pretty good and one called CHAOS.  Of course, if you like to watch a whole bunch of shooting and senseless killing, b rated, but funny.... Shoot Em Up I think is the title. I had to laugh.  Like an urban spaghetti western.

Well, tomorrow I'm gonna get back to pics I'm behind on.  I think I'm up to January 11 now.  I need to stop stressing about that....

Thanks to all out there helping me and getting the word out about a website tribute to all our heroes.  My about page has changed. What's there right now is pathetic, but it's a place holder till someone can send me some better wordage.  The old about page will become a mission page.

Late last night I also updated the coalition list based on info I had available.

If you know someone that has served in Iraq or Afghanistan honorably and has since deceased stateside for reasons that would be coming through a DoD release (Car accident, shot in a drive by or robbery, heart attack, ....), please let me know.  Email me (Not myspace me) as much info as possible and any news links. So I can verify things.  I'm not adding your grandmother just cause she's wearing combat boots.

I'm not a pro, just a guy with a camera trying to make a difference and help people remember not to forget our heroes..

Q >Some Forest Stuff<


Greetings Everyone!!

Capt. Drew Jensen died Sept. 7 in Seattle of wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit using small arms fire during combat operations May 7 in Ba'qubah, Iraq.

His memorial service was September 20, 2007 and many of you may have seen the pics I posted on that.

On January 11th, 2008, Sam Barlow High School put on a special event to honor Drew, who went to school there and yes, I was there.

I posted a few pics of the event.   Some of the photos are distorted on purpose.  The pics that his parents will get will not be.

I'm going to try and get another set done today.  I may be heading to Corvallis on Monday.  I don't know yet. Depends if I get any paying gigs between now and then.

March 19th is coming up soon.  Anyone out there remember the significance of March 19?  Please go get yourself an envelope, address it to

Q Madp,  PO Box 86888, Portland OR 97286-0888 and mail it postmarked on the 19th to me.

You all be good.  I wish you a great weekend!!!  When you go shopping this weekend, for groceries or whatever, see how many veterans you can spot and tell them thanks.  If you're afraid of geezers, just keep your shopping cart between you and him or her and yell Thank You at them.

Q  >Sam Barlow H.S. Honors Capt. Drew Jensen<

Good Afternoon!

He just went by Rusty by many of his friends and many years ago he was called by his country to participate in one of the greatest battles ever fought.  World War II.  He was Navy and served honorably.  

If it where not for this generation of heroes and caliber of men and women... what language would we speaking and would we even be allowed to speak?

We are losing this generation rapidly.  Many of their funerals are attended by so few.  People have no time for these older people... hell, most don't even make time for our new heroes...  We as individuals can make a difference... and I'm not talking lip service... read the obits, pick one and just be there.  It is that easy, once you stop making excuses.  We are losing so many war heroes, I'm sure there is at least one that fits in your schedule. And those of you that do...  THANK YOU!!!  I know it means something to the families and to our heroes.

Q >Carl W Towne Jr R.I.P.<

Good Evening!!

I'm up to January 16, 2008 now.

I have just posted some memorial service snapshots for another of our WWII War Heroes.

Ed is a combat veteran who answered the call of the country and proudly served. Q >Elton Salisbury R.I.P.<


Good Morning Everybody!

Whose cooking  me breakfast this morning?                                              I thought so.

Anyhow, last night I managed to get another set done.  If you don't get my bulletins, remember to check my blog aloadded more photos to my albums here.

Sgt Zachary McBride was killed at the hands of cowards using IED's in Iraq.  This was a 3 day mission starting with welcoming him home and holding a vigil.  I'll do a mission report for these when I get done with the 3rd set.  That may take some time.

Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving town again for another funeral.  It will be for a Korean War Veteran if I have my short notice info right.

I'll be going to Corvallis Oregon.  Anybody down there??

I hope your weekend is going well.  I'm gonna get as much done again as possible today.  If you missed it, check my blog, posted 3 sets yesterday.

Please mail me an envelope dated the 19th of March.  :) Q <Welcoming Home and Vigil for Sgt Zachary McBride<

Travel Update 03/02/08 1229 Portland, OR

Good Afternoon!

Still working away and just received notice of a funeral happening in Grants Pass Oregon (Way South Oregon) on Tuesday for a SFC that served 2 tours in Iraq and 1 tour in Saudi Arabia.

If you can, please come to his service on Tuesday.

If I can find a place to crash in Corvallis (Funeral there tomorrow) or below it, then I don't have to come all the way back up north just to drive all the way south.

So, my social colander (I actually don't have one or keep one) is getting scratched again. Hey, if you want to donate toward a cheap motel, use my PayPal button on my page here.

I'm not retired or get any kind of government checks or such... and me being tall, rich and handsome was only a lie I emailed to Madonna when she was looking for someone to make her a kid... (I didn't tell her I couldn't have any, but the thought of trying...) Some of you probably forgot all about that a few years ago huh?

You all be good.... Here is one of 2 songs in my head today that I found on youtube. Hey, that's a great place. I'm find all kinds of music I thought only I have heard before or imagined... Q

Good Afternoon Y'All!

I have completed the memorial pics for Sgt. Zachary McBride.  I don't know when I'll have the funeral ones done yet, I need to spend some time to prepare for tomorrows trip.

Have you backed up your stuff lately??

No matter what they make you believe........   It's OK to be an American!!!!  And if they don't like it....  well... you know  ....




Good morning!


Went to bed late and got up early...  I mean EARLY...  and completed the last set.

I'm now heading out of town in a few minutes.


Sgt Zachary McBride was killed in Sinsil, Iraq, of wounds suffered when an improvised explosive device detonated during combat operations. (Booby-Trapped House).

Please help remember him and all our other heroes.

Mission Report: (Condensed)

Start: 01/18/08 End 01/20/08  Total Away Time: 2.4 Days   Total Miles Traveled: 360 Miles

Time at home working on photos:  16.5 Hours Total for Family: 999.  Total Posted for public: 292 photos.>Sgt Zachary McBride R.I.P.<

Travel Update 03/03/08 2107 Grants Pass, Oregon

Good Evening!!

The memorial service in Corvallis OR went well.  The burial took place
31 miles west of there in Eddyville Oregon.  It rained almost every time I
put down the umbrella.  Just enough to make the camera go weird.  I
don't think it's the water, I think it's because the lens is not being properly
supported by my left hand holding the umbrella..

I'm now sitting in a Motel 6 in Grants Pass OR.   Only $41 for the
room after tax. Just up the street was a "affordable prices" one for
only $56 before tax.

I just need a bed.  :)    Thanks to CC in AL for taking
care of that for me.

It's 2044 out here on the west coast in that place between California and
Washington.  Just took a shower so my hair gets somewhat dry before I try
and crash a bit.  Otherwise the hair is really bad.  Which reminds me,
I need to get it cut.  I try to let it grow but it bothers me.

DAMN the gas is getting spendy.  I swear every time the media says
something bout higher prices, they rush out to raise the price t the pumps. And
it's still the gas they bought last week for about  dollar less than what
they would pay now.  Well, seems to me that way.   I just filled
up and it was $3.46 a gallon.

I can't dig much deeper before I need to quit that part.

The other day I talked about 2 songs in my head. Found 2nd one on youtube
also.  Both are the same song below.  I want you to play the first one
first, make sure your speakers are turned up and your kids and dogs and cats and
other have their muzzles (?)  on.

Then play the 2nd one, the audio is of a lesser quality but the first one
only shows an album cover and the second one will let you see these guys.

They can sing.  I can sing also under certain conditions.  :)

You all take care!!!  Please find some member of our armed forces and
tell them THANK YOU!

I had walked over to Wendy's and handed the girl behind the counter one of my
cards, she looked at it, paused and si something like, "My brother just go
shipped over there.  I'm so proud of him serving our country".

Ohhh  I forgot, on my way own I stopped off in Cottage Grove and met
another myspace friend for some coffee. Q


Good Morning Everyone!

It's 0730 on the far coast, I'm sitting at a table in my motel room next to the window and I see a building with a big Q on it. It's foggy outside.  I was hoping to sleep past 0500 but at 0443 the sounds of irresponsible parents woke me up.

I walked the long way to the motel office to get a cup of coffee, little tiny cups they have, makes you want to put your face under the spiket. When I walked out of the office and turned the opposite corner, I spotted my flag and noticed there was a quicker way.  The cool early air feels nice though.

I'm watching a civil rights movie on HBO, don't know the title, started with the tunes of Nancy Sinatra; "Boots".

I'm thinking all Americans need to stand up for their civil rights and take back this country.  I'm also thinking most don't seem to care anymore.  I hardly see any more yellow ribbons.  I sure as hell don't see enough of our flag.   You know, he Stars & Stripes, That Red, White and Blue rag that has never let us down no matter what we did...... woa....   just spotted something else outside... gotta take a quick pic.

You all remember that 1 day trip to Canada...  I did a series on 7's. Well, there is a kanuk parked close to my car with all numbers being three 7's.

I don't have a green light to shoot this service yet.  Will call funeral home again in a bit.  This one came up real quick as you know and someone may have tried calling while I was in dead cell area yesterday.  Either way, I will be here o honor this hero.

Memorial service is at 11 at the Lodge at Riverside Convention Center in Grants Pass.

I always carry a toothbrush in my gear vest.... now someone remind me to start carrying some tooth paste.

I bid you all a good day. It's gonna be a good day.  See a Vet, Thank a Vet!!!!

This set of pics is from November 12,2005 On my way to lunch. Q >On My Way To Lunch<

Mar 5, 2008
Travel Update 03/04/08 0911

Good Morning!!

I made it back from Grants Pass OR last night. It's a little after 0830 and I'm getting ready to head out for another service.

Yesterday I went to the service for SFC Eric Martino. I saw no mention of him in The Oregonian or on one of the local news programs. This hero served 2 tours in Iraq and 1 tour in Saudi Arabia, he also served in Korea and a few other places and no mention in the paper?

You know what did make the front page here, the scum team and some white chick pretending to be a ghetto chick to write a book that was all lies. Well, maybe nobody cares eh? I wonder... out of 10,300 people, my blog was only read 60 times yesterday. may have been the same 12 people.

When I went to have coffee this morning, I took that pamphlet thing they hand out at funerals, about SFC Martino, nobody knew anything nor heard anything.

Hey Karen... Thanks!!! Make sure those "adults" don't screw with that girls head!! We must all stand behind our troops.

A father I spoke to recently who has a son in Iraq told me that he was against this, said his mind was changed by his son, finding out that those people want us dead. they want to kill us no matter where.

Of course, I'm one of those that remembers much of the stuff that was happening overseas. The riots, the attacks, the bombings all directed to Americans, especially those men and women serving proudly in our (USA) military. I remember a friend that got popped while leaving the a US Embassy. I remember about night clubs that had been blown up. I think, I remember too much at times.... Worst of all, I remember how many Americans just don't seem to care anymore.

I should start smoking again.... but a pack of smokes will buy me almost a gallon of gas.... and smoking is bad for my computer.

We are losing over 2000 WWII veterans a day. Soon the next generation will be dropping off.... Are we gonna let them all drop dead before showing some gratitude?

It's 0911, weird, just looked at that clock in my lower right hand corner on my computer screen... and there it was...

You all be good!!!
Mar 5, 2008
Katrina Walk Part II - Photos by Q Madp

Good Evening!!

I got my hands on "Falling Down" and will head to a friends house in a few to watch it. You should watch it also, if you haven't before. OK there is some violence but the overall message rings so true and I know where the guy is coming from.

Today's funeral went OK despite a few screw ups I noticed.

I broke the O ring in my circle polarizer lens. So it came apart in 3 pieces. When my hands are less numb, I'll try and put it together again.

"I'm trying to salvage the rest of your case sir, can we move on please...." Quick.. who said that? Judge Judy. My favorite TV B. The cutest though is Judge Miliano. But I may see her less, Ch12 decided to do a 4pm news broadcast now also. They all get liked and then they want to be like the ones people don't like.

Why do companies want to destroy the things that got them where they are on top?

Anyhow... I have another funeral on Saturday, this one in Prosser Washington, eastern side of that state. Tomorrow I'm heading to Cannon beach and on Sunday to a fundraiser for Tim King of Salem-News.com, he's going back to the war zone to report what's happening.

People always ask me about attending memorial services for someone they don't know etc. Unless the Obits or something states that it's strictly private for family, you should go.

If it's a KIA, and someone ask who you are and why you came.... It's simple, he/she died for your freedom and you're there to say thanks and honor this hero.. If it's a veteran, well he/she served to help keep you and this nation free. It is that simple. Unless, you don't believe it.

Represent yourself as a grateful American. Don't go there to push something onto the family. (I see that stuff sometimes)

Any more excuses??

I also encourage anyone that really wants to go but can't because of family or work or something... to consider sending me the money you saved on the gas you didn't use for that trip and help me get to them.

OK... I need to chill.... Fed my cats, they stopped making noise at me. Now they are back to ignoring me until they want something else.

Can anyone tell me who spoke these words, it's in large letters on one of my sites, which site? (I know the answer). "No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now. Rarely have so many people been so wrong about so much. Never have the consequences of their misunderstanding been so tragic."

Take care!!!



Katrina Walk Part II

Mar 6, 2008
Travel Update 03/06/08 0517


It's a little after 0500. I'm sitting here air drying and will be heading west in a bit. Trying to beat the rush hour traffic.

I mentioned Tim King of salem0News.com the other day again, here is an article you can read. If you're in the next of the woods where this event is taking place (Eola Hills Winery) please come by and check it out. In theory I should be there. But you know me, I could end up someplace else.


Anyhow, I bid you all a great day.
Mar 7, 2008
Marvin E Unfried WWII R.I.P.

Good Evening!!

While at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Oregon, staging and getting ready for a funeral for a veteran, a woman approached us in the parking lot and asked if we where there to honor her father.

Well, no, but we where there early enough to attend her dad's funeral, a 99 year old WWII veteran. It was our honor. We had to rush a little from one spot to another but we pulled it off.

We are losing many WWII Veterans each day.


Yesterday I spend some time at the coast and by the time noon came around I was in lots of pain I can't decide if I injured something internally or got food poisoning. It's kept me up and also running most of the night and day. I mean, I've had people tell me I'm full of it... but I swear I've dumped more than my body weight.

I did have fun though, got in at least 5 hours of walking and a lot on rocks too, which is suppose to be a no-no for me... but the beach was gone in many places. 

The couple that invited me out to join them even took me to a nice seafood restaurant and all I ordered was a plain hamburger and just ate the meat cause my body was feeling really messed up. It wasn't until about noon today I tried eating something else. Seemed like a waste of food.

While I was trying to rest on my back, my sadistic grey cat kept jumping on my belly. You see, I have no business in her bed in the middle of the day. I didn't kill her, no energy, too numb and dizzy.

I will post a set of pics probably tomorrow in between my project pics. I'm watching Bones now and then House and will try and take a nap again.

I bid you all a good weekend!!



Marvin E Unfried WWII R.I.P.

Mar 8, 2008
Along The Beach Part I - Photos by Q Madp

Good Morning Everyone!!

I only got up 4 times last night. Must be slowing down or running out. Should I eat? If yes, what?

I think I have a thing of oatmeal, but oatmeal tends to have a slimy texture to it... is that good?

It's 0531 here on the west coast. Did you know that people living on the east coast get older 3 hours faster? There. Take That!


It's a weekend, no excuse not to find some veterans or active duty personnel and tell them THANK YOU FOR SERVING!!!

Take care!!



Along The Beach Part I

Mar 9, 2008
Edward J Venini WWII R.I.P.

Greetings Everyone!!

Going on 3 days now. the last main rush was at 0130. I hope I'm on my way back. I'm thinking more food poisoning than breaking something inside now. 

Going to head off in a few to attend the event for Tim King at the winery. www.eolahillswinery.com . I must remember to bring a box of my cards.

I've finished the pics for the 2nd mission which was on the 28th of January. Hey, almost into February. Only 9,125 pics to go to catch up with that part.

Edward J Venini served in WWII in the navy. He died recently at the age of 83. He served in Europe, Africa and the Asiatic Pacific area.

I'll be updating his page when I get more information.

Thank you for serving Ed!!



Edward J Venini WWII R.I.P.

Mar 10, 2008
Along The Beach Part II - Photos by Q Madp

Hello Everyone!

It's Monday on the west coast.

If women are protected from any drafts and many frontline assignments (last I knew).... should a woman be allowed to send men to war?

Why do women's rights advocates not insists that women be required to sign a draft registration just like their equal men?

Just a couple thoughts to ponder.

Like I said.... It's Monday....



Along The Beach Part II

Mar 11, 2008
Bringing Home Our Hero Sgt. Mikeal Miller

Sgt. Mikeal W Miller died Jan. 27, 2008 at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Md., of wounds suffered in Baghdad, Iraq on July 9, 2007, when the vehicle he was in encountered an improvised explosive device.

On January 31st we brought him home. The day went from rain to dry, to rain to sunny, to rain to dry.



Bringing Home Our Hero Sgt. Mikeal Miller

Mar 13, 2008
Along The Beach Part IV - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everybody!!

Still working on pics. Thought I?d get another mission posted yesterday but got a phone call at about 0800 and within 2 hours I was at Willamette national Cemetery for a memorial service for a veteran out of Richland WA. There where also 15 PGR members that dropped everything they where doing and came at this last moment to pay respects for one of our heroes. Thanks guys and gals!!

I think I?m over that whatever it was. So, one less thing to pester me.

Cowards using IED?s have killed at least another 13 of our heroes on the war front. I?m still waiting for the names to come in from DoD.

Today I read that less than 23% of Americans have any clue on how many heroes have given their all and that most show no interests.

Seems to reinforce some of my thoughts. Most don?t care. But, how much of that is part of the media also? When a hero gives his/her all for this country it should be on top of the news, not 38 minutes into it or on a back page.


OK... want controversy in the headline... perhaps something like this:

FAMILY OF AMERICAN HERO STRUGGLE TO PAY FOR HIS/HER FUNERAL WHILE POLITICIANS WASTE MILLIONS OF TAXPAYER MONEY ON CHEAP WHORES!! (You have to remember, these bastards are always with taxpayer paid protection services. They forget to mention those things on the news.)

Guess I?m just an angry Caucasian huh?

Just did a bunch of backups again. I know my machine is getting tired and old. I?m also working on the final pics for Sgt Miller?s mission and hope by tonight to be done with them.

If you use a digital camera, or even a film camera with timestamp capabilities, be sure to keep the date and time set correctly. It can come in handy. Always have a camera with you.

I?m stalling, waiting for someone to come pick up that old machine and don?t want to start next phase of project... OK... making excuses here...

It?s raining outside, I think I?ll toss a few more newspaper rolls into the fireplace. 

Anybody out there in Toledo Ohio or Eerie Indiana?

Currently I have 4523 members of our military listed at www.IraqWarHeroes.org that have served in Iraq or Afghanistan and since deceased.

I know I don?t have them all, so if you know of someone that?s missing, please let me know. I don?t want any of them forgotten.

You all be good... Please take a few minutes and show your support to members of our military honorably serving this country (USA) of ours.



Along The Beach Part IV

Mar 14, 2008
Sgt. Mikeal W Miller R.I.P.

Good Morning All!!

I?ve finally completed the memorial service pics for Sgt Miller.

Last night I added 5 more names and am expecting at least 8 more to come in tomorrow or soon after that.

I now have 3 more funerals pending from northern Cal to northern Washington. - sigh-

I?m now caught up with photos to February 2nd. Only 5,100 photos to go which doesn?t include yesterday?s memorial service.

Click Here

In case you haven?t noticed, links in blogs that take you to any outside site will also now have a warning page first. I noticed that this morning.

I always test the links I post in my bulletins/blog to make sure they work before I post them.

I?ve added more pics to my myspace photo albums also.

March 19th is coming up fast. Please send me a letter on the 19th. It can be an empty letter or even include a note. My address for mailing is on the bottom of most of my web pages and on my help page. See Click here above. Postcard is OK too. Must all be postmarked the 19th which is next Wednesday. The 19th marks 5 years I?ve been working on my Iraq War Heroes project and 5 years since this war started.

I bid you all a good weekend!!!


Please remember our hero Army Sgt Mikeal W Miller and all our other heroes.

Mikeal died Jan. 27 at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Md., of wounds suffered in Baghdad, Iraq on July 9, 2007, when the vehicle he was in encountered an improvised explosive device.


Sgt. Mikeal W Miller R.I.P.

Mar 14, 2008
Travel Update 03/14/08 1153 Portland, Oregon

I just got notice of a memorial service happening on Monday March 17, 2008 in Lakewood (Near Tacoma) at 1300 for our Hero Army Cpl Jose Paniagua-Morales who was killed in Balad, Iraq, by an IED. 

If you can attend, please do and show your support to his family, our troops and help honor this young hero.

If you can , you can also help me get out there. www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

At this point, I have at least 2 others pending.

I bid you a good weekend!!!!
Mar 15, 2008
Bringing Home Our Hero Pvt Joshua Young

Greetings All!!

I went this morning to Portland Airport for a Homecoming. I think there where around 20 that came to stand on the flag line to to help a mom welcome home her Marine from Iraq. He was very happy with the reception.

On February 5th, Pvt Joshua Young, killed in Iraq was coming back. They couldn?t land the plane in Roseburg and for some reason, instead of picking a airport like in Eugene OR, he was flown into North Bend OR. We then escorted him from there to Roseburg Oregon.

Last night I finished posting photos of this mission. I must be getting better at driving and shooting over the dash, cause I was impressed with some of my pics. :)

My whole week is gone again. Tomorrow I?m driving to Shelton WA for a funeral of a Navy guy. On Tuesday, escort mission for a KIA and on Wednesday or Thursday a memorial services for a KIA also in Washington.

Hey, you call someone in the Marines a Marine, and in the Army a soldier, what do you call Navy people? I?m sure it?s looking right at me...

If you can help me with my project, traveling etc... please do... www.iraqwarheroes.org/help . I realize many think that someone else will. I?m pretty broke. I passed up going to breakfast with the group after the homecoming cause I?m too broke. I realize that what I do, doesn?t affect the majority of you out there but I know in my thinking that it helps the many families of our heroes that I can service.

It?s the weekend, take some time to back up stuff you think is important on your computer, check your smoke detector batteries, check your fire extinguishers and your emergency supplies.... and as always.... find some active duty military and tell them THANK YOU!!!



Bringing Home Our Hero Pvt Joshua Young

Mar 16, 2008
Along The Beach Part V - Photos by Q Madp

Good Morning All!

Late last night I received feedback from the father of PO2 Strom and I?ll be heading to his memorial service today in Shelton WA. I encourage you to attend at the Community Access Center. Service starts at 1400.

I?ll then drive back home, dump my pics, recharge, take a nap and then head north again for the next one.

I got a brief glimpse of the news tonight, they where interviewing a convicted pimp who brags he?s the one that hired the broad that serviced for 4g?s the governor of NY last. You all do realize that taxpayer money was also used, right? Who do you think pays for his body guards etc. ?

Then you have that broad making over 200G?s cause people keep buying a song she has on her myspace and then you have this other governor taking place of the corrupt one, being so grateful that he is planning to pardon the governor so he won?t be charged criminally. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Well, I know the answer...

Now, how much news was there about our troops doing all the great things they do?? NONE. %%$@$^^(%$ !!!


Along The Beach Part V

Mar 17, 2008
Along The Beach Part VI - Photos by Q Madp

Good Evening Everyone!!

Yesterday?s mission for Navy PO2 Strom in Shelton WA went well. A little while ago I returned from Lakewood WA for the services for Cpl Paniagua-Morales and that went well. Despite the on and off rain, the timing wasn?t too bad and I managed to avoid running around with an umbrella in one hand. I have at least one more mission pending up north.

I?m glad I always leave early. I was stuck for over 2 hours on a short stretch of I-5. Big accident involving a truck and some cars. There was another accident which didn?t interfere with my driving, south on I-205. That truck went up in flames.

Lakewood Fire Department came out again and hoisted a nice big flag. I can?t take my eyes off a huge USA flag being raised and flapping in the wind.

All these back to back missions are putting me way behind again. I?ll try and get the pics for Pfc Young?s mission done tomorrow. I?m too mentally pooped. Gonna watch some garbage on TV, pour something over a couple cubes of ice and hopefully get some sleep.

In two days is March 19, 2008. Please send me an a letter, it can even be an empty letter, or postcard on Wednesday.

Q Madp

Anyone know the significance of March 19?

I?ve added a couple more radio clips to my news section and will be adding another one soon www.IraqWarHeroes.org/news/ .

If you?re bored on Friday, the 21st between 1100 and 1500 Pacific Time. Let me know. Looking for callers.

Happy St. Patrick?s Day!!!! I went the whole day without any green and didn?t get pinched.

See A Vet....Thank A Vet!!!! 



Along The Beach Part VI

Mar 18, 2008
Travel Update 03/18/08 1113 Portland to Ft. Lewis

I just got clearance and will be heading to Washington again in a few minutes. Going to Ft. Lewis to bring home oour hero SGT Phillip R. Anderson, 28, Everett, WA.

His services will be on Thursday the 20th.
Mar 20, 2008
Along The Beach Part VII - Photos by Q Madp

Mornin? Y?All

It?s 0323 out here on the west coast somewhere between California and Washington and my head is killing me. Got tired of getting up this morning, so here I am, getting ready to head north again.

If you?re in the Spanaway, WA area, please come and pay honors to Sgt Anderson. Try and be there by 1000, service starts at 1100. Join the flag line if you wish. Bring a flag. USA Flag. You know, the Stars and Stripes, the red white and blue. I like to remind folks what out flag looks like, cause I see so few of them anymore when traveling.

Maybe I?m a flag nut or a patriot, or maybe I just like p?ng off all those people that hate us. Which reminds me, I need to replace my car flag again. Those things wear out too fast.

Like it or not, this country is still at war. We still have men and women on the front lines fighting it. Getting killed, getting hurt, getting maimed. We need to remind them and others that we support our men and women in the military who are honorably serving this country.

So, how about going out and getting a dozen or more yellow ribbons, and flags, so you can replace them as they get worn out.

It is now 0336, I can almost see this screen clearly. It?s raining outside.

The mission to bring home our hero Sgt Anderson went pretty good on Tuesday. It sprinkled a few times on the tarmac but remained dry during the critical parts. They pulled the fire trucks out of the fire house but didn?t bring them onto the tarmac and do a spray over. Don?t know why. I think they have someone new barking there cause there where some other changes I didn?t like.

I think, some people just refuse to think right.

It?s now 0346 and still raining. Got distracted by an email. I?m still working on the pics for the Sgt. Young mission from February 7th. Maybe tomorrow I?ll have them done.

It?s now 0402. Just added another paragraph above. I keep forgetting things I want to mention, and I?m sure there is other stuff...

Anyhow, I think I?ll get on the road and find some coffee.

You all be good out there!! See a Vet, Thank a Vet!!!!



Along The Beach Part VII

Mar 20, 2008
Travel Update 03/20/08 0815 Lakewoodm WA

It?s 0807 and I?m sitting in the bar at Gerties, across from Ft. Lewis, exit 122 off I-5. Staging of PGR starts here at 0900. I?ll be here at least until then before heading to the funeral home in Spanaway WA.

Trip out was pretty uneventful. Some moron raced pass me and shortly thereafter he slowed down and switched into my lane. It was too late. I saw a suspicious vehicle coming up on my left and then I saw blue lights and he pulled that guy over. Red pick-up with a 1 screw dangling license plate.

I?ll be so glad when this week is over with. I think it?s taken a toll on my fingers. Well, I know it has, no thinking about it.

Hey, if you live out in this area, be at Gerties on Saturday and help keep protestors off their property so that the military that eats here can do so in peace. Protestors have obtained a permit to march around here and protest outside the gates of Ft. Lewis. Is what I heard.

I bid you all a great day!
Mar 21, 2008
PFC Joshua Young R.I.P.

Greetings Everyone!!

It?s been a very long week. 5 trips up north and back. On my 3rd trip to the Ft. Lewis area, my odometer went over 100,000. I got this car last July 10th, 8 months ago and have since put on it 32,462 miles for missions for our heroes. I?ve had at least 11 oil changes in the last 8 months and consumed over 1352 Gallons of gasoline. My gas card is maxed out again and I can?t find any local companies to donate a transmission and radiator flush.

The very few people that try and help me are struggling themselves. I managed to get on two more local radio shows again asking for help. No takers. -sigh-

I did receive 1 letter, postmarked March 19 and it came from Knoxville TN. The hand written note on the card reads: "Your work can compete with nature and take a person?s breath away. Thank you and bless you for all you do."

Thank You!

Tonight I met some other myspace friends. A guy by the name of Scott, his fianc?? and the band he is in called The Blue Royals . I took a few pics and you?ll see them in the near future. Their sound is pretty good and when they did a good job on "Walk, Don?t Run", I knew they couldn?t be too bad.

It is almost midnight now, here on the far west coast and I?ve finally completed the pics for PFC Young?s memorial service. Sp, now I?m caught up to February 7, 2008. Still a long ways to go. 

I found a place where I can get free lunch and dinner (if I stay long enough) on Saturday. WooHoo!! Well, not totally free, I?ll be doing something for it.

I hope you all have a great weekend!! If anyone is cooking up rabbit in my area, PLEASE save some for me,. I couldn?t get any this year.

Take Care!


Army Pfc Joshua A R Young was killed when their unit encountered an improvised explosive device during convoy operations in Mosul, Iraq. This young hero was 21 years of age. He gave up his other 79 years for this country of ours. Please help remember him and all our other heroes.

Mission Report

02/05/08 Start: 0430 End: 1923 Away Time: 14 Hours and 57 Minutes Miles Traveled: 549 (Escort Mission from North Bend)

02/07/08 Start: 0600 End: 1918 Away Time: 13 Hours and 18 Minutes Miles Traveled: 400 (Memorial & Funeral Services)

TOTAL AWAY TIME: 28 Hours and 15 Minutes. Total Miles Traveled: 948

At home working on photos: 22 Hours. Total photos for family: 1320 Total posted for public: 218 pics.


PFC Joshua Young R.I.P.

Mar 23, 2008
The Great Rabbit Hunt - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

It?s Sunday on the west coast and it?s Easter for many in one form or another. I wanted rabbit for lunch and you know, technically I could have had a rabbit or two a couple weeks ago. See my photos I saved for today by clicking the link at the bottom.

I did shoot some kids and parents doing a egg hunt today. This small house I was at, was packed with people. They even started in one room and lined up tables from the kitchen all the way through the next room to the front door. I was told not all family showed up. That?s just too many voices for me. I?ve never understood family units. How so many people in a small space can tolerate each other. I think they happy with the pics I shot for them though. 

I did a mail run yesterday and received a second card post dated March 19th. It came from Peoria Arizona. But the note was a little confusing and made me wonder if she wrote it last year. "Hi Q, Here is your letter for march 19, 2007. ?Don?t let the memory drift away?. Much love."

Did you know that less than 11% "Americans" even care that we are at war? According to a recent poll. As bad as that number sounds, I think I have to agree with it. It?s a real shame!!!!!

I recently received a letter from another gold star mom who lost a son at the early stages of this war and how supportive people where. Now people try to avoid her, as if it?s her fault that her son got killed in Iraq. This kind of crap should not be happening!!!

What % is 35 out of 10,338 ? And, what % is 2 out of 10,338 ?

Hey, someone sold a corn flake on EBay for over $1000 because it looks like the state of Illinois? And the seller volunteered to pay for shipping. I know gas prices are up, but I?d hate the thought of paying 29,577+ for a bowl of cereal. I saw a dog turd a couple weeks ago that looked like a woman on her side, I should have grabbed it huh and tried selling it on EBay? (Yes, I did take a pic of it.) .

Hey, I do have a brand new Intel Pentium Processor with MMX technology still in it?s shrink wrapped box. It?s a 200Mhz and comes with a fan heat sink and Free CD-ROM. It was manufactured 04/18/97. Perfect for collectors of aged technology. :) If that?s not your fancy, I?d consider selling one of my portable Kaypro Computers. I have the expensive one with a build in 10MB hard drive. I think it weighs around 15 pounds. Not a portable for feeble people. It?s over 20 years old. :)

I?m gonna watch detective shows from the 50?s and 60?s today and annoy my cats.

You all be good. Please remember all our troops deployed all over this globe called earth, especially those currently in the sandbox.



The Great Rabbit Hunt

Mar 23, 2008
USMC Noel J Maynard Vietnam War veteran R.I.P.

Good Afternoon/Evening!!

I?m still playing catch up. I covered a funeral on December 21st and didn?t know what kind of veteran he was. Found out today he was a Vietnam War Veteran and have now posted the public pics online on the appropriate site. This was one of those days where I was heading for one service and ended up at a second one also.

You all take care!!



USMC Noel J Maynard Vietnam War veteran R.I.P.


Mar 23, 2008
Honoring SSgt Eric Rynearson R.I.P.

Good Evening!!

SSgt Eric Rynerson was only 22 when he died January 19th, 2008. I don?t have the facts on him. Family did not want photos of the services. I attended and also stood the flag line along with the brave Patriot Guard members that came out this very winters day in Eugene Oregon.

Please remember Eric and all our other heroes that have served our country!!



Honoring SSgt Eric Rynearson R.I.P.

Mar 23, 2008
Farewell To Major Gregory D Young R.I.P.

Good Late Evening All!

Yup, instead of relaxing and watching the tele, I?m sitting here trying to knock out some sets that have been in the pending too long before I try to catch up on the last 2 months again. Confusing huh??? I have some sets that where never posted for one reason or another. I?m running out of workspace on my drive and need to finish these sets so they can be removed.

This set I shot last July and the widow already received a CD with 736 photos. I posted 100 for the public.
"Oregon Air National Guard, 142nd Fighter Wing pilot, Major Gregory D Young, was killed on June 26, 2007 while participating in combat training. Major Young was flying an F-15 Eagle, coordinating with three other Portland based fighter pilots, dogfighting with Texas Marine Corps Reserve pilots, when the crash occured.

The rapid reaction of the Coast Guard had a helicopter on location within 30 minutes and was joined by cutters and a C-130. They recovered Major Young?s body in the Pacific Ocean about 35 miles off of the coast of Oregon.

Major Young, 34, was from St Helens, Oregon. Major Young graduated from Oregon State University in 1996 with a degree in civil engineering and a minor in aerospace studies. He was a cadet in the OSU Air Force Reserve Officers? Training Corp and was one of 46 picked to participate in a 55-week Euro-NATO joint jet pilot training program. Major Young had about 700 hours of flying time in F-15s and more than 1,000 hours of flying time in other aircraft."

Air Force Major Gregory Young was well liked. You should have seen the turnout of Air Force uniforms during his memorial services.

I?m grateful for his service and will remember him!!


Farewell To Major Gregory D Young R.I.P.


Mar 24, 2008
The Blue Royals - Photos by Q Madp

Morning All!

Well, for a Monday morning, (OK, too me, they pretty much are all alike except no mail on Sunday?s), it?s off to a good start.

Last night ran a bit late. I was tossing some trash into my trash bucket under the kitchen sink and noticed a lot of water. After swearing for a while, I cleared out everything to try and figure out where the water is coming from. Mind you, I?m not a car mechanic, and don?t know all this stuff. Anyhow I removed all the easy water and then sat my portable electric heater down there to dry things up a bit. Even though I found a very rusty pipe coming from the wall, I think the water is coming from the squirt handle that?s attached to a hose through a hole in the sink. I?ve got that squirt handle with hose still attached lying in the sink. I think that solved it. Or my cats are trying to drown me. Can?t trust them B?s.

I woke up this morning with my phone ringing, it was CBS in DC. I knew cause they called about a pic before and I saved the number so I would recognize it next time. My headset wasn?t picking up and by the time I hit the answer button, the the angry bug stopped vibrating. So I called back that number... and guess what... another one of those outgoing numbers only. Oh well.

I checked my emails, 3rd thing this morning and got some good news which kinda voided the other two above.

Yesterday I also got 2 more packages done with CD?s that I?ll be mailing today. had to make a couple bucks so I could buy some labels. My Staples reward hasn?t been paying off lately.

I?m gonna push to get another set done today. Gotta find coffee first.

On the news they are reporting the number 4,000. I wish they would include those killed in Afghanistan, killed by PTSD, Died back at home... then maybe their numbers would be closer to mine which sits at 4,542 not including the last 8 just killed by roadside bombs and not including those others I don?t know about yet. THEY NEED TO BE ALL REMEMBERED!!!!

Friday evening I went to a bar and grill called Bumnpers in Fairview Oregon(e) to check out a band playing there. I think I already mentioned that a day ago or so. Anyhow, I took a few snapshots. Someday I?m gonna get a better lens for inside shots.

Hope you enjoy them. I bid you all a great week!!! Please support our troops!



The Blue Royals

Mar 24, 2008
Oregonian Travels Thousands of Miles to Honor our War Dead

New article by Salem-News.com Please forward to others and other medias if you like it.


Mar 25, 2008
Video News Clip from 2004 and other updates

Good Morning Everyone!!

It?s not raining right now and this week seems to be continuing on a more positive note for me. Of course adding more names to the list isn?t a positive thing.

A couple days ago I was contacted by someone at CBS in DC about a photo on my site. Today I was asked to call back and that gal I spoke to will see if one of the news producers is interested in my project here and she had some questions. Would be cool if they plugged the site.

Yesterday I was listening to the radio, and decided to call into the Michael Savage Show and actually got connected. And then was put on hold. Someone checked to see if I was still there and was put back on hold and this repeated several times and 1 hour and 19 minutes into my cell phone minutes, they hung up. It was not an accident or you?d figure they would have called back. I tried though!!

Yesterday I did managed to call into the Victoria Taft Show, she?s a Portland local. Some guy was sitting in for her but I still got on. I had to let people know that there are more than the 4,000 the general media keeps reporting about. Seems they keep forgetting about the women and men that are getting killed or served in Afghanistan etc.

I?ll get that bit plus a couple added to my news section eventually. Today going to focus on getting pics done for the cold February 9th in Spokane Washington.

Tim King of Salem-News.com did another write up for me. Thanks!! Tim will be heading to the sandbox again real soon to report from there.


The first time my site got mentioned on TV was on December 18, 2004. Have a look and notice the change of the website from then versus the TV Video currently here on my myspace profile page.

See A Vet, Thank A Vet!!!!

You all take care!!
Mar 25, 2008
Sgt James E Craig R.I.P.

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I have finally completed the pics from the Spokane Washington mission on February 9th, 2008.

I remember that one well because I was miserable most of the day. After arriving and stepping out of the car, and walking through some slush, I quickly noticed my right foot getting soaked and then cold. Looks like my shoe sprung a leak. After a while of misery, I?d get in my car and run the floor heater. Didn?t have much tome for that though. So, most of the day I stayed pretty cold and off due to that. The next challenge was at the cemetery, by now both of my feet where cold and wet. The procession from the church did not arrive until after it started to get dark and even colder. I?m glad I had earlier gotten some pics of the honor guard, because when it was their turn, you couldn?t see them.

You could hear them and see the flashes from their rifles. My flash didn?t reach that far. And close by, all the snow would just bounce back my own flash making it a challenge.

Sgt James E Craig was killed when their unit encountered an improvised explosive device during convoy operations in Mosul, Iraq.

Please remember our hero Sgt James Craig and all our other heroes!!!


