Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Anthony J Dixon

Lindenwold, New Jersey

August 1, 2004

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
20 Army Spc

1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 1st Infantry Division

Schweinfurt, Germany

Died in Samarra, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device exploded near their guard post.
From Jacquelyn Dixon 12/25/05:

Today is Christmas, and I can recall Christmas of 2003. Spc. Anthony Dixon spent
a lot of time with us that Christmas. Little did we know that it would

be our last Christmas with him. My how it hurts to just think about him never coming back. Never to ever see his bright smiling face. To anyone who has lost someone in this war, stay strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. That is the only way

you can make it through and remain sane. I know that God is in control, and I do know that He makes no mistakes. Even though I will never see Anthony again, I continue to honor his memory in any way that I can. A center will open this year in

honor of him. It is a vision that will keep him alive forever. We continue to pray for
our servicemen and women who continue to fight for the freedom of others. We shall never forget. We say thank you to all of you.
God Bless You,
Mrs. Jacquelyn Dixon, Anthony's mom

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