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Edgar P Daclan Jr

Cypress, California

September 10, 2004

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
24 Army Spc

1st Battalion, 18th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division

Schweinfurt, Germany

Died in Balad, Iraq, when his patrol was responding to indirect fire and an improvised explosive device exploded.

Edgar is standing second from the left.

From: Philippine News.com. Nov 03, 2004

Another most recent casualty from the Filipino American population is Army Spc. Edgar P. Daclan, Jr., of Long Beach , Calif.

Only 24, the Army combat medic was killed September 10 when a hidden explosive device detonated near his unit in the central Iraqi city of Balad , north of Baghdad .

A member of an immigrant family that eventually settled in a Los Angeles suburb, Daclan was two semesters short of finishing his electrical engineering degree when he opted to join the war in Iraq .

His family is still grappling with awe what great motivation had triggered his putting his life and limb – his life as it turned out – where danger was. He was scheduled to go on leave September 25.

Iris Daclan, Edgar Daclan’s sister who was a Navy veteran herself, having trained with the Marines as a field medical corpsman (also a medic), told Philippine News about her brother:

 “My family and I are very proud of Edgar’s sacrifice – to give one’s life for others is the ultimate sacrifice.  For now, I can only speak for myself, but I still grieve for his sudden departure.  Edgar was my only brother, and to see him go so soon is very painful, especially, the fact that he died so tragically,” she said. 

“It does not matter how I or my family for that matter stand regarding the war in Iraq ; what’s most important is that Edgar joined the Army to save lives. 

He was a combat medic in charge of 35 soldiers.  My brother took care of the troops to the best of his abilities.  In fact, we met a soldier he saved.  Edgar would come back from 16 hours mission and would stay up all night to tend to him.  Yes, he was that dedicated to ensuring he would survive his injuries.  Edgar will always be my hero.” 

“After his death, his superior officer called in from Iraq and informed us that Edgar was a ‘very special solder’.  He stated that he never saw fear in Edgar.  He was very courageous, and he knew his duties,” Daclan recalled. 

She said Edgar wrote to one of his friends that their situation in Iraq was similar to the movie ‘Black Hawk Down’. 

It’s difficult to distinguish the civilians from the enemies, he was quoted as saying.

“I miss his smile and his laughter…”

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