Mission Report

Start: 02/09/08 0200 Stop: 02/10/08 1124 Total Away Time: 33 Hours and 24 Minutes. Total Miles Traveled: 794 Miles

After the graveside service I made it back as far as Richland, stayed overnight and concluded trip back the next day.

First Frame: 0846 Last Frame: 1749 

Time working on photos at home: 8.6 Hours. Total pics for family: 521 Total posted for public: 84


Sgt James E Craig R.I.P.

Mar 25, 2008
Sgt. Roy J Otis WWII R.I.P.

Good Evening!

Sgt. Roy John Otis, WWII Veteran died at the age of 89. He served honorably in the US Army from 1941 to 1945 in the Mounted Calvary.

Every day we are losing many of our WWII Veterans. Let?s make sure they remember that we are a grateful nation for their service. There are so many dying now, that I?m sure that there will be at least 1 service for one of them in a convenient time slot for you. If you could all go to at least 1 a month in your area. Maybe drag the 2 legged ones along and explain to them why we should be a grateful nation.

Hey, next time you go grocery shopping or to a buffet, take a good look around you. there are still a lot of them alive and kicking... but for maybe not much longer... so, spot some and say THANK YOU!! maybe a little loud too, in case his or her hearing is a bit off, and also to let others listening know... we are still a grateful nation... one individual at a time.

Many of them are easy to spot with their geezer caps on, VFW caps, American Legion Caps... Imagine how they would light up if your young child walked up to one of them grumpy old farts and reached out a hand and said something like, "Thank You For Serving Our Country So That I May be Born Free". Hey, it?s worth a shot... 

If you like stories and make one of them show their pride... ask them..... and then just listen.... 

I was invited to attend Roy?s memorial service... and I went.

Mission Report

02/29/08 Start Time: 0430 Return Time: 1645 Total Away Time: 12 Hours and 15 Minutes. Total Miles Traveled: 490 Miles.

First Frame: 0534 Last Frame: 1052

At home working on pics: 4.5 Hours Total pics for family: 255 Total posted for public: 67


Sgt. Roy J Otis WWII R.I.P.

Mar 25, 2008
Navy/Army/Navy WWII & Korean War Veteran CPO Roy J Sinnott R.I.P.

Greeting Everyone!!

He joined the US Navy and they kicked him out because he was too young. He then went and joined the US Army and after completing a stint there, he went back to the Navy and became a lifer for 35 years.

He served in WWII and later served in the Korean War. He was determined to serve his country in the Navy and he did so honorably!!!

He recently died at the age of 85 and I had the honor of being there for his family and to honor him.

Mission Report:

Start Time: 0630 End Time: 1547 Total Away Time: 9 Hours and 17 Minutes Total Miles Driven: 231

Working on pics: 5.6 Hours. Pics for family: 338 Pics posted for public: 63


Navy/Army/Navy WWII & Korean War Veteran CPO Roy J Sinnott R.I.P.

Mar 27, 2008
SFC Eric N Martinho R.I.P.

Good Evening All!!

Wow, just received an email from a Gold Star Mother, whose son?s funeral I attended 4 years ago wanting to know if I?m still doing funerals for our heroes. It is strange, once I looked at the name, the images popped into my head.

Anyhow... thanks to global warming, we had more snow falling today and more predicted. They actually extended by 5 days to April 5th to when you have to remove your studded tires. I already did that. Cost 50 bucks.

Unfortunately I have 3 funerals pending again. Next one is this Saturday. 

I?ve got another set of pics done. This one from March 4, 2008. If you pay attention to the dates, you see I?m in the middle of 3 back to back again. Just wait till I got caught up to last week?s 5 back to back. -sigh-

I bought a bunch of stamps today and a couple packs of socks. Got too many with big holes in them. I think every time my shoes get wet on the inside, the motion causes the socks to wear out faster. I wanted 3 packs, but they only had 2 packs. 12 sock will last a week, but good to have some spares.

Thank you to everybody out there supporting our troops and also helping me along!!

As soon as I win the lottery, I?ll stop begging for help.

I bid you all a great day!!!


Sergeant First Class Eric N Martinho was another hero dedicated to serving his country, our country. He even served 2 tours in Iraq, 1 tour in Saudi Arabia and 1 tour in Korea. 

He died of a young age of 39 in Manteca, California , after a training mishap. I don?t have all the facts.

Please remember him and all our other heroes!!!

Mission Report:

Start Time: 03/03/08 1920 Return Time: 03/04/08 1709 Total way Time: 18 Hours, 11 Minutes Total Miles: 281

First Frame: 0854 Last frame: 1238

Working at home on pics: 6.3 Hours Total pics for family: 380 pics Total posted for public: 102 pics


SFC Eric N Martinho R.I.P.

Mar 29, 2008
Along The Beach Part VIII - Photos by Q Madp

Hi All!

It is Saturday afternoon or closer to evening now. I?ve been rained on, snowed on and hailed on and most of the progress I made last few days has vanished.

I was going to go to a WWII Veterans memorial service today but spend most of it going to auto parts stores and shops. Now I?m waiting for a mechanic to clean me out the rest of the way.

I want to crawl under my bed but my mattress sits on the floor. -sigh-

Only another 8 hours and this day is over with. ..--..

Hope you all having a good weekend!!! See A Vet...Thank A Vet!!!



Along The Beach Part VIII

Mar 31, 2008
Army Veteran Allan Stanley R.I.P.

Good Afternoon Everyone!! (Ranting, scroll to bottom for just the pics.)

A man (rumors are he also had a few drinks) takes his truck, his kids, out onto school property on a snowed day, ties a tube or something to the back of the truck and takes his kids flying around the school grounds until he slams his daughter right into a brick bench and kills her.

The court the other day found him innocent of all charges. Accused him of just being stupid.

"His daughter died after an inflatable tube she was riding through the snow ? which was attached by a rope to Gecho?s truck ? slammed into a low brick wall on the grounds of Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Felida."

"Superior Court Judge John Nichols agreed, ruling the prosecution did not prove Gecho acted with "conscious disregard" for danger." Article

Then there is this other couple.... they where praying to their god to heal their child and she died and they are now being charged with murder.

"OREGON CITY -- Until the faith-healing death of an Oregon City girl this month, members of the Followers of Christ Church appear to have lost just one child to sickness since 1999, when Oregon banned parents from treating gravely ill children solely with prayer."

"On Friday, a Clackamas County grand jury indicted her parents, Carl Brent and Raylene Worthington, on charges of second-degree manslaughter and criminal mistreatment." Article

Being an outsider and never having had children I may just look at all of this differently people will tell me.

If you?re stupid, it?s OK to kill your children, cause no matter what you do, it?s just an accident.

Now, on the dollar bill, printed by our government with the added words since the 50?s, In God We Trust, and this couple trusting in god loses their child and are being treated like murderers.

Yes, I know, all you and, if and buts out there....

I?m also real tired of the expression, "The loss of the child is punishment enough!", or something like that. maybe he/she wanted their child dead? Why is it an accident to leave your child in a running vehicle and a car thief takes it. he gets charged with kidnapping and car theft and the parent, Oh it was an accident. If you breed, you should be responsible for your kids.

And if you have an accident and don?t want it, give it to some folks that can?t have any instead of raising a hated and hateful little bastard.

I?m in a foul mood, just shooting off in all directions. I need sleep.

My hats off to all you spouses out there that have someone over there in the sandbox, in the fire zone. Especially someone that?s been close to being dead more than once that continue .. the removal of shrapnel. I spoke to one of you last night. Hang in there girl. Your bada** is coming home soon. :) You all rock!!!! My thanks to all the mums out there also!!

Hey, I saw another car with a waving USA flag on it today. Almost thought they was lost. I waved at the old woman and she just looked confused. Well, confused is better than that other looks I normally get waving at women sometimes.

I would like to see a lot more flags (United States of America, Red, White and Blue) flying out here in this socialist commie wanna be anti American and anti Military hole called Portland Oregon(e) and everywhere else. I?ve always wondered if more of our flags would make more people curious as to what country we are in, what language our constitution is written in and what it says.

OK, OK, I fell asleep at the keyboard and kept on typing...

I?ve completed another set of pics which brings me to March 5th. Still a lot to go. I have very little on this veteran, so you?ll only see the pics until I can get more info. I had just completed 3 in a row, two down south and came to this one on a last minute. I was going to just chill, but hey...

I bid you all a great week!!! Please show your support for our country and it?s defenders!!



Army Veteran Allan Stanley R.I.P.

Mar 31, 2008
SSgt Keith Matt Maupin Home At Last R.I.P.

Greetings Everyone!

The good news is, SSgt Keith Matthew "Matt" Maupin is coming home. He was captured in 2004. DNA from a body has conclusively ID?s him. The good part about this is, his family can close a very long and painful chapter of uncertainty, of waiting. Keith was a Spc when he became a Prisoner Of War and the military made sure that he was getting his proper grade increases.

I have updated his page with a couple articles. There is also a link to his vigil page, please sign the guestbook there.

On another note, some have been asking. I have moved most of my sites to the new hosting service NetworkRedux and hope to have the rest moved soon. Problem is, my last hosting is up and down so much, I have to catch it when it?s up to kill off the other sires there. 

NetworkRedux has been holding up pretty good so far. I think last month I only received 3 down time notifications.

Today I need to focus on some repair issues and then back to getting more pics done. Also have to get more CD?s mailed off. But I haven?t had coffee yet and it?s already 0720 here on the far west coast. I don?t think we will have snow or hail today.

I hope you all have a great week!!!



SSgt Keith Matt Maupin Home At Last R.I.P.

Apr 2, 2008
April 1, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003

Morning All!!

Hey, did you know they have a wall in Illinois called Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial ? www.ilfreedomrun.org/ . 

I also found an article about it. https://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=resources/lifestyle_community/community&id=5390583 .Try to copy this link into your browser. Every time I preview from the posting at myspace, it doesn?t take me to it. .

Yesterday I spend over 13 hours working on pics. Will probably do the same again today. Trying to get them all done and then post them later. I need to get caught up and then and start working on emails again with photo attachments. there are so many.

Looks like I?ll be going north again soon. Spanaway Washington for a KIA and Spokane Washington not Iraq War related. There was another KIA?s service last Saturday, but I couldn?t get to it. I?d like to go to matt?s service, but that?s at least 35 hours in the car each way or $1400 round trip. That?s more than I earned all last couple of months. Those Airlines sure rape you on short notice tickets huh? Like you goanna know someone is gonna get buried 3 or 6 weeks or months in advance for the discount rate; not that I could afford that either.

I have now been logging AP headers for 1840 long days and today I?ll give you a look at April 1 for 6 years. I?ve arranged it with yesterday first and worked down to April 1, 2003.

Here is some stuff for you to accomplish before Tax day:

1. Check your smoke detector batteries and fire extinguishers.

2. Back up your important stuff on your hard drive.

3. Check your phone bill for services you really don?t need.

4. Find at least 15 active duty US Military members and tell them THANK YOU! Then find at least 30 Veterans and do the same.

5. Do you have a will? Let others know what river you want to be dumped in.

I bid you all a great day!!
Apr 2, 2008
Sgt James W McDonald R.I.P.

Good Morning!!

Got more pics done yesterday, then in the evening I got called to attend a meeting. There will be a mini house do-over for a sick veteran and they would like me to volunteer in photographing this event. I got a sneak preview of the place tonight and don?t see how they gonna pull this off in 4 days unless they have a lot of help. 

If you?re in the Portland area and have no plans on May 1, 2, 3 and 4, then perhaps you?d like to volunteer in this clean-up project and house re-do. Drop me a note. Whatever amount of active time you can donate will be appreciated. Or stuff to get this thing done.

If anyone has a Nikkor DX 10.5 F2.8 Lens they?d like to donate, it would come in real handy in this project and other indoor shoots, especially at memorial services I do. Sigma makes a cheaper version of the lens 10-20 but at F4, much slower.

I have a Minolta Maxxum 7000 SLR I?d be willing to sell cheap. Body and Lens. This is a film camera. Comes with a Data Back 70 attached and a AF Lens 50 1:1.7

Overall I praise our military but every now and then, there are a few decision makers that have their heads way too far up their... well, you know. And they make the wrong decisions in my opinion, causing pain and suffering to the family of this soldier and hero.

Sgt James W McDonald served this country honorably and while stationed in Iraq a bomb went off and messed him up. He suffered extensive head damage and brain damage. All of this happened last May. In November, He dropped dead in his barracks stateside.

"The Army ruled out suicide and accidental factors, but an autopsy could not determine the exact cause of death, in part because of the decomposition of the body..."

"As a result, McDonald?s death is considered noncombat-related, with the caveat that medical experts couldn?t rule out that "traumatic brain injury" may have been a factor......"

F THAT!!!!

Give this hero his dignity, his proper burial, his honors and whatever else he should have coming as though he was KIA?d over there.

How can they do this S*** to his family?? This ain?t right!!!

I may not have all the facts.... but I know he got messed up bad over there on the war front.

"After treatment in Germany, McDonald returned to Fort Hood and underwent extensive facial surgery in August..."


I checked some other heroes sites and he?s not listed there because he?s not on the DoD casualties list. BUT HE IS ON MY LIST!!!


(Thank you Karen for sending me his name, I want none of our heroes forgotten.)

So, go take a look at the photo of this man, this soldier, this hero... read the article and call someone, send an email, a letter....


Sgt James W McDonald R.I.P.

Apr 4, 2008
Vietnam War Vet James A Douglas R.I.P.

Morning Everyone!!

It?s Friday and at about midnight last night, I got caught up on my pics. I haven?t posted most of them yet, but will soon.

I did post a set last night for a Navy Vietnam War Veteran James Douglas. Another one of those short notice ones.

Please spend at least 10 minutes this weekend thanking members of our military who are honorably serving this nation. If you do it right, you should be able to send individual messages to at least 30 of them on myspace alone. :) OK, assuming myspace isn?t screwing up again.

I bid you all a good weekend!!


PS. It?s almost May 7, 2008. 8 years now. It was May 7, 2000 when I started my first tribute site which was for Vietnam War Veterans of Marines Delta 1/5 and located and reunited over 200 of them.


Vietnam War Vet James A Douglas R.I.P.

Apr 4, 2008
PO2 Christopher A Strom R.I.P.

Good Evening Everyone!

Well, I met another myspace member today. Only 10,300 to go. I?ve just posted another set of pics. Also prepared the CD?s and the mailer and will have the pics heading to his folks in the morning. I normally send 3 labled CD?s with the photos reduced as needed for all to fit on a CD and then also a data DVD for the full sized frames via USPS Priority Mail.

Hey, did you know that if you put me in your top friends list, more people will be curious and then go to www.IraqWarHeroes.org and get reminded not to forget our heroes? :)

I?m stuck at home tonight, was gonna go do some redbox movies at a friends house, but he doesn?t drive so he can?t pick me up and I can?t move my car at this point. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Guess, I?ll get working on the next set of pics for posting. I?m caught up with all the pics, just selecting the ones for posting etc.. 

I do have a couple shots of scotch left.

I bid you all a good weekend!!!! Go pick up a sailor or sailorette on shore leave and show them a good time!!!

You all be good!!! See A Vet... Thank A Vet!!!!!


Mission Report

03/16/08 Start Time: 0700 Return Time: 1720 Total Away Time: 10 Hours 20 Minutes. Total miles Traveled 303 Miles

First Frame Shot: 1048 Last Frame Shot: 1500

Time at home working on pics: 7 Hours 46 Minutes. Total pics for family: 470 Total posted for public: 100


PO2 Christopher A Strom R.I.P.

Apr 5, 2008
Cpl Jose A Paniagua-Morales R.I.P.

Good Morning Y?All!!

It?s Saturday out here on the west coast of the United States of America, the one with the Red, White, and Blue Flag, you know, red and white stripes and white stars on a blue field.

I did get another set posted and this morning I?m going to focus on getting me out of here, and if successful, I?ll be back later to work on another. I?m suppose to be heading to Seattle this morning. Well, maybe a good thing I can?t, more time to catch up.

I have a couple more sets to post for public and then I?ll post links to other kinds of pics of mine again. Shot some in matter of fact in Albany yesterday. Didn?t have a range with me, but some of them geese and ducks I saw looked edible.

I want to go to Eugene.

I bid you all a good day!


Cpl Jose A Paniagua-Morales died in Balad, Iraq, of wounds suffered in Samarra, Iraq, when his vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device.

Please take a moment to remember our hero Jose and all our other heroes that have paid the ultimate price for our country, our freedom, our constitution!!!! FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!!!!

Mission Report

03/17/08 Start Time: 0600 Return Time: 1815 Total away Time: 12 Hours 15 Minutes. Total Miles Traveled 294 Miles

First Frame Shot at 0734. Last Frame Shot at 1444

At home working on pics: 12 Hours and 11 Minutes. Total pics for family: 727 Total pics posted for public: 104


Cpl Jose A Paniagua-Morales R.I.P.

Apr 5, 2008
Bringing Home Our Hero Sgt Phillip Anderson

Good Afternoon!

Well, I?ve just completed posting another set and am calling it quits for the day. I?m finally gonna get out of here and I?ll rent a few movies, get some dead fowl and chill at a friends house. He?s got one of those big screen things and a couch right in front of it. Like going to a theatre for lots less money, and no smelly people and screaming teenagers and those small crawlin? two legged things.

All I have to do is try and stay awake. hahahaha

Sometimes I watch a movie over the television and those damn commercials always wake me up. Weird huh. A few months later you see the movie again, you swear you have seen it but you can?t remember most of it... well except the drug commercials... holy crap... I didn?t know that there are so many drugs out there that I need.... And I thought the stuff they was popping in the 60?s was colorful.

On March 18th, I drove to Ft. Lewis, Washington, to help bring home one of our heroes. well, I documented it in pics for the family. I?ll be writing up a mission report when I get the March 20th funeral mission pics done.

Sometimes people ask me how long I?ve been with the Patriot Guard Riders, cause I always seem to be where they are. So I have to tell them, I?ve been doing this part 1.5 years before they became to be. So, technically they are following me around.

What a great bunch to hang out with and I appreciate every time I see them and others coming out to honor our heroes. they make for some colorful pictures also and you know, I just love seeing our flag (U.S.A, Red, White and Blue one) in multitudes.

You all take care, and if you don?t know what I?m doing... some think I just ad names to a list on a web page... then please go to www.IraqWarHeroes.org/news/ and read, watch and listen. Or just click on the NEWS link at www.IraqWarHeroes.org .

Feel free to help!!! I have at least 14 domains needing renewal this month alone.

Take care!!! Ask your friends not to forget our heroes.

If you?re close to a base and you walk into a restaurant packed with these kids wearing BDU?s, dress blues, and stuff like that... I dare you to go shake each of their hands and tell them Thank You! I double dare ya.... If it?s a full bird or general, you tell them Q said so.



Bringing Home Our Hero Sgt Phillip Anderson

Apr 6, 2008
Sgt Phillip R Anderson R.I.P.

Good morning!!

Or should I say Good Midnight? It?s a few minutes after midnight on the west coast and it?s raining and raining.

Well, all three movies my friend and I picked last night to watch suxed. One of them was a musical remake of a slashing barber called Sweeney Todd, the other about a killer cutting off victims limbs while they watch called, I know Who Killed Me, and the third one, about someone that?s taking on the trade of all the killers like Jason, Chucky and others, I think it was called Behind The mask. I didn?t finish that one, the DVD froze a couple times, I think even the player thought it was bad. Hey, we only spend 3 bucks. Imagine spending 10 bucks per person to see a bad movie in a movie house.

So, I decided to come home and get the next set posted and out of the way. Just got done watching MAD TV. I remember MAD Magazine, I wonder if that still exists out there. Which reminds me, does GRIT Newspaper still exist out there? I sold that when I was a lad and purchased my first Schwinn Bicycle that way and used it a couple years later to go deliver a local paper.

Army Sgt Phillip R Anderson was killed in Balad Ruz, Iraq, when their vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device.

Phillip is one of those heroes that signed a blank check to our country and paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Please help remember him and all our other heroes. Sgt Anderson will not be forgotten here!!!

Mission Report

03/18/08 Start Time: 1130 Return Time: 1922 Away Time: 7 Hours 52 Minutes. Miles Traveled: 308

03/20/08 Start Time: 0430 Return Time: 1930 Away Time: 15 Hours Miles Traveled: 375

Total Away Time: 22 Hours and 52 Minutes. Total miles Traveled: 683 Miles

03/18/08 First Frame Shot: 1328 Last Frame Shot: 1646

03/20/08 First Frame Shot: 0844 Last Frame Shot: 1426

Time at home working on the pics: 15 Hours and 46 Minutes. Pics for family: 928 Pics posted for public: 181


Sgt Phillip R Anderson R.I.P.

Apr 7, 2008
Update and Email received last night.

Good Morning All!

It?s a little after 0730 out here on the west coast. It?s raining, my head is hurting and my hands are tight.

I spend most of yesterday working on a big pile of papers. I made contact with a couple parents to get their addresses, they forgot about the pics I shot a couple years ago. They where sure surprised.

Depending on my head, I don?t know how much I?ll get done today. I have a bunch of manila envelopes (need more), I?m labeling each with the name of one of our heroes whose memorial service etc. that I attended and in it I put emails, mailing receipts, copy of send CD?s, those little pamphlets you get at services, mission reports etc. I have about a 5 year pile here.

I also prepared 4 more sets of CD?s and mailers to be mailed off today.

I?m feeling weird, so I?m closing this now.

I hope you all have a great week! Below is a message I received last night. I did x out the address.

Take care


Received 04/06/08 1936

"Dear Q,

My daughter Beth sent me the link to your website where I was able to 
see the incredible pictures you took of my son, SGT Phillip Anderson?s, 
return and funeral. I sat in tears as I looked at them, not this time 
from the pain of it but from the beauty of those pictures. You captured 
the honor, respect, and caring that was shown Phillip and our family by 
the Patriot Guard Riders and all those who where involved in helping us 
say farewell to my boy.

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am, as is each member of our 
family, to have those pictures. I was able to see so much more of what 
my heart and eyes could not perceive during the time it was all taking 
place. You have broadened my vision of the painful, yet beautiful 
experience and there are no words enough to say how grateful my heart is 
for this.

Beth said you asked for my address to send the pictures on CD. It is:

Again thank you for this generous gift and to all the Patriot Guard 
Riders for the generosity of their time and the honor and respect of 
their hearts.

Most sincerely,
Momma to Phillip - Always"
Apr 9, 2008
2665 Miles Part VI - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

I?m still busy working on papers and emails. I can see over 1 pile.

As it stands now, I have 2 trips south, 2 trips east and one trip north pending.

I?ll be heading south on Saturday, how far depends on a call I?m waiting for.

Boise is on the list also.

My head has almost stopped hurting.

Please support m y project if you can, there are many ways. www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

I added 8 more heroes to the list and created 8 more profile pages. Please help remember all our heroes and show our troops that you support them.

Washington Department of Transportation wants the yellow ribbons to be removed from the Freedom Bridge, which is across Ft Lewis, Exit 122 of I-5.

Well, I think they can (You can pick a word) themselves. Those ribbons are a reminder that we have men and women serving on the war front keeping their sorry (Pick another word). free.!! OK, I don?t have all the facts, but I think the ribbons should stay. Apparently they are worried that the bridge is a magnet for protestors, anti-Americans etc. Those ribbons have been there for years now.

Please remember all our heroes and support our troops!!!!



2665 Miles Part VI

Apr 11, 2008
Trees & Ducks in Albany - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

It's almost 1400 here on the west coast and it's actually sunny out. I got two more CD packets mailed off. Worked on paper piles and found some pics which I promptly mailed back this morning. Give you an idea how big my to-do pile is, those pics been waiting about 2 years.

I hope some day, or month, or year to be at a more sane level with all this.

Two days ago a family member returned my call from California and asked a bunch of questions and did not call back with their answer. So, instead of California, I'll be heading tomorrow morning to Springfield Oregon to welcome home a injured soldier.

I got on a local talk show today www.LarsLarson.com and reminded people that It's OK To Be An American... even if you live in Portland, and the media tries to tell you otherwise and your local government tries to tell you otherwise. Get out your USA Flags, Show support for our troops. I'll have the sound clip posted at www.IraqWarHeroes.org/news/ in a couple days I think.

My condolences to the family and friends of Dorothy English, a poster child for property rights. The state of Oregon(e) kept denying her rights to her properties and kept changing the rules until she dropped dead.

You know why crap like this happens?? Too many sitting on their butts while elected officials turn your towns into socialist/communist controlled areas. You don't think you gonna lose all your property rights until it's too late... cause you too stupid or lazy to stand up and open your flap.

Hey, when is the last time you checked in your your old neighbors or old friends?? Give them a few minutes of your time and pay attention of the surrounding and maybe remind them that there are people out there waiting to screw them over. They know it, but they should be reminded, especially not to let people in or talk them into stuff. If you gotta pay at the door, it's not worth it. Unless it's girl scout cookies.. but they are getting spendier and taste crapier. Guess the manufacturer is trying to profit more on both ends.

Geezers often won't tell you that they are hurting or in need... they from the old school.. they take care of themselves... often they get screwed bad, which puts havoc in their secured living.. so pay attention, look around, listen between the lines, watch the eyes, .... offer to mow the lawn or take out the trash or fluff fluffy.... because you like doing it, not because you feel sorry.... remember, many in that age bracket are veterans also... 

A couple weeks ago I was in Albany, Oregon(e) and while waiting, I wandered around this small park area and shot a few pics. there where also some ducks and geese like animals giving me lip. I posted the few shots. 

I wish you all a great weekend!! Please remember our heroes!! Please support our troops that are serving our nation honorably!!


PS. is your will/instructions up to date? Smoke detectors working? fire Extinguishers charged? Computer files backed up? Spare food stored someplace? If you buy 4 cans of beans for dinner, by a 5th and stick it away from the kitchen... Stuff happens... Got a first aid kit?


Trees & Ducks in Albany

Apr 13, 2008
Warm Welcome a big surprise for soldier - News Link

Morning All!!

Yesterday I drove to Springfield to help welcome home a soldier. I just found a news story about it. See if you can spot me in there someplace. 

It was quite nice out yesterday, I think it hit as high as 78, that's a heat wave out here for what it's been. I hope it stays dry so my grass will die in my yard.

Dug another hole last night and paid off 24 domains coming due. I need some paying gigs or I'll be a homeless guy with a laptop and an external drive with thousands of pics and nothing else. 

As soon as I get done with some of the paper piles, gonna start looking for things to sell on Ebay. Got a new supply of boxes for shipping. Anyone looking for a Minolta Maxxum 7000 with lens?? How about a Minnox camera? Anybody even know what that is? I also have a Kaypro, it still runs. It's heavy though.

You all take care... I'll have some snapshots of this welcome home posted soon I hope. :)

Please support our military serving this country honorably and defending your freedom.


News Piece of the home coming yesterday. News piece starts with ending of a Clinton story , so don't let that throw you off.


If that link doesn't work for you, just go to www.kmtr.com and click on Warm Welcome a big surprise for soldier

Apr 15, 2008
Willamette Bluff Walk Part V - Photos by Q Madp

Good Morning Everyone! (Just skip to the bottom if you're just here for the pics)

I spend most of the day working on emails with attachments yesterday again. About 800 to go.

It's winter like out here again. Part of I-5 was shut down briefly due to snow. Right now it's raining again.

A friend's cat got killed Sunday morning. She was suppose to head for the coast for her grandma's birthday but instead found the neighbors dogs in her yard killing one of her cat's she's had over 8 years and then dragging it off.

The neighbor woman pretended not to understand English but she's listed as having a business translating. She didn't care, nor apologize. The first time the cops where called, they didn't respond because it's just a cat, the second time, after the dogs chased her also, the cops and animal control responded. She (victim) also contacted the media and posted warning signs because there are small children out there. 

When the 2nd set of media was there (I just watched the news), her English sounded much clearer than mine. She says it was just an accident. This wasn't the first time her dogs where loose.

This brought back memories of about 10 years ago when my grey cat, in my front lawn was shot. This happened in the city limit of Portland also. I called 911 and was asked if I was hit also, I said no. They told me they won't send someone out just because of a cat getting shot. 

I realize a lot of people think animals are like everything else they just abuse and toss to the side, but I think that if you keep an animal domestically, you are responsible for it because you've taken away a lot of the things that will allow the animal to fend for itself.

Stuff happens, and if you're the cause of the death of another's pet, you should have at least some compassion...... Too many just don't care....

It's a couple minutes after 0700 here on the west coast and I need to go find some coffee. I don't have word back yet from Boise. Also received an email in regards to a service on Friday locally for a veteran.

Today is also extortion day and Tax day.

It's sad, that old people that worked all their life, paid off the house and property lose their homes because they can't pay the local extortion fees that are going up and up and up. They where meant to believe that they could own their homes and when they can't pay the extortion fees, they lose their homes. I'm not just talking property taxes either...

Here is another one... Portland charges landline phone companies a public right of way fee, even though the utilities paid for the power poles and infrastructure many , many years ago. Well, more people are using cell phones and they hadn't figured out how to get away with a new local tax on that. Well, they just decided that there are so many people using cell phones, they should put repeaters on light poles to assure everyone can get a good signal in the city. Of course they'll use taxpayer money to do this and then they will add a new tax for use of cell phones. Watch and see. 

I need to go have coffee....

You all be good.... Hump day isn't till tomorrow.



Willamette Bluff Walk Part V

Apr 16, 2008
Willamette Bluff Walk Part IV - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

It was 3 years ago when I attended the memorial service of Navy PO1 Jeffrey A Lucas who was killed in a MH-47 helicopter crash in Afghanistan. It has been just about as long since his parents and friends started to raise money for the Jeff Lucas Memorial which is a new needed stadium at Corbett High School in Corbett Oregon.

The final dinner and auction is being held on the evening of April 26, 2008, if you can make it, please attend. If you can send them a few bucks, please do. The Jeff Lucas Memorial Fund is 501c3 non-profit tax organization, so you can tax deduct your donations.

Read more here: www.jefflucasmemorial.com/stadiumfund.html .

Tonight I'm going to a follow up meeting for a special project being done for a veteran that has done a lot for veterans. A mini house make-over. It really needs it. I'll be showing a slide show to volunteers to show them what to expect and during the project, I'll be taking lots of pics also. Eventually, when this is over, I'll be picking pics to post and share with you. If you're in the Portland Oregon(e) area and want to help, let me know.

Anybody know what would cause feet to shed skin?

I didn't get a lot of emails done today, matter of fact, I don't know what happened to today. It went by so fast. I can't guarantee my return trip from Idaho, so, I'll just stay put, and besides, still haven't gotten the final OK. I will be attending Friday's service at WNC.

Last year today was the 1st and only time IraqWarHeroes.org had a mention in a national publication but it was drowned out or overshadowed by the unfortunate event at VT. More law abiding citizens should arm themselves in my opinion. 911 is for when it's already too late.

Thank You to everyone out there serving to keep this a free nation!!!

I bid you all a great Hump Day!



Willamette Bluff Walk Part IV

Apr 18, 2008
Willamette Bluff Walk Part II - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

In a couple of hours I'll be heading to Willamette National Cemetery to stand the flag line and honor one of our veterans. I offered to shoot it but they have a camera guy that will be there. That's fine, I'll be done then when I leave the hill.

The snow level has dropped down low again and winter is still here forcing me to continue to try and heat this place. If my two cats weren't such wimps (was gonna use the P word), I'd just as well cut all the heat. I did get some more wood from someone that cut down a tree.

Seems like with the rise of gasoline cost, natural gas cost, electricity and car insurance have all gone up. Or just all a coincidence huh?

I'm not a people person and what I know from family structures is what I see with other people and most of the time that ain't pretty. So I guess I tick off people because they can't get the right response to some things they solicit from me. 

I have less than 700 emails with attachments to go now. Hope to get a few more knocked out later today. Had to redo one of the pages last night, cause someone send me a bunch of pics a couple months ago but it ended up being the pics of her son who served with the hero killed in Iraq. I posted them last night and send an email telling the woman I was confused and I corrected it all based on her response this morning.

Sometimes I get pics with just a first name, So I see if I can match the senders last name with that first name... Especially if it reads, This is a photo of my son John killed in Iraq .... no last name except what may be in the email address from the sender.. Then I have to email the sender and make sure I'll be able to tell what original email they are responding to when they reply with just a last name. I need a real computer huh?

My car insurance company send me a reminder email that they will be sending me a pay or else letter. They never send me an email telling me something positive like, you haven't had an accident all year and we made lots of profit.

OK, I'm done killing time... Gotta get going..

Please remember our heroes and support all our troops honorably serving this country of ours!!!



Willamette Bluff Walk Part II

Apr 19, 2008
9/11 Healing Field, Salem OR Part IV - Photos by Q Madp

Morning All!

I'm waiting for the snow to fall... It's cold enough, it's wet enough....by golly, I'm so tired oh xmas in July ads that we need to have xmas in April in at least 3 feet of snow huh? OK, make it 5 feet of snow and send your kids out to play. That should give you peace for at least a few hours while you watch snow on TV.

I got up way too many times last night, I often wonder why I even try. With all the drugs out there, you'd think they'd come up with one that lets the body sleep and re-energize 7 hours worth in 15 minutes. 

That reminds me of a new headache commercial, it's misleading unless you carefully listen to the words... it's supposes to START by 15 minutes, don't say your pains are gonna be gone in 15 minutes, but the way the woman in the ad acts, you think it would.

I remember going to a doctor to try out this new migraine medication, $60 a shot and you suppose to be ok after just 30 minutes. Yeah right, as I went home over an hour later hoping the pain would stop.

Personally I think most doctors heal people in 3rd world nations to look good and here they just want to keep you on expensive drugs and doctor visits. There are exceptions, thanks to a friend here I found a $40 doctor last year that gave me my prescription for diabetic pills which I can get at Wal-Mart for only $4 a month instead of the about $80 a month, which made me stop taking them a few years ago.

Now other big stores like Krueger owned Fred Myers are getting into it. And even though they are much closer, I'll contuse going to Wal-Mart because it was the Fred Myer's Unions that kept paying unemployed non union people to go picket Wal-Mart. and other stores that where doing good without forcing it's employees to pay a fee to work.

People still today try to tell me it's moral and just to agree to work for someone for a set wage, and then gang up on the employer with a bunch of goons demeaning more or they will kill his business instead of getting a new job someplace else. I think that's what they teach the younguns in public schools. You need no values, hold out your hand cause somebody owes it to you.

I've always wondered why parents bow down backwards and supply their younguns with drugs to help them adjust instead of taking the time to raise and adjust them manually? Why is it hard to tell a tweaked out $5 street walker from a high school or grade school kid at times?

Most don't care anymore. Maybe it ain't that bad all over, and maybe I just drive down the wrong streets... maybe...

Yesterday I was walking down a street and I knew something was missing.... it should have been there... it's that time of year... the lighting seemed ok... the street seemed ok.... but there was something missing.... And even though I can't seem to nail it down, it was something from many years ago and I wondered if it's something that can ever be there again.

Sometimes when I do the 10k walks, just rarely sometimes, I will get a whiff of something and I wonder if it's my mind pulling up something from the past to help make this a more pleasant thing. I guess that's why I shoot so many frames, cause I know it's all going away and visualy I'll be able to relive something that I can't see tomorrow.

People take too much for granted.... and poof... it's gone and they wonder why....

People are taking their freedom for granted in this country and it is eroding away more and more... cause too many people don't care... 

To care is a tiresome and often a lonely effort.

You all be good and have a great weekend!!! Grab a USA Flag, and a Thank You sign and go stand outside your nearest base or place frequented by our military personnel.



9/11 Healing Field, Salem OR Part IV

Apr 20, 2008
My response to a recent PTSD article posting.

People need to recognize it and deal with it properly. people also need to make sure these heroes get their jobs back and are not down graded when they return home. Americans need to welcome them all home and help them back into society.
Too many mistakes and plain neglect in the past has caused so many of them to die on our soil after returning home. Some are still out there, waiting for 1 person to welcome them back. Some are still out there looking for someone to share their feelings with, their experiences.
If our government doesn't uphold their promises to our fighting men and women, then we as Americans need to step up and just do it.
And it needs to be more than the few of us that are dwindling because there isn't enough help and care.

PS. If you're a returning Veteran in the Salem/Portland/Vancouver area, I know someone that will take you fishing. Kevins Drift Boat No charge to you. 
Apr 21, 2008
Travel Update 04/21/08 0627

This really suxs. I don't know how else to say it. Yesterday while I was in Eugene (I drove through a mini snow storm on my way down there) I received a short notice of a funeral I'll be attending this morning. It will be a service for the youngest man whose service I've attended at a national cemetery.

At most national cemeteries, the military member can usually reserve space along side for one or two other family members.

A member of our military stationed in Afghanistan got rushed home on emergency leave. His son, 15 years of age died suddenly.

I don't know the cause but I know I'll be there for this soldier that has to take on a task most parents fear, laying to rest one of their children.

There is a different kind of pain you have to face. 

The timing is weird. I was in Eugene to visit a friend I wasn't able to contact for a couple of weeks. well, she and her 3 kids where homeless for a couple weeks because the father was late with child support, and even though she works, rent was late and she got evicted.

They are all in a new place now, much cleaner place too and I know this mother will do whatever she can to keep her family going.

Maybe my mind is just going someplace else, but a few postings ago, I talked about not really knowing what family is other than what I see and most of it wasn't pretty and this visit with this family was to remind me of a certain bond they have and prepare me for today's mission?

It can't all be coincidences, can it? I'm not gonna tell you how I'm feeling. It doesn't really matter. I'm a Cypher.

Please keep in mind all our troops serving away from their families. Many of these families struggle every day in different ways.
Apr 21, 2008
A Ducky Spring Part IV - Photos by Q Madp

Hi All!!!

Yesterday I drove to Willamette National Cemetery to the staging area where the Patriot Guard Riders where meeting up for this mission.

I had left a message with someone in touch with the family that I'd be willing to shoot the service if they wanted it. So during the meantime I'm prepared and there to stand the flag line and I have my small pocket camera on me to take pics of the PGR and other casual shots.

We all didn't know about this service till the day before and yet 22 men and women with the PGR dropped everything and came out at the request of the family.

When I got word that they would like photos but not for now (I shoot them, but it may be a long while before they want to see them), I then went back to the car and changed coat and camera. Everyone there knew immediately I've switched roles.

It was cool out, still winter like with drizzle, blue sky someplace else, then some hail like stuff, more rain, then some snow like stuff etc.

Visually things where different, no honor guard, no flag, no flag folding, no bugle, but a father and a soldier reading from the bible and talking about his young son Jordan D Aleksa who died suddenly in his home while his father was in Afghanistan fighting in Operation Enduring Freedom. 

His son was laid to rest among a field of heroes and I'm sure they will watch over him, for his father is returning to fight for freedom of all.

I could tell by the faces and reactions of what a great impact it was to this grieving family to have strangers there, they never knew, come out and stand tall.

This is why I always encourage any of you to do this. And it's such a simple and easy way to pay tribute and say thanks to someone serving this country of ours, and for the family of someone that that paid the ultimate price.

I emailed the CDC yesterday, cause I'm still having that peeling problem with my feet. I wanted to send them skin samples. They told me: "Thank you for contacting The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please contact your State Health Department. CDC does not take samples from the public. "

Maybe I should get some white socks and toss out all my shoes.

