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Benjamin W Isenberg

Sheridan, Oregon

September 13, 2004

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
27 Army Sgt

Army National Guard's 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry

Corvallis, Oregon

Died in Taji, Iraq, when their military vehicle came under attack by enemy forces using small arms fire and an improvised explosive device.

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September 23, 2004

From The Oregonian oregonlive.com 01/28/05:

Sgt. Benjamin W. Isenberg 
In one of his last e-mails home, Benjamin W. Isenberg said the his 16-hour workdays were long and hot. "This could be a nice place, but I prefer high mountains and tall pine trees," he said. Isenberg, 27, of Sheridan, Ore., died Sept. 13 near Taji when his vehicle was attacked. He was stationed at Corvallis. Isenberg joined the Oregon National Guard in 1995 and graduated from Western Oregon University in 2000. An employee of the Oregon Forestry Department, he was involved in fighting forest fires and doing conservation work. "He had an impact on more people than we will ever know," said co-worker Patrick Cliner. "He was a gentle and caring person. He enjoyed doing presentations at schools, so he could ham it up with the kids." Pastor Darwin Grimm said Isenberg was so popular in the community, he was deluged with calls asking if any help was needed with a memorial service. "People called me by the dozens," he said. "In my 54 years with the church, I've never seen anything better than this." Isenberg is survived by his wife, Rachel; sons Jeremiah, 4, and Kraig, 2.

Oregon Gov Press Release 

September 20, 2004
Memorial services Sgt. Benjamin Isenberg 

Salem, Ore. – Sgt. Benjamin W. Isenberg is home with his Lord. 

He gave his life on Sept. 13, 2004 in Iraq, fighting for a cause he very much believed in. Ben was an honorable, Christian man who loved his Lord, his family and believed in his Country. 

He left behind his wife Rachel, sons Jeremiah 4, and Kraig, 2 of Sheridan, Ore., parents Lt. Col. Robert & De Ann (Pourroy) Isenberg of Moscow, Idaho, brothers 2nd Lt Trevis Isenberg, currently assigned to Ft. Ruecker and Tim Isenberg, Oregon, and sister Tanna. 

Ben was born in Grafenworh Germany on Sept. 22, 1976. He was raised in Oakdale, Calif., and moved with his family to Dallas, Ore., in 1993. He graduated from Dallas High School, in 1994 and from Western Oregon University in 2000. 

Ben joined the Oregon National Guard in 1995. He participated in the State Shooting team, the Honor Guard and represented the State of Oregon in various shooting competitions. He was working for the Oregon Department of Forestry when he was called to serve with his National Guard Unit in Oct. 2003. He arrived in Taji, Iraq, in April of 2004 with Company B, 2/162 Infantry. 

Ben loved the out- of -doors, hunting, fishing and four wheeling. Most important to him was living for Jesus and spending time with his family. 

Ben and Rachel were grateful for the "Freedom Phones" set up on the military bases for the soldiers to call home. Please support our soldiers by donating to this or sending telephones cards for use by our troops serving overseas. 

Memorial services for Sgt. Ben Isenberg will be at 10 a.m, Thursday, Sept. 23, 2004 at the Church of the Nazarene, 917 S. Bridge Street, Sheridan, Ore. From there, the group will travel to Willamette National Cemetery for internment services where Sgt. Isenberg will receive full military honors. 

Cards and letters can be sent to the family in care of the Adamson Sheridan Funeral Home, Post Office Box 10, Sheridan, Ore. 97378. 
From LegionTown legiontown.org 04/04/13:

