Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Troy L Miranda

DeQueen, Arkansas

May 20, 2004

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
44 Army Sgt 1st Class

C Company, 1st Battalion, 153rd Infantry Regiment, 39th Brigade Combat Team, Arkansas Army National Guard, assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division

Killed in Grenade Alley just off of Haifa St in Baghdad Iraq. He was part of a foot patrol through the narrow alley. As the patrol passed by a closed bakery, an IED (105mm artillery shell), was detonated killing SFC Miranda and "Chuckie" (our interpreter). It also injured four more soldiers.

Memorial service we held in Iraq. We were at FOB Headhunter attached to 1-9 Cav.

On trip from Kuwait to Baghdad.

The day before he was killed, Troy was awarding SPC Martinez his Purple Heart that he earned the day before. Martinez and the rest of our patrol were hit with a grenade on the 18th of May.

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