Last night I went to a BD dinner for a friend. I brought him a little gift, but I had him and others so paranoid in advance, it was real funny to see his face once he got to it. :)

It's raining again outside and cold, I think the high today is going to be about 50F. Gosh, I remember the days before global warming, when we had sunshine, warm air and flowers blooming.

Someone send me a 5 buck gift for McDonald's. Looks like buck burgers and redbox movies tonight!! Tomorrow night is another meeting for folks volunteering to help do a mini house do-over. This project will start May 1 and end May 4. If you can provide any help, either manual labor, sandwich maker or something... please do. Contact me if interested. This is all happening in SE Portland, Oregon(e).

I will also be going to Spokane Washington area on May 3rd which is a Saturday. I may drive up on the night of the 2nd, depending on how long they will be working on the house project. Or the morning of the 3rd and try and be back on the 4th somehow. I need to work in some sleep somewhere.

I bid you all a great day. See A Vet, Thank A Vet!!!! Make it a point to thank at least 7.8 veterans by Friday 1700 Eastern Time.



A Ducky Spring Part IV

Apr 23, 2008
Iraq War Heroes Project - 15 Minute Video

After completing this, it was too big for youtube, so I loaded it on Google Video and will try and do a shorter version for YouTube later. Feel free to pass this You may have seen pieces of this, this is a compilation of stuff. on.

Apr 24, 2008
A Ducky Spring Part III - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

Went to another meeting last night to get ready for this veterans home do-over. Next meeting will be on location next Wednesday.

Saturday at 1800 is the last fund raiser dinner for the Jeff Lucas memorial Stadium in Corbett. www.JeffLucasMemorial.com .

Sunday at 1400 there will be a special memorial service in honor of our hero SSgt Keith M Maupin at the Afghan-Iraqi Freedom Memorial in Salem.. Check in your state also for a special memorial for Keith. Many of us would like to go to Ohio, but since we can't, this is the best next thing. www.iraqwarheroes.org/maupin.htm .

Hey, did you know I helped build that memorial in Salem OR? www.iraqwarheroes.org/memorial.htm . Just noticed I've never completed that page. So much to do and only half a brain.

Thursday May 1, 2008 to Sunday May 4, 2008 - Still looking for more volunteers to help with the house do-over in SE Portland, OR.

May 3rd I'll be in the Spokane area unless there is another funeral. Just heard of 5 more killed. -sigh-

It is now 0833 and it look like we might make it to 55F today. My head is thumping only a little.

The new video I've posted yesterday, if it's real choppy, let it play once, just ignore it, when it's done, hit play again and it will have been properly buffered.

Seen the price of gas lately? You know it's criminal. If the gas companies are not making a big profit, how do they explain that the cheaper grade of refinement, known as Diesel fuel is at least 50 cents higher than the more costly refined gasoline when it used to be at least 70 cents cheaper than gasoline? Last month I burned more in fuel than what I earned. Pretty bad huh? I wonder if they include the gas credit card interest rates as part of their profits.

Hey, death happens... An Airboat could come out of nowhere and run you over. A tricycle falling from a passing plane could land on you and kill you. Have you got written instructions in what is to happen to you next? Does your family know if you want to be dumped in a river or canal? What happens to your stuff? Take some time and put something in writing, or at least tell your family and friends.

If your smoke detector is old or not working, replace it.

I bid you all a great day!!! Please take a few minutes to send out some Thank You's to members of our armed forced honorably serving this nation!! Know a family that has a deployed member? Check on them. Maybe they need a few eggs to make it through the week.



A Ducky Spring Part III

Apr 26, 2008
A Ducky Spring Part II - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

It is a sunny day today out here on the west side of life. It's almost 1100 out here and I just got back buying more canned stuff that's on sale cheap. Anytime you can get canned veggies for under 50 cents, you check their dates and stock up on them. I try to make sure the date goes out to at least 2010. Mine never last long enough to expire, but just in case.

They say it's all caused by media hype, but out here some of the stores are limiting how much rice you can buy. So I went and bought a 20Lb bag. The way I cook rice, should last me a couple years. Rice has tripled in price in many markets.

I wonder if I'll get a $300 stimulus check?

I got a couple bags of white socks and some new sandals, will toss out the others and see if I can't get control of my feet. If we eventually start having some dry days (Notice the s behind day), I want to get back on the AVA walks.

So, I'm debating, my usual casuals or should I wear a suit tonight? Still have that suit from last November thing. last fundraiser and auction dinner for the Jeff Lucas Memorial Stadium tonight. Dow the road, the next generation of younguns attending Corbett High School will see his name, and they will be reminded that heroes like Jeff died so they can be free to attend schools and whatever.

Don't forget, tomorrow in many cities, including Salem OR, there will be a special memorial service for SSgt Matthew Maupin. Please attend if you can. If you can't, consider donating 1 gallon of gas to help keep me on the road.

I know some people get frustrated, cause I don't go to Kentucky, Texas, North Carolina, Ohio etc. etc., It's only because I can't get there. Otherwise I would, and those of you that know me, you know I'd be there in 6 heartbeats. (I need the first 5 to catch my breath).

If you're out and about today, keep your eyes open for geezers, if they look like veterans, tell them thank you, and if you're not sure, tell them thank you anyhow. Those gals and guys are vanishing quickly.

Today I also dedicate this to the Air Force, See someone in the Air Force, offer them a hug, and at least give them a thanks you. You don't hear of much of the good they do much.

I bid you all a great weekend!!! See A Vet...Thank A Vet!



A Ducky Spring Part II

Apr 28, 2008
Americans Honoring SSG Keith Maupin in Salem, Oregon

Good Morning Everyone!!

It is nearing 0300 on the west coast of the USA, that means some of you people on the other coast may be getting up now.

Yesterday we had a special memorial service honoring our Hero, SSG Keith Matthew Maupin from Cincinnati, Ohio, who was taken as Prisoner of War (POW) in 2004 and recently found dead in Iraq.

Even though published, there was suppose to be an effort to hold this type of special memorial honoring him, it doesn't look like that happened in as many places as thought.

But let me tell you this, the Oregon State captain of the Patriot Guard Riders, name of Bryan Loun was persistent in putting this event together for our hero Keith.

105 Motorcycles and 2 Trikes and a dozen Cages (car type vehicles) showed up for today's event at the Afghan-Iraqi Freedom Memorial located next to the VA building at 700 Summer St NE in Salem, Oregon.

It was beautiful!!! What else can I say and I'm glad to have made it there to capture it. As soon as I have contact information for his family in Ohio, I'll be sending them a CD with the photos.

The reason I'm up so late/early, is cause I wanted to get these pics done and posted. I have a very busy week coming up and I wanted to share today with you all.

Please remember Keith and all our other heroes!!!! Keith will not be forgotten here!!!



Americans Honoring SSG Keith Maupin in Salem, Oregon

Apr 29, 2008
Paper Heat - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings All!!! (Rants, skip to bottom for just the photo link)

Our voters pamphlets are out and I think Secretary of State Bill Bradbury included one of his porno numbers instead of an information number in his letter to the voters. Just a mistake? I think not, not the way he treats the citizens of this state. He goes out of his way and breaks his own rules (Calls it changing them) to exclude votes, toss out petitions etc. I wouldn't doubt if he has a red flag hanging from his ceiling.

I emailed photographs of Sunday's mission honoring SSG Keith Maupin to local TV stations. They where all not interested. They must have a new gal at Ch12, cause she actually replied to me. They normally don't even reply to me. I ask that they credit IraqWarHeroes.org and that's probably what they don't like. But I'm guessing, for them, it's much easier to repeat the news someone else has already broadcasted.

I think the only news media that even mentioned it on the west coast was Salem-News.com . It sure wasn't in the Oregonian newspaper. Of course that paper constantly has sports as the main thing on their front page. Those commies couldn't care less about our men and women defending this country unless they can profit from it. You could park 105 bikes in their lobby and they wouldn't notice because someone didn't send it to them from out of state over the AP wire.

Hmmmmm Monday is catching up with me....

Well, today is the last day this week I'll have to not go anywhere. I'm back to almost 1000 emails behind again. I went to bed early, that didn't help, I'm so damn tired. Got up once around 0200 to pop some pills for my headache.

I'm tired of the global warming also. Want to start opening windows again for fresh air at night.

Even though the federal rates are reduced, many credit card companies are raising their rates, even for people with good credit standing. They are afraid you'll take your 300 or 600 stimulus check and pay down on your debt. But they will blame it on higher gas prices somehow. It cost more for their billion dollar board members to drive to work.

Please support our troops!!!

A few days ago, when I was tossing stuff into the fireplace, I shot a couple of frames.

Take care!!



Paper Heat

May 1, 2008
Daffodil Farm Walk Part V - Photos by Q Madp

Morning Y'All!!

Yesterday I paid honors and stood the flag line for Ronald Hull who is both a WWII and a Korean War Veteran. Rest in Peace Ronald and thank you for your service to our country!!!

In the afternoon I went to the site where we are doing a house make-over and will be there next few days, except for Saturday, when I'll be heading to eastern Washington.

I bid you all a great day!!!



Daffodil Farm Walk Part V

May 2, 2008
Update 05/02/08


It's just after 0600 and I'm still trying to get moving along here.

I spend 10 hours yesterday at the veteran's house make-over project until I received a call that a dozon of our troops are returning.

So of course, I drove to the airport along with others to form a flag line and welcome them home. I brought along a few extra flags and 3 of the children of some of the troops stood there also holding the flag.

I'm now heading back to the project site for another long day and tomorrow morning I'll be heading to eastern Washington and then back for Sunday, final day at the project site.

You all take care. Thank Our Troops!!!
May 3, 2008
The Fighting Side Of Me by Merle Haggard

Good Evening!

It's almost 2200 and I just got back from Colfax, Washington which is eastern Washington near Spokane. I attended a wedding of a friend of mine. There where a couple of us out-of-town troublemakers. The officiator, who is also a judge, must a smelled a rat because he didn't ask if anyone had any objections, so when he finally told my friend to kiss his bride, I yelled real loud, "Don't Do It!". hahahahahaha I can hardly wait to send him some of the funny pics I shot. That will teach him to invite me to a wedding. :) It was fun.

I hit the road this morning at about 0500, drive to Hermiston and then hitched a ride from there with another friend so I can save gas and also relax, so I can make it back tonight and tomorrow morning I'll be heading back to that veteran's house project. I'm still sore, been doing a lot of time on my feet there.

On my way back I heard a song I had forgotten about by Merle Haggard called The Fighting Side of Me. I found several versions on YouTube and picked the one that included a slide show of our great troops.

I agree with Merle, don't talk crap about our troops and my country..... If your country is better than the USA, then just get the hell out of here!

I bid you all a good weekend!!!! See A Vet, Thank A Vet!!!!
May 4, 2008
On My Way To Colfax, WA - Photos by Q Madp

Hello Everyone!!

As much as it hurts to be on my defective foo9t for more than a 3 hours, I spend another 12 hours yesterday at the house do-over project. Someone in charge of the project was sure to remind me how easy my job was, cause I was mostly just documenting everything. "You have the easy job, all you do is photograph", something like that. I know I did more than that too. After the closing ceremony, I noticed the board that was giving thanks to all the organizations that helped and once again, mine wasn't mentioned.

I realize it's not about me but if what I do is so insignificant, why even ask me to be there?

I would like to thank Victoria, of the Victoria Taft Show KPAM 860, she did a lot on the air to promote and get help for this house do-over project. She also came out to do some hands-..ing and handed me some gas money which came in handy driving to and from this project. They should have at least given credit to her, for her help also.

I didn't stick around for the party. I was in enough pain. Headed to a drive-thru and went home to take pressure of my foot. Hey, I'm defec tive, what can I say.

On Saturday (I know I mentioned this already) I went to Colfax, WA for a friends wedding. If you look in my photo albums here under patriot Guard Riders, you'll see a new photo added. I had told my friend that his suffering will start on Monday.

I also shot a few pics on my way out there and have posted them. Link is below.

Unfortunately, on my way back from the Spokane area, I got a phone call telling me a soldier from Spokane got killed in iraq and I may be heading out there again soon.

I bid you all a great week!! please support all our troops honorably serving this country of ours (USA).



On My Way To Colfax, WA

May 6, 2008
Willamette Bluff Walk Part VI - Photos by Q Madp

Good Afternoon!

It's 1327 and when I cam home a few minutes ago I found a bag with 3 different loaves of bread. Good. That will keep in in bread for a while.

I've been working on Saturday's pics and been emailing out some funny ones to friends that know the groom. Poor guy. I may even assemble some of these into a photo page to share with you all. He is still on his way back from the honey moon and has no idea what is waiting in his inbox. He has a clue... He knows I was there. :)

On the sad side. I'll be traveling to eastern Washington again this Friday. Friday I'll head for the Tri-Cities, crash there overnight and then head the rest of the way to Spokane Washington for Saturday's memorial service of our hero SSgt Chad Caldwell. If you're out that way, please come and honor our hero Chad on Saturday. I spoke to Chad's mom this morning.

I will then return to the Tri-Cities and crash there again. Much cheaper there than Spokane. I'll head west again early Sunday morning to attend a another memorial I just got word of. I know it will be at a American legions Hall, but don't have all the details yet.

Feel free to donate a gallon or more of gas. Click on my donate button on my myspace page or at www.iraqwarheroes.org/help . Oil; has reached $122 per barrel now.

I think last night I watched the worst $1 movie yet of the year. The cover photo looked cool, the chick looked nice and some of the graphics looked nice and that was it.... I don't even think it had a plot. It's called "Battlespace" and I kept wanting to turn it off but was curious to see how much worse it could get. I think I spend more on gas getting the movie than what they spend making it.

My friend picked out the movie "27 Dresses" which we watched afterwards. This chic flic had more action in the first 5 minutes than that other movie. It was OK but it would have helped if the main actress would have shown more to the cab driver.

It's grey outside and I'm yawning.

I bid you all a great day!!! Please send out some Thank you's to our troops!!!!



Willamette Bluff Walk Part VI

May 8, 2008
Gresham in Bloom Walk - Photos by Q Madp

Hi All!!

I get these days where I can't feel stuff through my hands and managed to drop my phone on concrete yesterday. There where only 3 pieces, the phone, the batter cover and the battery. Put it all together and the phone fired up. It's a PDA type. This morning however the damn thing wouldn't come out, I'd get this weird orange blink, a boot screen and then it would die. I plugged it into a charger. I just made a successful call. I'm thinking the battery may have drained a little faster than normal.

So, here is a reminder to back up your cell phone info. You know, all those names and numbers you keep adding, do you have them someplace else if your phone crashes??

I know this is old news but....

So, you have these politicians that are Senators spending all year long doing everything except their jobs while trying to get your vote. I just don't get it, aren't they all being dishonest and ripping us off? If their jobs are so easy, that they can spend 99% of their time feeding you crap on why they should get an even better job with more perks, why do we have them in the first place?

And why do some of them always come through town during rush hour? Doesn't this really show that they don't care about the working people, that the working people should sit in their cars, wasting gas while they drive by with a forced audience so they can feel special.

Well they are not, they are just A...H..... for doing that.

Good news, I've got my gas covered for this weekend's missions. I know someone that will feed me in the Tri-Cities area, even though I still have plenty of bread for sandwiches.


Look at that country that got hit by a typhoon. The bastards running it would rather let it's people die than allow other nations to bring them help.

And don't forget China, home of the next Olympics, they rather beat up their people and stick them away so they can't criticize their not so perfect government.

You realize that most of the help given to other nations are by people that speak English? Interesting thought to ponder eh?

OK... I don't know what kind of trip I'm on this morning... the clock is just not moving fast enough. Waiting to head out for some coffee but giving the phone more time to charge. Yes, I have an adapter in the car too. It's just a piece of in between time. Where I don't want to start anything and don't know how to chill either.

Please remember to support our troops honorably serving this nation of ours!!! 

I'll be heading for Richland WA tomorrow around noon and the rest of the way to Spokane WA on Saturday morning for the memorial service. Please come out and help honor our hero SSG Caldwell. Email me for time and place if you plan on coming and don't have this information.

I bid you all a great day!!



Gresham in Bloom Walk

May 12, 2008
Palatine Hill Walk Part I - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

Been a long weekend. Both memorial missions went well. I was worn, went down around 2000 last night. 

Watching a mom burry her son the day before mothers day and then watching a daughter bury her mother on mothers day just suxs.

I started this morning with adding 5 more heroes to the list. Had a bowl of cereal and eventually will make it out for a coffee/mail run after which I need to try and knock out more emails before starting on the pics. I'm up to 1375 emails. Geez!! 

I think I should post a page of instructions on how to more efficiently submit photos to make less work for me.

Well, it's another Monday... another new week... grey and somewhat wet outside in the mid 50's. Later this week we are going to get slammed with the 90's according to the script readers on local TV.

I stopped by Wal-Mart yesterday to get a converter box. they where all sold out, and I had seen a big stack there the other day when I didn't have the $40 discount card with me. Most other places seem to charge too much for these devices. Guess they want to insure triple profits. Some even charge you $10 and more for shipping when even using Priority Mail it's only $4.60. You all know what converters I'm talking about? I only watch at home over-the-air TV channels, and soon I won't be able to get them without a converter box or new equipment.

My Betamax and VHS recorder won't be able to receive signals anymore from my rooftop antenna without this converter. You can request a converter box coupon at www.DTV2009.gov . If you have Satellite TV or Cable TV, you won't qualify, cause you won't need it.

I remember not knowing TV was in color now, cause I was still watching a B/W back then . hahahaha. My current TV is over 20 years old, I'm not ready to watch only dots. So, be sure to get one of them gizmos.

I feel like I need a nap now. -sigh-

Please remember to back up important stuff on your hard drive, check your smoke detectors, have a written will, and show some support to our troops.



Palatine Hill Walk Part I

May 13, 2008
Update 05/13/08

Greetings All!

Yesterday afternoon I got a call stating we lost a hero from Baker City, OR which I passed on to a couple of people. Late last night, I got the DoD release for the same person being from Bend Oregon. I should know which is correct soon I hope. 

I'm thinking the Bend one is probably correct because I was working on CD's for Zachary's parents from January. -%$^-

As things stand right now, the rest of my week is gone. Looks like a mission on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday and one on Friday and I'm guessing Bend could be as early as any day now.

Please don't let me run out. www.iraqwarheroes.org/help

I bid you all a great day!
May 15, 2008
Willamette Bluff Walk Part I - Photos by Q Madp

Hi All!!

It's going to be a warm day out here on the west coast in between Washington and California.

There has been another shooting in my neck of the woods, there was another yesterday.

I haven't mailed off my ballot yet, waiting to see what other crap people come up with. Did you know that the republicans and democrats get different colored envelopes? Red for Republicans and Blue for Democrats. This makes it easier for them to loose or manipulate your votes.

Did you know the courts ruled that it is OK for politicians to lie to you for your vote? It falls under free speech. Keep in mind, most lawmakers are exempt from the laws they make to control you.

Out here, I've not seen a single one of them step forward and discuss what they will do to better the lives of those serving our military and their families. They don't care.

So people, we have to care and make sure they know we care!!!!

I'm ready for a nap, but got to head out in a few. I'm doing 2 memorial services today, one on each side of the Columbia River.

Haven't had coffee yet either..

Another organization I was helping, that was shipping care packages to our troops and injured soldiers has stopped shipping and are now concentrating on local easy stuff. Guess they got bored. Out of 130+ members, they usually only had about 4 to 8 doing most of the work, the others tend to show up in time for the fun stuff or glory moments.

I have updated www.OurWarHeroes.net which is a links page to some of my projects.

I bid you all a great day!



Willamette Bluff Walk Part I

May 16, 2008
Ever hear of The Chosin Few ?

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm getting ready to head out for another memorial service today. It's gonna be a real hot day also. Yesterday my pump acted up a bit. Well, at least I think it was that. At least in that location. It's kinds like being out of breath but you know it ain't the lungs doing it. I think.

I forgot to dump my film before going yesterday, so after filling the CF card in the camera, I reached for my spare in my shirt pocket and realized it was pretty full. I won't let the camera erase them, because if they are full, they haven't been home yet. I'm glad I carry some older backup cards though. :)

I learned something yesterday and it was my honor to have made it to these two memorial services and at each was granted permission to shoot it.

Until yesterday, I've never heard (That I recall) of The Chosin Few. The 1st memorial service I attended was at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland Oregon which is on the south side of the Columbia River, dividing Oregon and Washington.

His name is James Freidel, Marine, Korean War Veteran that was part of The Chosin Few. 21 Patriot Guard Riders and other Americans took the time of to attend this mission and provide a flag line to honor Mr Freidel.

As soon as this service was over with, 20 of those PGR members followed me to (OK, I was way ahead of them) Camas, Washington, across the river to honor another Korean War Veteran. There was a church service in Camas WA and then a funeral service at the Washougal Memorial Cemetery.

His name is SSgt Eldon D Heller, Marine, Korean War Veteran that was also part of The Chosin Few. Over 20 patriot Guard Riders where at the church when I got there and I knew it wasn't the same bunch I left behind. After they caught up, there where over 40 of them. What a great turnout.

Now back to The Chosin Few. It was strange going to a service for someone that survived The Chosin Few, and even stranger to do 2 services in one day.

The Chosin Few refers to the units send to the Chosin Reservoir in Korea.in November and December of 1950. At that time, there was a record cold winter. I mean it was cold like -30. From all those that where there, not many came back. I did find a website you might want to check out: www.chosinreservoir.com . Just take a look at some of those photos there.

I have also contacted Salem-News.com to do a write up and when I called Tim, I asked if he had ever heard of the Chosin Few, and before I could spell out C H O S I N, to make sure I wasn't referring to the chosen few, he mentioned Korea and the reservoir. He said that had been on his mind lately. I know that he will put something together. I picked a few random shots.

I gave local Ch12 one more chance, but no response. They don't care unless it's Hollywood or other crap like that.

I'm glad I went. Have too much other stuff to do with the current war, but you know me... well, if you're one of the 45 regular readers.

I finally saved up for a new banner and have it now. The old banner I left it hanging outside a Harley store with their permission. If you got a place to hang a 10 foot banner visible to people, let me know. You would have to pay for the banner and shipping. I will try and get a pic of the new banner as soon as I'm done with tomorrow. I hope.

I'll be making my car more visible with additional graphics to remind people of our POW/MIA's . If you'd like to donate for that, please do.

I watched another $1 Redbox movie last night called "IWITNESS". It's about this whole Mexican Family that gets killed in a tunnel and about a Human Rights Investigator. Some of the bad guys where better than the good guys. It was a good movie. If you don't rent Redbox movies, but you get those free stickers on your large drink or some sandwiches at McDonalds, peel them off and send me the codes on them. I'll use them. Of course, you're always welcome to help me on my project, there are many ways... www.iraqwarheroes.org/help . I should add portable phibulator to that list.

I bid you all a good weekend!!! It's already getting hot out, will reach as high as 98F they say out here.
May 20, 2008
Japanese Garden Part I - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!!

It's grey and very, very wet outside this morning. I wish the rain would have started much earlier, around 0300 perhaps when I had these damn cats outside my window howling. I think they do that to annoy my two cats who then get all hissy. All I wanted was air.

Tomorrow I'll be heading to eastern Oregon to Baker City. Memorial services for our hero Cpl Jessica Ellis will start Thursday morning. Baker City is about a 5 hour drive but because how the times fall, I'll be crashing out there the night before.

If you can be there to honor Jessica, please do come.

I finally have my first online refillable gas card send to me. It's a Shell Refill-Able card and I have posted it here in my photo album with it's number and link and also added it to www.iraqwarheroes.org/help . Remember, any help is appreciated (needed) here.

Yesterday I finished the photos from the Jeffrey Lucas Memorial Stadium dinner/auction fundraiser and delivered them. That was from April 28, 2008. I'll try and post a few later today.

I finally got a converter box at WalMart. My cost after the $40 discount thing was only $9.98 which is much cheaper than many other places have them for. It works pretty good, I now get stations over the air that I didn't know existed and all the fuzzy ones are coming in clear. Eventually I want to get a few more, one for my Sony Betamax and for my TV card in my computer.

Hey, while I'm thinking of it, it's a good time to back up important stuff, or stuff that will make you cry if you lose it from your computer!!

When you go about your day today, see if you can spot some geezer vets and tell them THANK YOU FOR SERVING!! OK, if you spot some young ones and active duty ones, do the same. :)

I bid you a great day!!

I started this at about 0700 his morning and it's now almost 1300. Quite a bit later. As I was about to post this, a friend called, he had been rear-ended while sitting at a red light. I dropped everything I was doing and headed out there. He and his passenger seem ok. The car that hit him is non drivable. I followed my friend home, just in case.

I then got a call from Tik Tok, they can't put my banner on their siding, because it's metal, but it's now hanging on their fence at 112th & Division. I hope people don't mess with it. Now I need a new banner again. They cost me $100 after discount, if you know someone that can make them for less or donate some, that would be nice. I have posted a photo in my photo album here.

Take care!!!



Japanese Garden Part I

May 23, 2008
Memorial Day is on Monday May 26

Greetings Everyone! (Contains implied adult language)

On Wednesday afternoon I caught a ride with PGR Bryan to head to Baker City, Oregon and along the way we picked up PGR Terry. It was nice not having to drive those 5 hours and leave that stress to someone else. This gave me an opportunity to see a lot more along Interstate I-84 that runs along the Columbia River and through the Columbia Gorge. It was nice except for the rain and wind.

I had already been told that I will not be shooting the service itself. I was told that there will be a professional photographer that someone is arranging for and he will be the only one permitted to do this. But that doesn't stop me from going and honoring our heroes.

We stopped in Troutdale to meet up with another car heading out there with two more PGR members. (That's 4 now). Another 6 or 8 where heading out in the morning on their bikes from the Portland area.

When we arrived in Baker City, we first checked into the motel where we noticed motorcycles from Idaho and Washington with PGR stickers on them and knew they where here also to honor Jessica. Bryan had rented a two bed room so I would have a place to crash.

We then went to the funeral home for latest details and I also met the CAO there who told me I was free to take any pics outside but none inside the church, they have 1 person that will be doing that and no other cameras where permitted. Now I knew first hand and in my mind planned things out accordingly. I prefer shooting outside anyhow.

The 3 of us then went to a place called Barley Brown's Brew Pub for dinner. I don't drink beer in general, but got brave and tried their sampler tray. blah... blah.... blah.... maybe... blah....blah....

I knew I had around $39 in my account and decided to pay for Bryan's dinner along with mine. The total tab was $45.10 and Terry tossed over $10 for her food. I put my card in and the $10. The waitress took the $10 and charged me $45.10. Of course I know my bank will cover it, it's just those extra $29 I have to pay for even going a penny over that hurt.

After we mentioned this to the waitress, she gave back the $10 and then apparently ripped up the other charge and brought me a new slip to sign for $36.10. but to this moment, online at my bank it shows a pending transaction of $54.12. So, I have to wait before I can do anything else. I did make sure that amount is covered though. You really gotta watch what you're paying for, and even then you could still get screwed. I violated one of my riles about not letting my debit card go out of sight. It's best to follow it to the terminal where the transaction takes place. I have to wait till the 25th to see the final charge to my account.

Dinner itself wasn't bad and we where also joined by the other two that came up with us in another car. Afterwards we all headed back to the motel.

Bryan and I decided it was too early to crash even though it was now dark outside. we decided to take a walk and find someplace to have some Scotch. This town is pretty dead and 4 blocks later we spotted a place called Stockman's Bar and as we where crossing the street for it, we heard someone honking. we turned around and saw a pick-up at the intersection and it honked again. It turned right and is now across the street from us and we decided to see what's up. A state trooper drives by. the pickup has stopped. A baker city cop drives by.

The door opens and out comes a soldier in BDU's and approached us. It was the Casualty Assistant Officer. Baker City cop drives by. The CAO said he was looking all over town for me and recognized my beard. He said there was a glitch and the other photographer was apparently not contacted. I asked who that was and he didn't know the name. He asked if i was willing to photograph the church services for the family. Of course!!! I did tell him if they find another with better equipment for indoor shooting without flash, to use them. I don't have any fast lenses for low light. He thought that was doubtful between now and the service tomorrow morning. I told him I'll do the best I can. He then left and we continued into Stockman's Bar.

Even though the crowd was small, it was livelier than the rest of the city. Bryan went to the restroom and I took seat at one of the tall round table. At the next table where 3 or 5 people, wasn't sure, but 3 where seated. A young guy with lots of tatoos came over to me wanting to know if I was new here. I told him we came to town to honor Cpl Jessica Ellis tomorrow. I handed him one of my cards. He shook my hand and left for the other table trying to read the card.

Bryan returned and the barkeep came to take our order. We asked about various labels if she had them. Speaking broken English, it was no, no no... She didn't have any of those. Bryan spotted a JW Red and ordered me a double and he had a single shot of another. Damn those two cheap drinks cost a bunch.

The young man then spoke out loud calling us war heroes and he came and said the next drinks where on him. we warned him that they where not cheap. He said it didn't matter. He then came and chatted with us for a while. After the second round, we walked back to the motel.

It took a while to get to sleep, after Bryan finally dozed off, I was able to get a nap in and was back up and at it at 0500. Two hours before the alarm.

Breakfast, scouted out the church, the route and then was at the initial staging area for the PGR. 34 of them showed up. The group was split up, some to set up a flag line at the church and the others to walk with the procession from the funeral home to the church. the whole stretch was lined with flags the where put out in the morning along with street blockades.

All the PGR members there where also made aware that I was the one allowed in the church with a camera. I then went to the funeral home and talked to the coachman and then had a chat with his two horses while they where waiting to circle the block to pick up the coffin.

The procession went really well. I had to do a lot of running and walking. The only thing that just irritated me during the whole procession was the lack of locals along the sidewalks. The men and women that came from out of town and out of state as part of the PGR outnumbered the people I saw on the sidewalks along the route. 

2 different people I voiced this to today told me, it's because Jessica wasn't from Baker City. SO WHAT!!! This soldier died serving this country!! On top of that, she is a medic that volunteer to be up front to help injured soldiers. She was injured in a previous IED attack 3 weeks earlier and even though having another option, decided to go back to do what she does best. It's hard to tell how many lives she saved, how many parents or souses got their heroes back alive because of her life saving skills and willingness on the front line.

I'm getting all hot and bothered again. So much for that small town thing but I guess that only applies if you where born there? FU!

I then ran ahead again to capture the caisson coming in front of the church (Horse and wagon??) It was a beautiful sight. The PGR that set up the flag line at the church where in just the right locations to make this look good and respectful.

The church ended up getting packed and the priest, when he was speaking, apologized for not having enough room for all those that where coming to honor Jessica. The service went well. I spend most of the time on the balcony in the back and did most of my shooting when everyone was making noise to reduce the noticability of the shutter. The Governor from Oregon and the Congressman from that district where also there.

I was challenged once on the balcony by a church employee, he kept thinking it was someone else that was to be allowed to photograph. I think I finally convinced him I was the one. What was funny, I had to go outside for some air and see what's happening and also eat a granola bar when I think what my body wanted was water. I went down the stairs and near the exit door was a tall cop, he looked down at me and asked if I was the one. I quickly said, I'm Q, I'm the one. He smiled and I headed out. I munched down a granola bar to help whatever was bothering me. Did some outside pics and went back in for the presentations of medals and awards.

After the service, honor guard brought out the casket to the bottom of the stairs and then Military Honors where held followed later by some presentations from the PGR at the Armory where a reception was being held and a slide show about Jessica on the wall.

We then headed back to Portland. Along the way I did a live call in to KPSU. 

It's now Friday, May 23, 2008 1419 in the early afternoon. The day is almost gone again. I already send out a few pics to some people that may tell the story of our Hero Cpl Jessica Ellis.

I don't know when the pics will be done. One is posted in my album here on myspace. go take a look. Leave a comment there or two. Look at the album titled, Honoring Our Fallen Heroes . Click on PICS under my profile photo here on myspace.

On Monday is Memorial Day!!! What are you doing?? No matter what it is, I' know you can take a few minutes or more to help remember all that served and died for this country of ours!!!

Thank you to all that have served and are no longer with us.

My head is hurting.
May 24, 2008
Travel Update 05/24/08

Was going to chill today but will be heading to Skyline Memorial Gardens for a special Memorial Day event. Please come if you can. They'll be shooting off 3 Howitzers or something like that. :)

I think it starts at 10 but will be there by 9. On Monday, I'll probably be at Ft Vancouver in the morning and some Veterans care place in the afternoon if I get a ride. 

I know there is something happening in your community. I just got this weird feeling that there are some Veterans out there. 

Am I in your top list of friends?? If not, that's OK too, grab my banner and host it. :) Let all on your list know to please visit www. IraqWarHeroes. org It's a tribute site to all that have served in Iraq or Afghanistan and since deceased. It's non commercial and non political. I just want these heroes remembered!!

Some of my other tribute pages can be found at www.OurWarHeroes.net .

Don't click on the USA Flag in the top left corner or the POW/MIA flag in the top right corner.

I bid you all a thoughtful Memorial Day!! Happy doesn't sound right.

But that's me... the weird guy...
May 25, 2008
Memorial Day Salute - Photos by Q Madp

Good morning Everyone!

Well, it seems good so far out here on the west coast between Washington and California. The rain and lightning and thunderstorm seems to have passed. Damn it was nice. I stood outside and watched those cracks rip through the sky with the loud following of thunder.

But the thunder wasn't as nice as standing real close to 3 Howitzers shooting off a 21 gun salute in honor of all that served and have since deceased.

The howitzers where manned by the Oregon National Guard's Alpha Battery, 2nd battalion, 218th Field Artillery at a Memorial Day event at Skyline Memorial Gardens.

Here are a few photos and I dedicate this as my salute to all our men and women that have and are serving this great country of ours!! (USA).

I'll be on the road again a lot, which includes another long drive to Boise, Idaho, so if you can spare some gas, please do. www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

I bid you all a thoughtful Memorial Day!!! (I have much larger copies of these pics, only reduced to 640x for the web))



Memorial Day Salute

May 26, 2008
PGR Supporting The Family of Jordan Aleksa Photos by Q Madp

It is Memorial Day

"Memorial Day was officially proclaimed on 5 May 1868 by General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, in his General Order No. 11, and was first observed on 30 May 1868, when flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. The first state to officially recognize the holiday was New York in 1873. By 1890 it was recognized by all of the northern states. The South refused to acknowledge the day, honoring their dead on separate days until after World War I (when the holiday changed from honoring just those who died fighting in the Civil War to honoring Americans who died fighting in any war). It is now celebrated in almost every State on the last Monday in May (passed by Congress with the National Holiday Act of 1971 (P.L. 90 - 363) to ensure a three day weekend for Federal holidays), though several southern states have an additional separate day for honoring the Confederate war dead: January 19 in Texas, April 26 in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi; May 10 in South Carolina; and June 3 (Jefferson Davis' birthday) in Louisiana and Tennessee." (Source usmemorialday.org)

I just got my green light to photograph the services for the family of our hero LTC Joseph Moore. I'll start the long drive to Boise Idaho tomorrow. Hey, if you're out there and can rent me a cheap motel room to crash in, that would be great. I'm clean and toilet trained and don't damage furniture. Of course help with gas always needed. www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

I also want to thank everyone that has helped me!! Every bit counts. If you don't get a personal thank you card, it's probably because I'm putting that money in my gas tank or into the site for our heroes. So, please accept my continued mission as a Thank You! (That sound right?)

Today I'll be heading to Ft Vancouver in Washington for memorial day events. I hope the rain stops for this.

Last night I finished photos shot on April 21, 2008. It was for a memorial service of the youngest I've been to and may have mentioned about it last month. A father flies home from the war to bury his 15 year old son who died suddenly. Some Patriot Guard Riders came out to show their support for this grieving Marine and the family. I have posted a few pics. They are not under any of my tribute sites.

This Memorial Day I would like you all to focus and remember all those that have died for this country of ours.

I want to Thank all that have died defending this nation of ours. From the Civil War to the War in Iraq and Afghanistan.



PGR Supporting The Family of Jordan Aleksa

May 27, 2008
Travel Update 05/27/08


I just got back from Willamette national Cemetery for the funeral of a veteran. I'm now getting ready to start my drive to Boise, Idaho.

It wasn't until I saw his photograph next to the flag at the cemetery that I knew this man. Long time member of the American legion, he has attend 1000 funerals for veterans out here.

What I remembered most was, I was at his house last year delivering CD's of photos I shot during the funeral of one of his family members.

I guess, now I know why I decided to attend. -sigh-

Thank you for your service William Nordgaard, USN Vietnam War veteran

I should be in the Boise Idaho area sometime tonight. Got gas change? www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .


Memorial Day may be over, but we should never stop to recognize and thank our veterans.
May 28, 2008
Travel Update 05/27/08 0655 Meridian, Idaho

Greetings from Meridian Idaho!

I made it out here OK last night and was invited to stay with Steve and his wife at their home in Meridian. Dinner waiting, clean room, shower, ... Then breakfast... and a lunch to go.... Can't beat that.

I didn't realize how late it was, forgot I was moving ahead 1 hour again. 

It is now 0637 (0737 Potato Time) and I'm checking emails and sucking down some coffee. My temp is a bit higher than I like it to be. 

Wile driving out here yesterday, the funeral from yesterday morning was on my mind a lot. I had a strange disconnect and then things fell into place. Ok, I'm mumbling, probably cause I don't know what I'm trying to say? Maybe I need a nap.

Today at 1100 at the Capital Christian Center in Meridian Idaho, we'll be honoring Lt Col Joseph Moore, died in Iraq on the 20th. If you can come, please do. This hero has dedicated a good portion of his life for our country.

Thanks to you that helped with the gas. I'm glad I won't be digging any on this trip. :) It takes away some of the stress away.

Time is moving away fast.... I bid you all a great day!!!

Take a moment or two and find an Airman and Airwoman (Members of the Air Force) to thank today!! I know there are at least 1776 of them on myspace. Do this in honor of Lt Col Moore. :)
May 29, 2008
Good bye My Love Good bye - By Demis Roussos

Greetings Everyone!

I got back home last night from my Boise Idaho mission around 2130 (9:30pm for you sleepers). It was another long day and drive.

I'm glad that I print out directions from another source and have a hard copy at hand. The address I was heading for day before yesterday in Meridian Idaho doesn't come up on my GPS thing. In matter of fact, at least 8 streets that I had in my printed directions didn't exist on my GPS. I don't have the options of updating the info inside this thing. well, at least it's not as old as the Sacagawea, Lewis & Clark maps.

The mission in Meridian and Boise Idaho went pretty good. The storm held off and it remained dry. I only have 2 complaints. 1: I wish more would have attended. 2: read below.

I arrived at the cemetery early, and with all the street closures due to roadwork, it was good to be early. I was mentally photo mapping the layout and how things should be happening. I do this to help navigate the area and cover the critical points with humans in place.

Near the shelter, where this was going to take place sat an older gentleman, obvious an American legion member. I thanked him for his service and he told me that there will be a service for his friend at 1300, which is 30 minutes before the Lt Col Moore service at same location.

I asked if he thought the family might want pics. He said they probably would. I asked him to ask them. In the meantime, there is a group of men and women with flags from another organization standing around and I approached them and told them there would be a service at 1300 for another veteran and hinted at maybe they would do a flag line for them. I was told they where there for the Moore service. I walked away. Kept my mouth shut. I was ticked off. I'm thinking to myself, how people can have all those veterans and pro troop patches etc. and not want to just walk a few steps from where they where and help honor another veteran.

