Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Christopher S Cash

Winterville, North Carolina

June 24, 2004

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
36 Army Capt

Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 120th Infantry

Jacksonville, North Carolina

Died in Baqubah, Iraq when their Bradley Fighting Vehicle came under attack by enemy forces using small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades.
From Christopher Cash, Jr 04/04/05:

My dad, Captain Christopher Scott Cash, Sr., is a HERO! Not just because he 
was a great guy, great soldier KIA 24June04, BUT because he was a great DAD! 
Every ballgame on the weekends, as many as possible during the week, every 
birthday (except during his deployment) every Thanksgiving and Christmas and 
ANYTIME I needed him my dad was always there! Sounds like most great DADs, 
not quite. He had to take a few extra Steps because Our parents divorced 
when we were little, but that did not stop him from being around. Matter of 
fact, my mom and dad became friends and we were all together on many 
occassions, and every single Christmas. Including the last one we shared 
together, December 2003! I love to watch the video of all of us at my 
nannies that last Christmas. I could not watch it at first, but now I love 
to see him and hear his voice. I miss his voice the most! My dad always 
made me and my brother, Mathew, feel like we were the best things on earth. 
I know when he deployed he was worried but he smiled, hugged us and told us 
he loved us! Many of my dads efforts as a dad may sound normal but to see 
our ballgames, when we were not with him, he had to drive an hour each way, 
sometimes further; he would have to leave work early; drive home late; stay 
all day on a soccer field; stay all day at a track in 100 degree heat, but 
he always did it and he was always smiling while he was doing it. My mom 
tells us daily it's because he loved us more than anything! I miss him so 
much I can not express it in words. I would give anything just to be able 
to talk with him. It is wierd thinking he will not be present for my 
birthday this year or to take me and Mab to Disney when he gets home from 
Iraq. Sometimes I feel very angry because I want him here! But I am glad 
I had such a good dad. Everyone says that I am just like him and that makes 
me happy. My dad is the best guy, best friend, best man, BEST SOLDIER and 
BEST DAD. Many people have said nice things about our dad, thank you. Dad, 
I love you and I miss you. I am also taking care of Mab, he misses you too. 
We know that we were the most important thing in this world to you, no 
matter what. Love you Daddy!

love your son, Christopher Cash, Jr

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