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In need of help with monthly operations/maintenance costs.

01/01/21 Wishing you all a better new year!

I realize I haven't been to as many funerals, which is a good thing and despite this pandemic, I've gone to any I could with family permission and will continue so.

My monthly project operating expenses are still around $300. 

Any help is apreciated. For every $16 I can renew one of many domain names that come due yearly. 

If you would like to pay for a renewal for a year or more directly, without going through me, let me know and I'll send you a link.

I am at one of the new hosting locations and know there is still lots of links to correct.  If you see any bad ones, let me know what you clicked on or try to go to.

Progress is a bit slower because I'm having sight problems. In Februaery I'll find out if they will operate to stop blood leakage in back of eyes. (Don't become a diabetic!!!)

Thank you for any help. Other than fees collected by PaPal or banks, everything I get goes toward this great Heroes project.

One goal is also to pay some of domains ahead far enough, that if I have worse issues, the sites will stay up and running.

I'm also still in the process of creating more slideshows of memorial services in the past. Just follow my youtube channel.

If you think this is a worthy cause, please share this page and sites with others. Thank You!

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You may also mail a contribution and/or gift cards. Thank You!!

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