I now see the motorcade with the hearse coming to a stop and people getting out their cars, I approached the old gentleman and reminded him to ask. He said he's waiting for the right time. I asked him who the wife or immediate family member was. he pointed out an older short white haired lady. I told him thanks and rushed to her and asked if she would like pics of this. No charge. She smiled up at me and said please do. I photographed this service and made sure her daughter had my contact info. She looked very pleased that someone would do this.

You see, there is no right time. Before you know it, it's over with and I'm glad I was able to be there for another WWII Veteran. may he rest in peace. Too many of our WWII and other veterans are dying everyday... and alone.... or with just a handful of people that cared.

As soon as it was over, things where put in place for the next service.

Ohh... I forgot to mention, while at the church, I did get them to lower their flag to half mast during the service. A lot of members of the Air force attended also. I didn't know until I got there that Lt Col Moore is also a Chaplain and a very liked one.

This morning I got a radiator flush at Eastport MIDAS on 82nd in Portland. Thanks to the manager Patrick. I'm still looking for places to change my transmission fluid, power steering fluid and other stuff to keep my car running.

I just drove another 1000 miles for the Boise mission. Thanks to the help in gas and place to crash, I didn't go into additional debt on this last trip.

Last night after returning from Boise, I received an email from a Brigadier General:

Thank you for your business card, and especially for what you are doing thru your web site to ensure we never forget our fallen heroes. It was and is an honor to meet you. What you are doing is true to every Soldiers creed. We will never leave a fallen comrade. We stand together as brothers protecting the freedoms for all Americans.
Again, thank you for what you are doing! I am humbled by your efforts on behalf of our fallen heroes and their families.
BG Alan C. Gayhart
Deputy Commanding General - Army
Idaho Army National Guard

And this morning another email, but I removed the name from sender:

....I recently met one of the father's of a young man that died in Iraq. In looking at your site, his funeral is one that you covered. In all the pictures I did not see the dad ----- I appreciate that you let the family have their privacy. I had e-mail from him on a couple of occasions and he commented on my having your website as part of my signature.....to me that indicated that he approved of what you do ----- and he values those that remember the vets.

So, thank you for your work. I wish I had more that I could send, but know that I will send something in the future when I have it available.

Unfortunately, this morning I had to add 7 more names. may they all Rest in Peace and not be forgotten!

On my way home, in between Radio and XM signals (I don't have a roof mounted XM antenna), I played one of my MP3 compilations and listened to some Demis Rousso music and searched youtube to see if one of them was posted.

Hey, don't wait till I'm dead to tell my story.

You all take care!!!
May 30, 2008
SSG Chad A Caldwell R.I.P.

Good Morning All!

Last night I completed photos from the May 10th, 2008 mission in Spokane Washington for our Hero, SSG Chad Caldwell who was killed in Iraq on April 30th. Please help remember him and all our other heroes!!

Today in Salem Oregon at the memorial next to the Veterans Office, there will be the adding of more names to the wall and a ceremony honoring those from Oregon that gave their all in Iraq or Afghanistan. It's scheduled to start at 1400.

Not sure yet if I'll make it. Got 2 more notices today, I need to cut back living a bit more.

It's Friday for many of you. I bid you all a great weekend!!

Backed up your computer or PDA lately? Your will up to date? Hugged a soldier lately? Thanked a veteran today?


Mission Report

Start: 05/09/08 1000 Stop: 05/11/08 0920 Total Away Time: 47 Hours and 40 minutes. Total miles traveled: 824

First Frame Shot: 05/10/08 1000 Last frame Shot: 05/10/08 1826

At home working on pics: 17 Hours and 25 Minutes. Total pics for family: 1035 Total posted for public: 115


SSG Chad A Caldwell R.I.P.

May 31, 2008
Travel Update 05/31/08 1923

Good Evening All!!

It's almost 1900 out here between Washington and California. I just got back from a memorial service in Puyallup, Washington which was a last minute thing and also contingent on gas.

The service was for Sharri Cressman, a US Army Veteran and also a Patriot Guard Member who stood tall for our heroes. there where 33 that came out today to stand tall for her.

No rest for me though... Tomorrow morning I'm heading south to Eugene, Oregon for a Veteran that is a PGR member and his wife that is a PGR member who both got killed when they got rear-ended. Bob (US Navy) and Nancy Shimp. I'll be there!

I realize I can't be everywhere, but know that I do this with all our veterans in mind. In Puyallup the average gas price I saw started at $4.14 a gallon. So if you can help www.iraqwarheroes.org/help or click on the PayPal button on my main page here. It does work, you don't need to be a PayPal member, look for the other option.

After leaving the PGR staging area and checking out the funeral home and surroundings, I noticed two young women walking a dog across the street and one of them waved at me and said, "Hi Q" . I said Hi back and gave a wave not know who that was. A while later a pick-up truck pulled into the parking lot and out came these two women. One of them asked me if I was out here on a mission, cause she hadn't read anything about it in my blog and I told her it was a short notice. She handed me a $20 toward gas. Thank you!!! Both are on my myspace friends list here and the other, is related to someone who got killed in Iraq, whose funeral I attended. I did take a photo of the image on the window which had his name etc. and when I get around to those pics, I'll look it up.

If you two are reading this, don't take it personally, but I have no idea who you are. My head been hurting again all day which also doesn't help me retain anything either. I can remember seeing people's faces, especially if I've shot them, but can't remember names and text without enough hints. So people, don't take it personally. I think it's my migraines over the many years of depriving blood flow to some parts of my brain is making me more brain dead. Some try to tell me is age, I'm sure that ads to it.

I now need to get ready for tomorrow morning. On Monday I have a trip out of town also.

I bid you all a great weekend!!!

Freedom is Not Free. If you need a reminder, visit www.IraqWarHeroes.org for a list of the latest men and women that gave their all for this country of ours. 
Jun 3, 2008
Oregon Couple Laid to Rest After Tragic Motorcycle Crash

Greetings Everyone!!

It's been a busy few days again.... well, it's always busy, just more busy...

On June 1, 2008 (Sunday) I drove to Springfield Oregon to honor a Navy Veteran and his wife that got rear ended and killed while they where riding. Below is a link to a story and some images I shot. (Images look a bit degraded due to the slide show thing).

On my way home, I received a call telling me that we lost a Hero from Battleground Washington. Yesterday I got the DoD confirmation. Please help remember all our heroes!!!

Yesterday I was in Stayton Oregon for a paid gig. Gotta try and get those pics done today. Just barely beat another utility deadline.

It's a rainy day out here, in that place between Washington and California. I've done my coffee run but it's still raining out there. The grass is getting so high, that I can hide my lawnmower including it's handle. At some point this stuff has got to get too tall and just fall over right?

Hey.... have you thanked a vet lately??? SEE A VET... THANK A VET!!!!

You all be good.... Those you put off today, may be gone tomorrow....



Jun 4, 2008
Stayton Bridge Wedding - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings All!

I'm on my way out the door again.

On Monday I photographed a wedding in Stayton, Oregon. Here are a few snapshots.

Congrats to this couple!!! 

I bid you all a great day! Tomorrow I'll be on the tarmac again waiting for the arrivals of one of our heroes.

Stayton Bridge Wedding

Jun 6, 2008
The VV Dahlia Walk Part VII - Photos by Q Madp

Good Morning!!

It's about 0630 here on the west coast of the United States of America!

It's Friday for many of you. I'm in the process of preparing myself mentally (as if I really could) for today as I get ready to head to the tarmac. Army Pvt Andrew Shields is coming home today. His services will be tomorrow and I encourage anyone in the Vancouver & Battle ground Washington area to attend. You may not have known him personally but this hero enlisted at time of war to defend this country and he died on the war front. So, believe it or not, there is a connection. He's your friend. He is an American Hero!

I spend most of yesterday on pics which also included getting the pics out for a paid gig.

Hey, your two legged critters are probably going on school vacation soon. It's a good time to teach them again that playing ball on a street with lots of cars could terminate their existence. Also good to sit down in front of the family computer and clean it up. Get Updated photos of all of them in case they go camping and the sachquaw eats them or something. Have a plan, in case of emergency. Who can they trust??

Ohh... please keep them noisy things away from the front of my house!

I bid you all a good weekend!!! SEE A VET..... THANK A VET!!!

Hey, hug some Air Force members this weekend.

Tip: Don't use the drive thru if it's busy. Save the gas, and park and walk inside. Also better to see what they are doing with your food before you get it. Also, you get more drink, take the cup, fill it, drink it and fill it again while you wait for your order. (In many fast food places, if they don't allow you to refill, they are overpriced. Go away.)



The VV Dahlia Walk Part VII

Jun 6, 2008
Escorting Home Our Hero Pvt Andrew Shields

Good Afternoon!!

Escorting home our hero Pvt Andrew Shields went well. Despite the windy and rainy weather condition, many riders with the PGR turned out and many LEO's.

While trying to rush and grab a few pics to send to my friend Tim at Salem-News.com, I grabbed so many that I actually ended up getting a set posted.

Must be some kind of record for me.

Please come out tomorrow if you can. Please help remember Andrew and all our other heroes that have given their all for this country of ours!!!



Escorting Home Our Hero Pvt Andrew Shields

Jun 9, 2008
Fairview-Salish Pond Walk - Photos by Q Madp

Goof Morning Y'All!!

It's gonna rain again today. It's been a long weekend. I spend most of yesterday working on pics from the the last mission. Yes, I know it's out of order, I still have others to complete.

I also spent some time solving an email issue. My apologies to the 3 of you out there that received over 32 of the same email. I run some old software here. My Outlook 2000 totally crashed this time and would not clear the outbox so the same 3 emails would go out over and over again. It wouldn't let me delete them also and the trouble checker kept advising me to upgrade.

Well, the upgrade cost just a bit more than a tank of gas. (Can you believe that crap, I pay now over $62 to fill a small tank of gas?) I now have Outlook 2007 and it started to hang also. It says I should upgrade because I have too many emails but it did let me delete the outbox emails as long as I did a hard delete.

So, what I figured out, Outlook was too full to stick the sent message into the sent folder, and when I tried to delete, it couldn't put the deleted file in the deleted folder. Stupid software could have just told me instead of some cryptic error message. 

So, I backed up all sent message and then hard deleted all of them. After I get done with the set of pics I'm working on, I intend to spent more time getting emails with photo attachments done. I know all those emails take up lots of space and some have been waiting a long time. Just been having too many missions lately.

Go take a look at my photo albums here, especially the one titled Honoring Our Heroes and Patriot Guard Riders. I've been adding pics to them as I go along. Don't be afraid to leave comments and if you like what you see, pass it on.

I avoided driving all day yesterday. I walked to Staples (Use this rewards number if you shop at Staples 3394856409 or save the receipt info for me.) and then just met a friend there who drove me back after a Starbucks run.

I will make a mail run today, didn't on Saturday and then stay low. I need to raise money to replace some gear and for upcoming domain renewals. Any help appreciated. www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

Please help remember all our heroes and let our troops, that are serving this country of hours honorably know that you support them... and always.... See A Vet.. Thank A Vet!!

I bid you all a great week!! I'll tell you about Saturday when I'm done with the pics.



Fairview-Salish Pond Walk

Jun 11, 2008
Pvt Andrew J Shields R.I.P.

Greetings Everyone!!

I just got done posting pics from the memorial service of our hero Pvt Andrew Shields. There will be an additional set for his funeral service hopefully by tomorrow.

Please help remember Andrew and all our other heroes that have given their all for our country!!!



Pvt Andrew J Shields R.I.P.


Jun 12, 2008
Travel Update 06/12/08 0655

Good Morning!!

It's almost 0700 and I'll be heading to Willamette National Cemetery in a couple hours to honor one of our Korean War veterans.

I'll try and have my last set of pics for Pvt Shields services posted later today. But as you know, things always can change at last minute and I never know where I'll be.

Last night I sat at a pizza joint, waiting for people to show up for a COTS (Coalition of Troop Support) meeting and after a phone call realized I had the wrong day.

I hate sleeping! When I do finally doze off due to exhaustion, it's then time to get up or some messed up dream will keep you busy and then wake you up. I wish more of them would be my own dreams, I know the escape points for them.

The tune Fernando has been on my mind the last couple of days, so I found it on Youtube and will share it with you. 1976 was a good year. well... never mind.

Please remember to support our women and men in uniform!! See A Vet... Thank A Vet!!
Jun 12, 2008
Army Pvt Andrew J Shields R.I.P.

Greetings All!

This morning I attended and shot the memorial service for a WWII veteran. 2 of his family members are devoted PGR members. You know, the kind that shows up. After the service I went to Vancouver (Last minute thing) to help honor a senior citizen that has done a lot for veterans. A high school band even came over to play a few tunes for her.

When I got out of my car and stood on the street, the woman yelled at me. She said if I'm gonna take pics of her, I should first give her a hug. I begruntenly obliged. :)

In a little over an hour I'll be heading to a Coalition of Troop Support meeting. Never know, maybe some cute Air Force chic will show up. The Marine chics tend to beat me up first and then ask what I want... Hey... Just kidding...

The sun finally came out today also. Looks like we may break 70F tomorrow.

I have posted the final set for Pvt Andrew Shields services. Below is my mission report. Eventually I'll be adding some other pics. My next focus is to get the pics done from Baker City. I also have a mission in Hood River OR on Saturday?, and one in Vancouver WA on Sunday. I know I'm suppose to be someplace tomorrow but have no isea yet.

I can't believe it's already Thursday, it seems like I'm missing more and more days in a week.

You all be good!!!

Hey, summer vacation is starting and the odds that a 2 legged critter will get on your computer over the summer will increase. BACK UP YOUR IMPORTANT STUFF NOW!!! And remember, you might trust them.... but do you know who they are trusting?


Mission Report

06/04/08 Battle Ground Marquee Shoot.

06/06/08 Start Time: 0800 Stop Time: 1242 Away Time: 4 Hours and 42 Minutes Miles Traveled: 30

06/07/08 Start Time: 0630 Stop Time: 1535 Away Time: 9 Hours and 5 Minutes. Miles Traveled: 52

Total Away Time: 13 Hours and 47 Minutes. Total Miles Traveled: 82

At home working on photos: 29.4 Hours. Total pics for family: 1768 Total Posted for public: 325 photos.

19 year old Pvt Andrew Shields was killed in Jalalabad City, Afghanistan, when their vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device. Andrew will not be forgotten here!!!!


Army Pvt Andrew J Shields R.I.P.

Jun 13, 2008
Travel Update 06/13/08 2326

It's been a very long day.
Tomorrow early morning I'll be heading to Hood River, OR for a service at 1000, at the Nazerine Church on Belmont for Sgt Eldon Baily.

I bid you all a good weekend!

See A Vet.... Thank A Vet....
Jun 14, 2008
Stars & Stripes by Q Madp (Today is Flag Day)

Now, that's for the flag of the United States of America. It's Red, White and Blue. It has Red and White Stripes, and White Stars on a Blue Field.

If that's not enough info, look at some of my pics.

I know some of you are surrounded by other flags and some of you have green, brown, yellow or other flags on your car but there is only one flag that will give you the amount of freedom you take for granted.

Many of our heroes have shed their blood to protect this flag. 

I've got mine on my car. Where is yours? 



Stars & Stripes

Jun 16, 2008
Travel Update 06/16/08 0115

The mission in Vancouver Washington went well. Keys where presented to the widow of Jeremiah Johnson to a new home for her and thir children.

I'm currently away from Portland, couch surfing. Will be back later this morning briefly to complete a job. I'm out of cell phone range.

I bid you all a great week!
Jun 16, 2008
A Mother?s Tribute - Photos by Q Madp

Earlier today I picked up a local paper and spotted a huge 1 page ad in it and I'm sure that it's in other papers also.

The ad talks about getting free converter boxes and avoiding the whole federal $40 coupon program.

This ad is targeting old people. In the fine pint it says that you have to agree to pay $58 for a 5 year warranty and pay for shipping.

Call one 800 number if you want 1 box, and call another number if you want 2 boxes.

Please let people know this is a scam.

You can get the $40 coupons from the feds and go to WalMart and your final cost for a converter box is only $9.99.

To request a coupon, consumers can apply online at www.dtv2009.gov starting Tuesday. The government also has set up a 24-hour hotline to take requests, 1-888-DTV-2009 (1-888-388-2009).

You don't need a converter box if you have Satellite or Cable Television.

I'm still out of town and away from my computer and hope to be back Wednesday, at which time I may be going to Willamette National Cemetery to help honor homeless veterans that have died over the last month.

Then I need to work on more pics and emails....

I need a vacation, but didn't win the lottery or any that would be enough to get me out of here.

I mailed off the DVD's and CD's to Shields' family. I hope to have the Ellis mission done by Friday if I can stay home long enough. Did have some work earlier today and will have some on Wednesday. Gotta keep the utilities paid you know.

I did buy a bunch of cat food cans today. Was on sale, so I'm stocked a couple months. As long as I feed those B's, they pretend to like me for or 7 minutes. I'm still having to pill the black one. Some day's she'll just submit to the torture and other days she takes me for a walk around the house.

I'm tired.

Hey, have you backed up important stuff on your computer lately? Got a functional and stocked First Aid Kit? Updated or created a Will or other written instructions incase you 60" HD TV falls on you? Let someone in the Armed Forces know that you care?

If you shop at Staples, please use my Staples Reward Number www.iraqwarheroes.org/help . I need more DVD's and Ink. .Seen the price of printer ink lately?

I bid you all a good week!!


I know many of you have seen this set of pics I've shot a couple years ago, but a lot of people haven't seen it.


A Mother's Tribute

Jun 17, 2008
Travel Update 06/17/08 SW Washington

Good Evening!

It's almost midnight out here in Washington. I drove home earlier today and was there long enough to add 8 more names to the list of heroes that gave their all for this country of ours and us.

I'm having some JW Black, someone keeps here for me when I come out here and am watching a Steven Segal movie wondering what I'm doing out here and why I can't take my camera back in time to capture some things I've seen. I'm too often out of place and time.

It is dark outside and I can see moonlight and some stars. There are no other humans around here that I can tell. I'm waiting to doze off.

We lost another hero from the NW, a Marine from Tacoma Washington. One of 4 killed in Afghanistan on the 14th.

I'm tired.

My head was hurting again but it went away a couple hours again. It takes less than 40 cents to cure it completely, yet I live with it year after year after year after year.

I found a source for a better price for a lens I'm after. Over 100 cheaper than they want out here for it. I think I'll grab my shovel and get it while I can

I went looking around on youtube again and found some music of one more of the greatest.... The Righteous Brothers . Below is one of my favorite of theirs, but I think I like all of their music. There is power in their singing. There is real in their music.

For many of you, it will be Wednesday by the time I get this posted in a couple minutes. I wish you all a Happy Hump Day!!

Please take a few moment to thank some of our women and men honorably serving this great country of ours. You can find a lot of them on myspace. Of course, in person is even better.

Take Care!
Jun 18, 2008
G.E.A.R.S. 2006 - Photos by Q Madp

Good Evening!!

My head is still hurting. It's doing one of those phase in and out things.

Earlier today I and about 20 other strangers attended the memorial service for Sgt Reyes B Fierro. The 20 strangers where with the Patriot Guard Riders.

Sgt Fierro, a Korean War Veteran died a lonely man at the age of 80 but despite that there where no family members, we and a neighbor of his made sure he was properly honored.

No veteran should should be left alone.

I would like to thank Mindi at Lincoln Memorial Gardens for donating the coffin and the service. Thanks to the preacher that volunteered his time and thanks to Celeste and all the Patriot Guard Riders that came out to be his family and to honor him.

Tomorrow morning I'll be heading north to the Tacoma area to welcome home and escort Sgt Michael Washington. This Marine was killed on the war front on the 14th. His funeral will be next Friday.

Gas out here along the freeways is now as high as $4.78 for regular. Feel free to donate some. www.iraqwarheroes.org/help . 

As soon as I'm done with some laundry, I'll try and take a nap. One of my C spots is hurting also. Maybe it's just over sensitive cause of the head hurting. I'll adapt.

I can't believe we are half way through this month and I don't seem to have accomplished anything around here. -sigh-

So, do you have an old family member you ain't talked to or contacted in a long while?? Even if you don't like them, don't let them drop off this earth alone or things unfinished.

I always find it so hard to believe that some of the services I attend for old war veterans, that nobody shows up that should be family or friends... or it's just one or two. What is so important that you can't be there for your grandfather or father? Do they not count anymore cause they old and maybe done it all?

If it where not for our war veterans, especially them old ones, would be be living in this free'er country? Too many assume that somebody will be there.... it shouldn't be somebody... it should be you, especially if it's your kin.

You all take care!!!



G.E.A.R.S. 2006

Jun 20, 2008
Cpl Jessica A Ellis R.I.P.

Good Evening!

Well, today was the longest day with sunlight out here, that place between California and Washington and i spent most of it getting the pics done for the Cpl Ellis mission which have also been mailed off to her parents and just got done posting some for the public.

Tomorrow I'll be going to Aumsville for a some paying work. Need food and stuff you know.

You all take care!


Mission Report

Start 05/21/08 1300 Stop: 05/22/08 1930 Away Time: 30 Hours and 30 Minutes. Miles Traveled: 610 Miles

First frame Shot: 05/21/08 1316 Last Frame Shot: 05/22/08 1911

Time at home working on photos: 18 Hours. Total pics for family: 1062 Total posted for public: 114

Army Medic Cpl Jessica A Ellis did what she wanted to do. Save the lives of our injured on the front line. Even after a previous IED encounter 3 weeks before, she went back to saving lives and serving her country!

Let's not forget. She is a true American Hero!! Please help remember her and all our other heroes that step forward to protect and serve our country!!! I will not forget!


Cpl Jessica A Ellis R.I.P.

Jun 23, 2008
Fountains, Bubblers and more ...-Photos by Q Madp

Greetings All

It's Monday out here on the west coast and it's sunny out.

I spend about 12 hours working on photo emails yesterday and am still over 1000 behind. DAMN. I will try and motivate myself to get another bunch done today. I'm not talking about myspace messages, I'm talking about emails I get with photo attachments for my various tribute sites honoring our military heroes.

Hey, the Neptune Society is raising their prices of pre-paid cremations, according to a letter I received from them. They have a plan for just under $1,500 (Currently on the net) and you can make monthly payments but need a big down payment. I wonder, if you die before paying them off, do they only cremate you at the same percentage as you have paid??

Hey, just fry me in a cardboard box and toss my ashes into American Lake. Whatever the case, make sure people that need to know, know what you want. Never know when cancer kills ya or a piano drops on you while touring New York.

I also did another major back-up of data yesterday. It's good to do on a regular basis, especially anything you spend more than a few hours on.

OK, you all have a good week, someone just called to give me a ride to coffee. I'm staying parked as much as possible.

See a Vet... Thank a Vet!!!



Fountains, Bubblers and more Walk Part II

Jun 24, 2008
Tuesday June 24th

Hey All!

I think summer has come out here. I took a 2 hour break yesterday and worked on my 4 foot tall lawn, damn, some of that stuff was even taller than that. I worked at it till my heart made weird stuff and then I stopped.

I now have less than 900 emails to go and will try and get more done today. Have a funeral tomorrow and Friday to attend.

Wishing you all a great Tuesday!

Thanks to everyone out there serving our country!!
Jun 26, 2008
Random from the past N44-N48 - Photos by Q Madp

Good Morning!

It's Thursday and ... well, I haven't looked outside yet.

Yesterday I managed to get another bunch of emails done and posted another 499 photos to the www.IraqWarHeroes.org website. I now have less than 300 emails to go in the inbox and about 100 waiting on the server which I won't download till I'm caught up with the old emails.

Last night I decided to knock down more grass and fell off a rock rock onto my left hand and wrist. It made me real dizzy, so I stopped everything . My hand is real uncomfortable this morning and my thumb range is a bit limited. My selfish cats didn't even come to the window to see why I went quiet so quickly. Well, I guess having the blinds down to keep out the sun didn't help any... but that's never stopped them when they sensed a trespassing critter.

I hope it goes away by tomorrow morning when I'll be heading north for the services in honor of Sgt Michael Washington killed on the 14th in Iraq.

I encourage all that can make it to come tomorrow to the Northwest Foursquare Church on 21st Ave in Federal Way, WA by 1000. If you really want to go and can't make it, consider donating me the gas money you saved. www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

What the hell is wrong with the McDonald's out here? They'll give you a few packets of ketchup, but if you want mayonnaise for your fries instead of of ketchup, it's 20 cents a pouch. What gives with that? That price also various depending on which one you go to. With that kind of pettiness, they can start cleaning up my tray off the table too.

A friend of mine had a similar problem at another McDonalds, but they wanted 10c for a sauce and when he complained, they called the manager who said the sauce is 25 cents, cause it's considered extra condiments. Those cheap bastards, if you take one condiment instead of another, it should not be extra.

Ohhh... always remember that there are cheaper meals that are not listed on their boards, like the 2 cheeseburger meal, large size it and you get a coke glass. I have 6 now I think. Or get the Double Cheeseburger Meal which I think has more meat than the 6 dollar Big Mac meal.

Remember, instead of wasting gas in the drive through (Unless there is no other car), go in get your meal, drink down the pop, and fill it again on the way out. (While you still can). You save gas that way and get extra drink. And you have less chance of getting ripped off with missing food items.

Hey, are any of you near coke manufactures? Would you get one of them USPS Flat rate boxes and fill it with coke and send it to me please. I'll tell you why later. I need it for some pictures. www.cokelover.com . I started this site in 1997, but it looked much different then.... till some company tried to steal it from me.

You all have a great day.... If you know any families that have deployed spouses and their hands full cause the critters are home from school (of course school should be 350 days a year), see if you can give them a hand or a break huh? :)

See A vet.... Thank A vet....



Random from the past N44-N48

Jun 27, 2008
Travel Update 06/27/08 0436

It's not even 0500 yet, but wiill be heading north to honor our hero Sgt Michael Washington.

I bid you all a great weekend!

Have you hugged a sailor lately??
Jun 30, 2008
1000 Flags, Field of Honor coming to Sandy, OR

Morning All!!

It was a long and hot weekend. Even reached 100F out here.

Last night we had thunder and lots of lightning. At least 2 people hit.

Today I'll be going to Gresham OR to honor one of our heroes and then I'll be heading to Sandy Oregon.

If you're near Sandy Oregon or can get there, they are looking for volunteers for today and tomorrow to help erect 1000 US Flags. Just take HWY26 east to Sandy and the field will be on the right near 362nd. (West side of the city).

Field Of Honor opening ceremony will be Tuesday night at 1900 and a Medal Ceremony on the 4th, 5th and 6th at 1900..

I discovered a new over the air TV channel called ION and last night I watched a different version of Jack and the Beanstalk. This movie took 4 hours because of so many ads. I thought I was watching commercials only television with short movie interruptions. What's really annoying is that most of the commercials where the same ones over and over and over again. Well, those are products I probably won't buy.

Have you made back-ups lately?? Better get to it.

This week, please contact at least 27 men and women serving in our military honorably and tell them Thank You!! You can even find a bunch of them here on myspace.

I bid you all a great week!!

New photos added to my photo albums here.


PS. Morons with fireworks are out there!!!!

PSS: Good News... A homeowner shot a burglar!! That burglar won't be coming to your house.
Jul 4, 2008
Field of Honor - Photos by Q Madp

Happy Independence Day

We are currently still able to celebrate this 4th of July holiday.

That's all gonna go away if we continue to neglect our borders, elect politicians that hate this country, continue to mistreat our military, continue to trade in more rights for falls sense of security, continue to treat criminals better than the victims, continue to neglect our children, continue to sell all our properties and businesses to foreign entities, continue not to vote, continue not to speak up, continue not to fight.......... I can go on and on....

WE THE PEOPLE should be running this country. WE THE PEOPLE should tell our elected officials what we want done or get rid of them.

WE THE PEOPLE should educate ourselves and not be guided by the media on what to do and think, and vote.

WE THE PEOPLE should not stand by when a fellow citizen is being violated.


Our dependencies on other nations to provide our necessities is growing more and more and so they command more and more on how we are to act. It's time that we reclaim our independence.



Field of Honor

Jul 5, 2008
Home Base Part 1 - Photos by Q Madp

Good Evening / Morning

It's almost midnight out here between Washington and California.

I started the day with burning and labeling CD's to send out to a couple of gold star parents when my burned crashed on me. I finished by using backup.

I mailed off the CD's and scrounged to get another burner. I needed to back up another 40 CD's worth of pics. 

Mt system kept crashing after every 4 or 5 cd's and it took me most of the day to get caught up with backing up the latest pics.

My computer is a 2003 model, and by techno time, that's pretty damn old and slow now.

I did take some time out to go watch a baseball game. One of the mums that has a kid in the game invited me. Been a long time since I watched a baseball game in person. Don't care much for the game, well, when pros play.

The only thing irritating about watching kids play baseball are some of these rude, obnoxious, hideous parents that just hound their kids. These kids are about 10 years old, let them play and get off their backs. Try encouraging them instead of calling them names and yelling at them.

Anyhow, I took some pics and have posted the 1st set. It will be a while before I get to any more, I'm still 6 funerals behind, or is that 7? I have another pending on Monday.

Until I win the lottery, I'm always in need of help: www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

Please take some time and do something for a veteran in your area. :)

I bid you all a great week ahead!



Home Base Part 1

Jul 6, 2008
Man in Black

Greetings All!!

I've spend most of the day doing backups and working on photos.

Tomorrow I'll be driving to Camas Washington for a memorial service. Please come if you can.

I've often been referred to as the man in black, cause black is pretty much all I've worn for many years. My socks are white now and then depending on the shoes.

Earlier a song came to mind from the original man in black (My opinion), Johnny Cash and sure enough I found copies of his song man in Black on Youtube.

My hand is still hurting from that fall a week ago. Maybe I'm getting old huh? It's mostly the thumb joint area where the thumb is connected to the hand..

Can you believe it's now been 1 year already since I've had my 1st mention in the local paper called The Oregonian? It's been a year since the billboard outside Fort Lewis in Washington was put up and it's still up.

Not counting the other brands I've used, I've shot over 269,264 Images since the start of this war using Nikon and about another 60,000 using other brands I've worn out. (2 Sony Mavica's, Minolta Dimage, 2 Kodaks) and use a borrowed Cannon Rebel while my then current Nikon was in the shop again to replace work out shutter mechanism.

I've logged and posted 1934 days of AP headers. Driven about 100,000 miles.. Spend over 1,945 Hours working on the pics I shot for the families of our heroes......

That's just the tip of my War Heroes projects.

Less than 7% is supported by outside sources (donations), the rest is me working and digging holes. The hits to my sites have been declining more an more and more... maybe there is something better out there... maybe it's as many tell me, people don't care... people are tired of it all. Maybe you wasting your time.

However, I have been making progress on my yard, it doesn't look like it's been neglected the last couple of years anymore. I wish it would stop raining till I'm caught up.

I bid you all a good week!!
Jul 8, 2008
Lincoln City Sunset - Photos by Q Madp

Good Morning!!

It's almost 0300 out here on the west coast. that's 3 AM for you sleepers.

The memorial service in Camas Washington went well. Did a lot of walking and running ahead of the horse drawn caisson. Didn't get good pics at the graveside service, too many people crowding all over. Rode on the back of a friend's trike to tri and catch some shots of the procession leaving the church.

After the Camas services, I then headed for Lincoln City, Oregon and while there I decided to walk in the water on the beach and shoot a sunset.

After I was done, a young lady approached me and skid if she could see the pics, so I flipped through them real fast on my camera so she could see the sunset in motion. She then talked about the colors being off on her pics and wanted some advise. So I spend a few minutes giving her some tips. Gave her some of my cards.

Stopped in the casino there to eat the buffett which is around 12 bucks there. I charged it, cause I had only 11 in cash. I played 10 games of $1 Keno and got back $6. Then went to play nickels after I was done eating. I left the place with $13.50 cash. Not counting the food charge. I left with $2.50 more than I had cash. Going into the gas tank.

Gonna crawl into bed in a few and get a nap. Tomorrow it will be back to working on pics.

See A Vet...Thank A Vet !!!!


PS. The pics I post are usually 640x480, which is much reduced from the size I have due to space and bandwidth usage on the net.


Lincoln City Sunset

Jul 13, 2008
SSG Justin M Estes R.I.P.

Good Afternoon All!

It's after 1600 and I've spent a good part of the day working on pics I didn't shoot. Gold Star mother of SSgt Justin Estes recently send me a CD with many pics taken at his memorial service just a little over a year ago in Arkansas.

I've cropped, light adjusted etc. and picked 99 and posted them on his tribute page. I'm in the process of uploading them as I'm typing this. I currently only have dial up speed and it's taken a little longer.

In a little while I'm heading off to attend a send off for a sailor heading to Afghanistan.

In case you haven't heard, 9 of our soldiers where killed in Afghanistan earlier today. I hope they find and kill all these bastards that did this. They will not be forgotten.

I bid you all a great week ahead please remember all our heroes and support all our troops, no matter where they are serving this country of ours.



SSgt Justin 'Dutch' Estes was killed in Samarra, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their unit during combat operations. Being a SSG at the young age of 25, you know he was a professional soldier and dedicated to our country. He will not be forgotten here!!! He is an American Hero!!


SSG Justin M Estes R.I.P.

Jul 15, 2008
Heritage-River Walk Part I - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

I'm still on limited internet and busy working on the pics. I'm currently working on 2 funerals I covered in Idaho on May 28th. Still got a long way to go to get caught up and will get them done before posting any of them on the Heroes sites.

Have you ever attended the funeral of one of our heroes and they played a fake bugle? It's disgusting!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a bugle with a build in speaker and a chip that plays taps when you click a button.

Full military honors should be with a real USA made USA Flag, Real Americans shooting real rifles with blanks and a real bugler. You should all help in complaining about this. maybe teach your kids to bugle so we have buglers in the future. If you know how to bugle, volunteer. there is a project out there that tries to help people find buglers www.buglesacrossamerica.org .

Our Men and Women that served our country deserve better. Many gave their real blood, their lives.... They should have real military honors and patriots coming out to honor them.

What the hell is wrong with McDonald's ? Yes, another rant about them. There is a sign that says you will be charged for ADDITIONAL condiments. For some reason, most of the non-English speaking help they have, and some of their illiterate managers don't understand the word ADDITIONAL! I should get the first 1 or 2 packs of mayo or ketchup with the fries for free and then be charged for more. OR am I getting this all wrong and I'm suppose to scrape the ketchup and mayo off my burger to use for my fries??

What then really T's me off is that they then pretend not to understand me. So much for McDonalds being an American institution.

I don't really drink beer, prefer scotch... but at one point I thought Bush was an American beer... well, if they was, they no longer is and I heard another skyscraper got sold to the Saudis?

Anyone see this weeks New Yorker Magazine? I thinks it's the July 21, 2008 Issue Date.

Have you backed up your hard drive lately? Or at least the stuff you gonna cry about if it goes crash? Smoke detector working? Have an escape plan? Your will up to date?

You all take care!!

See A Vet... Thank A Vet!!!

PS. If you want to help me get my internet back,,, www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help/ .



Heritage-River Walk Part I

Jul 18, 2008
Late Night Update 07/18/09 2344

Good Evening/Morning!!

It's almost midnight here, between California and Washington. I've spend most of the day working on pics again. I'm now up to June 1, 2008.

Tomorrow I was going to attend a couple veteran events but will skip them unless I get a ride. Down to about 2 gallons. Need that for my next 2 mail runs.

Army Cpl Jason Bogar was one of nine killed in the attack in Afghanistan on the 13th. I just received a few pics from the family and have posted them. www.iraqwarheroes.org/bogar.htm His services will most likely be next Friday in the Seattle Washington area. If you can be there to help honor our hero, please do.

If you can help me with gas, please do, www.iraqwarheroes.org/help .

Have you hugged a Marine lately?? If there are too many of them around you, send some this way. (Hey, I must be tired, was gonna say, send me all the cute women Marines).

Thank you all that are serving out there!!!

I bid everyone a great weekend. Try and do something nice for a geezer vet this weekend... they are all vanishing... too many are dying lonely without thanks.

See A Vet... Thank A Vet...


Jul 20, 2008
Army Spc Ahmed K Altaie POW/MIA

DoD: On Oct. 23, Altaie was categorized as DUSTWUN when he allegedly was kidnapped while on his way to visit family in Baghdad , Iraq . The soldier is assigned to the Provincial Reconstruction Team Baghdad.

In two days, Spc Ahmed K Altaie will be 43 years old and his family and friends will still be wondering when he will be coming home.

Ahmed K. Altaie, a 41-year-old Iraqi-born resident of Ann Arbor, Mich., was snatched off the street while he was visiting his Iraqi wife in Baghdad on Oct. 23.

Ahmed is believed to be the last POW still remaining in Iraq. 


Army Spc Ahmed K Altaie POW/MIA

Jul 19, 2008
Sgt Glen Martinez R.I.P.

Sgt Glen Martinez was killed in Al Anbar province, Iraq, supporting combat operations. I just added some memorial pics sent to me from Colorado. Please help remember our hero Sgt Martinez and all others that gave their all for this country of ours.


Sgt Glen Martinez R.I.P.


Jul 21, 2008
Spc Joseph Dwyer R.I.P. - PTSD the other Killer

Warning: Some of the text may be too intense for real young readers.

Hello Y'all !

I spend most of the weekend working on emails and pics again. Mostly on emails, cause they where piling up again. It's an ongoing thing here.

Over the weekend I had a some donations come in enough for a tank full of gas. I'll be needing more. I now have 2 missions pending this week. www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help/ 

My head is hurting. Got up 5 times this morning and after something moved along my window, startling the cats, I stayed up at the 6th wake up. I think it was one of the neighborhood cats that comes around to taunt my cats into a frenzy. Any suggestions on how to humanely keep those cats away?

I use very few lights... In Portland Oregone, the more you conserve, the more you will get punished by higher costs. They now have a new scam for raising the utilities even more, even though, they have a much cheaper abundant source of electricity.

They say that we have so much wind in the Gorge, that the wind turbines create too much electricity for the grid. Yet they won't slow down any of the coal generated plants and take advantage of all that extra juice. I'm willing to bet, on top of the expected minimum 27% increase in monthly fees, they will add a new fee to replace the grid lines.

OK, back to the light, one of the lights I have on while sitting here at my computer is a regular bulb, so I replaced it with a curley bulb. Well, my already messed up vision got even weirder. Like my eyes where vibrating.

Now, these are the light bulbs they want to force everyone into using, even though their content is dangerous if you brake one.

Did you know these bulbs come with a warning about something else?

"This product complies with Part 18 of the FCC Rules, but may cause interference to radios, televisions, wireless telephones, and remote controls. Avoid placing this product near these devices. If interference occurs, move the product away from the device or plug either into a different outlet. Do not install this product near maritime safety equipment or other critical navigation or communication equipment operating between 0.45 to 30MHz."

Recently I received new recycling containers to encourage me to recycle more along with a fee increase notice to pay someone else for all the work they want me to do.

I remember a few years ago when everyone was encouraged to reduce water usage and the Portland Water Bureau raised it's rates, citing that they didn't make enough money because of decreased usage. Here in Portland Oregone, we have to pay for the rain also. They call it a runoff fee, based on size of house, and rain etc. . As soon as I can figure out how to stop the rain , it would never rain on my house again. Dead grass and weeds is maintainable grass and weeds.