Humble offspring, Military family since 1750 in the USA

Moscow, ID
April 4, 2013

The rich heritage shared by the Isenberg family members, who are humble offspring of generations of Patriots, includes being direct descendants of “Sir Robert the Bruse”, the last King of Scotland and having relatives who traveled to America on the Mayflower. “Our family has a tradition of military service, said LTC (RET) Robert W. Isenberg. “Family members have served in every war since the French and Indian War in the 1750s to present day”. From the Bruce line we have 15 Revolution War ancestors. Our dad, LTC (RET) George W. Isenberg retired after 23 years of commissioned service on active duty in the Infantry. George saw combat in both World War II and the Korean conflict, also serving during Viet Nam, the Cuban Missile Crisis and during the Cold War, with almost 5 years of “COMBAT” service. George’s father, MAJ. Ernest A. Isenberg served in the Mexican War in the Expedition against Pancho Villa as well as World War I and World War II. He was very active in the early years establishing the American Legion. SGT John C Bruce, Georges father in law, and MAJ Ernest A. Isenberg served together in the same unit during WWI with the 32nd Red Arrow Division (nom de guerre Les Terribles). LTC George Isenberg’s wife Beverly, was the daughter of SGT John C. Bruce and the mother and grandmother of all those seen in the piture above. George’s grandfather came from Germany prior to WWI, and George had cousins that fought in Hitler’s Army. LTC (RET) Kenneth E. Isenberg, George’s oldest son, served 26 years in the Infantry, most of it in the Ranger Regiment, serving during the Cold War, Grenada, Panama, Iraq and Afganistan War. He is still serving in the Army as a Civil Servant with the Department of Defense for a total of 31 years of service. LTC (RET) Robert W. Isenberg, George’s second son, served a total of 32 years in the Army, enlisting as a PFC and earning an OCS commission. He also served during the Cold War, Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and is still serving in the Army as a Civil Servant with the Department of Defense. MSG John C. Isenberg, Ken’s son, (named after SGT John C. Bruce) is still serving in a Special Operations unit and a veteran who has served multiple deployment in both the Iraq and Afganistan Wars. MAJ. Trevis C. Isenberg, Robert’s second son, is the only non Infantry qualified soldier in the family and is also a veteran who has served multiple deployment in the Iraq and Afganisatn Wars. He seems to have the brains, as he is an Aviator, and flies a number of Army air frames. Currently he is in command of a UAV company in theater. SGT. Benjamin W. Isenberg, oldest son of Robert, joined the Oregon Army National Guard in his senior year of High School. He deployed with 2/162 Infantry, Oregon Army National Guard, was attached to 1st CAV, Ft Hood Texas and was killed in Iraq by an IED on 13 SEP 2004.
George authored two books that he kept close hold. His first, Korea Forgotten Victory Forgotten War, Tales from the Front Lines of the 2nd Infantry (Indianhead) Division, “Second to None”, limited publication for friends and family ISBN# 0-9713971-5-5, and My World War II, ISBN# 0-9834522-2-5. This second book is available thru the 164th Infantry Regiment or his sons.
Our family’s heeded the call to serve others before self, with support from their wives and children, and have sacrificed much. Only 7% of American citizens have served in uniform and we are all proud to be counted among the few, keeping the flame of LIBERTY bright.

ISENBERG, SGT. BENJAMIN W. September 22, 1976 - September 13, 2004. Ben was raised in Oakdale, Calif. and moved to Dallas, Ore. in 1993, graduating from Dallas High School in 1994. Ben was 4th generation Army. He joined the Oregon National Guard in 1995. He enjoyed the Guard and felt that what he was doing was very important. He participated in State Shooting Team and Honor Guard, and graduated from Airborne School, U.S. Army Paratrooper, Ft. Benning. He married Rachel Legere in 1998, and graduated from Western Oregon University in 2000 with a degree in Geology. He served with Company B2/162 Infantry in Iraq. He was a forest officer out of the Dallas ODF office and worked on the Hot Shot Crew for several years. He later worked at the South Fork Camp, in Tillamook, until activated by the National Guard. He attended Bethel Church near McCoy and the Church of the Nazarene in Sheridan. Ben loved the out of doors, but most important to him was living for Jesus and spending time with his family. Ben is survived by his wife, Rachel Isenberg of Sheridan; sons, Jeremiah and Kraig of Sheridan; parents LTC Robert and De Ann Isenberg of Moscow, Idaho; brothers, 2nd Lt. Trevis Isenberg of Ft. Rucker, Ala. and Tim Isenberg of Oregon; and sister, Tanna Isenberg of Moscow, Idaho. 

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