Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Christopher J Babin

Houma, Louisiana

January 6, 2005

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
27 Army Sgt

Army National Guard’s 256th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized)

Lafayette, Louisiana

Died in Baghdad, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device struck their Bradley fighting vehicle.
Dearest Christopher, 

I never had the honor nor the privilege of meeting you but I've gotten to know you through your mom and dad. They have shared many wonderful stories but most of all the pain in their hearts that will never go away until they are with you in Heaven. Thank God, you left them with a beautiful grandson, Mikhail, who looks so much like you.

Chris, I must say that you and all the rest of our military, who gave the ultimate sacrifice serving our country, are my Heroes. You knew of the dangers that you may face fighting the terrorists who want all Americans dead. You faced this challenge with such bravery and courage.

I pray for all of our military everyday and I am not afraid to stand up against anyone who does not support the efforts that all of you worked so hard to achieve. Your mom told me about your call asking her to send candy for the Iraqi children. Your compassion for the innocent was very moving. You knew that most of the Iraqi people want peace, to send their children to school without fear and to live normal lives. Our military is there in Iraq for a noble cause. In trying to defeat the terrorists, you were helping those in Iraq but also, for our great country, America. People forget that we were attacked on September 11, 2001 by terrorists. You and all our wonderful military have given me pause to thank you for fighting for my Freedom.

Chris, my Hero, please hold our Lord's hand and pray for all of us but most of all, pray that Jesus will fill the pain in the hearts of your mom, dad and your sister with his precious love and peace until you are all reunited in Heaven.

May God Bless You, give you peace and let the perpetual light shine upon you, forever!

My love and deepest gratitude, Mrs. Cathy Richard Battlement Mesa, Colorado 

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