Did you know that San Francisco is using tax dollars to run a ad campaign promoting criminals and telling them it's a safe city to hide out in and they can get free medical and other stuff. I was hoping to find a Fox News Report video online, but may be to soon. I did find this one: https://youtube.com/watch?v=BMzsUo2aM4U 

Hey, I want some free cancer treatment... how do I become an illegal??

OK... Now for something more serious.....

"The premature death of Joseph Dwyer at the age of 31 has highlighted the neglect many American veterans believe they face once they return home."

"From war hero to war haunted"

"Celebrated soldier fell victim to 'demons'"

"Joseph Never Came Home"

Those comments and headlines can apply to THOUSANDS of Americans that have returned from war only to be killed by Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, known to many as just PTSD. I always refer to it as the other killer in war.

Today I added the name of Army Spc Joseph Dwyer to my list of heroes. Joseph served in the Iraq war in march of 2003 when things got started and the war was still 'popular' with many. He was then neglected, like so many others, despite obvious, and I mean REAL OBVIOUS signs of PTSD.

Yes, he was in and out of treatment... but shit like that isn't cured with a doctors call or a pill.... some of the crap you see and experience gets deeply imbedded into your brain and it stays there like a cancer eating at you.

Some can deal with it all the time, some only some of the time and some not at all. You have any idea, what it's like to revisit in your head bad images over and over and over and over and over again? They wake you up at night, they pass you by while at work and can even cause you to stop mid stream.

Then there are also sounds... screaming, sounds of pain, sounds of suffering... sounds you couldn't drown out then and can't now.

There are also smells... smells of death, smells of decaying bodies, smells of flesh burning.... smells that seem entwined into the hairs of your nostrils....

There is also the sense of mistrust and lack of security... who can you trust? Who is gonna try and kill you next?

There is much more....

The worst part of it.... Where is the help?

Spc Joseph Dwyer is a recent example of how PTSD has killed him after returning from the war front, despite his popularity.

The picture in my mind, while reading the stories of when they found him, was so sad.

On my website at www.IraqWarHeroes.org I do have a PTSD links page.

Please take some time and read the stories, and read about our hero Spc Dwyer who became famous after rescuing an Iraqi child. You know, no matter what war, most American soldiers always cared and looked out for the kids.

Spc Joseph Dwyer will not be forgotten here!
Jul 23, 2008
Buckaroo Fire Part 1 - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

I smell like smoke, just got back from a fire a little while ago. In the 80's, I used to photograph (35mm negatives print film) a lot of fires etc. I got a call from a friend of a big dark cloud and decided to check it out.

Often you see firefighters just lazing around or hanging around a grocery store but when the time comes, there are there to risk health and life to fight a fire or rescue man or animal. I've posted the first set of 50 pics. These are pretty much raw images I shot. The ones posted have all been reduced for web.

Yesterday I received 10 car flags I won on Ebay for about 12 bucks. Well, they truly are CHEAP flags. I always wear them out. I mounted 2 of them on my car and drove about 6 miles at under 35mph and when I got to my destination, they were already shredding. Damn!!

Right after my mail run, I want to this auto parts place that I knew had some and paid another 8 bucks for 2 more flags that I know will last at least a week. I think I'll give away the other 8 to people moving at walking speed.
Friday I'll be heading to Seattle Washington for one of our heroes. If you can come please do.

I bid you all a great day!!



Buckaroo Fire Part 1

Jul 24, 2008
Travel Update 07/24/08 2028

Tomorrow I'll be heading to Seattle Washington to honor our Hero Cpl Jason Bogar.

A few minutes I received a phone call and received an invite for TSgt Jackie Larsen's memorial services which will be in California on Monday.

I'll be heading to Yuba City and Sutter California. If you can help with gas and food, please do.. www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help/ .

Because I'm getting more decrepit, I won't be able to do 20 hours of driving in one day, so if anyone down there can help me get a place to crash, that would be great.

I bid you all a great weekend!!
Jul 26, 2008
Travel Update 07/26/08 1117

Greetings Everyone!!

The services in Seattle for Cpl Jason Bogar went well yesterday. I got home a little before today.

The church, St Marks was great on the inside for taking non-flash pics. The windows allowing in light where so huge, it was daylight inside the whole place with chandeliers that seem to have been lit just for decoration.

I got to the cemetery early to do the usual, check out the layout and learn where people such as the Honor Guard will be positioning themselves. Then I photographed the PGR coming in to set up flag flag line. My friend Junius, who rides a gig black trike came to me and told me that Bruce Lee is buried in this cemetery but he didn't know where.

I had to find out, I used to be a big fan of his back then and even clobber myself with num-chucks. I asked one of the ground keepers and he pointed at some balloons. Three of us walked there to check it out. It seems like his grave site has as many daily visitors as the Space Needle. I had to move quick to get a snapshot without anyone in the frame. The couple minutes I was there, a car would pull out, people get out, pose and snap pics and another car would pull up..... I posted 2 pics in my photo album here on myspace. https://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewAlbums&friendID=16565528

As walked over to the site where the service will be held, I looked at the headstones and then got confused. I'm thinking that it was just another sign clearing me for Monday's mission in California. Just a couple of headstones to the right was a headstone with the names of 2 people with the last name of Larsen. I realize it's common name in the NW but it was out of place with the names in this section.

I had started to tell someone next to me that TSgt Jessica Larsen was born on an US Air Force base in the Philippines etc. etc. when it dawned back on me that I'm at Cpl Bogar's memorial service.

After the service I followed a local PGR guy to his house. I was going to be in the middle of rush hour and not get far anyhow. His name is Patrick and his wife offered to set an extra plate and feed me before I head south. I still got stuck in traffic near Tacoma.

It's moving at 5-25 miles an hour with lots of stopping that burns a lot of fuel. I'm glad I picked up a few bucks in gas donations. I could always use a few more. www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help . Hey, $4.25 will buy me 1 gallon, which is about 26 Miles on the Freeway. (About 12 in the city).

You're helping families that have forever lost someone that has given their all for this country of ours, for our freedoms. I'm just a tool you could say, providing them with something that will help with closure and most of all, a view of something their grieving eyes and broken hearts missed. Am I making sense here to you??

I'm also here to remind all of our heroes, and any help in accomplishing this is greatly appreciated.

It is now Saturday out here in this weird place between Washington and California. I'm way too hot and my clothes are already wet from sweating. I get this now and then. Lack of rest mostly I think... whatever that is.

In an hour I'll be making a local house call to fix someone's email problems, that will be a couple more bucks. It seems like those utilities send me stuff to pay in the mail every few days or are my months passing like your weeks? Could be the lack of weekends?

Later today I'll be backing all the pics I shot yesterday so I can clear my Compact Flash Cards and get them ready for the next trip.

Have you backed up lately??? I'm not talking into your driveway and your house either. :)

Please spend some time this weekend, sending some messages of support to our troops honorably serving this country (USA) of ours. :)

I bid you all a great weekend!

I will probably start my trip toward Yuba City, California tomorrow night around midnight.
Jul 27, 2008
Travel Update 07/27/08 2221 Heading South

It's a few minutes after 2200 (That's 10pm for you sleepers) and it's darker than daylight out here on the west coast.

I've got all my gear together and will be leaving in a few minutes to make that 10 hour drive south to Yuba City California and Sutter California for the services for TSgt Jackie Larsen. If you're in that area, please come and pay honors to our Hero on Monday.

I bid you all a great week ahead.!

Please remember those have have died serving this country honorably!

See A Vet... Thank A Vet...

Read my blog here lately?
Jul 28, 2008
Travel Update 07/28/08 0908 Yuba City, California


It's 0845 and it's gonna be a hot and smoke filled day. Well, I think that's smoke I'm seeing out here around Yuba City.

I crossed the national border... OOOOps, I mean, the Oregon/California border around 0400 this morning and drove straight through. Driving went fine until the cruise control stopped working again.

I hit a skunk area, where the smell was sharp enough to set off my head hurting... I'm glad it didn't last long. (Probably cause I was sure to take some aspirin along). 

I'm sitting in a restaurant called Dancing Tomato Cafe. I think they like everything dry here. On the plus side, I got seated near an 110v outlet to charge my battery in my notebook. 

Next I'm going to check out the location for the memorial service and then go find a shadow to park in and take a nap.

There are no flags out or anything indicating that a hero has come home. About 80 miles back on I-5, I saw flag at half mast. I need to find out who has that flag, it's near exit 677??. 

I looked at the cover pages of the local papers and see nothing. Asked my waiter if he knew anything. He didn't, wanting to know if she's even from here. SHOULDN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Received some personal bad news a few minutes ago, and I don't know how that's gonna affect things for me yet. Can't deal with it till I get back.

Have you thanked an Airman/Airwoman lately? They are the ones that help protect our skies.

You all take care!



Buckaroo Fire Part 3

Jul 31, 2008
Travel Update 07/31/08 0643

Greetings Everyone!

Made it back ok from my California mission. This morning I'm heading to The Dalles, Oregon for a change of pace and attend a Welcoming Home event for one of our troops.

For next week I've been requested for 2 services. Tuesday and Wednesday I think.

I bid you all a great day!~!

Thank you to everyone serving this country of ours honorably!!



Buckaroo Fire Part 4

Aug 2, 2008
Buckaroo Fire Part 5 - Photos & Rants by Q Madp

Scroll to the bottom to skip the rants and get to the photo link.

It's Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 and just a hour after noon. I just walked back into the house and straight to my keyboard.

This morning after completing another set of pics, I decided I would go to the Clark County Fair in Washington, since it's the closest Fair to me. I also know some people that will be performing there today. Tried, couldn't get a free pass, but I figured I could scrape the 9 bucks to get into the fair. I actually scraped 20 and was going to do breakfast someplace cheap first.

OK... I grabbed 3 days worth of newspapers that I'm behind and headed north on I-205. I then took the last I-205 Exit before it merges with I-5 and decided to go to BK. Have a cheap $3.99 breakfast and do some reading before heading up a couple more exists to the fair.

I walked into that BK (13308 NE HWY 99) at 1055 and was told I was too late for breakfast, they stop serving it at 1100. Well, it wasn't 1100 yet but that didn't matter, their time was already 1100. So after standing there a couple minutes and then the girl leaves and a manager comes to take my order. So, I ended up ordering the whopper meal for $5.79 and then they added a tax for $0.47. I n Washington you don't have to pay this tax if you cook the food yourself. The receipt then showed a time of 11:02AM Receipt 236 Total $6.26 Change out of 20... $13.74.

Well, good, I still had 9 for the fair, and I got the large cup, so I can refill it before leaving.

I ate and then started on the papers. When I got into yesterday's paper, I read about the fair this weekend, the charge of 9 bucks and you will be charged an additional $5 for parking. WTF? Parking should be free with all the new gas taxes they charge you out there.

That means I now needed $14 just to get into the damn place. I was just gonna wander around and shoot some frames. When I got done eating, I headed back home.

Next Rant......

I drove to Yuba City, California recently to honor one of our heroes that died in Iraq while serving her country.

Other than Beale AFB, are there any Americans with any pride living in that city?

The turnout was pathetic. Nowhere in this town could you see any signs of anyone giving a damn. 

The fact that this TSgt, that has given many years to the Air Force and this country, didn't die in hand to hand combat against a dozen terrorist should not matter.

I get so pissed off hearing people tell me someone only died of natural causes, or in a car accident, or by falling on the war front and therefore shouldn't be considered as a hero. You can all just go F yourselves.

Do these pathetic people really think that our men and women, fighting for our country pick and chose on how they will die?

Maybe you all should volunteer... and don't let that paper cut kill ya.

I have more.....

There where some people there standing on the flag line... I have no idea why they where there.... If they would have been your average locals coming out like on the 4th of July holding our colors, I would have understood... but these people should have know better since they came out under the pretense of honoring our hero.

This was all even just minutes before the service started... some had the flag over their backs like they was going fishing, some tilted forward, almost reaching the ground, one had the flag in one hand and a cell phone in the other totally ignoring the surroundings... Some where chatting away with each other like a bunch of hens that haven't seen each other for over 30 minutes...

For a brief few seconds, some put the flags straight up and down when their leader called for it after spotting the General arriving. It shouldn't take seeing a General that you where being disrespectful to all the others that arrived and mainly, to our hero.

Call me over sensitive... but that all just irritated the hell out of me... Yes, I did try saying something... In other places, my feedback and suggestions are welcomed... and in some... Who the hell am I, and what the hell do I know?

Helmet Laws....

The same morons that insisted on helmet laws for people on motorcycles are the same morons insisting that bicyclist shouldn't have to wear helmets. 

They are too smart and too uppity to ever hurt their over bloated heads on concrete. 

Portland, Oregon(e) now one of the leading communist cities on the west coast has more surprises in the works for people that think they have rights under our constitutions and as Americans.

No matter how bad the idea, if San Francisco does it, they will do it here also.... 

This morning I finished the pics from June 12th and am now working on June 14. I'll start posting them when I get closer to mid July.

I have funeral services pending for next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Below is a link to Part 5 of the Buckeroo Fire. I have one more after this. I wish you all a great weekend!!

Please support all our troops that are honorably serving this country of ours!!

Please help remember all that gave their all for our country!!!

See A Vet.... Thank A Vet....



Buckaroo Fire Part 5

Aug 5, 2008
Travel Updaye 08/05/08 0802

Today I have 2 memorial services to attend and it's gonna be a hot day. Bteween 95 and 100.
Tomorrow I have another service.

I bid you all a great week!

Aug 6, 2008
Buckaroo Fire Part 6 - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings All!

It's a few before 0600 and it's been a very long and warm night. I think the only reason I don't forget to wake up is cause I don't sleep.

Both services went well yesterday even though we had to help some of the attendees because the heat .

I have another service today. It will be a long and hot one today, but not as hot as yesterday they say.

But definitely not as hot as our men and women on the war front are enduring.

Below is the link to the last set of the Buckaroo Fire I've posted for public.

I'm currently up to June 19, 2006 as far as working on services pics.

Happy Hump Day!



Buckaroo Fire Part 6

Aug 8, 2008
Vancouver PW Walk Part II - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

Tomorrow morning I'll be driving to Lincoln City, Oregon and should be back again by midnight to take a nap and then head to Hillsboro, Oregon on Sunday.

This week I attended 4 memorial services for our heroes that helped keep this country free.

I just received and email from a family member of one of these heroes.

Thank you so much for what you do. The time you took to take the pictures of my father's services On Wednesday August 6.
The dignity in which you did them was very special to my family and I. You were quite and unobtrusive.
My Father, Chris H. Leubner would have been proud of the services and the respect he was shown.
We look forward to the CD whenever you have it done.
Thank you again, Q!
God Bless You.
& the Leubner Family

It's nice receiving these, especially when the piles around you are so high.

I'm currently working on pics shot on July 5th this year. Depending on how things go this coming week, I'll start posting some of the completed missions again. Right now, I'm just trying to get them done. To get caught up to yesterdays funerals, I still have 8,108 photos to go. I do one photo at a time, I crop them, lighten them, darken them etc. If I do them all, it will take at least another 138 Hours.

Of course I have to take time to update the heroes list, create their individual pages. This week I added at least 17 names. I hope I didn't miss any. I don't want any of them forgotten!!

School is starting again soon and there will be less speed bumps in the middle of the day again!!! If your kid needs to absolutely have a cell phone, get it a simple phone that only dials. No texting, no videos, no music, etc. etc. Parents need to start taking control of their kids. I think schools are acting more as daycare centers for older kids, rather than places to learn.

If your kids are over 6 years old and still wearing diapers, like the ones I see with their pants hanging down so low , try getting them Depends, they suppose to have a better fit and you don't need to walk around holding up your pants.

I know many parents are too busy, working multiple jobs so their kids can have and do whatever and still not respect you. It's time for basics, you are not there to serve your children, you are there to raise them and teach them.

If your kid wants a $200 pair of ripped jeans, you get them a $4 pair at a thrift shop and rip them yourself. Don't let your daughters walk out of the house looking like adult prostitutes either. It's sad when I see school kids dressed trashier than the ho's on ho street.

If you're a loser parent, give up your kid for adoption, so that you don't screw up another life. Kids know when you think of them as a "mistake" . Get a job, teach your kids self respect, honor,....

A 2 pencil for 20 cents is just as effective as a bloated designer 2 for $3.50. 

Teach your kids their last name and that you're not the Jones (Unless you really are).

Teach your kids about our heroes, and why they should respect them, and recognize them.

Of course... if you don't care... neither will they....

Keep your internet computer in a public space in your house. There is no reason why your kids should have their own computers in their room accessing the net in the night unsupervised. Remember, you the parent can disconnect them and can cut off the TV.

Ever noticed at how many more fat kids we have? Cause parents use TV's, Computer and computer games to baby-sit them.

Check your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers....

Backed up your computer files lately or your cell phone contact list?

Do your kids know how to contact you and where to go in case of emergency?

Do they know who it is safe to accept a ride from? Most child molesters are family members. Maybe not the immediate family...

OK OK ... I'll stop now!!! And NO, I don't have any.

Don't forget to love your children!!!

Abused?? www.WomensCrisisLine.org

I bid you all a good weekend!



Vancouver PW Walk Part II

Aug 11, 2008
Hillsboro Air Show 2008 Highlights - Photos by Q Madp

Good Evening!!

I spent some time in Hillsboro today with some friends watching the Air Show. I got a free ticket from Lincoln Memorial. How could I pass up shooting planes.

I have lots of pics, but you won't see them for a long time... BUT, I had to pick a few to share now.

All photos are reduced to 640x in size.

I hope you enjoy them!!



Hillsboro Air Show 2008 Highlights

Aug 12, 2008
Water, Sand & Feathers Part 1 - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!

Spend most of the day on pics yesterday and will probably do the same today. I completed another memorial set last night, and won't be posting any of the missions until I get caught up some more.

Here are some pics for all the men and women in the sandbox. Thank you all for serving!!! I bid you a successful mission and safe return!



Water, Sand & Feathers Part 1

Aug 13, 2008
Water, Sand & Feathers Part 2 - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

Why are terrorists in our country always down labeled, like activist, or something else sounding minor.

One of our local terrorists has finally been sentenced to jail but not for long enough.

"Tre Arrow (born Michael Scarpetti in 1974) first came to public attention in July 2000 when he scaled a U.S. Forest Service building in downtown Portland, Oregon and lived on a nine-inch ledge for eleven days, to protest the plan to log near Eagle Creek, Oregon.His protest played an important role in reversing the Forest Service's plans to log the area."

"Tre Arrow, is an eco-terrorist who gained prominence in the U.S. state of Oregon in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Arrow was extradited from Canada to Portland, Oregon on February 29, 2008 to face 14 counts of arson and conspiracy.[1] These actions were claimed as acts of protest by the radical environmental group Earth Liberation Front (ELF). On June 3rd, 2008 Arrow entered into a non-cooperation agreement in which he plead guilty to 2 counts of arson ."

Local Story: https://www.oregonlive.com/news/oregonian/index.ssf?/base/news/1204345507152960.xml&coll=7 

So, after him making the news, I dug through my link archive and here are some pics: www.letmeshootyou.org/eaglecreek/ . I think I shot these with my Sony Mavica floppy disk camera.

I worked on mission pics till this morning around 0130 before my wireless mouse red light came on again and told me to quit, or it will quit.

I hope to be done with the Seattle mission from July 25th today. It's getting really warm out.

Tim King of Salem-News.com is leaving for Iraq tonight and I'll be at the Airport with some friends to see him off.

Here is a recent article Tim has done which includes me. https://salem-news.com/articles/august102008/oregon_air_show_8-10-08.php . It includes some of my recent Air Show pics.

I've posted Part 2 from my July 7th set at Lincoln Beach. I hope you all enjoy them.

Take a couple minutes and find a GI on myspace and send them a THANK YOU note!!

Wishing you all a great Hump Day!! wear your seatbelts.



Water, Sand & Feathers Part 2

Aug 14, 2008
Water, Sand & Feathers Part 3 - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

Last night a few friends and I went to Portland International Airport to give a surprise send off and well wishes to Tim King, a former Marine heading to Iraq to report on what he sees. Previously he was in Afghanistan over a year ago. I bid him a successful mission and safe return. Tim was happily surprised and we hope to be there when he returns. I'll be letting you know when he posts videos.

Make it simple and just subscribe to my blog here so you know when I've posted one.

I was tempted to drive south this morning to Medford, Oregon, where there will be a special ceremony for 9 firefighters that got killed recently but can't afford it. I went into more debt last night just to get out of the parking garage at PDX.

It's going to be a hot day today, 100+. I'm going to stay in my basement most of the day in my non-outside state and keep working on pics. I'm now up to July 28. Long way to go yet.

Later this evening, when it will be at it's hottest, I'll be heading out to a Coalition Of Troop Support meeting. I've put together some online tools that will help them. Which reminds me, I better get my battery charged. BRB

Did you see that video/slide show I posted here last night? It's pretty good. :)

Well, I need to get back to the pics. Have you hugged a Squid lately or a Seal? Let them know you apreciate what they are doing for our country!!



Water, Sand & Feathers Part 3

Aug 16, 2008
Water, Sand & Feathers Part 4 of 4 - Photos by Q Madp

Good Morning Everyone!!! (Scroll to the bottom if you're just here for the pics)

I'm hiding in my basement from that big fire globe in the sky hovering over that place lost between California and Washington.

I worked on photos most of the day and all night until 0330 this morning and have only 1 more funeral service to get done. Once it's done, then I'll start selecting the ones I'll be posting on our hero's page.

Yesterday I had to pay some of my web related fees. With only $3.86 in my checking account, I had to charge the $274.50 which should keep those fees paid up until November. 

I'm glad I didn't go south yesterday, that would have been at least another $120 on gasoline alone. They showed some of the service on the news on a local over the air channel and they didn't show any footage of the many Patriot Guard Riders that drove up and down there, all those flags would have looked really nice. They are the same ones that will Oooo and Ahhh over my pics, and when I tell them they can use them as long as they give credit to IraqWarHeroes.org they don't.

I only have 2.1GB of space left on my photo drive and my main system is dragging.

Saw a big application table at Jack'n'Box yesterday, but they won't hire geezers with beards unless they fall under one of those protected groups. Gonna start looking at some gas stations around here. I'm one of those people where others say I have talents, but those talents aren't worth paying for.

There's a gal in Nevada with severe MS, she spends a lot of time emailing people about IraqWarHeroes.org and out of the over 300 newspapers she's emailed, 2 responded with little to no interest, and the rest didn't respond.

Based on how many people read my blog here, an average of 45 daily out of 10,500+ on my friends list it shows that most are just not interested or have the time.

I know... sounds like some of the same rants.... but then others tell me I need to remind people... I know I'm very forgetful and one of the few things I don't forget I'm acting on every single day. Reminding others not to forget our heroes!!!

I think my basement is running out of air.... it just got different... gotta work my way through piles of unfinished stuff and crack the window open a little before it gets too warm out for me. brb

I used to be a much tidier person over 5 years ago... oh well... Anyone want to buy an original Friden motor operated calculator? It's 110V and it jams a lot because I don't know how to properly operate it. As I'm typing this, I looked on the net again about the calculator and found a useful link: www.oldcalculatormuseum.com/fridenstw.html and a video. Found some other links too, going to have to check it out. I also have it's non electrical portable with case. 

Well, time has passed... I need to get on with it... want to complete that last set before midnight.

I bid you all a great weekend!!! If you think it's hot out, think about the heat our men and women are suffering in the sand box. Wish them cool thoughts and if you See A Vet... Thank A Vet!!!



Water, Sand & Feathers Part 4 of 4

Aug 18, 2008
James Freidel, USMC, Korean War Veteran, R.I.P.

Greetings All!!

Lots of rain and thunder and rain, and water coming from above all night and morning. Now the damn grass is gonna grow again!!

I've caught up on the funeral pics, and have now started to select a few for the public and posting them. The first one is below.

I did have some work yesterday, so I'll pay another utility today.

I bid you all a great week!! Please remember all of our troops on dangerous missions!!! If you know a family that has someone deployed, see if you can give them a hand with something the deployed person normally does. Mow the lawn, wash the dishes...


Mission Report

05/15/08 Start Time: 0900 End Time: 1130 Total Time: 2 Hours 30 minutes Total Miles Driven: 7 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 4.3 Hours. Total pics for family: 259 Total posted for public: 70 pics.


James Freidel, USMC, Korean War Veteran, R.I.P.

Aug 18, 2008
SSgt Eldon Heller, USMC, Korean War Veteran, R.I.P.

Back in May, I mentioned that I attended two services for veterans and both where for heroes that served in Korea at the Chosin Reservoir, known as the Chosin Few. One was in Oregon (The last one I posted) and this one was in Washington. On their pages I attached an article by Tim King. The cold weather these men endured back then was unbelievable.

Took a little longer to upload this. Lost my internet in the middle of transfer. I'm now on my dial-up speed backup. Going to do mail run after this and try to get another set posted.


Mission Report

05/15/08 Start Time: 1130 End Time: 1543 Total Time: 4 Hours 13 minutes Total Miles Driven: 47 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 8.2 Hours. Total pics for family: 463 Total posted for public: 81 pics.


SSgt Eldon Heller, USMC, Korean War Veteran, R.I.P.

Aug 18, 2008
Lt. Col Joseph A Moore R.I.P.

He served the Air Force for over 19 years with the Idaho Air National Guard. He was on assignment under Operation Enduring Freedom when he died of natural causes.

Please help remember him and all our other heroes!!!


Mission Report

05/27/08 Start Time: 1200 End Time: 05/28/08 2134 Total Away Time: 31 Hours 34 minutes Total Miles Driven: 929 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 12.1 Hours. Total pics for family: 669 Total posted for public: 109 pics.


Lt. Col Joseph A Moore R.I.P.

Aug 19, 2008
William Nordgaard, USN, Vietnam, R.I.P.

They usually just call him Bill. I've met Bill personally many times at funerals for veterans. I've also attended the funeral of one of his family members and had delivered him the photos.

I never did recognize his last name and didn't know it was his funeral I was attending until I saw his photograph.

Bill served in the US Navy and served in the Vietnam War. As a member of American Legion Post 14 in Vancouver, Bill has attended over 1000 funerals of the many years for our veterans as Honor Guard.

Please help remember him and all our other heroes!!!


Mission Report

05/27/08 Start Time: 0930 End Time: 1145 Total Away Time: 2 Hours 15 minutes Total Miles Driven: 14 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 12.1 Hours. Total pics for family: 365 Total posted for public: 92 pics.


William D Nordgaard, USN, Vietnam War Veteran, R.I.P.

Aug 19, 2008
Spc Sharri Cressman, US Army Veteran, R.I.P.

Spc Sharri Cressman is a US Army Veteran and the wife of a active PGR member. I believe she was a member also. She died in her sleep on the morning of May 27.

Please help remember her and all our other heroes!!!

Aug 19, 2008
Robert Shimp, USN, Coast Guard, R.I.P.

Robert & Nancy Shimp died as a result of someone else not looking out for motorcycles. Robert is a Navy Veteran, served a long time in the Coast Guard and belonged to a large ride club.


Mission Report

06/01/08 Start Time: 0700 End Time: 2303 Total Away Time: 16 Hours 03 Minutes Total Miles Driven: 293 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 5.7 Hours. Total pics for family: 342 Total posted for public: 80 pics.


Robert Shimp, USN, Coast Guard, R.I.P.

Aug 19, 2008
Calvin Coolidge Lee, WWII Marine Veteran, R.I.P.

Calvin is one of the ones of the Greatest Generation!! He is 1 of 5 brothers out of 7 that served in WWII. Calvin was with the Marines!!! The Few! The Proud!!!


Mission Report

06/12/08 Start Time: 0930 End Time: 1200 Total Away Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes Total Miles Driven: 14 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 6.8 Hours. Total pics for family: 403 Total posted for public: 82 pics.


Calvin Coolidge Lee, WWII Marine Veteran, R.I.P.

Aug 19, 2008
Sgt Eldon V Bailey, Korean War Veteran, R.I.P.

Sgt Eldon Bailey is a Korean War Veteran. The war that many seem to forget about.


Mission Report

06/14/08 Start Time: 0700 End Time: 1455 Total Away Time: 7 Hours 55 Minutes Total Miles Driven: 120 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 6.8 Hours. Total pics for family: 411 Total posted for public: 86 pics.


Sgt Eldon V Bailey, Korean War Veteran, R.I.P.

Aug 20, 2008
Sgt Michael T Washington, KIA, R.I.P.

Marine Sgt Michael T Washington was killed while supporting combat operations in Farah Province, Afghanistan.

This young Marine gave his all for our country, our freedom, our way of life. He will not be forgotten here!

Please help remember him and all our other heroes that give their all!!!


Mission Report

06/19/08 Start Time: 0700 End Time: 1900 Away Time: 12 Hours 00 Minutes Miles Driven: 338 Miles (Escort Mission)

06/27/08 Start Time: 0400 End Time: 1840 Away Time: 14 Hours 40 Minutes Miles Driven: 360 Miles (Funeral Mission)

Total Away Time: 26 Hours 40 Minutes Total Miles Driven: 698 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 17.2 Hours. Total pics for family: 985 Total posted for public: 188 pics.


Sgt Michael T Washington, KIA, R.I.P.

Aug 20, 2008
Pfc Jesse Frank Granger, R.I.P.

Pfc Jesse F Granger served 2 tours in Iraq and was with the Oregon National Guard. He had just turned 24 when he died in Tacoma Washington. He will not be forgotten!!


Mission Report

06/30/08 Start Time: 0800 End Time: 1600 Total Away Time: 8 Hours 00 Minutes Total Miles Driven: 84 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 6.9 Hours. Total pics for family: 414 Total posted for public: 79 pics.


Pfc Jesse Frank Granger, R.I.P.


Aug 20, 2008
Army Spc Kacey C Day, Active Duty, R.I.P.

Greetings All!

I woke up this morning with my head banging and it took a while before I had a clear picture. It's been raining a lot and I think it still is out there.

Anyone going to the state fair in Salem, Oregon(e) this Friday the 22nd?

Thank you Sue for the toothpaste. Got it in the mail today.

After my mail run, I stopped for some coffee, read the want ads and I went grocery shopping, 2lbs of Cheese (California, cheaper than the Tillamook), a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread and 60 eggs and 12 rolls TP.

I received another message here today, complaining that I post too many bulletins, so they will have to delete me. It is possible to click on bulletins under your friends tab and read all bulletins. You're not limited to the 4 or 5 you see on your front page.

I just got done posting some of the pics for Spc Kacey Day's memorial service. Spc Day served 1 tour in Iraq and was last stationed at Fort Carson and died in a car accident just outside the base. From what I know, he caused his death and 2 others to be injured because he got behind the wheel while intoxicated. I don't care how smart alcohol makes you, it will never make you a better drive or use better judgment. 

I don't know the befores.... but I know the old saying "Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk" should apply to all and all intoxicants.

I also think that we should be watching our troops a little closer after they return from war and make sure they are not alone to deal with what may follow.

I bid you all a great Wednesday!!! Have you hugged a soldier lately? 


Mission Report

07/07/08 Start Time: 1100 End Time: 1700 Total Away Time: 6 Hours 00 Minutes Total Miles Driven: 40 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 14.3 Hours. Total pics for family: 860 Total posted for public: 112 pics.


Army Spc Kacey C Day, Active Duty, R.I.P.

Aug 20, 2008
Army Cpl Jason M Bogar, KIA, R.I.P.

"Wanat, Afghanistan - Jason Michael Charles Bogar died on July 13, 2008, giving his life in service to his country with the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team..... Jason began his military service in 2001, when hr joined yje Washington National Guard. In 2004 he left for his first tour in Iraq and over the next four years served two more tours in Afghanistan."

Cpl Jason M Bogar was killed when their outpost was attacked by small arms fire and rocket propelled grenades from enemy forces in Wanat, Afghanistan.

Cpl Bogar is another American Hero that gave his all for our country!! Lets not forget.

Mission Report

07/25/08 Start Time: 0700 End Time: 2310 Total Away Time: 16 Hours 10 Minutes Total Miles Driven: 398 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 17.1 Hours. Total pics for family: 1010 Total posted for public: 125 pics.


Army Cpl Jason M Bogar, KIA, R.I.P.

Aug 21, 2008
TSgt Jackie L Larsen, Air Force, Active Duty, Iraq, R.I.P.

" Tech. Sgt. Jackie L. Larsen, a paralegal and an 18-year Air Force veteran, died at Joint Base Balad Hospital. She was the 9th Reconnaissance Wing Legal Office superintendent, based at Beale Air Force Base, Calif. Beale Air Force Base is home to the nation's U-2 and RQ-4 reconnaissance, or "spy," planes."

TSgt Larsen died of natural causes July 17 at Balad Air Base, Iraq while serving our country. Our Hero will not be forgotten. 


Mission Report

07/27/08 Start Time: 2200 End Time: 07/29/08 0014 Total Away Time: 26 Hours 14 Minutes Total Miles Driven: 1161 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 7.9 Hours. Total pics for family: 454 Total posted for public: 70 pics.


TSgt Jackie L Larsen, Air Force, Active Duty, Iraq, R.I.P.

Aug 21, 2008
William (USN) and Ella (LEO) Kimble, R.I.P.

William & Ella Kimble met while he was in the Navy, docked in Portland, Oregon for the rose city festival. He got restricted back to ship but a short few weeks later they got together again and have been for a long time.

Bill was a veteran of the United States Navy, and Ella was a retired West Linn police officer.

They will both be missed. They both served our country and community with honors.


Mission Report

08/05/08 Start Time: 0900 End Time: 1130 Total Away Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes Total Miles Driven: 14 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 10.6 Hours. Total pics for family: 640 Total posted for public: 118 pics.


William (USN) and Ella (LEO) Kimble, R.I.P.

Aug 21, 2008
Sgt Harry H Niehoff, USMC, WWII Veteran., R.I.P.

Sgt Harry H Niehoff, another from the Greatest Generation that sacraficed so much for our country!

Harry received the Silver Star (Tarawa), Bronze Star w/ Combat V (Saipan), 2 Purple Hearts (Mortar shrapnel on Tarawa & Jap grenade on Saipan). Died recently after a battle with cancer.

We must remember these veterans and also remember to thank them, each time we see them. We should listen to their stories, for soon, many more will be gone as this generation of Heroes fades away but not in our hearts and their stories....


PS. I'll be in Salem Oregon at the State Fair tomorrow to capture more images to share with all, especially with those deployed on foreign soil. I may be back down there again on Saturday for a Veterans Celebration. 

I hope to get another completed mission posted in a couple of hours. Dial up speed suxs.

Mission Report

08/05/08 Start Time: 1130 End Time: 1300 Total Away Time: 1 Hours 30 Minutes Total Miles Driven: 7 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 6.5 Hours. Total pics for family: 386 Total posted for public: 61 pics.


Sgt Harry H Niehoff, USMC, WWII Veteran., R.I.P.

Aug 21, 2008
CWO2 Chris H Leubner RIP - And Travel Update

Travel Update

I have just been requested to attend the memorial service for a silver star recipient in Boise Idaho this Saturday. I don't have all the details yet. So, I'll be not at the Veterans thing at the state fair on Saturday then.

If you can help with gas and food, lodging; www.IraqWarHeroes.org and click on Please Help. or direct to www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help 

Thank you!



CWO2 Chris Harold Leubner

Chris served in the United States Army achieving the rank of CWO2.

After 20 tears of active duty he retired to Portland, Oregon.

During his years of service he was awarded Army of Occupation Medal (Germany), National Defense Service Medal, 1st Oak Leaf Cluster, Good Conduct Medal, 5th Award, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal with 60 dvc, Army Commendation Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Armed Forces Honor Medal, 2nd Class, ARCOM, 1st OLC and several citations.

Mission Report

08/06/08 Start Time: 1130 End Time: 1300 Total Away Time: 1 Hours 30 Minutes Total Miles Driven: 7 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 6.5 Hours. Total pics for family: 516 Total posted for public: 108 pics.


CWO2 Chris H Leubner, Vietnam War Veteran, 20 Years Army, R.I.P.

Aug 22, 2008
PO1 Jeffrey A Lucas Memorial

Petty Officer 1st Class (Seal) Jeffrey A Lucas was killed while conducting combat operations when the MH-47 helicopter that they were aboard crashed in the vicinity of Asadabad, Afghanistan in Kumar Province on June 28, 2005.

Since then his folks and a few others have been holding fundraisers to build a new HS Stadium in his honor. I just posted a few pics from the most recent auction dinner fundraiser which occurred last April.



PO1 Jeffrey A Lucas Memorial

Aug 22, 2008
Hillbilly Heaven

Morning All!

It's 0535. Woke up 4 times and decided to stay up. I had a tune in my head and looked to see if it's on YouTube. I found his original released version and also one he sang much later live. Hillbilly Heaven by Tex Ritter.

I bid you all a great weekend!!!

Thanks to all of you out there serving our nation honorably!!


05:59 P.S. I just noticed most of my sites are currently down and emails. 
Aug 23, 2008
Travel Update 08/22/08 1906 going to MERIDIAN ID

I spend most of the day in Salem and when I got home, and my email was online again, I got a confirmed mission for Meridian Idaho.

I rely can't afford this trip, but this guy is a Congressional Medal Of Honor Recipient. I found a write up on him and posted it below.

If you can help with gas, food or lodging, I have a PayPal button on my profile or visit www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help . I'll also be checking my emails . At the bottom of IraqWarHeroes.org you can also find my number.

If you're in the Meridian Idaho area, I encourage you to change plans and help celebrate his life and honor him. 

Services will be at the Capital Christian Center, 2760 E Fairview, Meridian, at 11 AM, Saturday, 23 August 2008

I'm going to go nap in a bit. Long drive ahead.
Aug 24, 2008
Daniel L Daniels, WWII Veteran, R.I.P.

Thank you Daniel for your great service to our nation!!!


Mission Report

05/16/08 Start Time: 1200 End Time: 1430 Total Away Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes Total Miles Driven: 14 Miles

Time at home working on photos: 8.2 Hours. Total pics for family: 475 Total posted for public: 106 pics.


Daniel L Daniels, WWII Veteran, R.I.P.


Aug 27, 2008
I?m losing the battle here...

Current mood:drained
I hope it starts raining again a lot... so I can set out buckets and catch the rain.

My black cat hasn't purred over 3 weeks now, and lost half her wight, dug another hole and went to the vet.

I'm having other malfunctions also.

You all be good!!! please support our troops and remember those that gave their all!
Aug 28, 2008
Lineman - Photos by Q Madp

For those that asked; My black cat is still alive. I have have taken her off her meds and need to do another blood check in a week.

Ever just stand back and watch what someone was doing in a lift bucket? Well, a few months ago I did and I snapped some pics.

I bid you all a good day.

If you're near Portland around 1130, please come to Willamette National Cemetery as we honor Korean War Army Veteran, Nick Roth.

Have you backed up your computer or cell phone lately? Done something for a deployed service member?




Aug 29, 2008
Update and my 3 1/2 cents about the candidates

Greetings All!

Yesterday I attended two memorial services. One for a Korean War Veteran and one, which is a monthly event, for homeless veterans that have died that month.

TI at first wasn't up to it, but today I attended the memorial service for WWII Veteran Pfc Norman Walter Ewert, born in 1918, received the Combat Medic Badge, and a Purple Heart and little else is known about this man who had no family or friends come to see him off. There were 5 of us strangers that were not going to leave him alone. 

