Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Michael T Gleason

Warren, Pennsylvania

May 30, 2003

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
25 Army Spc

519th Military Intelligence Battalion

Fort Bragg, North carolina

The three soldiers were traveling in a three-vehicle convoy during a storm from Mosul to Tikrit (2 HUMMVs, 1 light medium tactical vehicle).  A civilian vehicle dodged a pothole causing the HUMMVs to swerve.  There was not enough stopping distance between the vehicles causing the LMTV to swerve off the road and turn over, causing the death of three soldiers.

AP News

Michael T. Gleason was almost finished with his four-year stint in the Army and planned to return home to Warren, Pa. He was one of three soldiers killed in a vehicle accident May 30 in Iraq. He was stationed at Fort Bragg.

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