Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Trinidad R Martinez-Luis

Los Angeles, California

November 28, 2004

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
22 Army Sgt

Army’s 201st Forward Support Battalion, 1st Infantry Division

Vilseck, Germany

Died in Baqubah, Iraq, when his 5-ton vehicle rolled over and pinned him underwater.

Martinez worked in B Company’s command post as a [nuclear, biological and chemical] NCO, and he was the go-to NCO for many tasks that were required to make the company run,” Mitchell said during the service in Iraq. 
“On Sunday, he was asked to transport soldiers to [Logistics Support Area] Anaconda for R&R leave. I think it is harder for us to accept his death because he died in an accident. “There is no enemy to blame. We should take solace in the fact that he died in service to a noble cause. He came here, making selfless sacrifices, with the simple notion that all peoples in all nations have a right to live in a world free from tyranny, with the conviction that some principles in life are worth dying for.” Capt. Steven Clark, 201st Forward Support Battalion
Martinez-Luis is survived by his mother, Alba Luis, and brother Ulysses.

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