I think there is something wrong with letting our veterans and even others leave neglected. I wonder how many lives he may have saved during the big war when millions got killed. I wonder how many families exist today because of the Combat Medic also known as Corpsman in other branches.

..Read at own Risk..

OK, here is my 3 1/2 cents about the election as it stands now....

I think McCain did a smart move by picking Alaska's Gov Sarah Palin . I think she loves our country. Anyone that can be raising 5 kids and lead a state is a plus. She also likes guns and our 2nd amendment to bear arms to protect ourselves. She's also young and much better looking than the other two.

There are some things I don't like about McCain, but there are things I don't like about most career politicians. I don't know a lot about Sarah but I haven't heard her say things like this being the first time she's grateful about something America has done.

I wish I could have seen the pantsuit hag's face when that announcement was made. That would have been a great photo for a urinal.

I don't like Obama, he's like that guy too eager to sell you something with too much excitement and misleads to keep you from inspecting what you're about to buy.

Isn't it strange that for over 3 years we hear about Osama in Afghanistan, hour after hour, day after day. That went away and out of the blue it was day in and out Obama. Where in the hell did he come from?

If it is so offensive to mention his middle name Hussein, and he doesn't like it and is a devoted "Christian", why... still to this date has he never changed his name?

How many devoted Christians go to church to listen to hate talk? Bigotry? 

How many people cast aside their relatives, such as grandparents that have helped them so much, just because they are different?

Like the people knocking on your door and salespeople in some stores... they all talk nice, smooth and quick.... but no content..

I've been hoping that a real American would step up to run this country, and I hope that with Sarah, we are a bit closer to that happening.

Anyone that serves in office with the intention of profiting and selling out our country is not a real American to me.

Yes Obama, we want change, but we don't want to go back 40 years and we sure as hell don't want to become socialistic communist and a people that is suppressed and enslaved by it's government.

Just my 3.5 cents. If you liked it, please donate 5 cents by clicking on my PayPal button. If you didn't like it, please donate 2 cents.
Sep 3, 2008
Travel Update 09/02/08 2129

Current mood:sick
I've been pretty worthless most of the day. Head killing me.

Tomorrow morning I'll be going to Hillsboro, Oregon to escort home our Hero, Pvt Tan Ngo, who was killed in Iraq. His funeral will be at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Oregon on Friday at 1100. Please come if you can.

I also have a mission pending for Spokane, Washington. Don't have date or means yet.

See A Vet... Thank A Vet!!!!!

Please support those that are serving our country honorably!!
Sep 4, 2008
General Update 09/03/08 2056

Hey, I'm selling off more stuff to raise money.

One of the items is a Canon AE-1 Classic Camera. https://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140263983636 

Other cameras and stuff listed also. More to come.

My headache finally let down at around 1500. I'm now watching Bones on TV.

The escort mission went well today. We had a great police escort that sterilized the highway ahead of us. About 25 Patriot Guard Riders took the time to come out and help welcome home our hero and ease the family, that they are not alone.

I will eventually have photos. Those of you that have ever traveled Hwy 26 near Portland, you'll love the pics of clear roads ahead. :) Otherwise I hate driving on that stretch which is often filled with not-in-my-neighborhood-Walmart people heading to a Walmart on the other side of the river in someone else neighborhood.

At this time I have a service on Friday and one on Sunday, and maybe one tomorrow for a Veteran if I can get there. Still have a pending one for a KIA in Spokane WA.

Have you hugged a Marine lately???
Sep 5, 2008
Lollipops - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

Yesterday's service for navy Loren B "Mike" Moore went well. He had a lot of friends and family turn out.

If you're in the Portland, Oregon area, or close enough to take a drive. Memorial service for Pfc Tan Ngo will be today at Willamette National Cemetery. If you want to join the flag line, please be there by 1230 in the lower parking lot or by 1250 at Shelter D.

Right now I'm spending more time between services to get stuff listed on EBay. Damn their fees have gone up, I thought they suppose to have lowered them. I did sell one camera so far. I need to get a new external drive for my computer to back up pics. I filled another 500GB drive. Well, it still has about a gig free, but you need to leave breathing room.

I'm also slowly getting parts for a new system. Waiting 10 minutes each time when I post the list is just getting too long. Having dial up speed with all these pics I keep uploading is bad enough.

Well, what I really need is a vacation. Lay on a beach in southern France or some places in Greece with a Scotch in hand slowly dying smiling. 

My head finally stopped pestering me yesterday afternoon. So today should be a bit easier to deal with.

I just called KXL 750 news line to remind them of the memorial service for a hero that gave his all for our country and encourage people to come out. It helps the families. Hey, take your lunch hour at that time, maybe extend it a little, tell your boss if you got one to close shop and encourage all to come.

I mean, when there is a fire down the street, everyone seems to find time to wander away to go look...

It's now 0838 out here in the NW. It's suppose to be a sunny day today. I can't tell yet, my light is provided by a curly bulb just above my head. I think I need to put a normal bulb in there, when I look at it, it hurts.

It's Friday, you will most likely see at least 7 Veterans today. try and thank at least one of them. :)

Take care!


OK, while I was doing another walk in Lincoln City, I wandered into this salt water taffy, candy story to take a sniff. I noticed lollipops around the ceiling and there where enough groups to make a shoot set. I asked permission, had to wait for the boss man to get done.

He thought it was a strange request and I explained why I do this and handed him one of my IraqWarHeroes.org cards. He said it was OK, walked off, then turned around, walked back and asked if I was the guy that gets on the Lar larson Show now and then, I said, Yes, I'm Q. He shook my hand and said "Thank you For What you Do". that was cool. No, I didn't leave with any candy.



Sep 8, 2008
A Walk Around Lincoln City, Oregon Part 1 - By Q Madp

Good Evening Everyone!!

It's jut past 2100 out here in that state located between Washington and California on the west coast of these here United states of America!

My week ended today with 3 services back to back again. Today i spend a hot day on a football filed at lake Oswego High School as they celebrated the life of a Vietnam War Navy Veteran and a longtime coach Richard D Sowers.

With as much pre-press coverage it had, I was hopping for a much bigger turnout, but then , we are talking about Lake Oswego. Too many people here are too good, if you know what I mean.

I even overheard riders, that had big USA flags on the back of their bikes mention that everywhere they would get thumbs up, honks and waves until they drove through Lake Oswego.

I think there where almost 40 bikes that showed up on this clear and very warm Sunday and at the end of the service, 21 of the bikes lined up on the side of the football field gave a special salute. Starting with the first bike, each started their bike after the person before them and when they was all started, they all revved up their engines real loud 3 times and then killed the bikes. It was great.

I think I overheated some out there, don't know how many times I walked around the whole football field and up and down stairs, bleachers etc.

There was one guy there that had jumped in front of me, but he politely stepped to the side, cause I already had that line of shot.

That of course is the total opposite of the shit a handful of photographers where doing at the funeral service of Pfc Tan Ngo, who was killed in action. I got real angry at what they where doing. One of them shoved Pfc Ngo's younger brother so hard, that he almost went to the ground and then he literally was right in the faces of his parents.

I'm glad these rude bastards didn't come out to the airport the other day. I'll have at least some clean shots from then. I'll have some from the service also, but many of the critical pictures where constantly obstructed.

I don't understand why some people have to be such rude &&^%$ (Pick a word).

The day before the Hillsboro Air show, I had driven a friend to Lincoln City area along the coast for a meeting and I spend about 5 hours on a walk there. those Lollipop pics came from that walk. I've just posted another set of pics and will have a few more.

This week, I'll be concentrating on getting more stuff put on EBay. I have about 20 items listed now. 12 I think are now cameras from my collection. They don't fetch much but I need to get on top of some things.

I also updated my ME page at EBay, hadn't done that for over a year now. It's a simple page: https://members.ebay.com/aboutme/q6237 . You can find a link to some of the stuff I'm selling at the bottom of that long page. me saying long page should already give you a clue of what I have there... especially those that know what my mission is. :)

Last night I met 2 more people from my myspace friend list. They fed me at Chang's Mongolian Grill and bought me some gas. that was cool. I think they had at least 8 kids with them. Well, let's say young people, cause I think many of them are going to universities or colleges. 3 of them where exchange students. One spoke Japanese, which out of my league, the other 2 spoke German and I didn't do too bad. ( I think). I had trouble with opposite words. I did check to see if the Japanese young lady spoke anything else like Greek.

She didn't understand that question, so I drew a virtual map. I will always find a way to communicate if I want to. :)

I bought me a loaf of dense raisin bread today and have a stick of butter warming up on the counter. Sunday is almost gone and I can't believe that it's almost September 11 again. 

Time flies by so fast at times and I wonder if I've accomplished anything but I'm too tired to do the math.

Please spend some time this week sending messages to our troops on the war front. It's real easy.

Ohhhh a couple more things... If you have any empty major ink cartridges such as HP, please bring them to Staples and ask them to credit those to my rewards program unless you need them. They will accept up to 3 a day. Just give them this number: and IraqWarHeroes.org should pop up on their screen. If you use that number when shopping at Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Best Buy or even at Safeway, you can indirectly help me get supplies etc. Even if you just spend a buck. ask your boss and supply order people at work too.

I bid you all a great week ahead!!! See A Vet... Thank A Vet!!!!


PS. Why are so many feminist upset that a real woman is running for a high office and shattering the ceiling??


A Walk Around Lincoln City, Oregon Part 1

Sep 9, 2008
A Walk Around Lincoln City, Oregon Part 2 - by Q Madp

Afternoon Ya' All!

It's almost 1400 out here. Nice sunny day. Just took a shower and will be heading to WalMart in a bit to pick up some drugs.

I just uploaded part 2 of the Lincoln City walk from 08/09/08. Hope you enjoy some of the pics and fee free to use them. I do have larger versions of those?

I had some work yesterday in the city of Troutdale and today got more stuff listed on EBay.

I've managed to raise the final money's needed to upgrade my old computer, so I don't spend so much time waiting but I gotta keep selling to catch up with utilities and rent. If it doesn't sell (Unless it's new) then I'm tossing it.

I have 2 more funerals pending , one on Thursday.

I'm tired.

I bid you all a great week!!!

Those of you out there serving this country honorably, THANK YOU!!



A Walk Around Lincoln City, Oregon Part 2

Sep 12, 2008
A Walk Around Lincoln City, Oregon Part 3 - by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

I just uploaded Part 3 from the Lincoln City Walk on 08/09/08.

Yesterday on September 11th, I found myself at Willamette National Cemetery to honor a Air Force Vietnam Veteran who was being buried on his birthday which also is September 11. His name is George Modaff.

"George was a US Air Force veteran and a member of the Clean and Sober MC. This would have been George's 52nd birthday and we are expecting a pretty good turnout to show support for a lost biker and veteran for his final ride."

Thank you George for your service to our country!!!!

I finally have managed to update www.IraqWarHeroes.org again. Got behind 3 days. I am online again till the 18th at least.

If you're wearing red today in support of our troops, aka Red Friday, you might want to also wear something unique so people know you're not just wearing red because you wanted to or a gang member. maybe a bog button or patch that says: I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.

I think those bumper stickers and ribbons should be worded also; I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS or change Support Our troops to something like: PLEASE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.

I'm having a real hard time staying alert today. I can't describe how tired I'm feeling. Sleeping doesn't help me, often too tired for that attempt.

I got more printer cartridges that I'll be turning in today for points. Remember, if you shop at Staples, Best buy, Office Max or Office Depot, use this number at the checkout for the rewards program. I'm going to get that number added or Fred Meyers (Krogers) and Safeway also.

I bid you all a great weekend!!!



A Walk Around Lincoln City, Oregon Part 3

Sep 14, 2008
Jole? died in my arms today..

That's my black cat. The one that picked me over 12 years ago to be her keeper.
She got really bad. Looked like a cancer. Hope she didn't get that from me.
Borrowed another 300 to see the vet again today and came home with a dead friend.
I just buried her....

I'm tired.
Sep 17, 2008
A Walk Around Lincoln City, Oregon Part 4 - By Q Madp

Hey All!!

I could make a long list of things going wrong lately, but don't have the time. So I'll just keep a low profile until I can take some control again. My computer system had a major crash this morning also. 

Keep in mind, no matter how strong your anti-virus program and your firewall, there is shit out there that will kill both and come after you. So, if you have an unwanted window, or something popping up telling you you need a special software cause you're infected etc... Don't even click on the X to close that window... Use Ctr-Alt-Del and close it from there.

There are also fake software makers out there, that want you to buy their product to get rid of the malware they created and infested your machine with. 

Have you backed up lately? Keep a few backups, cause the last one could be infested if you are now. Play it safe. And even with backups, it can be a pain to redo it all.

I'm serious, if you shop at Staples, Office Max, Office Depot or Best Buy, use this number at checkout: for rewards points. Currently I've been finding empty ink cartridges to turn in. Another 15 days, and I'll have enough to replace one of the full backup drives.

There is a big fly in here that I want to exterminate, but I think it has me so annoyed that I may punch the monitor, so I have to watch myself.

I'm a bit edgy. My gray cat Ela (Greek for "Come Here") is starting to act strange. I think she misses the cat that would annoy her. I'm too stressed to deal with more stuff right now.

Tonight I got my site caught up again and had to add another 10 names. My condolences to all the families and friends of those that make the ultimate sacrifice for our country and all of those that sacrificed a lot, that will no longer live a life they once knew.

You all Take care. I'm gonna look for more stuff to put on Ebay or in the trash.


I've just posted Part 4 of the Lincoln City walk from 08/09/08


A Walk Around Lincoln City, Oregon Part 4

Sep 19, 2008
A Walk Around Lincoln City, Oregon Part 5 - by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

Tomorrow is POW/MIA Recognition Day!!

For those of you that don't know what these acronyms stand for: POW=Prisoner of War, MIA-Missing in Action.

There are still many that have not returned home yet!!!

Today I got started on a Myspace game called MOBSTERS and I realized that because I have over 2000 friends, I can't put out requests to have people join my mob. So, if you're out there playing, you can request me. A lot of people seem to be playing this game, so I figure that's another way to get the message out IraqWarHeroes.org only spelled there as iraqwarheroesDOTorg.

Kitchen Nightmares is on next, one of few over air programs I get and like.

I bid you all a good weekend!!



A Walk Around Lincoln City, Oregon Part 5

Sep 21, 2008
Update 09/20/08 2105

Good Evening!!

Today I wish I could have been in Bellevue, Washington to honor 1st Nicholas Madrazo who gave his life for our country on September 9.

He will not be forgotten here!!

For the time being, I'll continue to keep a low profile and only go to places within walking distance. I can barely afford to make it to the Post Office to ship stuff I'm selling on EBay. I hope I get more paying work soon.

Yesterday I got a call from someone wanting me to attend an event on the other side of the state. It wasn't important enough for me to be there cause they offered me no gas to make the trip. I can't charge anymore gas. I'm used up.

On my mail run today, after pulling into the parking lot at the post office, an elderly gentleman commented, that it was nice someone ggives recognition to our POW/MIA's as he looked at the side windows. I just got out of the car as he mentioned that he served in WWII.

I walked over and shook his hand and thanked him for serving. He served 29 long months in Sicily and in Africa. We chatted for a while and he also asked about where the POW/MIA event is taking place at in Vancouver. I told him at Ft Vancouver and there will be people there to direct him. It was a great chat.

See A Vet... Thank A Vet...

With that in mind, I'm going to share an email I received earlier today:

Subject Line: Because of you and your words of wisdom................

This is a post that I posted on PGR it was because of what you have said that made me do this I thought about a time when you have said "See a Vet Thank a Vet". Well today it was see a Vet Honor a Vet.

I stood in a one man flag line today????..

Today as I drove home from work I passed a cemetery...I noticed that there was a Military Honor Guard evaluating the area around a grave (kind of checking out the area) I thought to myself I bet I could make it home, get my bike and flag, and make it back in time for the services. I was right I actually got there early and talked to a grounds keeper (not wanting to bother anybody family like) and found out I had an hour before the grave side Military Honors. When I got back I found a spot away from the grave site but in the path of the coach and stood tall. I could see our hero being loaded in the coach to be brought about 500 feet from the chapel to his final resting spot, he was followed by family and friends on foot. I went through all the proper presentations as our hero passed by and as taps was playing then quietly brought down my flag went to my bike and started to leave, when the Bugler came up to me (a Master Sergeant I've seen before) and said "Glad to see ya' again" Now my "Ego" may say he was glad to see me....but my heart and mind knows that he was glad to see "Another person maybe on a bike, maybe wearing leather, but for sure holding high an American flag and showing there respects for a fallen Veteran! I did find out that this Hero served in the Korean war but that's all I know and in all reality all I cared about while standing there was that this person served his or her country and was willing to fight for the freedoms my family enjoys.

So I've wrote a lot here to say only one thing........if you're at home or out and about with a little extra time on your hands look in your newspaper, in the obituaries and see if there is a Veteran being buried in your area today, or tomorrow, or when ever and go and stand for that Veteran show how proud you are to be there ya don't need to be invited if you are one person showing your pride in our heroes our Veterans.

So anyways..

Take Care and have a wonderful weekend,

Sep 23, 2008
Travel Update 09/22/08 Anyone near North Bend, OR?

Good Evening!!

I just had a call from the proud mother of Lt Col James Wiley, who died in Afghanistan in service of his country.

Recently I have passed on a couple of missions because I no longer have a hole to dig deeper for travel expenses, mainly gas.

It would be really great if people could come up to help me make 2 trips to North Bend (Or stay overnight).

Lt Col Wiley is coming in on Friday morning and his service will be on Saturday.

Lt Col Wiley did not have to go to the front where the fighting was, but he went there because our young heroes were there also.

I've made myself available to do what I do for the grieving families of our heroes, but I need help getting there.

You can also use my paypal link at www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help or www.myspace.com/qfocal .

If you can't help, please forward this to someone you think might be able to.

Thank You!
Sep 23, 2008
Snapshots by Lt Col James Wiley in Afghanistan

It's 0534 here on the west coast and you know who isn't sleeping again.

I've just posted some snapshots taken by Lt Col James Wiley on January 1, 2008 in Afghanistan. 

I'll be leaving sometime real, real early on Friday for North Bend, Oregon to welcome home our Hero.



Lt Col James Wiley' Snapshots

Sep 24, 2008
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Ed Freeman, RIP

Greetings All!!

I'll be heading to North Bend, Oregon early Friday morning and will be staying out there for both missions. Thank you to those of you that chipped in for gas, food and a motel room. I really appreciate it!! You will all be with me out there.

Have you hugged a Sailor lately??? If there is none in your area, then try one from the Air Force, Marines, Army or Coast Guard.

On August 23, 2008 I was in Meridian, Idaho to honor one of our Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients, Vietnam War Veteran, Ed Freeman. Here are some pics of the men and women that came to stand tall for Ed.


Ed Freeman, RIP

Sep 25, 2008
WWII Veteran, Norman Ewert R.I.P.

Greeting Everyone!!!


In order to receive a Combat Medic's Badge, you have to be in the middle of it all, and let me tell you this, I wasn't there, but war was real nasty during WWII!! We lost heroes serving our country by the thousands a day and once again, we are losing WWII heroes by the thousands.

Norman W Ewert, just shy of 90 had no family to come and bury him. I would like to thank the 5 members of the PGR that came out to be his family, to honor this hero. I have posted a mission report on his page that explains a little more.

Hey, if you see a proud geezer out there, chances are he served in WWII, so go thank him before he's gone. And uyes, there are still a lot of WACS (?) out there also that served our country.

Please remember all our heroes!!!

My current travel plans: Tomorrow morning heading to North Bend, OR and will be there Saturday also. On Sunday, heading to Rochester to welcome home a soldier.



WWII Veteran, Norman Ewert R.I.P.

Sep 26, 2008
Travel Update 09/26/08 0311

It's just after 0300. In about 5 minutes I'll be heading south to North Bend.

Have you all backed up your stuff on your puter lately?? Your hard drive could crash at any time or one of your critters staying home from school could screw things up for you by downloading cute and free stuff.

I bid you all a great weekend!! If you're near North Bend, or near ny mmorial service for a hero this weekend, please try and be there. 

One person can make a difference.... what's one or two of your hours compared to a life a hero rendered serving our country and keeping you a more free person?
Sep 26, 2008
Travel Update 09/26.08 0930 Coos Baay, Oregon

I'm now in Coos Bay. About 5 miles from the North Bend Airport. It was like Deja-vu.
I looked for a Burger King, cause most of the new ones have accessible outlets. I ended up in gthe same one I did last time, in an older building where they have none in the dining rea near table.
I figured I have a couple hours on the laptop but it was at 2% battery and shut itself down.
I got back on the road and decided to go to the library, but after finding it, see a sign that it doesn't open for a couple more hours.
I then see a coffee shop/book sign and head in there. Voila, I ended up here the last time. I did find an extension cord to tap into.
I asked before I rdered the coffee.
That's where I am now. I finished the cup and fel a rush of drosiness.
Probably from the lack of sleep last night.
Well, at least I don't have far to o and I've never fallen asleep on a tarmac with my camera. :)
As soon as it looks safe to leave this table for a moment, I'll refill my cup.

Have A Good One!!!


Wishing You A Great Weekend!!
Sep 30, 2008
Travel Update 09/30/08 1531 (PST)


Sorry I haven't posted, and will get around to writing soon.

So far it has been as follow:

Last Friday, Escorting home a hero in North Bend, Oregon.

Last Saturday, Memorial services for our hero in North bend, Oregon

Last Sunday, Welcome Home event in Rochester WA, then

Last Sunday, Welcome Home in Sheridan OR, then

Got blinded on way back and ended into the V of a road split on a dark Hwy 18. I survived, would have scared the crap out of me if I wasn't constipated. 

Yesterday Monday, Memorial service for a veteran at Willamette national, then

received the news that a Fold Star mom died Sunday evening, about 30 miles from where I was. I was at her son's funeral last year.

I called the husband/ Gold Star Father. This really suxs, and I whined about my cat.

Tomorrow I have a funeral in Salem Oregon

I then have 2 funerals on Saturday out of town for people I had a connection with.

I'm currently working on pics from 09/03/08, check my photo albums here for occasional additions.

I don't know, but may be on the road on Thursday or Friday also.

thank you everyone that helped with gas. I always need more. And remember, if you shop Staples, Office max, Office Depot or Best Buy; use this number at checkout for reward point even if it's just a one dollar purchase and save your ink cartridges.

In between stress points, I've been playing the myspace app called Mobsters. I getting my but kicked, need more in my mob, so if you're playing this game, be sure to add me to your mob if you want. Do the request within the game.

OK, back to photos, I want to get 09/03/08 finished. I'm amazed I'm finally caught up within a month on the pics... but a new month starts tomorrow again... arghhhhh

See A Vet... Thank A Vet.....

A Soldier, You Didn't Know, Died For You Today!!
Oct 2, 2008
Welcoming Home our Hero, Pfc Tan Ngo

Good Evening Everyone!

Earlier today I drove to Salem, Oregon to celebrate the life of Lt Col Jack Randall, an active duty Oregon national Guard member that lost his battle with cancer.

On Friday I'll be heading to Lincoln City, Oregon. On Saturday I'll be attending a church memorial service there, then head to St. Paul, Oregon for a military graveside funeral and then to Newberg, Oregon for another memorial service.

Feel free to donate toward my gas and food food and supply fund if you can. www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help or use my PayPal link on my profile page here at myspace. It is my mission to remind all of our heroes and any help in accomplishing this is greatly appreciated!!

It is almost midnight here on the west coast of these here United States of America. I just finished with photos taken on September 3, 2008 when we welcomed home and escorted our hero Pfc Tan Ngo who was killed in Afghanistan on August 27, 2008. I haven't gotten to his memorial service pics yet, as I'm trying to do most of them chronological.

Please take some time to send a message of Thanks to someone serving our country!!!

I bid you all a great day!!



Welcoming Home our Hero, Pfc Tan Ngo

Oct 3, 2008
Army Pfc Tan Q Ngo, R.I.P.

Good Evening All!!

Tomorrow I'll be on the road again toward Lincoln City, Oregon, Then St. Paul and then Newberg.

It's not as late as last night, about an hour earlier... Just got done uploading the pics for Pfc Tan Ngo's memorial service at Willamette National Cemetery.

Tan died in Kandahar, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered in Zabul Province, Afghanistan, when his mounted patrol received small arms and rocket-propelled grenade fire.

Pfc Tan Quoc Ngo is an American Hero that gave his life for our country. Please help remember him and all our other heroes!!!



Army Pfc Tan Q Ngo, R.I.P.

Oct 3, 2008
Travel Update 10/03/08 1529 Lincoln City, Oregon

Hi Y'All!!
I'm sitting in a Starbucks along HWY 101 in Lincoln City and it's pouring outside.
I have 2 memorial services tomorrow, the first starting here and another in Newberg.

I got here a few minutes ago and while I was setting up my notebook, and watching two others (man and woman) sitting next to each other working on a project (both had notebooks with similar projects on their screens)...

Anyhow, a woman walks in and she asked out loud whose car was parked in the front with the flags. I raised my hand. She said, "Thank You! That's A Very Beautiful Car."

The man turned his head up and looked at her and said; "What's so beautiful about it?".

The woman replied with something like; "First, it has the USA flags on it representing our great country, and it also has the words, Freedom Is Not Free on it which reminds me of all the soldiers that gave their lives for us."

She went to get her coffee, and when she passed again I handed her one of my cards and she smiled. 

I could tell by the looks of the other two that they had no idea what she was talking about.... or something like 'big deal'. You know what I mean?

She gets it though. Not drawing any conclusion, but the other two looked and sounded like they where born here, where the woman dffinatly had a foreign accent.

Like I always say, too many people take it all for granted, and once in a while I meet someone, even here on the west coast, that understands and appreciates it.
It took me a while before getting on the road. Was trying to scrounge up more gas money. I received a phone call telling me someone had 100 buck gas card they want to give to me but I would have to drive to Troutdale to get it.

I went there, and didn't get a gas card but some kind of voucher I need to register online and who knows what else. Hope it isn't a scam thy pulling on people.

Well, ended up charging th gas again. I always appreciate any help I get with gas. I can blow through gas some days faster than what time it takes to fill the tank it seems and even with the price being down a few cents, it's still a lot. www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help 
It's suppose to be real nasty out tomorrow, I hope we get a break at least during the Military Honors time at the cemetery. It's hard to shoot hile holding an umbrella. Which reminds me, I should get a bigger one.

Water is bad for my camera and rain is bad for my head.

I watched part of the debate last night. I have to say the Governor did a pretty good job, I just hope that the geezers and the special interests groups and lobbyist don't knock her down to bend as they want.

I think most career politicians no longer (or never had) have the interests of the people at heart. There was a time Americans where proud to serve their country as leaders in our governments.

But, no matter what, if you're old enough to vote... Please Vote!! Even if all you vote for is None of the Above. Don't let those noisy special commies take away your voice!!! Speak Up America!~!

See A Vet... Thank A Vet!!!!

It's almost that time of year when men and women serving over seas are missed even more.... and thy miss their families even more....

Keep them in your hearts, end them some cheers. :)
Oct 6, 2008
Navy Vietnam Veteran Richard Sowers R.I.P.

Good Morning!!!

It's been a long busy month already. On the 3 missions I was on last Saturday, the rain managed to quit or slow down enough during the critical moments.

Yesterday I spend most of the day getting pics done for another mission and a few moments ago I completed it and am in the process of uploading the public ones as i type this.

Richard Sowers was a Navy Vietnam War Veteran who died in a motorcycle accident. On September 7, 2008, I attended his memorial service in Lake Oswego Oregon.

Next, I'll be working on a mission from September 11, 2008. I'm not posting reports at this time because I'm trying to catch up.

I'm always looking for help. www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help . Even with gas prices dropping some, it's still costing a lot to keep this going. All help appreciated here!!! Thank You!!

I bid you all a great week. please remember our heroes and thank our veterans.

If you play Mobsters here on myspace, please add me to your mob. I'm totally outgunned in my level. hahahaha



Navy Vietnam Veteran Richard Sowers R.I.P.

Oct 7, 2008
USAF Veteran George Modaff

Good Morning All!

George Modaff served in the United States Air Force and was a member of the Clean & Sober MC.

I was invited to attend his memorial service which happened on his to be birthday, September 11, 2008.

I don't have a lot of info and will update the basic info when I receive it. I did finish with the photos last night and posted the public ones.

As far as I know, George did not serve during any war or conflict and that's why you'll notice a slightly different web address.

I bid you all a great week!!! Have you backed up lately??

Please remember George and all others that have honorably served our nation!!



USAF Veteran George Modaff

Oct 8, 2008
Welcoming Home Our Hero Lt. Col. James L Wiley

Good Evening!

Lt. Col. James L Wiley died on September 18 at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

On September 26, I was in North Bend, Oregon, to help welcome him home and escort him.

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter joined in from above.

I have just finished and posted photos from that day and hope to have the memorial pics done in next couple of days.

It's almost Halloween again. Send a spooky card or two, or more to someone deployed overseas. Let them know that the nights are less spooky because they got our backs!!!

I'm feeling nauseous this evening, probably because of my headache. -sigh- 

I hope to get most mission pics done by this weekend and at 14 hours a day, I think I can do it. :) Then I need to start working on those emails again that have photo attachments from loved ones and friends of our heroes.

I bid you all a good night! 



Welcoming Home Our Hero Lt. Col. James L Wiley

Oct 9, 2008
Army Lt Col. James L Wiley Jr., RIP

Good Morning All!!

Well it's a few minutes after midnight here on the west coast between Washington and California.

I have a confirmed mission for Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow night I'm also going to attempt to make it to the meeting of the Coalition For Troop Support out here.

Please remember and pass it on to all and companies, if you shop at STAPLES, OFFICE MAX, OFFICE DEPOT or BEST BUY, please use this number to help me gather reward points for supplies I need. . Yesterday I had to buy another pack of CD labels and they getting quite spendy too. 

I'll be mailing 2 more packets to families of our heroes this morning.

One of those packets is going to the folks of Lt Col James Wiley. 

I have completed the second set of pics and posted the public ones I picked out.

James was more than a damn good soldier, he was hell of a humanitarian also and will be missed by many.

Please help remember him and all our other heroes!


PS. Feel free to repost my blogs/postings to your friends. help remind others of our heroes!!

Mission Report

Start: 09/26/08 0300 Return: 09/27/08 1900 Total Away Time: 40 Hours Total Miles Traveled: 527 Miles

First Frame Shot: 09/26/08 1150 Last frame Shot: 09/27/08 1403

Time spend at home working on pics: 19.2 Hours Total Pics For Family: 1123 pics. Total posted for public: 218 pics


Army Lt Col. James L Wiley Jr., RIP

Oct 10, 2008
Travel Update 10/10/08 0523

This morning I'm heading to Tualatin for the service of a Navy veteran.
I bid you all a good Friday and a great weekend!!

Oct 11, 2008
Horsing Around - Photos by Q Madp

Good Morning Y'All!!

In about an hour I'll be heading to a homecoming of a soldier that's been active duty for 17 years and has been serving in Iraq.

Tomorrow I'll be going to another homecoming in Milwaukie.

I like going to these happier events when I can.

On September 28, I attended 2 homecomings, 4 driving hours apart from each other. The first was in Rochester, WA and there I shot a couple horse pics. I hope you enjoy them.

I bid you all a good weekend!!! SEE A VET.... THANK A VET.....

Please remember, if you shop at Staples, Office max, Office depot or Best Buy, please use this phone number for rewards credit at checkout. If enough people do it, I may no longer have to pay for all the CD's, CD labels, Shipping labels and other supplies needed for my project. One of many ways people can help if they want.

Take care!!



Horsing Around

Oct 14, 2008
Discovery Walk Festival Part II - Photos by Q Madp

Good Morning!

It's 0715 out here on the west coast and I've been up 3 hours and still have not looked outside. I know it's been getting cooler, so I've been gathering some wood.

I've stopped buying the local paper, it was bad enough when it went to 50 cents and they jacked it up to 75 cents the day after the stock exchange or Dow something went down 777. There are plenty of alternative sources for papers for the fireplace hahaha.

Gasoline prices may be going down some but gas prices have been jacked up again. Of course you have no choices in most places because most utilities that you need are a monopoly and they do as they please. That's why they are there to cut you off in a heartbeat and take days to answer a simple customer question. They got your by the ..... and don't have to give a damn.

Yes, I complain about them every year... well, at least until they get better.

The last couple days I've been working on getting pics caught up, will be putting one or two more sets in the mail today for families of our heroes. I'm padding myself on the back, I'm working on pics shot within the same month I'm working on them.

That make sense? I'm up to Sep 4 and it's only Sep 14 and hope to have the 4th done tonight.

Hey, winter is coming and a new administration is coming.... you don't know what's gonna happen.... so, be sure to stock up on some canned goods, water, batteries, flashlights, fire extinguishers, candles, matches and items to protect yourself and your family. www.RedCross.org has a few suggestions also, Click on their link Preparedness on the blue field in the left column. You can make your own kits.

Winter for geezers can be as bad as summers. So, check on your neighbors, especially when temps drop. If you don't see smoke or heat fumes coming from their homes, they may not have heat. 

Even though, like me, they are charged ridiculous fees to help other people on their utility bills, as soon as they can't afford to pay, they get cut off. If they where making millions like those ...holes on wall street, there would be every agency there to help them huh?

It just fumes me that people making lots of money get bailed out so they don't lose any personal money while excuses are made on why they can't help our starving and neglected. Well, I know the answer... too many of those people are the same ones in our Senate and House etc.

I may be wrong, but it gives rationale to my fuming..... :) haven't had my coffee yet to make sense I guess.

Hey, keep in mind our women and men over in the sandbox and other places of deployment. Afghanistan for example can get pretty damn cold during the winter. A good source for some groups doing something can be found at www.americasupportsyou.mil . Just because a group or organization is listed there, doesn't mean they are doing a good job or spending your money well. In the WA & OR area is Coalition of Troop Support, www.cotsupport.org . They do a variety of things to support our troops abroad and returning home.

And please, remember to thank our veterans and all our active duty personnel honorably serving our nation (USA).

Don't forget, if you shop Staples, Office Max, Office Depot or Best Buy, use this number and credit me with your reward points which I use for supplies. For other means of helping, www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help .

Right now is a good time to buy paper at Staples. 50% in rewards. :)

I bid you all a great day!!! See A Vet... Thank A Vet...



Discovery Walk Festival Part II

Oct 15, 2008
Air Force & Army Veteran Debra Vaughan R.I.P.

Greetings Everyone!

On September 28th, We lost a Gold Star Mother, Wife, Air Force Veteran, Army Veteran and rescue Volunteer when the community lost Debra Vaughan.

It was earlier last year when I traveled to Lincoln City & St. Paul for Sgt Michael Vaughan who was killed in Sadah, Iraq on April 23, 2007.

On October 4th, 2008, I repeated the journey for his mom who was only 42.

My sincere condolences to retired Army Sgt George Vaughan.



Air Force & Army Veteran Debra Vaughan R.I.P.

Oct 16, 2008
Army/Air Force WWII Veteran Robert Cross R.I.P.

Greetings Everyone!!

I just completed posting another mission.

After I had completed the services for Debra Vaughan, I drove to Newberg and made it early enough not to be late for another of our WWII Heroes memorial service. Robert Cross, Robert was a radio operator/mechanic/gunner in B-17 bombers. R.I.P. Robert!! And thank You!!

I've been adding less names to www.IraqWarHeroes.org lately, that's a good thing. I know I have 3 pending and will get to them later today.

I'm going to try and knock off another set of pics today. I'm working on October 10th now. That's damn good. Just been keeping myself at it. 

Once I'm caught up, I then have the task of burning about 45 CD's and then start on emails again.

This weekend I'm gonna try and shred some wood for the fireplace. It's suppose to be dry out.

Been getting colder out here and more rain.

I can see where DTV can be a disadvantage, one of the 3 over the air stations I watch, comes in grainy which I can tolerate much more over their digital version, which comes in real clear but the video just stops and freezes or blocks up. I'm using a rooftop antenna and maybe I need to climb up there and shake it a bit? 

Hey, have you hugged a Marine lately? I heard, this Friday is a real good day to do that.

Of course.... See A Vet.... Thank A Vet!!! Always...

I bid you all a great day.

Thank you everyone out there serving this country of ours!!!



Army/Air Force WWII Veteran Robert Cross R.I.P.

Oct 18, 2008
Travel Update 10/18/08 0853

Morning All!!

I just received a very short notice for Monday, the 20th.
I have not seen a DoD release on him and wonder if they screwed up.

Nevertheless, I'll be heading to Lakewood Washington on Monday for the services of Spc Jeffery Waggoner. The actual service begins at 1100.

If you can come out to honor our hero killed in Afghanistan, please do. Contact me for more details.

If you're in the Ft. Lewis, Tacoma area, it's not far from there.

I bid you all a good weekend!!
Oct 20, 2008
Last Day Of Summer 2007 - Photos by Q Madp

Way Top Of The Day To You All!!

It's a few minutes after 0300. On the east coast some of you may be crawling out of bed, and here on the west coast some may still be crawling home from the bars.

Last night I finished the last frame in mission pics. I haven't posted the last sets completed nor mailed them yet. Which is fine, fact is, I got caught up this far.

I'll be heading north this morning for the memorial services of Specialist Jeffery Waggoner who died on October 10th from injuries received in Afghanistan serving our country. You know, if you're in or near Lakewood, ask your boss for an early 2 hour lunch, hell, ask him to close shop and come along. Be at Mountain View Cemetery by 1045.


I may stop at Gerties Restaurant at I-5 Exit 122, where the Freedom Bridge is, across Ft. Lewis and check on that billboard and get some coffee. 

This year has gone by pretty fast and I've realized, when I was looking for some pics that I haven't been out much with myself doing some pics of nature etc. I selected a set from last year called Last Day of Summer. I do still have a bunch of pics of the Airshow and some other stuff that I haven't done and posted yet. So, when I get done backing up again, I'll work on some of those in between the 1000+ emails I still need to do.

It's not easy to motivate yourself to do those, they all have attachments, stories or corrections that need to be posted. I'm only about 2.5 months behind, so not as bad as it has been a few times.

It's suppose to rain today. blah

I've added a dozen or more pics to my photo albums here ay myspace. Go check them out and send others to them if you like em.

Over the weekend, while working on pics I've managed to watch 18 episodes of the original Adam 12 TV series. 38 to go.

This week, I would like you all to locate and thank some active duty personnel. At least 2 Air Force, 15 Army, 7 Marines, 1 Coast Guard, 2 Others. Through in a couple nice Cops and Firefighters also.

And always.... SEE A VET.... THANK A VET.....

I bid you all a great week!!! Check and make sure you have working Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Detectors and a get away plan!! Check on your neighborhood geezers also!


PS. If you're new on my list, work your way through past blogs to find links to lots more pics. You can go back a long way.


Last Day Of Summer 2007

Oct 23, 2008
Iris Festival Walk Part I - Photos by Q Madp

Greeting Everyone!!

It's Thursday out here on the west coast between Washington and California.

A couple days ago, Monday, I drove to Lakewood Washington for a memorial service for one of our heroes.

At about 0430, I called the KOMO 1000 News radio station and I the tribute page got mentioned at least 5 times, once during each hourly news session. Wanna know how many extra hits I had that day or extra people attended? NADA! None that I could tell. Oh well. I always try though. :)

I've actually started working on the pics for that day.

