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Andrzej Pawel Skruszewicz


December 11, 2009

Age Rank Unit/Location
35 PSO Erinys, Iraq
1.Andrzej Skruszewicz was employed by Erinys Iraq as a Personnel Security Officer, (PSO), providing security services to the United States of America Corps of Engineers, (USACE). 
2.On 02 August 2006 at approximately 1408hr between the towns of Karbala and Diwaniyah, the vehicle that Andrzej was travelling in as the front passenger, was involved in an accident. The cause of the accident was attributed to the fact that the rear driver side tyre burst and despite the best efforts of the driver to control the vehicle, it skidded and rolled. Andrzej sustained compression injuries to the head and was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Andrzej retired from the Polish Army as a major( member Polish Specjal Forces) and work for a
Erinys company in Iraq (Diwaniyah) He was only 35 years of age on 05.july 2006. He leaves behind a daughter age 6, a wife and parents Barbara and Wladyslaw.

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