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Patrick R McCaffrey

Patrick R McCaffrey

Tracy, California

June 22, 2004

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
34 Army Sgt

Army National Guard’s 579th Engineer Battalion

Petaluma, California

Died in Balad, Iraq, when enemy forces ambushed their ground patrol.
From Nadia 07/27/04:

Sergeant Patrick McCaffrey Born May 26, 1970, at Stanford Hospital, CA, Died in an ambush near Balad, Iraq, June 22 at 11:45 AM, Iraqi time. Patrick died returning fire with his M16. The assailants came from both sides, left and right at the same time. Patrick was shot in the chest multiple times with automatic weapons, through his "bulletproof" vest, he collapsed on the ground, and died shortly after from massive internal bleeding. Patrick also died with the 75 pound radio on his back and his medical bags. Patrick was given the Bronze Star Medal, the Purple Heart, and the California Memorial Medal. Patrick McCaffrey lived and died a Hero.

Patrick R McCaffrey giving IV to another soldier.

Patrick on the right giving an IV to a friend that had collapsed from heat exhaustion.


Patrick R McCaffrey

The very last picture of sergeant Patrick McCaffrey taken 45 minutes before he was killed. The flowers that he is holding have been given to Patrick for his kindness by the Iraqi children, and he is just beaming with joy...Picture from C.M.




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