I did some recovery work last night, which paid enough to fill my tank again.

I'll be going to Willamette National Cemetery for the monthly service for veterans today. Homeless veterans and other that have been laid to rest there during previous month. The names are read, a bell is sounded for each name, then there is a gun salute, taps and flag folding.

I'm also trying to get ready for winter. Stock up on more canned goods. Cleaned out the fireplace. Used packing tape and taped the gap around air conditioner and wall. It's already dropping under 40F out here.

I have a pending mission (Not Confirmed) way up north Washington. North of Seattle and Everett I think.

It's almost 10, already put in 5 hours and haven't had breakfast or coffee yet. I think I need to take care of that. OK, I did have a cup of hot chocolate and a glass of water. :)

Hey, if you're bored, see if there is a care package packing party happening in your area for our troops and go give them a hand.

Here is a resource site to help you find local organizations. www.americasupportsyou.mil . 

Ohh... I forgot to mention.... Yesterday it was nice and sunny out but on the breezy side and sat outside a Starbucks and carefully managed to label 100 post cards 4 times. The first round was for the address label, then 2nd for the message label, the 3rd for the 26 cent stamp, the 4th for the 1 cent stamp cause the rate went up again. Haven't seen my postcard I've been mailing last 6 years?

Go here www.iraqwarheroes.org/postcard.htm . You like it? I've mailed out probably over 10,000 of those now.

I bid you all a great day!!!


PLEASE VOTE IF YOU LEGALLY CAN!!!! No matter who you vote for, and if you like none of the options, write someone in.... But VOTE and preserve your rights!! Don't give away your vote.



Iris Festival Walk Part I

Oct 26, 2008
Signs of Fall 2008 - Photos by Q Madp & Travel Update

Greetings Everyone!

I'll be traveling to Redmond Oregon on Wednesday to Welcome Home and Escort one of our fallen heroes. 

Army Pfc Cody J Eggleston was killed in Baqubah, Iraq serving our country. I spoke to his dad a few hours ago and am making plan s now to be out there. No memorial service date has been set yet. I may know sometime tomorrow.

My condolences to his family and friends. If you can, make plans to be there.

On Friday, October 24th, a couple days ago, I went to a reception for one of our WWII War Heroes. I met 3 men that survived the bombings of their ships at Pearl harbor many years ago.

While at this event, I was requested to go to Willamette national Cemetery for the Memorial service of another veteran. I made it there in time. Another long day.

On Saturday, October 25th, last night, I drove to Salem Oregon to take some pics at a fund raiser for COTS (Coalition of Troop Support) 

I stayed for about an hour after it got started. Had to leave, some of the dames there where wearing too much perfume for me and it goes straight to my head and triggers a migraine. Got away just in time. :)

I had left early to go to Salem and along the freeway I-205 near Tualatin I saw a nice looking motorcycle with no rider there. So I slowed down a bit, expecting to maybe see one walking down the way. I did, pulled over and asked if it was his bike. He had run out of gas. Next gas station was a long walk away. I picked him up. he mentioned he was a Air Force Veteran. He was a little worried wondering if gas stations still carry gas canisters. I told him I have one in the trunk. We got gas and I drove him back to his bike, made sure it fired up and continued heading to Salem. OK , I did my good deed for the month. :)

This morning I met a myspace friend for breakfast. She's been promising to feed me for months now hahahaha. Well, not feed, but coffee.

She worried she was talking too much, I told her I put p with a lot for a free meal. :)

While I was there, grabbed my camera and photographed a couple of thieves that stole out of the back of someone's pick-up truck.

The day has been really nice and I'm sorry I haven't been out on walks photographing it. Too damn busy. I do make a point to get a shot in here and there and have put 31 together I've shot last couple of days.

Hey, I'm always looking for help www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help . Also, if you shop at Staples, Office Max, Office Depot or best Buy, please use at the checkout stand and so I get rewards points to buy more supplies. Hey, I got a $8 in-store check from Staples last month, reduced the pack of CD labels by a 3rd.


See A Vet... Thank A Vet!!! Have you hugged a soldier lately????

I bid you all a great week ahead!



Signs of Fall 2008

Oct 28, 2008
Peony Walks Part I - Photos by Q Madp


Another nice day out here today and the rains are heading this way slowly.

I'm caught up with most of the mission pics and even got a few emails done yesterday.

Today I focused on fall cleanup. I've accumulated so much stuff over the years, I need to get rid of more. I don't have the time to do what I want to do, so I need to just make room.

I started off by placing an add on Craig's List and had 8 computers, 1 old SCSI 12 CD tower, 3 monitors and a box of add-on cards waiting in the driveway for the first caller. That created some shelf space. Tomorrow I'll work on dumping bunch of stuff I couldn't sell on Ebay.

My trip to Redmond has been put off a day to Thursday. The flight has been changed. The memorial service is pending for Saturday. 

I'm making adjustments.

It's been a couple of years since I got my neighbors anything for the holidays, one of them always brings me some backed stuff, the geezer next to me brings me vegetables he grows. So yesterday I went to Wal-Mart and got 4 1st Aid Kits. Was gonna get smoke detectors but the good ones are pretty expensive.

Something you should consider when gifting stuff... Give them things you hope they will never need. Aid Kits, Smoke detectors, Fire Extinguishers, Matches and Candles, Flashlights, Starter Batteries for cars in case battery is dead... etc.

When it gets colder... check on them geezers and young families. If you know a military family that has a deployed member, give them a hand if they look like they need it. Start saving now and pay one of their utility bills... stuff like that. :) Get a money order, write in the utility companies name and give that to them to mail in and pay.

Now, to some of you that may seem strange, but when you're struggling, and you receive some cash, you may not always make the right decision and voila, power is off, or water is off. 

Don't forget to vote and please vote AMERICAN!!!!!

I finished my ballot today and stuck it in the secret envelope and will drop it off by hand tomorrow.

I bid you all a great day!!



Peony Walks Part I

Oct 30, 2008
Peony Walk Part II - Photos by Q Madp (Travel Update)

Good Morning All!

It's 0558 out here on the west coast and it's foggy out.

I was going to be on the road an hour ago but last night the flight information changed to later in the day. 

I'll be leaving here in about 30 minutes for Redmond, Oregon and find a place there to pass time until the flight comes in.

Only 5 more days to vote. Please vote American!! Also, please consider the people you vote for, how they would treat our military.

Let's face it, without our military, we wouldn't be here anymore.

Those anti-military people are the same ones that call the cops in a heartbeat when something doesn't go their way. If you don't see my point in that statement, , you need to wake up. :)

I bid you all a great day!




Peony Walk Part II

Nov 5, 2008
Barack Hussein Obama purchased his way into the top office..

Maybe everything that's been happening the last few years.... and the fact that so many hate this country......and the promise of money from the rich to those that don't want to earn it......and that he associates himself with people that hate our country......that his own wife thinks this is the first time in her life something grateful has happened...that for 3 years we heard nothing but Osama and out of the blue nothing but Obama....got rid of a bad guy named Hussein over there and put another in power over here.....the people that preached to his family hate this country.... is all just a coincidence.....

Maybe I'm just too cynical and mistrusting that I can't just relax and listen to all the nice talk and promises and smiles and free cake....

Deep down inside last night, before the announcements and declarations.... I knew... and it was a very troublesome feeling.... and for a guy that has little feelings anymore... it scared me....

Maybe I'm too close to our flag.... 
Nov 6, 2008
Heritage-River Walk Part III - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!!

Life goes on and for those of us that care, we will do our best.

Late last night I filled a 2yard dumpster, the 2nd one so far, just getting rid of stuff. I figure if I can't sell it, it's because nobody wants it.

I do have a Kaypro 10 and a few other machines from that era for sale if you want it. As soon as I can afford another dumpster, I'll get another pile out of here. That's going to be one of my focuses, catch up on some stuff neglected the last 6 years.

It's raining outside and my head is hurting.

Have you backed up your stuff on your computer or cell phone lately? You never know when it's gonna crash or some other mishap.

This year, consider giving your relatives and friends a new 1st Aid Kit, Smoke Detector and Fire Extinguisher, Manual Can Opener, Matches.....

People get so comfortable with their surroundings that they don't think anything bad could happen.

Thank you to everyone out there serving our country honorably!!! And Thank You To Those That Have Served!

I bid you all a great day!!!

Neglected little things can mount to huge problems!



Heritage-River Walk Part III

Nov 8, 2008
Tuesday is Veterans Day!!!

Here is a card from a young lady that says it all. This morning, on short notice I went to a breakfast for veterans at the City Bible Church in Portland Oregon. I guess this is an annual thing to honor local and all Veterans. I had a ride, and free breakfast... how could I pass it up.
There where many cards made out by younguns and this is the one that came home with me. Below is the text, since it may be hard to read in the scan I posted. (I did not change the wording or the spelling)
Dear Veterans,
Thank you for all that you done thank you for you'r Sacrifice in July we will thank of you We will always remember you every day at school we Pleg to the american flag Thank you God Bless you all :)
God Bless America :)
Nov 12, 2008
KXL 750AM 1254 11/11/08 - Thank You Veterans audio

Greetings Everyone!!!

I had nothing scheduled for today. I was just gonna keep a low profile and hang out at home. With little gas in the car it seemed like a good idea.

I received a message from my friend Noah, wanting to know where all I'm going today on Veterans Day, and I told him I'm hanging at home. Too broke.

He told me he was going to go to Estacada Oregon for the Veterans Parade there and asked if I wanted to come along. I told him I did and about an hour later he came to get me. I put on my long black coat and we took off.

He commented that he didn't see my camera with me. I told him it's too wet out and I don't want to ruin my only decent camera. He then told me that he will be in the parade. Ohhhhh.... Only about 2 blocks down the road, we came back, I changed to a light vest and grabbed my camera. I hate wearing coats but since I'd be inside the pickup, I wouldn't need it.

The rain stayed light but nevertheless still wet. It was a small parade and very few people along the parade route. There where Veterans along the route and in the parade.

On the route I was also on hold with KXL750 Radio and at one point lost the connection and then redialed. Below is a link to the audio file.

You can find other audio and video files at www.IraqWarHeroes.org/news . It's best to download the audio files and then playing them from your computer.

Even when I'm not with it, I'm always trying to get the word out.

Thank you to all Veterans out there that have and are serving this country honorably!!

Over this next week, I'm gonna continue on some house cleaning. Then I'll get back to doing emails etc. I just need to get control again of a few things. I have made great progress.

I'll be listing a bunch of stuff on Ebay again, if it doesn't sell, It must not be worth keeping and gets tossed out. :) Well, I'm not realy motivated to do this.... but gotta do it...

I bid you all a great week!! Even when you don't hear from me here... I'm still out there doing something for our Veterans.



KXL 750AM 1254 11/11/08

Nov 14, 2008
Spc Jeffrey J Waggoner R.I.P.


Army Spc Jeffrey Waggoner enlisted in the U.S. Army in 2006, and served with the 173rd Airborne in Afganistan.

After being injured, he spent time at Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D.C. He later died in Roseburg of his injuries.

Our hero enlisted at time of war and signed that blank check that so many of our brave men and women do to defend our country.

I attended his memorial service on October 20th as family and friends came out to celebrate his life.

He will not be forgotten here!



Spc Jeffrey J Waggoner R.I.P.

Nov 16, 2008
Update 11/16/08 0725

Hi All!!

My head is hurting.

Well Saturday was pretty crappy out here which is affecting today and Monday.

It started with Ela (My gray cat) puncing on my and licking my nose repeatedly (She knows I hate that) so I would get up and feed her way too early. I then checked for messages online and ended up adding 5 more names to www.IraqWarHeroes.org and 40 minutes later decided just to stay up.

I was going to spend the day shredding those thin branches from the trees that dropped a couple years ago. Yup, still working on them, most of the thick stuff I've been using for firewood.

I went and got me a new pair of gloves, cause the I got stuck by thistles or whatever they are called when I grabbed the first handful out of the pile. Got me a pair of safety goggles also but couldn't see out of them.

The chipper I got my hands on is 20 years old and just didn't want to idle right. I did get a small plate full of shred before it died again. My neighbor came over and showed me two screws that need to be adjusted while the thing is running and I burned myself a little on the rusty exhaust thing located where your hand needs to be to screw those screws. He tried it also. So, that project went scrap.

Well, I decided to deal with it another day and clicked my remote to open the garage, so I can store it away. The garage came open almost half way and then stopped. I closed it again and tried again and it came up only half way and stopped. I went under the door and looked to see if something was obstructing it and then tried the red cord for manually opening and with one hand grabbed something on the door to help push it up. It came slamming down. Couldn't get that door open.

I called some Overhead Door places, most didn't answer the phone cause it's a weekend. Finally found one that answered the phone, their ad read like they don't charge extra you for emergency service. Well, that's another scam, they just call it something different. OVERTIME. Regular fee just to come out is $92, on a weekend almost $300 because of Overtime they have to work. Well, they are not working overtime for me. He told me he works all week and would have to charge me overtime. So, I told him I want it done on Monday and he says that someone else will call me then. Wanna bet he doesn't work on Monday?

So, I won't be going anywhere. I have a friend stopping by later, maybe we can both lift it open to get my car out so I can make it to a service on Monday for one of our Active Duty Soldiers that died.

It's a few minutes after 0700. 

I bid you all a good Sunday!!
Nov 18, 2008
Discovery Walk Festival Part I - Photos by Q Madp

Greeting Everyone!

I just got back from a life celebration for Marine Pfc Maddison Peterson who was killed on November 8, 2008. Tomorrow I'll be driving to The Dalles, Oregon, for his memorial service.

Earlier today I barrowed a couple hundred bucks to get my garage door fixed. Well the guy replaced the spring thing, then told me they don't have the sprocket part I need and I would have to pay for another service call in a couple of days for them to fix it. So, just to fetch the part they wanted another 100 bucks and then I don't know how much they gonna charge, so I said no.

I ordered the parts online and will just have to put them in myself when they get here. Morons want to charge me more for a 2 hour job than I make all month. F that.

I think too many businesses operate that way, screw customer over and move on, there are so many suckers out there, we don't need repeat customers. Of course that's just my opinion based on my experiences the last few years.

I know... I'm just such a negative guy... I should just get used to all the people running red lights because it's a norm... therefore it's OK.

I'm just not making headway... I try, and the harder I try, the harder I get punched. I know there are others of you also, that wonder why you bother even getting out of bed in the morning.

Speaking of bed, I should try and pretend to sleep, the morning trip is just a few hours away.

Hey, please take some time to thank our Active Duty Military Women and Men!!!

Thank You!



Discovery Walk Festival Part I

Nov 21, 2008
Travel Update 11/21/08 0855

Today I'll be attending the services for another of our veterans, USCG Cmdr. Roland H. Buster

"Cmdr. Buster was born in North Platte, NE, educated at the University of Portland, and was a member of the R.O.T.C. He served 19 years as a pilot in the Air Force and 22 years in the US Coast Guard, flying C-130's on search and rescue missions."

R.I.P. Cmdr Buster!!!! Thank you for your service to our country!!


Nov 25, 2008
Discovery Walk Part II - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

Travel Update, Currently 3 missions pending. Of you can be there also, please do. It means a lot to the families and friends knowing that others care.

Navy AO1 Jay Ritchie, 33 - November 28, 2008 Willamette National Cemetery, Portland 1030

Army SSG Dean Sorensen, 41 - November 29, 2008 Yelm to Puyallup Escort, service at Puyallup Four Square Church (1100? No times yet)

Army SSG Dean Sorensen, 41 - November 29, 2008 Puyallup to Kent WA escort. Funeral at Tahoma National Cemetery (1100? No times yet)

It's almost Thanksgiving Day again and I would like to Thank all the men and women that are and have served our country honorably!! Thanks to all of you that have and are helping me in honoring our fallen heroes.

Last night I went to bed angry, which caused me to sleep even less than normally little. The fact that American Citizens have to go through all kinds of crap to renew their licenses and Illegal just have to show a green card. The fact that a 60 year old birth certificate proves more who you are than a current passport which also has a pic of you. The fact that so many of these government agencies are outsourcing to countries like Mexico. Telling us that it's secure when at least once a month you learn about breaches and companies selling you out.

O.C. court defends outsourcing www.ocregister.com/news/court-company-information-1788465-courts-data .

Oregon DMV is denying that they are outsourcing to Mexico also, and the fact that they now issue you a 30 day temporary license printed on thin paper and having you wait until some other place makes your ID should still worry you.

With all the outsourcing by government agencies to other countries, our fees are still going up and more and more foreigners have access to your personal information that you as a citizens have trouble obtaining.

People need to start getting really pissed off about this. Either people are so damn stupid or really don't care. 

All I can say... Those that give up some of their rights for security... will have neither.

And NO to all those bailouts. That's like giving an alcoholic just another bottle, hoping he would quit afterwards.

It's gonna get much worse.

On the bright side, gas prices have come down some. bad side, some officials are looking to add new gas taxes.

Hey, instead of wasting money this year, put some away and spend money stocking your pantry, getting safety supplies and you can give those things as gift also. If the receiver doesn't appreciate it... Learn not to buy the crap they tell you to. :)

I need to focus next on some rims for my studded tires, so i don't have to pay 50 to 100 bucks each time to change them. I have more to do than energy and simple things sometimes take all day long. -sigh-

I spotted something new this morning and hope it's not related to my cancer. Looks like a tiny volcano but is not a zit or pimple type thing.

Just remember.... I want to be cremated and dumped into American Lake near Ft Lewis.

Hey, it's never too early to update your will and wishes. Often it's too late and it causes problems.

If you burned CD's 10 years ago... you know, the light green looking media ones and some of the others... many of them will not play on new cd players in your computer. It's good to keep older CD Rom drives handy if you have a lot of back up on older media.

Magnetic media goes bad pretty fast, especially if you're not storing it correctly. 

I wish you all a great Thanksgiving!!!!

I'm waiting for December 27, and hopefully most of this holiday stuff will be behind me.



Discovery Walk Part II


Nov 27, 2008
Holiday Community Outreach - Dipping Day by Q Madp

Good Evening!!

The service on Friday at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland Oregon is at 1030

The service on Saturday in Puyallup Washington is at 1100 at Puyallup Four Square Church

The service on Monday at Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent Washington is at 1100

If you can attend, please do. Let these families know that we are a Thankful People!!

This morning I went to a secret place where a bunch of elves (They don't look like elves to me though) started the dipping process of a bunch of gifts they made and I was there to shoot a few frames. On Monday is the next phase but I'll be on the road.

This weekend I'll be meeting one sad young person that will get one of these.

There is more to come about this, but I'm not done with that yet either. I only have 6 hands and 7 minds to use them. :)

I've been waiting for these people to come fix a door for me. It's dark out now, don't think they will show up. Did some emergency data recovery work for them a couple days ago. It's just annoying me somewhere.

I got some work tomorrow also. Got to get gigs when I can. :) They are further and further apart.

I don't like this time of year.

Anyhow, I bid you all a good Thanksgiving Holiday and Weekend!!

Thank you troops!!!



Holiday Community Outreach - Dipping Day
Nov 29, 2008
Travel Update 11/29/08 0416 & Photo Link

Good Morning Y'All!!

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving ! 

I spend most of the day working on a couple of laptops to earn a few bucks.

I then called a friend that evening to see if he had any ice cream and ended up with a slice of apple pie also as I stopped in, ate and quickly continued on.

I've been up since 0300 this morning, got to bed late working on another job (Non paid) and am now getting ready to head north to Puyallup Washington Four Square Church for the memorial service of another of our heroes. If you can come, please do. It starts at 1100.

Yesterday some poor employee got trampled to death by a__holes that value getting stupid trinkets over human lives. I hope they have good camera coverage and charge manslaughter to all that trampled over this person, and murder to the ones that started it.

This is one of the many reasons I dislike this time of year and just stay away.

Too many parents are slaves to their children and will do anything to keep them from whinning or "happy" instead of raising those little bastards.

No, I don't wanna hear this crap about me not having kids. You don't have to have kids to recognize irresponsible parents/guardians.

Yesterday the amount of people that where running red lights in the name of the holidays must have increased another 200% . Sometimes I'm glad when I'm constipated or I would have ... well you know. I have enough stress.

I'm already dreading my drive today and would rather hide under a rock until January 4th. But I can't do that.

OK, enough ranting.... I need to settle down and face the bright headlights....

I bid you all a good weekend.

If you haven't listened to the news lately... a lot of lives where lost at the hands of a group that wanted (according to news reports) to do a India 9/11. Wake Up People....... It all isn't over with.... Just gonna get worse while you're living with blinders on...... Americans where killed also....

Take care....



Troutdale Walk Part V

Nov 30, 2008
Salem Walk Part I - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings All!! (Just scroll to the bottom if you're just here for the pics)

It's a few minutes after 0530 out here on the west coast between California and Washington. I haven't stuck my head outside to see what the weather is like yet but do know it's still dark out.

Yesterday was a very challenging day. After I got into Washington a little ways, my headlights went out. Both of them. All the other lights worked OK and I ended up driving over 2 hours with my flashers and the truck traffic was almost none, so I couldn't get behind a big rig. Most of them where going the opposite direction flashing me to let me know my headlights where off. 

I'm driving a 2002 Buick Century Custom, and I was able to use the turn signal indicator arm to flash high beam, so when I had no traffic ahead of me, I would hold the arm back to clearer see the dark ahead.

Being light sensitive, not having headlights to help lessen the brightness of oncoming traffic made it much more difficult and I was sweating for real. Had I not been on the freeway, where there are multiple lanes, I would have had to pull over and skip the drive and return home when daylight comes around.

I pulled into a rest stop after waking a friend in Richland, who owns the same model, just a year newer, I tried troubleshooting the problem and couldn't find an answer. Checked all the fuses thta where visible. 

I can flash the brights but could not get them to stay on.

I did arrive in time for the memorial service and afterwards headed home to beat the daylight.

Along the way I stopped at a Chuck's Auto parts store, The guy behind the counter was an idiot and acted like I was interrupting his social life. He had no answers, except that he would sell me a new light switch for about $150 but I would have to wait 3 days to get it. No thanks. When I got into Portland, I called AutoZone and they said the light switch would run me about $68 and they would also have to order it.

At this point I still don't know what is causing the problem. Could it be a relay switch? If yes, which one?? Any suggestions?? I can't afford a shop visit and finding a open shop on a Sunday in this city is laughable or cryable... either way, not a chance in hell.

I had someone else look at it (He was a mechanic 20 years ago) and he couldn't find the problem either.

I have another funeral out of town tomorrow, If I wait for first light and push myself, I might be able to make it. I don't want to drive in the dark without headlights again. Don't need more stress like that.

It wasn't all bad, I got a whole apple pie to take home from J&K near exit 122. 6 cookies at the church. Ten bucks toward gas from a myspace friend that attended the service. 2 cups of hot chocolate from the back of a pickup truck. 

The turnout of men and women coming to stand on the flag line during a holiday weekend was great. I know I get some good shots out of that but when I look at the whole picture, I gives me a great feeling knowing that there are those out there that will interrupt their lives to help honor our heroes. 

It's now 0614 and just flipped the channel to Bonanza. (Western series from many years ago). Hoss is picking up a toad and placing it in a bucket with little water in it. Looks like there is a draught there. Didn't see the start but looks like an episode I haven't seen recently....

Anyhow, I bid you all a great day!!!



Salem Walk Part I

Dec 1, 2008
Travel Update 12/01/08 0537

Morning !!

It's 0530, Dark, Foggy and wet outside. My head is hurting. My hands are numb. Getting ready to head north and looking at a notice just received, may have a mission on Wednesday also.

I spend all day yesterday trying to resolve my headlight issue and every answer and suggestion just cost more time and money and I was left in the dark and poorer.

New Fuses.... NO GO! 

New Headlights... NO GO! 

Replaced Steering Column Switch Assembly...Required tearing out stuff around the steering column including the dashboard. NO GO!

New Relay switch, which required removing the glove compartment and the front and lower face of the dashboard. NO GO!

I had at least 12 different people inside the car or under the hood over the day. They all tried.

Been to 6 different car part stores.

Talked to a local mechanic, one in Arizona and 1 in Maine.

I had several people look online for answers.

Nobody knows how to make my damn headlights work or what the problem is.

People don't believe me when I tell them that in most cases, if something goes wrong, it's always at the high extreme.

Kinda like my cancer... instead of knocking off something useless... it first went after my pair.

I can't believe that they build cars that don't have some simplicity so the basic things like headlights work.

Never had that problem with my Toyotas. 

Damn I hope they don't bailout those worthless car companies that spend more time building shit with imported parts or parts assembled in other places. (Want to guess where my light switch was assembled? It still had the sticker on it.)

Yes, I'm frustrated and TO'ed.

Anyhow, I'm borrowing the old gas guzzler I gave to a friend needing wheels that's been helping me over the years so I can keep my promise to be at Tahoma National Cemetery at 1100 and hope summer comes quick, so I have daylight again.

I bid you all a great week!

Things could be worse, I could be over in Iraq not feeling any support from back home. 


Dec 3, 2008
Travel Update 12/03/08 0602


I still have no headlights. New light switch did not work either.

This morning I'm heading out to visit the elves again and at noon I'll be in Estacada for a memorial service for a veteran.

Here is a piece of headline I saw today:

"US Cmdr: Iraq attacks at lowest level since 2003 12/3/2008, 5:24 a.m. PST
BAGHDAD (AP) ? The number of attacks in Iraq has dropped to the lowest level since 2003 despite a recent spate of high-profile bombings, the No. 2 U.S. commander in Iraq said Wednesday."

I bod you all a great day!
Dec 4, 2008
Stringing the Cribs - Photos by Q Madp


Yesterday's missions went well.

Having to race home to beat the diminishing light really suxs though.

I still don't have working headlights. I have an appointment with another mechanic on Saturday and if he don't find it in the 1st hour, I'm screwed even more. Seen their hourly rates lately?

I visited the elves yesterday again and have posted some pics.



Stringing the Cribs

Dec 6, 2008
Final Assembly - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

It's cold and dark out and I still have no headlights. Another mechanic will look at it this morning and I won't make it to a mission today.

I visited the elves again yesterday during the final assembly stage.

I wish you all a great weekend!!!

It's getting colder.... Check up on your neighbors..

Have you hugged a service member lately????

Or at least said THANK YOU!! ?

See A Vet... Thank A Vet...



Final Assembly

Dec 7, 2008
Hillsboro Air Show 2008 - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!!

It's dull and wet on this Sunday morning in that place on the west coast between California and Washington.

Can you believe them trying to make Portland a sanctuary city for deserters ? They try and use the nicer term, AWOL because they are protesting the war. 

Personally, I think you should be shot if you're a deserter or traitor. Why in the hell did you enlist in the first place? To scam the taxpayer out of free higher education?? Play paintball games??

I realize that a lot of Portland is anti military and anti American, but to stoop this low in even discussing this, is just over the top. 

Well, I've been without my car over 24 hours now. I can't believe that GM wires the headlights in such a fashion that nobody can figure out why they are not working. 

I'm right now watching the 2001 version of Planet of The Apes. I think I've seen it before, well, at least bits and pieces of it.

I just posted another set of pics from the 2008 Air Show, link is below. I'm trying to close some of the open projects so I can see over the digital pile.

I have about 32 domains that need to be renewed by the end of the month. Every $10 will buy me a one year renewal for 1 domain. All help appreciated www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help or click on my Donate button on my myspace profile page.

Tomorrow I'll be meeting up with the elves again. I'm not just shooting frames, but am also acting as a link that will help a special group of kids. I'm gonna make sure I get my car back today, with or without the working head lights.

I bid you all a great week ahead!!! This month is hard for a lot of our military abroad... and their families over here.... Do something to let them know you care. 



Hillsboro Air Show 2008

Dec 8, 2008
Around the Fair - Photos by Q Madp


After the mechanic had the car for over 26 hours, I had him return it cause I need wheels. He couldn't find the source of the non working headlights.

Around noon, Chris and Greg came by to have a crack at it and over 5 hours later, ended up running a bypass wire, to bypass all that crap and now I have headlights. Thanks Chris and Greg!

So, let's see, 1 week and 2 days, 14 heads and still no solution as to why the lights don't work but at least have those lights via bypass.

5 of the accused 9/11 attack planners want to plead guilty now. Makes you wonder what they are up to now.

You all take care!!



Around the Fair

Dec 9, 2008
Packing Day 1 - Photos by Q Madp

Hi Y'All!!

It's still dark and and cold outside but I have useable headlights which
allowed me to stay out late again to work on some projects.

My fingers are pretty numb though this morning, I should make a video to show
you how many times I have to repeat some of this typing.

Yesterday I visited the elves again for the start of the packaging and will
be back on Wednesday and Friday. Saturday we'll be delivering a lot of

One of the things I'm doing is helping to get some of this to to families
with children of our fallen heroes. www.IraqWarHeroes.org

These elves have been collecting food and stuff and building toys for many
many years now, starting in 1979 and most of them are retired from the same

For those of you interested, there will be a Wreath laying at many national
cemeteries. Out here at Willamette National Cemetery it will start at 1300
this Saturday. Google Wreath Across America for your area. I
know Orting Washington is doing it also.

Please come out and help honor our deceased veterans!!

I bid you all a great day!!



Day 1

Dec 11, 2008
Packing Day 2 - Photos by Q Madp


It's Thursday, almost 0100 out here and the temps are dropping.

I visited the elves again yesterday morning and been working most of the night trying to resolve some web issues.

They are predicting colder days this weekend and I have a couple missions pending. My next focus needs to be in getting the studs tires put on my rims. With my Toyota, I had a separate set of rims with the studded tires mounted on them.

Here is a new website to check out. I just installed a guest book in there also.


I bid you all a good Thursday!



Packing Day 2

Dec 11, 2008
Travel Update 12/11/08 1510

I just got back a little bit ago from the memorial and funeral service of Navy Veteran Robert Walter. He was only 55. Rest in Peace Robert!!

This weekend is suppose to bring snow and I'm busy trying to resolve my studs issue. I'll be visiting the elves again tomorrow morning, and if you didn't see my last post, www.holidaycommunityoutreach.org . If you like what they are doing, please leave them a comment in their guest book.

It's only 1503 right now out here on the west coast of the United States of America (USA) and I'm already pooped. Just getting up tends to wear me out some days more than others.
Dec 13, 2008
Day Before Delivery - Photos by Q Madp

Good Evening!!

Saturday is almost here and I should go take a nap.

I still haven't got my studs mounted yet.

Spend more time with the elves this morning and posted more pics.

Tomorrow morning deliveries will be made and I'll be along with one of them and hopefully done to make it also to Willamette national Cemetery for the Wreaths Across America. 

I think I'm suppose to do something else also but I've maxed out on remembering stuff again.

I've posted some new pics in my myspace photo album.

I bid you all a great weekend!!

Anyone in my neck of the woods fixing venison for Christmas dinner?? I think the fast food joints might be closed.



Day Before Delivery

Dec 15, 2008
Food & Gifts Delivery Day - Photos by Q Madp

Good Morning!!!

It's very cold, dark and icy outside. The wind blew so hard, I felt the cold blowing across me and woke up many extra times. I think I need to cover the A/C again over my bed with something else..

On Saturday morning I showed up at about 0630 to help the elves on delivery day. We started off by getting frozen Turkey's, Chicken. and Ground Beef out of the freezer and then Milk, Cheese and Margarine out of the coolers to assemble the perishable food boxes.

18 different vehicles where loaded, each with a destination of a different needy local family. With prior consent, I was there for one of the deliveries. I've posted a few snapshots.

After I got done, I drove home to grab my studded tires to go have them mounted on my rims. I had finally scrapped enough money to get that done and now have about 3 months to save to get them changed again.

After I left that auto shop and started my drive to the cemetery, a rock hit my windshield and caused a rip on both sides of the impact crossing more than 60% of my lower windshield.

I seem to be just stuck in car hell right now, garage door, lights, tires, windshield.... -sigh- Now I need to find more stuff to sell to get that problem solved. I know many drive with broken windshields but it scares me, cause I don't if the next rock is gonna have me eating glass.

I then headed to Lincoln memorial and then Willamette National Cemetery for Wreaths Across America. Some snow flakes and lots of cold rain had come down but slowed down during the ceremony to none and started again thereafter. On my way home, I caught a few more flakes.

Yesterday morning I woke up with it being too bright out on a cloudy day. I had worked at my keyboard till 0200 and then stayed down a little longer. I got up and looked out, there was snow, wind, and snow. So I looked out a few more windows and saw the same thing.

The first winter storm had come in and temps where dropping. I gave a ride to a friend and his friend, cause his car couldn't handle it.

After returning home, I finally got one of the larger windows covered with plastic on the inside and will do outside when it's less windy and dryer. There is just too much cold coming in some of my windows and temps are suppose to drop under 20F tonight.

Been watching my neighbors house, his wife is at the hospital again and he was staying with her for a while. Don't know if she'll make it through the winter but hope she does.

I have 2 homecomings, one this morning if I find a ride or the money for parking at the airport and one on Tuesday. Motorcycles can park for free but I think the snow, ice and wind will deter some and maybe I'll catch a ride or pick up a rider that can get me out of the garage.

I bid you all a great week!!! Please thank at least 17 Active Duty and Veterans this week!!!



Food & Gifts Delivery Day

Dec 17, 2008
Iris Festival Walk Part IV - Photos by Q Madp

Greetings Everyone!

Damn it's cold......

Before I forget... Ever see those Brinks Alarm commercials on TV? A guy (Never a woman, that I've seen) breaks open the door of a house, the alarm goes off and the scared woman inside the house answers the phone and then says someone TRIED to break in.

Maybe I see things differently, but didn't the guy succeed in breaking in? Afterwards he was deterred by the alarm and the presence of people?

Now imagine Brinks calling the cops saying that someone TRIED to break in... how fast do you think they going to come versus that the person actually did break in.

Last night about 35 of us made it out in the cold to the Airport and Welcomed Home another great great Marine. It was a good turnout and fun. You should try it if you haven't. Go and welcome home troops. It may be just one at a time or many.

If you don't like how our troops where not welcomed home many years ago... you should be out there to make sure that this new generation of returning troops will have a more pleasant experience to remember 30 years down the road.

People ask me if you have to belong to any organization to come out on the flag line or welcome homes. NO. the answer is NO! You just have to be a caring American. I was doing this stuff long before some of these groups where formed. Like the PGR, they where formed 1.6 years after the current war started mainly because of a disgusting group of people calling themselves a church.

Signing up to receive notices on the PGR sites is free and a good tool to help let you know what's happening in your area.

Currently I have missions pending for the 20th, 22nd and 27th.

More snow and ice expected today and next couple days. I think I'll take my portable and go find a warm coffee joint to warm my core temperature.

Gonna give the geezers next door a call and make sure they are warm. I do see smoke from their chimney, so that's a good sign.

If you can't stop at a red light or stop sign, the road condition is not an excuse. You should not be driving!! I think a lot of people that normally run lights use the weather as a reason to run even more with no regards to the safety of others.

Driving at 20MPH in the left lane in a 35MPH zone and forcing all to pass you on the right is stupid also. If you so scared or over cautious, get in the right line or call your mommy to drive you.

Same applies to you idiots driving too fast because you have one of those mental conditions and a big four wheel drive.

I like driving out in the snow and ice... I like how clean the area looks after a snow fall and I don't want to spend all my time surrounded by idiots.

Did you know, that most cars can be down-shifted, even automatics? Lay off your brakes and learn to use your engine to brake and also to better drive on sleek surfaces. Starting slow in a lower gear from a stopped position on slick roads gives you better control and less spin.

Well, I think so at least. Not an expert here.

www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help If you want to help me, there some suggestions.

Be safe... stay warm... and go hug a soldier today!!

Here are some warmer pics.



Iris Festival Walk Part IV

Dec 19, 2008
Travel Update 12/19/08 0654

The people out there are frightful and their cars sure aren't delightful... make them go away, go away, go away.

With all the news hype about the biggest winter storm to hit in years... people are responding accordingly.... irresponsibly of course.

Like I've been saying for years... you should always have some supplies for emergencies which can occur at ANY time.

At around midnight last night the driving for me was still OK and this morning the morons woke up and got behind the wheel like drunk idiots. -sigh-
I currently have 5 missions pending and will attempt to get to them all as long as I have gas. Gas mileage really drops when driving on snow and ice, mostly dodging and waiting on others. (Do I sound angry about them?)

Capt. Thomas Tennant, LEO, Salem, OR, 19 DEC 08
William Hakim, LEO/Navy Veteran, Salem, OR, 20 DEC 08
SNOWBALL EXPRESS Saturday, Dec 20th - PDX
Welcome Home - Max Tubbs, USAF, Portland, OR, 22 DEC 08
Funeral at American Legion Hall in Vancouver for Dec. 27th

It's now just a couple minutes after 0700 and one of my I-5 corridors is completely blocked off and I have to consider alternative routes and an even earlier leave time so I can sit in traffic.

If you can help keep my tank full, please click on the donate button on my main page here www.myspace.com/qfocal , just scroll down and if you rather help keep me in coffee, go to wwwIraqWarHeroes.org/help
As of yesterday, I will have logged 2,300 Days of AP headers. Add a couple days and you know how long this war has been going on.

We must not forget all our men and women serving in hostile territories and all others serving throughout this planet.
I bid you all a great weekend!!
Stay warm and safe.
Dec 19, 2008
Captain Tom Tennant R.I.P. - Photos by Q Madp

Good Evening!!

It's a few minutes after 1900 out here on the west coast between California
and Washington. I'm munching on a can of mushrooms pieces and stems. 
You can eat them straight out of the can without cooking or looking up to see if
they are poisonous.

This morning I attended the memorial of Woodburn Police captain Tom Tennant
who was killed by a bomb. www.odmp.org/officer/19697-captain-tom-tennant 

The procession stretched over 5 miles according to a news report. 

On my way there it snowed, hailed, sun, snowed, sun, snowed, gray.... 
and I left plenty early to arrive at a good time.

I shot a couple of snapshots while I was there and have already posted them
since I was picking out pics to share with www.salem-news.com
and they should have a story posted hopefully by late tonight or tomorrow

This was not a standard memorial shoot for me. It was a last minute thing and
I followed media guidelines in this case since I had no contact with the family
to get consent for more intimate shooting of the service.

Many cops put their lives on the line everyday to help protect the local
front. So, next time you wave at a cop, try using all your fingers. 

I bid you all a good night!! Tomorrow is suppose to be real nasty
out... I better start my rest now. Got some weird concoction of apple juice and
3 kinds of rum and spices someone gave me. Time to warm up from the inside




Tom Tennant R.I.P.

Dec 22, 2008
Can?t Travel Update 12/22/08 0703

BrrrrrrrrGreetings Everyone!

I'm still snowed and iced in and as it looks, I may be stuck here until after Christmas. Gonna take my shovel and clear the doorway area again.

I'm in a corner where all the blowing snow just naturally piles up and hides my existence.

This is a reminder why I'm always telling people to have emergency food. It's also a good idea to keep your cell phone on a charger, so when power fails, you'll have a full charge on your phone. I use my UPS (Battery Backup) for my computer to keep me online during the outages.

Some day I'll have a generator. Of course it wouldn't do any good if it got buried like my car is right now. Gosh, I should have gotten home earlier the other day, may then have gotten it into the garage.

On Friday the 19th, I made it to Salem for the service there and then on the 20th, I made it to the Airport for the Snowball Express. Unfortunately, the weather was already so bad that there was no flag line. Mr & Mrs Claus where determined also to be there and used a rented truck to get the bike to the aitport. The rental place didn't even have chains so Mr & Mrs Claus had to go find some to use and they made it out there.

I told them the quickest route to travel and that worked well. I've posted a couple pics in my photo albums here. Just click on my mug shot to get to the albums.


I bid you all a great week!!! Stay warm!! Stay safe!!! Support Our Troops serving this nation honorably all over this globe!
Dec 22, 2008
One Neighbor Died, Shovel Broke, Still Stuck

Tried shoveling out some again and the snow sticks to the shovel, so I have to carry the same snow over and over again or tap the shovel on something hard... Too many taps and that piece of crap broke.

Did my check-up call and my neighbors wife just died. They been waiting for an ambulance for a while now.
Dec 23, 2008
Not-Traveling Update 12/23/08 1108

Current mood:awake
Greetings All!!
I made some headway yesterday in shoveling a path but car still stuck.
Ohh did I mention that my driver side wiper flew off on my way home a few days ago. I guess I'm still in car hell and yesterday it got even more so.
I was online checking my Chevron balance to see how much my next payment is and noticed they cut down my credit line to almost nothing. That after years of being a good card member. I was t'd off. I called them and was told that because I was late with another payment with someone else, like a utility, they cut my line and I should be receiving a letter soon.
Well, turns out that ever since Chevron sold out the accounts to GE Capitol, they have become total morons. So, as soon as I get it paid off, I will stop using it.

But that's why businesses are failing. I was telling a friend last night how so many restaurants started to treat their regulars like crap and focus on the new people, that the regulars left.

Looks like the automakers are getting some big bucks and yet they can't make it so headlights work.

I miss my Toyotas. My reliable trusting Toyotas. One got totaled my a MAC trucks and the other wore out after over 200K miles. -sigh-
I'm trying to keep myself motivated and get more emails done and add pics to the pages.

I have a walk trail dug to the street and hoping to go driving around with a friend that's mobile and get some winter shots.

Maybe I'll find a snow shovel someplace too.

I've found an old holiday classic on youtube. Damn, it's easy to spend hours on there following leads from one song to another... You sift through all the phoney's and wannabees until you ear hears how it should sound....

This upcoming holiday is called Christmas by the Federal Government.... So, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!!!

Holiday has several meanings.... and when someone asks me if I'm enjoying my holiday, I'd like to be laying on a beach in Greece or France... so I can reply with a YES. LOL

Take Care!! Thank you to all out there serving our country honorably!!!!!
Dec 25, 2008
Merry Christmas & a Better New Year I bid you all

Current mood:drained

I Wish You All A Merry Christmas!

I Wish You All A Better New Year!

Thank You To All Serving This Country Of Ours Honorably!

Thank You To All That have Served Honorably!

Thanks You To All The Families and Friends of Those, That Gave Their All!

Anyone serving Venison today?
Dec 27, 2008
My Christmas.....

Greetings Everyone!!

Well, Christmas is over with... (I think) and it's been raining out here, melting down a lot of the snow.

I started Christmas (Thursday) morning by making my way down to a favorite coffee spot that I knew would be open and had breakfast also. I then went to a Deli & Bakery for which I had a couple of $5 certificates and I was going to get some pastries to take home. Then they tell me that they changed the rules and I can only use one of those certificates. Of course, none of these sudden limitations where printed on these slips and I thought I had received some of these in lieu of some work I did. Well, not going back there for a while.

I then headed down to Sheridan, Oregon and was recommended to go as far south as HWY 22 because of road conditions. While driving south on I-5, I called into the traffic section of a news radio each time I saw a flipped or off the road vehicle to warn others heading to take possible detours. I didn't have to call 811 cause they where already being tended to.

Hwy 22 added almost another whole hour to the trip. I got my friend hooked up for a while and while he was checking his email etc., I decided to take a walk and get some snow pics. I stepped into some snow that was covering a deep puddle and my shoes filled with water. That unmotivated me and I headed back after a couple more blocks.

I didn't stay long because it wouldn't be much longer before it got dark and wanted to be in the city before it got dark. I called a couple friends in Milwaukie, Oregon that invited me to dinner if I could make it out there. Told them I would be on the road at least another hour and a half which would get me there after 1730 and they intended to start at 1700. I was told there would be food left when I got there.

I got within 4 blocks of their house by about 1745 and it took another 15-20 minutes to make those 4 blocks. They live on the border of Milwaukie bordering Portland and my GPS kept bringing me into a dead end and I spend a lot of time negotiating and fighting ruts and snow. With their help over the phone, I finally got there and almost didn't make it into their driveway.

When I walked into their cozy home, I noticed a set table and didn't look like anyone ate yet. I was told that they where just getting started, I think they waited for me. I got seated on the other end of the table. There where six of them and then 8 at some point. They tolerated my presence and humor and I ate and hit the road again.

When I arrived home, I could see my fairly cleared driveway but it took me about 5 minutes or so to make it onto the pavement. The corner traffic made driving in front of my driveway almost impassible.

Friday morning I got up early and headed down to the street to shovel away snow, ruts and ice to make travel onto the road a bit easier and then decided to make a mail run. Wasn't really expecting anything (Except bills) but I knew I had a package there from my last run but I didn't want to stand in a long line of people doing last minute mailing.

I received a couple bills, a note from Chevron telling me they are cutting away most of my limit (Which they already did, read an earlier blog) and I received a couple nice cards and some gift cards, a star bucks card and the package.

It was a long reversed paper bag wrapped package. The name looked familiar (Myspace friend) and inside this package I found a scratching block, 2 bags of cat treats, a mouse with feathers for my cat. That was so cool. My cat, the ungrateful little bitch is still refusing to write a Thank You Card. But she had no problems getting the claws into the scratcher (I was same size of a worn one I then tossed out) and sinking her snarfing face into a small bowl of those treats. What can I say.... Thanks on behalf of that assmal.

Sad thing, I checked my notices and had to add 6 more heroes to my list at www.IraqWarHeroes.org . At this point I may have a funeral soon in Bend, Oregon and at least 2 events in January in Eugene, Oregon.

Also, at least 25 where killed and 64 wounded when another car bomb went off. I don't believe any Americans where killed in this incident.

We need to terminate all those bastards that are indiscriminately and cowardly killing people. If you wanna pray for those bastards, do so after you put a bullet in their heads and be thankful that they can't kill others.

Today it rained and rained and rained... I moved more blocks of ice/snow and broke apart some of the new build up in front of my now very clear driveway to help it melt better.

I then made a mail run. No bills today. No mail either.

I then grabbed my laptop, picked up a friend on a street he shouldn't be driving his car on and had coffee for a couple hours. I then went home and headed out to pick up another friend that doesn't drive at all and took him shopping at Ikea.

People usually don't believe my stories unless they are with me and see it happening. So we decided to get some food first. I hadn't had breakfast yet and it was lunch time. The place was packed and one of the Ikea people told us that if we are just having the meatball lunch or salad, we should get into this other line which was very short. I looked up at a photo with mashed potatoes, meatballs and gravy and liganberries. 

As I approached to get my plate, they ran out of the berries and didn't give me any nor apologized, just send me on... and did the same with my friend... maybe cause he was with me... He observed that the next people got some, cause out of the blue, they had just restocked it.

My system has been off balance again the last couple of weeks, so I have dump fluid every 25 to 35 minutes. Try finding a restroom in there when you're surrounded by a bunch of people and never close to one.

After a few hours in there, we where ready to get the heck out of there. It was too hot and too crowded for me.

On the opposite side of the checkout counters are some things I was interested in like berry preserves. The person at the checkout told us we have to pay for our stuff here and then go over there and pay for the stuff from there over there, or leave our cart here in the middle of the crowd, go over there, get what we want and then back in line.

We opted to pay for the stuff we had first. We used the automated checkout machines. I only had 3 small items. More candles in case of lights-out. At the bottom of both of our receipts it said we get money off our next debit purchase. Mine was like 60 cents, his was 90 cents. We then went to where they had the cookies, preserves, bread and stuff. I got a small jar of mixed berries preserves so did he, and he got some crackers also. We went to the checkout and they told us we couldn't use those coupons at their register because they are on a different POS and we had to go back in the main store and get back in line. Well, to save another $1.50, why not... right?

We got into a short line, 2 customers ahead of us and I see the checker on the phone.... there was a problem with the customer at the checkout... and she's on the phone, on the phone... the line to the right of me shrunk to 1 person that just walked up and I quickly got behind that person.

I had violated my rule about getting into short lines, cause they almost always take a long time. So this guy has a bunch of papers and the checker was doing this and that and this and that and I looked left and noticed the problem cleared and 4 different customers just checked through.

At a distance I noticed another Ikea employee with a plastic bag and I turned to my friend and said, want to bet she's coming to this register to do money transfers or something? As soon as I uttered those words, she was at our register to pick up a money drop.

We finally both paid for our stuff and hurried out of that place. The amount of time all the check-out took was not worth that trip.

It's now almost 2000 and drizzling outside. The annoying type that can't be timed with your wipers. So, I think I'll get this posted while I'm chatting with a friend near Tucson, Arizona who told me that the temp dropped to 38 which is funny, cause I think ours just raised over 40.

I bid you all a good weekend!! Stay warm out there. If you're bored, get a sheet of paper and write the number 9 a thousand times, cause pretty soon it will be 2009, might as well get used to it.

I was just looking at the TV screen, was another stupid GLADE commercial with those scented candles and I was wondering why each of their candle commercials (Ones I see) they encourage people to lie. But then, most advertising on TV is lies anymore. And if it's not a lie, consult your doctor about which pills they are advertising that you need.

Take care!! Please send some Thank You notes out to our troops!!! It's the ME time of year, take a break from it and let them know that you appreciate THEM.

Thank you to all the troops reading this!!! You all rock!


PS. Thank You Eileen, Peggy, Karen, Carri and Donna.......
Dec 29, 2008
Late December Snow Part I - Photos by Q Madp

Mornin' Ya' All

It's nearing 0800 out here on the west coast and its raining, raining and raining.... so, for those of you that already miss the snow... here are a couple snapshots.

I bid you all a great day!



Late December Snow Part I

Dec 30, 2008
Late December Snow Part II - Photos by Q Madp

Good Morning!! (Scroll to the bottom if you're just here for the pics)

If you watch TV, you're exposed to commercials everyday.... especially those special offer ones.... act now and get another for free... get our free trial etc. etc.

DON'T DO IT!!!! and if you do... consider some of my observations....

1. If you use your home or cell phone to call a toll free number such as 800, 888, 877 or 866 then the party at the other end will have your number and name to distribute to anyone.

2. Some offers are geared to only Valid Credit Cards and once they have that number, it's so much easier to up sell you, fast talk you into crap you don't want, and also sell that information.

3. Before calling, look at their websites and read the small print and their shipping fee.

4. Some offer you a second free product and you only pay additional shipping and handling charges. Funny thing is, those items come in the same box and shipped at a much much lower real cost than stated, that times 2 of course.

5. Then there are some drugs where they offer you a free trial and charge you at least 9.99 for shipping (Something I could ship for under 2 bucks) and then you automatically consent to subscribing to the drug starting at $39.99 a month plus Shipping & handling unless you unsubscribe first. The Littleton stamp company used (Probably still are) to screw people like that.

6. Imagine you had 3 lids from 2 liter pop bottles. How much do you think it cost to ship that? If you do it right, under 2 bucks even if you use a brown envelope, or at max, a flat rate USPS box for $4.80. So I wonder where 19.95 would come in? $15.50 for someone to stick them into an envelope for you?

7. Get a phony or unknown invoice in your mail? They are phishing for your information or accounts just like in those emails promising you an extra 32 inches by midnight.

8. If your bank calls you, they should already have your information. If they don't, hang up. 

9. If someone calls you and they ask for you by name and it doesn't sound right, don't tell them that's who you are... demand to know who they are, where they are calling from etc. 

Most ads that are blatantly lying or misleading you don't go away until they have screwed over thousands if not millions. When a class action suit finally comes around.. it's too late and you never get refunded what you where screwed out of.

While I'm on this note... whenever I see a local news advertise that they have a real important news story and then they lead of with garbage... I switch the channel. I'm not sitting around watching a bunch of morons read a teleprompter for an hour before they bring you the news.

Another quick note, Just because it's ON SALE doesn't mean it's cheaper. Shop around.

A store may carry the main item for less and then screw you for the accessories. I usually pay $10 sometimes $15 for 100 CDR's, 

Walmart, Staples, Office Max and a few office stores charge $15 and more for just a 50 pack.

I see computer power cables for $9.99 to $14.99 at Best Buy and other stores. I get mine for about a buck.

Slow down... shop around.... and if you're stupid enough to be talked into a $39.99 printer USB cable, cause it has gold on it.... oh well... same cable for a lot less, a lot less is just as good if not better. I've tested one from a Dollar Store even and it's been just as effective for printing.

OK... I need to stop now... Gotta scrape some money together to see a doctor to refill a prescription. My sugar way too high... I'm not suppose to be sweet.

Hey... check your smoke detectors and your fire extinguishers.... Got a First Aid Kit ?



Late December Snow Part II

Dec 31, 2008

Greetings Everyone!!

For some of you, the New Year has already started. For the rest of us, it's gonna happen soon. There is already so much happening out there that is sending the new year into a downward spiral at onset, but I'm not gonna get into the politics right now.

Gonna have some cheap sparkling wine and wash it down with some good Scotch and for a brief time act like an optimist .

I have the photo site back online, added to my debt and made a monthly payment. 

I currently have 5 missions pending, the next one is this Saturday in Washougal WA on the 3rd, Then Vancouver on the 10th, Eugene, OR on the 17th, and another for Eugene, OR with no date yet, and one for a KIA in Bend, OR, no date yet.

Gas may be cheaper right now but I still need it.

I WISH FOR ALL AND EVERYONE (Except those that want to kill us) A BETTER NEW YEAR!!!



Thank You to all of you out there that have helped me along the way. This has been another long and challenging year for me. They don't get easier, just more challenging as I strive to continue on my mission to makew sure our heroes are not forgotten and then some.

Below are a few stats about my War Heroes Project. I don't have time to list everything, plus there is so much forgotten already. If you don't believe any of the numbers, then you haven't spent any time going through some of my tribute sites.

Some Quick Stats For The War Heroes Projects Such as www.IraqWarHeroes.org :

Minimum Monthly Operating Expense without traveling is: $380

Over 300 Missions Completed. (Minimum time per mission: 2 Hours, maximum time for a Mission: 3 Days)

Over 100,000 Miles traveled by car. 71,855 since I started to log them online.

Since logging, that would be over 1,306 Hours (163x 8Hour Days) on the road at 55MPH. Of course the average travel speed is much less and therefore many more hours.

More than 30 Oil Changes and a bunch of other car related expenses not including fuel.

More than 151,557 Photos for families of our heroes. That's after picking them from total shot.

More than 2,525 Hours of picking and cropping and correcting pics. (That would equal to 315 x 8 Hour Days)

More than 33,631 Htm pages posted.

More than 56,319 JPG Photos posted.

More than 1490 GIF Images posted.

Called into radio stations more than 200 times to remind people of our heroes.

Placed nationwide over 280 ads.

There is much more such as material costs, cd's, mailers, stamps, postcards, business type cards, ink, computer parts, camera's.....

My daily average for time spend on the project is between 7 and 14 Hours. If I'm not at the computer reminding you and all others out there, I'm outside doing it or on a mission.

Hey, I'm not religious but thought this oldie would be fitting..
Jan 1, 2009
Army Lt.Col. Jack S Randall R.I.P.

Greetings All!

I've just completed and posted a few pics from the October 1, 2008 service for LTC Jack Randall.

Please help remember Jack and all our heroes.



Army Lt.Col. Jack S Randall R.I.P.


Jan 1, 2009
Navy Veteran Milo F Ensinger R.I.P.

Current mood:determined

Good Evening!

Travel Update: I have 2 confirmed missions (one new) this weekend. Saturday in Washougal, Washington and Sunday in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

On October 10th I was invited to attend the services of another of our veterans. I just posted a few snapshots from this service. 

I'm going to try real hard to get caught up with last year by the end of this month. Now with 6 more missions already pending... we'll see....

Remember, if you like what you read or what I have to say... share it with others. :) Thanks!

He was a Navy veteran that served on the destroyer USS Zellars DD 777. At this time I have no information on Milo serving during in any of the wars and therefore his page will be on my They Served Also site.

Thank you Milo Ensinger for serving our country!!!!


Navy Veteran Milo F Ensinger R.I.P.

Jan 1, 2009
WWII Navy Ensign Eldon Wyman MIA/KIA R.I.P.


Last September I posted a bulletin about 3 sailors that had been identified killed during the attack from Pearl Harbor. After many, many, many years, a widow finally has closure about our hero, her husband who was killed on that fatal day, December 7, 1941.

On October 24, 2008 the family had a private funeral service for Ensign Eldon Wyman and I was invited to the celebration and honoring of Eldon thereafter at VFW Post 4248. I have posted a few pics and if you pay close attention, you'll see some men that survived the bombing.

It is always great to talk to these guys. The WWII generation of heroes is disappearing rapidly and if you see one of them, please tell them THANK YOU for their service to our country and maybe take a few minutes to allow them to talk about it. This is one of the last proud and honorable generations that kept this country from being taken.


WWII Navy Ensign Eldon Wyman MIA/KIA R.I.P.

Jan 2, 2009
Bringing Home Our Hero Pfc Cody Eggleston

Good Morning!

At the moment it's sunny out here after 3 days of real hard rain and wind and then another snowfall around 0100 this morning.

I think the wind and rain yesterday did some damage I need to check out. Got water in two places it shouldn't be but at least I'm not in the areas currently being flooded.

I just completed another set of pics. This set if from October 30th in Redmond. Bringing home one of our heroes. I hope to get the funeral his pics from November 1 done later tonight, if my head stops hurting some.

Pfc Cody Eggleston died Oct. 24 at the National in Bethesda , Maryland , of wounds suffered on October 16 in Baqubah , Iraq , when he received indirect fire. 


Bringing Home Our Hero Pfc Cody Eggleston

Jan 3, 2009
Travel Update 01/03/08 0650

Current mood:uncomfortable

Good Morning Y'All!!!

It's a little after 0600 out here on the west (left) coast between Washington and California. It's not raining at the moment, and remnants of yesterdays hail type shower still crunching under my feet as I dragged my overdue garbage can to the curb.

My head is pounding and moving my neck is making me dizzy like as I'm getting ready for today's mission for one of our Vietnam veterans in Washougal, Washington. It isn't too far of a drive unlike tomorrow's mission which is in Cottage Grove, Oregon and will take up most of Sunday.

It's unusual to have one on Sunday.

More snow is expected today, so I hope all the morons stay home and off the road , or at least off the roads I'll be traveling. Gas might be a bit cheaper right now but not if you're behind a moron doing 11mph in the left lane of a cleared road in a 31+ zone.

My friend Noah is in the flood range, haven't heard from him, tried calling yesterday again. He's alive, I see him cursing the waters on his myspace.

And I whine about a couple of leaks....

Last night I was watching one of the last 2 episodes of Stargate Atlantis and I heard a song I haven't heard in a long time. I've always liked Johnny Cash and he was on the car radio with Solitary Man. It was on my mind this morning and I looked to see if a copy of the song was on youtube.com and sure it was.

Have you backed up your important stuff on your computer lately or your contact list on your cell phone?? Shit happens all the time.... Do you have a copy in a outside location or place in your home that wouldn't be affected by fire or flood??

I ran out of coffee beans and yesterday opened up the oldest can of ground coffee I had in my storage and the coffee tasted just fine for a store brand that had a pull date of 1998. Damn!!! I don't keep canned foods that long even though I still have some B-Rations but no longer for consumption.

This year, please make it a point to Thank more of our women and men serving in the military when you see them in person or online.

Something simple like; THANK YOU FOR SERVING!!!!!

And as always.... SEE A VET.... THANK A BET!!! (I came up with that a year ago or so)

I bid you all a great weekend!!!

If there is a service for one of your local heroes, especially a KIA in your area, Please go and and honor this hero and let the family know you care and you are a grateful nation!!


PS. Help me remind others of our heroes..... ask your friends to add me... or at least send them to www.IraqWarHeroes.org .
Jan 4, 2009
Heritage-River Walk Part II Photos by Q Madp

Good Morning!

It's Sunday and I'm getting ready to head south to Cottage Grove, Oregon for the memorial service of USMC Vietnam War Veteran Fred Perkins. I'll be gone most of the day but will have my portable with me if I don't forget it.

It's been freezing on the ground again. Hope it stays dry though.

Yesterday's mission in Washougal and Camas, Washington went well.

I bid you all a great day!!!



Heritage-River Walk Part II

Jan 4, 2009
Travel Update 01/04/09 1024 Cottage Grove, Oregon

I'm sitting in a Burger King off I-5 in Cottage Grove, Oregon and they have Wi-Fi access here.

The drive down went pretty good. A few slick spots.

After passing through Salem, heading south, I thought I was in Mexico... I mean, California, because over 60% of the plates that passed me where all California plates and many of them where hauling ass. One of them, in a white suburban with plates reading something like Prinz B was doing at least 80 in a tight construction zone and it almost slammed into a car ahead of it.

Maybe it's them drug runners, thinking all the cops are in church or off this time of day on a Sunday.

I just saw a bunch of bikes pass by up ahead, so will get out of here and head to their staging area for a couple of pics.
Jan 8, 2009
Northwest Focus - The Patriot Guard Riders

I was just sent the link to this video. I had given them permission to use my pics. Unfortunately they misspelled my website as www.IraqWarHero.org instead or IraqWarHeroes.org with the s. I just made it possible for the other domain to point at the site also. I wonder how many tried to get there when this aired.
Anyhow, feel free to forward this to others.
Jan 9, 2009
Travel Update 01/09/08 1027

I'll be heading to Vancouver in a few for Vietnam War veteran, Charles Williams.

Tomorrow I'll be heading to battleground, Washington for US Army/Coast Guard Roger Larson.

If you can spare some change for gas etc... please do

www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help or my PayPal donate button on my profile here.

I bid you all a great weekend!!
Jan 12, 2009
Lonely Bull

Current mood:thoughtful

Hi All!

It's 0120 and most of you are probably sleeping. It's drizzling outside and dark. 

I just watched Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood. GO WATCH IT!!!! Here's a trailer: www.thegrantorino.com .

My plans for the 17th have changed again. I was going to go to Eugene, Oregon for a service of a veteran and at this point will be heading further south to Medford, Oregon for a memorial service for someone that served in Iraq. Don't have all the details yet.

At the memorial service for a veteran I was at on Saturday in Washington, one of the VFW Honor Guards with a camera came to me and told me that because of a funeral I had done 2 years ago for someone related to one of them, and they had seen the pics, they have since been putting together pics for the families at which they act as Honor Guard. That was nice to hear.

I bid you all a great week!!! Please remember our troops and always.... See A Vet.... Thank A Vet...
Jan 12, 2009
Misty Blue

Current mood:working
Just working on pics today between the drum beating of my head.
Got my oil changed, they jacked those prices up more.

The service in Medford on the 17th will be for 
L/Cpl Robert Johnson . This Marine died in Anbar province, Iraq. Service will be at 1100. Please come if you can.

Please also keep in mind the spouses and families of those serving!

You All Take Care!!!
Jan 14, 2009
Palatine Hill Walk Part II - Photos by Q Madp

Current mood:crappy

Morning Ya'All!!

It is slowly nearing 0600 out here on the west coast and my head hasn't taken a break from hurting the last few days. I hate it when they last this long.

This morning I'll be heading to Longview, Washington, for WWII Navy Veteran James Sperling.

Saturday's plans for Medford may change again depending on getting a green light and having gas to make the round trip and my head. I may end up doing the mission in Eugene instead.

Anyhow, looking at the screen is irritating me, so I'll keep this short.

I bid you all a great Hump Day!!! 



Palatine Hill Walk Part II

Jan 17, 2009
Iris Festival Walk Part V - Photos by Q (Travel Update)

Current mood:anxious

Good Morning!!

It's just after 0400 and I'm tired of not sleeping, so I decided to stay up an hour ago.

This morning I'll be heading to Eugene, Oregon for Maj Thomas Egan.

"EUGENE, Ore. -- The homeless man who froze to death Tuesday evening, believed to be the first victim of Oregon's snow, was a decorated war veteran who earned a master's degree from the University of Oregon.
Thomas Lawrence Egan, 60, was found partially covered in snow near the corner of Blair Boulevard and West First Avenue. According to the Lane County Medical Examiner's office, he died from exposure to the cold. "

It is such a shame that as a country, we send billions overseas to people that don't even like us and we allow our veterans to die alone out in the cold.

We give billions of our money to the same banks that have been screwing over veterans and average citizens for years and we have starving people in this country.

I initially was going to head to Medford for a memorial service but could not establish contact with the family. I tried several sources to relay for me that are in touch with the family with no success and the church told me they won't relay information because they (church) are getting too many calls already.

After the service in Eugene, I'll be going to a send-off party. Gonna send a young man off to boot camp and AIT.

Right now I'm watching Bonanza waiting for my cat to wake up and bitch at me for food. Then I'll hit the road. I know it will be a bit too early, but I'm restless. I think someone is going to cook me breakfast near Eugene. :)

Hey, have you hugged a Marine lately??? If there are none near you, grab a soldier, or someone in the Air Force, Navy........

And always.... See A Vet.... Thank A Vet!!!!



Iris Festival Walk Part V

Jan 18, 2009
It Ain't Right !!!! Offensive to those with blinders on.

Current mood:annoyed

Obama's Inauguration Committee sold exclusive rights of the various events.

HBO for example has exclusive rights to the concert at the Lincoln memorial.

"For $2.5 million, HBO purchased the rights to air today's all-star kickoff concert at the Lincoln Memorial, which Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden will attend. The concert, featuring the musical stylings of Beyonce, U2, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder, among others, will be available on television only to those who receive HBO and to households that receive digital cable." Connecticut Post

Remember when Barack Hussein Obama promised to use public funds and then stabbed people in the back as soon as he was offered big money outside the public funding for his campaign? That should have been a warning.

I don't know about you, but I can't afford HBO and some of the other stations that now have exclusive rights to a suppose to be public historic event. 

"Barack Obama's inaugural organizing committee has struck deals with three television networks to the tune of more than $5 million, giving the networks exclusive access to inaugural events. But the arrangement is prompting questions about the president-elect's efforts to raise money by turning his inauguration into made-for-TV productions." Washington Post

It's quite obvious to me, that this so called president is already telling people that he's an exclusive president and not for the people.

Something else that has been bugging me, he has been going out of his way to disgrace past presidents by making a scene in so many places where good presidents have made history. 

You haven't noticed and haven't had flashbacks into history? Then you haven't been paying attention.

I got back this morning from my mission in Eugene, Oregon. The PGR had a good turnout on this cold day and formed a great flag line in honor of Maj Thomas Egan.

Across from where the event was taking place I noticed a Boy Scouts of America building and it had lots of people in it. Mostly adults wearing boy/cub scout uniforms. I went in and told them what was happening and invited them to attend. Guess they where all too busy. 

Most everybody is just too F%$#%^ busy. Too F$#% busy to help a man having a seizure. Too F%%&$% busy to open the door for the elderly or handicapped. Too F^^**# busy to stop at stop signs. Too F%&^ busy to vote. Too F%#% busy to dump their trash into a trash receptacle instead of the street or our parks.

I mean... it wouldn't be right if I just said a majority of people just don't care? Hmmmmmmmmmmm?
OK, I'll stop whining now....

I bid you all a great day and week ahead.

Remember to back up your stuff on your hard drive, cell phone, PDA's.....

Damn..... My power has gone off 3 times now... I have a UPS on this machine but everything else is dark. It's very windy out. Many lines coming down.

Got 12 more minutes on the battery, then switching to laptop for another hour or go out someplace to where they have power....

See A Vet.... Thank A Vet....
Jan 19, 2009
Army Maj Thomas L Egan R.I.P.

Current mood:cold
Greetings All!

On Saturday I was in Eugene, Oregon for the memorial service of Maj Egan. 
I wanted to get this one done while it's still cold and freezing outside, so I've taken it out of turn of the last few missions I have not posted yet.

Where I am, it's been very, very windy and many trees coming down. Over 30,000 now without power. Mine went off several times yesterday.

Anyhow, back to Maj Egan, I've created a page for him and posted photos and before you go to see them, I would like you to read the Salem-News.com article. Time King also put together a sideshow.
Jan 21, 2009
End Of The World

Current mood:tired
Just a quick update. Last couple days been working hard and knocking down that big pile of emails and am now under 900 to go. Today alone I've posted at least 100 photos on hero's pages
Jan 22, 2009
Who's Got Your CC Number? and other gripes

Current mood:annoyed

More Americans are being screwed by big companies handling your information.

"A data breach last year at Princeton, N.J., payment processor Heartland Payment Systems may have compromised tens of millions of credit and debit card transactions, the company said today."

Now, it sounds like Heartland doesn't really want to take the blame, they would rather have small businesses blamed at which the cards where used. Read this paragraph carefully:

Robert Baldwin, Heartland's president and chief financial officer: 

"No merchant of ours represents even [one-tenth of one percent] of our volume, and to put out any name associated with what is obviously an unfortunate incident is not fair," he said. "Their customers might end up having their cards used fraudulently, but that fraud might turn out to have come from their store, or it might be from another Heartland store and no one will ever really know."

"Baldwin said Heartland does not know how long the malicious software was in place, how it got there or how many accounts may have been compromised. The stolen data includes names, credit and debit card numbers and expiration dates."

I went to this companies website heartlandpaymentsystems and found nothing. No apologies, no actions that consumers should take... Let's face it... They don't care and I hope that Visa and MasterCard stops using them also like they did with the last company.

On a side note.... Stop using visa and mastercard... 


If you use your credit cards anywhere, do not let them out of sight. Don't hand it to the waiter and let him walk off with it... he may have a capture unit in his pocket, those things are smaller that your average wallet..

If the ATM machine looks weird... don't use it. I especially don't trust those free standing units.... and most of them charge too much for the transaction and you don't know who is watching....

Too often I see stupid people entering their pins at a checkout counter.... shield your input with your hand, if the person looking over your shoulder is offended by this mistrusting act... to hell with them....

Banks do not treat debit cards same as credit card... charges using your debit card will overdraw you when you have no money and then the fees roll in...

The biggest profits by banks last year was from fees. 

Make an ATM withdrawal at your bank for the money you'll need that week and don't use the debit card.

Well, Portland has elected another rapist / child molester. mayor Sam Adams. He says he was only grooming the last kid he had sex with and waited till that kid was 18. This guy has got to go. We had a mayor by the name of Goldsmith, that got away with raping a 14 year old also.

Looks like they are closing Gitmo, so they can bring all the terrorists to the USA and offer them more rights than American have to protect themselves. Watch and see......

Remember the last American traitor they caught shoot at our troops while he was fighting with the Taliban.... instead of shooting that bastard out there... they brought him back to the USA and made him look like the victim.

If you're a legal firearms owner... stock up on ammo now, because new laws are in the works.

OK enough for now.... not getting too many emails done here....

Well, one more item. I got the info on this soldier too late. 

22 Year old Sgt Andrew Ralls served in Iraq as a Combat Medic and was back from Iraq when he died in Salem, Oregon in a car crash. (I don't have all the details). Being a Combat Medic is a hard job. You see a lot of hurt and pain. Please help remember Sgt Ralls and all our other heroes.




Jan 23, 2009
Heritage-River Walk Part IV - Photos by Q Madp

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..HTML clipboard..
Greetings All!!
It looks like it will be another sunny day out here in that place between California
and Washington. 
I can't see it from here.
Yesterday also I spend most of the day working on those emails with photo
attachments to post on our heroes tribute pages. Last week I was at 1600
and I'm finally under 600. Still trying to get caught up by end of this
There's a mission today for a veteran in Marysville, Washington but I don't
have the fuel for the trip, so I'm staying put. I've decided not to go
into any more debt for travel expenses. I'm paying enough in interests
alone I also still have quite a few domains that are due.
Hey, if you shop at Staples (Office Store) and you have used printer ink cartridges,
please use this number when turning those in. If you have
more than 3, just turn in 3 a day and when you shop there use that number. 
If I get enough reward points in ink credits, I can get more supplies such as
ink. More options to help me at www.IraqWarHeroes.org/help 

It is my mission to remind people of our heroes and who they are and any help
in accomplishing this is appreciated.
Anyhow, I need to go take a walk and get me some coffee and some fresh air
before I get back to the emails.
Hey, today is a good day to go hug a sailor..... so go find
one.... Thank you to all that are serving our country honorably!!


Walk Part IV

Jan 24, 2009
January 24, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005.....

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Good Morning!
Today marks day 2337 since I've been logging AP News Headers.
Instead of making a very long blog bringing you all the headers from today over the last few years, I've picked 1 from each year on the early hours. Since the war started March 19, 2003, there won't be a January 24, 2003, so I picked a March 24, 2003.

I bid you all a good weekend. If you wonder where you can find all my AP logs, go to my 031903 site. :)


Iraq to reopen notorious Abu Ghraib prison 1/24/2009, 5:53 a.m. PST
BAGHDAD (AP) ? Iraq will reopen the notorious Abu Ghraib prison next month, but it's getting a facelift and a new name, a senior justice official said Saturday.
Provincial police chief killed in Mosul 1/24/2008, 5:00 a.m. PST
BAGHDAD (AP) ? A suicide bomber killed an Iraqi police chief and two other officers Thursday after they toured the site of the wreckage of a blast a day earlier that devastated a predominantly Sunni neighborhood in the volatile northern city of Mosul.
Iraqi politicians: Bush ideas not new 1/24/2007, 5:59 a.m. PT
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) ? Iraqi politicians on both side of the sectarian divide saw little new in President Bush's State of the Union address in which he urged critics to give his plan to increase American troops in Iraq a chance.
Sunnis in Iraq urged to defend themselves 1/24/2006, 2:58 a.m. PT
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) ? A leading Sunni Arab party Tuesday urged fellow Sunnis to confront armed attacks on their community following a raid on a Sunni neighborhood in Baghdad in which three men were killed and more than 20 abducted.
Iraq forces arrest top al-Qaida lieutenant 1/24/2005, 5:52 a.m. PT
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) ? Iraqi security forces have arrested the "most lethal" top lieutenant of al-Qaida's leader in Iraq a man allegedly behind 75 percent of the car bombings in Baghdad since the U.S.-led invasion, the prime minister's office said Monday.
U.N. security experts in Iraq as U.S. power transfer plan meets more opposition - 1/24/04 4:48 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Two U.N. security experts arrived in Iraq to study the possible return of international staff as a top Shiite Muslim leader declared that a U.S.-backed plan for handing power to Iraqis was "unacceptable."
Saddam addresses his nation and promises victory "is soon" - 3/24/03 5:07 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- With U.S.-led forces closing in on Baghdad, a composed Saddam Hussein tried to rally his people and his troops with a stirring address Monday in which he vowed that allied forces would be crushed and "victory will be ours soon." 
Jan 25, 2009
NE Glisan & NE 117th - Photos by Q Madp

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Greetings Everyone!!
It's Sunday and it snowed again overnight. Not much but just enough to lure
stupid people outside with the urge to drive like morons.
I came across a single vehicle accident that could have been avoided. 
OK, I realize I don't have the facts about what the driver may have been doing
but while I was shooting a few frames with my backup pocket camera, I noticed a
lot of people speeding by. The lights from the cop car or fire trucks was
no deterrence. People in too much of a hurry and too busy to care.
Yesterday I got another bunch of emails done and now have less than 400 to go
even after hitting the send/receive button. So, it looks possible that by
end of month they will be caught up.
Remember when I told you that Chevron cut down my credit line even though
I've been a good customer? Looks like people all over are getting screwed. 
This is just to remind you that big businesses don't care anymore. They
will screw you for as much as possible and if you leave, no biggie... there are
many others... and don't forget all the criminals breaking into our
country in line to replace your account.
I spotted this recent story from Friday. Click link to read the rest of
it. These people had the sense to leave the bank that just screwed
them. Bank of America is not a bank for Americans anyhow, or haven't
people figured that out yet?? Just my OPINION you know.
Jan 26, 2009
Army Spc Larry C Applegate R.I.P.

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It's almost 0100 (That's way past bedtime for some of you) and I was gonna
give it up for the day and go pretend to sleep.
Well, I hit that send and receive button and got 5 more emails. One was
about a young soldier that served 2 tours in Iraq and after he returned home was
diagnosed with bad PTSD. Well, he is dead now. How else can I say
it. It should not have come this far.
No matter how much training you have, each individual has a breaking point
and war is one of those nasty have to doos that will hit you over the head with
Shit, I'm not even gonna try going to bed yet.... I'M TOO FREAKING UPSET AND
Please help remember this young soldier and all the others the get killed
often by wars silent killer known as PTSD, which can strike at any time or even
many tears later.
We still have Vietnam veterans wearing their combat boots to bed
expecting the enemy to infiltrate their parameter at any time now.... WE
NEED TO GIVE THEM A SAFE PLACE HERE!!! We need to help them return once
they have come back.
If you're out there, maybe back from the sandbox and you are thinking
suicide.... It's OK to ask for help. Please, at least call this
number. Damn civilians around you may be too busy to notice your
hurt. Call from a pay phone if you don't want anyone to have your
number, but call, and look for some other option...

VA's Suicide Prevention Hot Line - Toll-free
1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Spc. Larry Applegate was twice-deployed to Iraq and awarded the Purple Heart and Army Commendation Medal with Valor. He joined the Army in 2004. 
He joined at a time when he knew our country was at war. This hero will not be
forgotten by me.
(It's OK to repost and forward my posts, we all owe it to our service men and
women to be involved and to support them.)


Spc Larry C Applegate R.I.P.

Jan 27, 2009
Those Were The Days

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I've been busy with those emails and have less than 100 to go to be caught up. Some of them require me to burn CD's and print labels and get them off to the families.
Anyone wanna help with postage?

Anyhow... I bid you all a good day
Jan 27, 2009
Vicky Leandros - Ich brauch' deine Liebe 1998

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Yup, I found another Vicky Leandros song I haven't heard before. Don't know what all she sings in this one.... but like it anyhow. many don't know that this Greek born lady sings in a few different languages.
I just got done preparing 5 more Priority Mail packages. Had to charge the postage.
I tried to get the local news yesterday to report on the 2 helicopter crashes in Iraq where we lost 4 of our heroes but they wouldn't do it and tonight I find out that one of the 4 killed is from Banks, Oregon. I don't have a DoD release yet, so I don't mention names until that happens.
I now have less than 40 emails to go. It's been a very long week. Heck, it's almost midnight again. I've posted near 1,000 photos that have been emailed to me. All this is done manually.
If I find the gas, I may be heading to Eugene, Oregon for a memorial service of a veteran and if I find lots of gas, I may also be doing a trip to Spokane Washington soon. Further down the road, I'm still waiting for confirmation, I'll be driving to Chandler, Arizona in June. I need to be there on the 3rd. That also pending on gas, lots of gas. That's about 1500 miles each way.
Of course, as always, KIA missions override any plans I may attempt to have.
You all take care.
Jan 28, 2009
AO1 Jay Charles Ritchie R.I.P.

He served in the Navy from Feb. 96 until 10 of 06. He spent most of his
active duty as